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  1. Thanks Dave i didnt believe him actually he hasnt changed a bit except hes grey now but he looks pretty fit .Thankyou for doing that i would never of thought of doing that .Ok time to get flask of coffee done and leave here for my favourite ground St Blazey
  2. I would usually be watching the G this afternoon but i am taking a man i dont even know to see his dying wife in the Hospice in St Austell he said he played for Newcastle back in the 70s hes called Ray Blackhall never heard of him why coulnt it be Alan Shearer or Kevin Keegan going in the car iwoud be in awe of them . Ok onto the game got my details all writen down and Smokies got his ,shoud be a cracker game my no 2 and 3 in the league in my prediction this year Today im going for a 2-2 draw .I will write a report later and get the comments coming back when i praise the ref an dget comments d
  3. I was planning on going to watch Blazey vs Bodmin tmmrw because i am taking a neighbour to St Austell to visit his wife in the Hospice there and thought i would nip to see St Blazey play but it says you got to download the Covid APP i cant do that because i have not got a Smart Phone what ihave been doing is handing my details in when i get through the gate and that has been no problem .Hope i can get to see teh match should be a cracker
  4. Dobwalls 0 - Newquay 3 Godolphin 2 -St Austell 2 Liskeard 1- Helston 3 Mousehole 2- Saltash 2 Portheleven 2- Callington 0 St Blazey 2 - Bodmin 2 St Dennis 3- Penzance 0 Sticker 0 - Falmouth 5 Wadebridge 4 - Launceston 0 Wendron 0 - Camelford 2
  5. Bodmin 8- Penzance 0 Falmouth 4- St Dennis 0 Helston 4 - Newquay 1 Portheleven 1- St Austell 2
  6. Camelford 3- Callington 0 Liskeard 4- Launceston 0 Mousehole 2 -St Blazey2 Wadebridge 3 - Dobwalls 1 Wendron 3 -Godolphin 0
  7. The ref had a hard game to referee this afternoon Phil Lowry deserved to go looked a clear foul but i was a long way away the ref could of booked more players Ross Fallens was in the refs ear all afternoon Maybe the ref would of handed out a card but i think he knew he made a mistake when he gave a pen for Alex falling in the box after he had lost controlled of the ball and went down the ref didnt give it and he was a lot closer than the linesman .It was a bloody hard game to ref and they do it so wecan get our footy fix .Poor sods cant win .Bit comical with the crossbar coming apart again and
  8. Well here we go dont know where to start Newquay losing 6-3 vs Street after going 2-0 up .Newquay scored 1st through a good Ollie Pinnell header , then Newquay get a dubious pen Alex Cole going down in the box it was never a pen even the ref didnt give it at 1st but gave it after consulting a linesman Alex had lost control of the ball and went down in the box and took the pen himself i expect i will get comments like i was watching another game it was right in front of me . Ollie Pinnell goes off with a dislocated shoulder on comes Phil Lowry not long after coming on Lowry is sent off for a ba
  9. So Levi Landricombe has gone back to play for Plymouth Parkway i expect this will signal the end of Ryan Richards stay at Parkway and i think he will go back to Saltash or to Bodmin to rejoin his old strike partner Adam Carter there
  10. Dobwalls 2- Sticker 2 Falmouth 4-Penzance 0 St dennis 3 - Wendron 0 Bodmin 3- Keynsham 1 Bridport 3 - St Austell 0 Cllington 0- Ivyridge 2 Exmouth 2- Mousehole 2 Launceston 0 - Axmisnster 2 Liskeard 3 -Millbrook 2 Newquay 0- Street 3 St Blazey 3 - Bishop Lydard 1 Torpoint 3 -Porthelven 0 Wells 4 - Godolphin 0
  11. Carters link upplay was brilliant he shields the ball so well and brings other plays in for shots at goal he did that severel times last night andi watched him last night an di thought he was brilliant imnot being biased because hes been my fav player for about 10 years hes just a great player on the ground and in the air he said his 1st goal last night came off his shin he could of had a lot more than 3 last night he didnt do a lot in the 1st half but 2nd half he was unplayable ask Ryan Lavery he did a fine job marking him in the 1st half
  12. If you think that was a poor display by Bodmin last night Silly Bilyi hate to think what they they would be like if they played good ,i think you saw another match Bodmin where quick on the break Adam Carter was awsome midield with Reski an dTurner playing lovely long passes .Bodmin Goalie Chenoweth only had a couple ofsaves to make 1 where he was lucky when he spilled the ball from a long shot but Ben couldnt follow up to score.Well i hought Bodmin where really good and if you think they where poor i think you need to go to Specsavers
  13. I think i should go do the Lottery tmmrw after i predicted that Bodmin would beat the G 4-0 and Adam Carter would get a hat trick ,Bodmin played lovelyfootball and they will be challenging for the league this season ,the G where holding Bodmin to 1-0 for such a long time then Bodmin got 3 quick goals but the G should fee proud of themselves tonight they played really well and Adam Carter was brilliant he always hes always been my favourite player and tonight he was unplayable but Ryan LAVERY will know he gave him a good battle .Bodmin attacked all the time Cam Turner was playing some lovely p
  14. Im no good with those things older too bloody compicated for me i wouldnt want to be permanently looking at it like my son always is im happy with my flip phone dont watch lots of floodlit football anyway hurts my eyes too much
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