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  1. Pegs i think Ethan is a great keeper and 1 of the best penalty savers around yesterday he just had a game he would want to forget, im sure he will have many more good games before the end of the season hes just got to stop his walkabouts .Look forward to seeing him play against Falmouth on Wednesday, where i expect he will have a storming game if not the F troop, behind his goal will let him know .Looking forward to the match if its not pouring with rain and im not barred from the ground after my comments
  2. Saltash 4 -Bridgwater 1 Godolphin 0- Falmouth 8 Millbrook 1 - Liskeard 3
  3. Back from watching a shambolic display from Godolphin im not going to blame the ref Linesman or Tanya this was just a awful display by Godolphin who have lost 3-2 to St Cleer ,Godolphin went in front from a flukey Josh Harris goal was it a cross or shot out wide well it went in then it was disaster and sorry Ethan but im blaming you for all 3 goals the no9 For St Cleer hit a good shot and Ethan knocked it onto the bar and the St Cleer player following up tapped home ,then Ethan seemed to have a rush of blood to the head and came rushing out and was punished twice by St Cleer scoring on both occasions but hi defence in front of him where ok lets not beat around the bush they where crap . Godolphin did score the best goal of the match a rocket by Craig Harvey this should of made Godolphin turn on the pressure but no just wasteful passes and overhit balls and complaining about every decision and uproar when Josh Harris scored but he was clearly off side ok i will complain about some of the decision of the linesman on the far side he was flag happy .The G where just not in it and i thought Ben Colqhoun was having a good game for the G goes off dont know if he was injured or what he may of even been sent off when i was changing batteries in my camera but i thought he was playing well . Ok G that was a embarrassment MOM for G Tanya for getting the pitch looking so good pity the team let you down and for ST CLEER THE WHOLE TEAM BRILLIANT DISPLAY AND YOUR A CREDIT TO YOUR MANAGER AND ASSITANTS WELL DONE .See you Wednesday Godolphin when Falmouth come to turn could be a cricket score im going for 8-0 to Falmouth
  4. Callington 2- Wendron 0 Camelford 4- St Dennis 1 Dobwalls 4- Perranporth 0 Falmouth 1- Helston 3 Godolphin 6- St Cleer 0 Liskeard 3- Illogan 0 Millbrook 1-Newquay 4 Pendeen 0 - Penzance 3 Portheleven 3- Wadebridge 1 Saltash 8- Launceston 0 St Austell 8- Mullion 0 St Blazey 3-Hayle 1 Sticker 0 -Mousehole 8 Torpoint 1- Bodmin 4
  5. Saltash 2- Bridgwater 1 Liskeard 3- Launceston 0 Sticker 0- St Blazey 4
  6. Falmouth 3- Longviews 1 Saltash 4- Bridgwater 1 St Austell 1- Buckland 3 Brixham 2- Millbrook 0 Cullompton 0- Torpoint 4 Dobwalls 0 Penzance 2 St Dennis 2- Wadebridge 1 Mousehole 1- Newquay 3 Portheleven 4- Callington 1 Wendron 1- Liskeard 3 Helston 3 - Bodmin 1
  7. Bodmin 8- Godolphin 0 Falmouth 5- Penzance 1 St Blazey 4 St Dennis 1
  8. Axminster 3- St Blazey 1 Callington 2- Columpton 0 Crediton 1- Dobwalls 3 Elburton 1- Newquay 3 Elmore 2- Camelford 1 Godolphin 0- Famouth 6 Helston 4- Bodmin 1 Millbrook2- Liskeard 0 Saltash 4- Torpoint 0 Sticker 1- Brixham 4
  9. People go on about Saltash being a 1 man team WITH RYAN RICHARDS but his strike partner Sam Hughes is a pretty good player and he hasnt played last few games and RICHARDS stil bangs in 2 hat tricks in just over a week .I think Ryan Richards will be the Top goalcorer and will win the Golden Boot with Goldsworthy 2nd ,Just think how many goals Helston would of got if a fully fit Liam Eddy had been playing . Nothing so far about Bodmins performance last night in the hammering they got from Saltash ,why didnt they keep the same side that defeated Falmouth at the weekend well serve them right for changing there team from the weekend to midweek with Torndo Bello playing midweek games .Well it didnt work out this time for Bodmin think they will miss Tallan Mitchell who has gone to Mousehole.
  10. The League wiill be between 2 teams Saltash and my predicted league champions who i think will win the league and a trophy and i actually predicted Helston to win 8-0 tonight so got 1 right for a change havnt seen th Godolphin result anywhere hope they have won for a change
  11. Your the Lunatic Leeds you dont have a good word to say about any other team or anyone ,i dont need to hide behind a false name .My name is Stephen Pearce i live in Newquay i support my 2 local teams Newquay and Godolphin also follow Helston because they have mine and Smokies 2 friends Neil Slateford and Ollie Brockenshire playing for themand i enjoy watching them play .I live for watching local football and it has got me through some very dark times and it is there again for me now
  12. Is that you having a go at Paul at St BLAZEY Leeds ,hes doing a good job there and now being made vice chairman hopefully great days will come back to that great club , do you have anything nice to say about anyone Leeds and why dont you use your real name everyone knows who you are hiding behind the name Leeds Utd your Terry Huddy, who is Darren GILBERTS assitant at BODMIN , and was once at my home town of Newquay ,and drinks in St Blazeys social club .How about you start praising teams up instead of bringing them down all the time most clubs havnt got the money your team Bodmin dishes out for players all the time and have different players for Midweek matches with Carter ,Krac and and the Tornado turning out for your team and come weekend different players and getting Jack Alexander from St Blazey after the club had appealed against his red card and won the appeal then next minute he signs for you at Bodmin ,St Blazey needed him maybe you could lend them Dan JENNINGS to help them out . I wish your team all the best for the season and be nice when Bodmin paly at Godophin and no doubt give them a hammering just be nice for a change and say some nice things about Newquay as well .Well Leeds or should i say Terry see you in Newquay in the future and you will see me with my vicious dog taking photos as usual may even get 1 of you smiling or not . You got a good team at Bodmin with lots of class players was surprised to see Tallan MITCHELL leave to join Mousehole he is real class saw him destroy St BLAZEY 2 weeks ago .Ok Bye for now and try and be nice to other teams
  13. Millbrook 4- ELBURTON 1 Godolphin 2 - Dobwalls 0 Helston 8- Sticker 0 Saltash 2 - Bodmin 2
  14. Paul you may want to look at the wording in the Saturday program vs Helston i thought it was a bit harsh with the description of Helston shirts as Navy Blue Shits Helston arent that bad are they Paul
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