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  1. Thankyou everyone for your kind messages not too good at the moment my breathing is not too good and Smokie is missing his long walks and we are both missing our football .I got my partner home from work and shes helping me a lot ,but if this self isolating goes on for too long i maybe in Dartmoor Prison on a murder charge .Take Care all you lovely people hope none of you get this awful Virus i wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy not even Leeds United Lol
  2. Mine has got to be my 1st ever football match in 1962 i watched my dad took me to see Plymouth Argeyle Reserves play Spurs reserves nothing special there but my dads hero was playing back in this country Jimmy Greaves 1st game on British Soil after reurning to this country from Italy ,from that day i was hooked being a season ticket holder at Plymouthfor 40 years going home and away matches and going up in midweek to watch the Combination matches and 1 of those sticks in my mind Plymouth where losing 5-0 to Crystal Palace Clive Allen had scored 4 but non of those goals counted because the match was abandoned when heavy fog came in .My fav match was when i met my hero George Best when Fulham played at Home Park it was great watching my hero and getting his autograph .I do miss going Plyouth to watch them but many years ago a steward took my camera and ripped the film out and that was it i havnt been to Home Park since but i still have my memories .Now i got my local football to watch and i love it and met some lovely people
  3. Thanks everyone its scarey im getting out of breath just sitting in the garden ,i was 1 of the doubters thinking it was all being exaggerated now i have it so its not , See you in the new season Savo and you got some really good players at the G no doubt some of the ex G who decided to move to Newquay will be back and the new season will be a lot better than this 1 .See you all in the New Season hopefully .Take Care everyone this virus is no joke at all
  4. Thanks Older just talked to my dr and he confirmed i have got the Corona Virus bloody coughing and breathing not good so self isolating and Smokie having to keep his legs crossed .Hope to see everyone in the new season .Take Care i wouldnt wish this on anyone
  5. So looks like thats the season over with roll on pre season friendlies now .At least my team the g dont get relegated but got to feel for Helston and Saltash who wont get there promotion now .I had suggsted the top 4 teams play off to see who went up and the bottom 4 played off to see who went down but im just a ordinary supporter who hasnt got the knowledge of the big wigs who says what happens in th league . Was looking forward to seeing some footy when it resumes but thats a long time off now and i cant wait ,Just hope im still around when it starts again
  6. People on here keep slagging Steve Massey hes done a marvellous job at Helston they play the best football around have a brilliant youth system ,hes a bloody good manager and most managers and people would love to have a cv like hes got .Just promote Satash and Helston they have been the best teams all season and dont relegate anyone then the G would stay up i think they will stay up anyway because a lot of clubs will fold due to this Coronavirus im hoping the G wont be one of them
  7. Could make 200 all the supporters needing there footy fix me and Smokie Dog will be there for sure
  8. Im more likely to catch the virus sitting in the waiting room at Treliske Hospital like i did earlier in the year when i caught Norovirus from someone coughing there , i would take my chance at the football because theres never enough people at any of the matches anyway to get a virus ,so i dont think you got a hope in hell of catching Coronavirus watching sport your more likely to get it out panic buying for hand wash and toilet rolls .All the people that have died had serious illnesses to start with anyway and no one has popped there clogs here in Cornwall anyway .
  9. I may just do that older go and watch a local match , i just think its all gone over the top with my health problems it doesnt worry me at all i would of loved to of been at Sticker this afternoon watching Helston scoring lots of goals instead im bloody going out doggy walking At least if the season ends early the G would stay up but would be a shame if Saltash and Helston are refused promotion
  10. I think cancelling games in Cornwall because of this Coronavirus is way over the top there are some games still going on why arent they cancelled as well and upcountry in Nottingham you got Notts Forest Called off while Notts County opposite is still going on i think us football fans would rather be out watching a match than stuck indoors .Its a panic epidemic and there is no need of it at all especially down her in Cornwall
  11. Callington 0- Godolphin 2 Camelford 1- St Austell 3 Falmouth 2- Bodmin 2 Potheleven 2- Liskeard 1 Saltash 6- St Dennis 1 St Bazey 4- Penzance 0 Sticker 0 - Helston 6 Wadebridge 1- Newquay 3 Wendron 1- Launceston 2 Bovey 1- Mousehole 3
  12. Mousehole 4 - Newquay 1 St Austell 4-Dobwalls 0 Sticker 0- Bodmin 6 Wendron 1- Camelford 2
  13. Liskeard 3- Launceston 1 Portheleven 2- Penzance 2 Helston 6 - Callington 0 Falmouth 4- St Blazey 1 Millbrook 1- Saltash 3
  14. Went and watched the new look G team this afternoon vs St Blazey and thought he we go same old Godolphin with St Blazey dominating the 1st half and going in 2-0 up with 2 goals for Calum Mc Gee ,2nd half the G came out and played some lovely football but found themselves 3 -0 down with a real classy goal from Levi Landricombe who took the ball down and rounded Ethan in the G goal to roll the ball in this was like the Levi of old class player and he showed it this afternoon .A inspired substituion by G manager Andy Savage bringin on Ben Colqhoun who pulled 1 back and then got his 2nd with a well placed header out of St Blazey goalie Steve Frances reach , i was thinking then could get something out of this game after the 1st half was like a shooting range with St Blazey having shot after shot ,but it wasnt to be but a fine display by this young Godolphin team and this team could do really well .Im going to give the mom to St Blazeys Jamie Willmott but it was close between him and Levi Landricombe and mom to the G player the young No9 hes going to be some player .This game also had the miss of the season by Carl Rickard putting the ball over the crossbar when it looked easier to score from on the goal line what a miss . This was hard luck on the G They did ok in the 2nd half but its a game of 2 halfs and the 1st half must go to Blazey .I was hoping to see Glynn Hobbs back playing but he wasnt there but they did have Callum Kenny to bring on so they do have a lot of good strikers . Im hoping by some miracle Godolphin do get to stat in this division but its not looking good .Well done St blazey and also Andy Savage and the G army and also well done to the officials 1 woas my old neighbour Anita Next weekend me and my Smokie dog take a trip to Sticker to watch my title favourites Helston play and where we meet our friends Ollie and Neil .Have a good week everyone it was good to get back watching footy and Special praise to Tania for getting the pitch looking so good for the match to go ahead
  15. Dobwalls 1 - Liskeard 2 Falmouth 4 - Sticker 1 Godolphin 3 - St Blazey 1 Launceston 0- Helston 4 Penzance 1- Camelford 3 Portelven 3- St Dennis 1 Saltash 4 - Mousehoe 1 St Austell 2 - Newquay 2 Wendron 0- Callington 2
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