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Top 3 in the Peninsua league

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Nobody has put there predictions of who they will think will win the league so i will say mine 1 St Blazey 2 Bodmin 3 Newquay  I think St Blazey will go the whole season unbeaten ,Bodmin look really good and now have 1 of my fav players paying for them Levi Landricombe ,i saw him play Tuesday night vs Parkway and he was just class the 1st goal he got was just brilliant .3rd Newquay i have been watching Newquay 60 odd years and this is 1 of the best Newquay sides i have ever seen there play has been brilliant what i have seen of them in pre season there midfield is so good and Jack Bray Evans 1 of the best players in the league and a joy to watch .Today is a test for them when they play Nuneaton in a friendy looking forward to that and seeing there player Leroy Lita  play saw him destroy Argyle on his own once .Was listening to the Rappo Decs podcast and he said the G will end up 17th in the league i think higher than that they are a lovey club with lovely people who always give me and Smokie a warm welcome unlike some clubs .Looking forward to the match with Nuneaton this afternoon  then hopefully out to watch some of the G game vs Marjons . Enjoy your matches fellow supporters .Last of pre season matches this week think i will take in Bodmin vs Bideford tues night ast week i was down there i took loads of pics of the match but lost my memory card from my camera there which wasnt good .Have a good afternoon and get off your asses and support local football 


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Thats my tuesday entertainment out the window then 


Blazey lack of fire up front they got loads of strikers they got Gusterson , Young , Eddy when hes fit and god knows how many more and i have heard they have a wonder kid a 17 yr old called Harry Probyn looking forward to seeing him play here at Newquay in a couple of weeks 

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