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  1. Callington 1- Wadebridge 3 Camelford 5- Godolphin 0 St Dennis 1- Penryn 4
  2. Watched Man Utd get hammered this afternoon 0-5 online ,was so bad its got to be the biggest home defeat at home Utd have ever had in there histort they where embarassing . Man Utd had legends like Best Law CHARLTON . Ronaldo has got to go hes no team player he just struts around he couldnt of even broke a sweat i doubt they will get rid of him because of the commericial side of it ,but hes got to go along with lots of others especially Pogba who wants to go to Real Madid well let the bugger go he came on this afternoon and got sent off and was smiling as he went off kick his ass out as well and put Vand Dan Beek in his place and SANCHO in Ronaldos place . At the end of the match Man Utd fans where clapping the players off they should be asking for there money back this Utd team is a disgrarce to the great players .You had to feel sorry for Sir Alex to watch a team he loves turn in such a awful display .Looks like Ollie Solkjaer will be getting his P45 tmmrw the manager i would like to see get the job is Leicesters Brendan Rodgers but why would he want to Leicester ,another name i would like to see get the job is Eddie Howe but hes been out of football for a while now .I expect some foreigner will get it wonder if Pep wants to change clubs .
  3. Godolphin 3 - Penzance 4 ,7 goals you would think this was a thriller but it wasnt it was just shambolic defending from both sides .The G wen 1-0 up through Jaron McCAULEY against the run of play really because Penzance was doing most of the attacking and Darryl Williams was causing havoc the no10 was having a great game as well ,Penzance equalised and it was 2-2 at the break after Fran Pengelly had a 2nd goal Penazance went 3-2 up and the G a corner that came to nothing but Ed Timmons had stayed up placed a well placed header past Flores in the Penzance goal .You think the score would of stayed at 3-3 but No PENZANCE had the final say by scoring the winner a draw would of been a fair result but neither side could defend really Penzance had some really good youngster no10 he pick of them for me but my mom has to be Darryl Richards and for the G Ed Timmons for his good goal .Both sides need to sort out there defence out .
  4. Godolphin 3 - Penzance 1 Penryn 0- Wadebridge 2 St Austell 2 - Launceston 1
  5. Launceston 0- CAMELFORD 4 St Austell 3 - Dobwalls 1 Sticker 0 - Wendron 2
  6. Newquay have always produced good players and internationals as well like Chris Morris who went on to play for Republic of Ireland i have been watching Newquay for over 60 years and my grandad and dad was associated with the club for many years. Newquay continue to produce exciting youngsters but the G have got this youngster and he will have bigger clubs looking at him i reckon hes better than Orlando .I think its bad when a manager signs a player from a club just to stop another manager from not getting him and paying him rediculous money . The Falmouth team have had the same core of players for many years like Saltash ,thats what brings sucess not lots of cash being offered to average players
  7. People on here on about Orlando playing well yesterday is that the 31 mins he played yesterday as a sub ,i think hes very overated and was used mostly as a sub at Newquay ,Massey just signed him to stop Dane getting him ,Orlando wont get a lot of games at Helston because theres lots better players there then him you just got to look at the big squad Helston have and the young players that have left 3 for example Tonkin to Wadebridge ,Wharton to Falmouth and Flack to Sticker .Newquay goalie is not only a great goalie hes a really nice bloke as well and always has time for a chat hope hes back for Newquay soon they need him Nathan Prentice makes too many mistakes .When Newquay have there full team out they take some beating but losing JBE has cost them he is ireplacable Orlando not so much Have heard Louis Price will be the next Newquay player off to Pastures new . At least NEWQUAY didnt get the Gs Matty Walker he is happy a the club and is staying ,heard ex G goalie Dale England is performing wonders at Bodmin Mom 3 times best goalie i had seen in a long time Will see what hes like in a couple of weeks when the formidable Falmouth turn up with there firepower and the brillint fans F troop
  8. Went and wached the Newquay Academy vs Foxhole all stars this afternoon in a pretty 1 sided match with men against boys really FOXHOLE winning 3-1 in a deserved win dont know the players except Foxholes Angel Coates who scored Foxholes 3rd goal from a corner hes too good for this league i saw him play for St Dennis and he was good there now hes playing in a lower league . I dont like o be too critical of Newquay where slower to the ball than Foxhole and not many players i could pick out who could play in the 1st team thought no7 was good in the 1st half Foxholes2nd goal was a error by the Newquay goalie when he should of knocked the ball over the ball instead palmed the ball into his own goal thought the ref had a good game as well as the linesman . Mom for Newquay no7 for me and for Foxhole no15 range of passing was good and covered every bit of the pitch . Back to watching the G next 2 matches then the biggy down Bodmin where Falmouth are playing in the Cup
  9. Axminster 4 - St Dennis 0 Brixham 4 Sticker 1 Callington 1- Bodmin 3 Camelford 3 - Dartmouth 0 Cullompton 3- Elmore 0 Elburton 1- St Austell 3 Honiton 1 - Marjons 2 Ivybridge 3 - Torrington 0 Liskeard 4 - Wadebridge 1 Sidmouth 0 - Falmouth 6 St Blazey 4 - Penzance 0 Stoke G 0-Oxehampton 2 Torpoint 3 - Newquay 0 Torridge 0 - Crediton 2 Wendron 3- Bovey 1
  10. Hes only a young lad and i dont think hes up to it playing in a tough league like the Western .I seen Orlando lots of times and hes greedy on the ball at times instead of passing he decides to take on another player .Orlando was on the books of Aldershot dont think he got in the 1st team . Wish him all the best at his new club Helston i bet he will be back playing for Newquay before the end of the season i think the travelling will get him down the boy Woods went back to Liskeard after he went to Saltash to play in a higher league and i was told it was because of the travelling ,i think a lot of players think the same they are working lads and they certainly dont want to come home from work then got to go upcountry to play on a wet cold night cant blame them for staying where they are but some will see the £signs lighting up and wont mind the travelling
  11. Dane was gazumped with Massey waving the £ notes Orlando will have to cut out the fancy dribbling and step overs in that league or he will get the shit kicked out of him i dont think hes good enough for a higher league i reckon he will be back .Doesnt seem any loyaylty anymore in the game anymore he promised to sign for Saltash and was going to be training with them and Him the bloke i dont like cave waving wads of cash around and hes gone to Helston dirty trick really
  12. Good you and Josh have got a real good team there strong in defence good midfield just need a regular goalscorer think i will be watching 1 this weekend when Newquay Academy play Foxhole All Stars they got a striker called Tyler Cheshire who scores lots of goals he would look good at the G not saying Gav Perraton and Jaron McCartney are bad players but they are not going to score los of goals
  13. I would also say Orlando is on the way out as well but it wont be to Falmouth higher than that ,Orlando is a brilliant watched him every home game when he was picked picked more now JBE has left but Orlando tries to be to clever for his own good with his step overs and dribbling then some big defender flattens him .Hope Matty Walker doesnt leave the G hes a great player out on the wing
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