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  1. Bodmin 0- Plymouth Argyle 4 HELSTON 4- Launceston 1 Ivybridge 0- Cullompton 2 Tavistock 8 - Elburton 0
  2. No he will be fine in the car he doesnt like being left alone ,may not go to final yet anyway if St Austell dont make the final
  3. May not be a poor day at the office on tuesday i expect Falmouth will have Jordan Annear in there team hes only been a sub for Parkway in last 2games if he plays Falmouth may have a chance but im going for a 3-1 win to St Austell Eddy will be the star of the night
  4. Exmouth will win the league easy Bodmin wont be much competition for them they just havnt got the players to trouble a talented Exmouth team and Argyle vs Tavi could be different always depend what team Argyle put it out depends if they still hav a chanc of winning the league if not it will be the kids
  5. Iwill Leeds he wont like staying in the car should be a good game if its Saltash vs St AUSTELL but got to beat Falmouth yet next week here in Newquay
  6. Bit of a bugger the final being at Bodmin dont find the people there very friendly ,and poor Smokie dog will have to stay in the car but i expect i will be there to see St Austell lift the Senior cup ,was hoping the final would be here in Newquay but Bodmin do have a nice club house .
  7. Went and watched Godolphin vs Torpoint ,1ST half i thought the G played very well and i have never watched a game when there was so many corner kicks the G must of had at least 10 and couldnt make 1 count ,i thought the ref and assistance where very poor he was given corners when they werent corners and not given them when they where ,and the G should of had a clear pen when Joe Stone was pulled back in the pen area ,Joe should of hit the ground really then he may of got a pen they could of gone in 1-0 up then but it was 0-0 .The 2ND half Torpoint WENT 1-0 Almost straight from the kick off when Reuben Kane scored and it was long when prolific goalscorer Luke Cloke put them 2-0 up the G continued to attack and missed some sitters there didcipline then went out of the window and i dont know how the Gs Phil Lowry stayed on the pitch after a bad 2 footed tackle ,and then Ross Fallens pulleda Torpoint player to the ground ,the G need to cut out there undisipline they just seem to loose there heads .There 1at half display was really good but 2nd half it was back to the old G of late foul after foul .Torpoint are a very good side and when you got players of the calibre of Danny Zallick and Paul HEVEREN on the bench you know its not going to be your day in the end class told .My man of the match J OE STONE FOR THE G AND FOR TORPOINT SCOTT BLATCHFORD class player ran the midfield .Still thing the G deserved something out of this match on there 1st half performance alone .At least they cant go down this season but need to rebuild in the summer
  8. Callington 0- Falmouth 2 Cullompton 0-Saltash 5 Elburton 1- Launceston 1 Exmouth 3- Helston 2 Godolphin 1- Torpoint 3 Ivybridge 0- Bodmin 3 Millbrook 1- St Austell4
  9. I am writing about the abuse Exmouth player Jordan Harris had from one of his own supporters yesterday at Sticker ,he was called every name under the sun hes lucky Jordan didnt do a Cantona and drop kicked him into touch i have never heard so much abuse at a game before directed at 1 of your own players ,i thought JORDAN HARRIS played well but this bloke near me said he was lazy not fit to wear a Exmouth shirt and was told hes rubbish this bloke should be ashamed of himself because Jordan Harris goals have helped them get to the top and didnt he destroy Plymouth Argyle Reserves single handed .I was just saying about Jack Bowyer wasnt happy at Falmouth this old boy told me that .Even i know who the knight in shining armour is hes like a YO YO .Looking forward to Tuesday cup match here in Newquay St Austell vs Falmouth should be a good game and a easy St Austell win because i expect Jordan Annear will be playing for Plymouth Parkway on Wednesday night and Jack Bowyer will be unavailable i expect so its got to be a St Austell win for me
  10. Good to see you and JP also Mark you say Graham Nicholls was a great goalscorer but you wasnt too bad yourself and Sticker would love to have you in there side just a pity Martin Duff and Jack Bowyer where still not in the side you never know they may even be back at Sticker next season i heard this afternoon Jack Bowyer is not very happy at Falmouth . We left 15mins from the end like you said it was freezing and it was down on the way back to Newquay .Hope to see you at a ground again soon Mark who knows Easter Monday final maybe at Newquay this year got to be a St Austell vs Saltash final that would be good .Take Care and lookafter your knees mine are bloody agony but got to keep smiling Have a good weekend supporters everywhere and batten down the hatches FREYA is on the way
  11. Took a trip to Sticker this afternoon expecting Sticker to get hammered vs table toppers Exmouth and it loked like it was going to be when Ace HIGH got a tap in to put Exmouth 1-0 up and Jordan Harris put them 2-0 up and they looked like they where going to score a bucketfull ,but Stickers Joel Ccocking pulled a soft goal back after the Exmouth defence got in a real mess ,Exmouth continued to attack and got a 3rd didnt see who got it was talking to the supporters it was lovely going there people so friendly met Sticker Forever young Mark Rappo ,and SMOKIE , had so much fuss made over him today evn by Exmouth sub Luke Durham who thought he was lovely .Sticker is such a friendly club run by lovely people and its just so nice to go there and meet so many lovely people ,and the team do run there hearts out for the club but i did get the impression today Exmouth never got into top gear .My man of the match for Sticker Joel Cocking, and for Exmouth a real class act Aaran Denny ,what a player they are a good team i will miss seeing them play when the new league starts next season miss seeing class teams .Good luck to Sticker for the rest of the season and i think Exmouth will be worthy champions after Saltash beat a strong Plymouth Argyle res team today who had 6 1st team players in there team .Thankyou Sticker football Club for being so friendly to me and my old dog .
  12. Callington 0- Helston 2 Camelford 1-Ivybridge 2 Culompton 0- St Austell 4 Falmouth 3- Godolphin 1 Launceston 1 - Bodmin 4 Saltash 1 - Plymouth Argyle 2 Sticker 0- Exmouth 6 Walter Parsons Elburton 0- Mousehole 3
  13. Without Jordan Annear in the team Falmouth are not good so St Austell should have a easy game up Newquay in the sf of the cup ,Falmouth should not of let Tom Annear leave as well
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