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  1. Just back from watching a really good game at Wadebridge i had to leave with 10 mins to go because i find it difficult driving in the dark thanks to Radiotherapy my eyes are now very sensitive to bright lights .Well Wadebridge where brilliant and went in front from Matt Lloyd Helston equalised then went in front from Ryan Turner but Matt Lloyd scored his 2nd goal of the night ,couple of changes to the team tonight different goalie instead of new signing John Ross i think it was Kyran Dougherty and Different striker Ryan Turner up front .There was no one at the gate collecting money because i would of gladly paid and there was a good crowd there to watc a real entertaining game . Wadebridge should do really good in the league this year they had some excellent new players .MOM for Wadebridge Matt Lloyd who caused Helston problems all evening and should of svored a hat trick and for Helston Billy Tucker who scored 1 and was all over the pitch other scorer was Ryan Turner .Good match but hope Wadebridge could hang on for a draw or even a win but had to get home before it got dark .
  2. Back from 2nd match and what a crazy match that was Godolphin VS Saltash Res Satash went 3-0 up in no time at all the No11 getting a hat trick he was running riot ,You would of thought the game was all over but the G came back equalised and went in front Gav Perraton getting a hat trick inc 2 pens .This match was like a Sundaymatch in the park neither goalie would give you much confidence , the final score was Godolphin 6 - Saltash Res 7 MOM for the G Matt Walker and for Satash the No11 .Gav Perraton got injured for the G hope hes back for when the season starts .Great to see you Bojfh crazy game Cribbs manager didnt shut up the whole game he just lost it when he grabbed Ash Bradshaw .Nice day of entertainment got 1 tired out litte dog now Smokie had his sausage roll from Tania at the G he enjoyed that .Week of watching Footy Monday Wadebridge ,Tues Bodmin,Wednesday St Blazey and another 1 on Thursday then Newquay
  3. Match 1 out of the way 3-2 win to Newquay vs Cribbs Newquay dominated the 1st Half and went 1 nil up from a cool finish from Dan Carne and soon it was 2 -0 dont know scorers was talking to some people from Gillingham Ht came and Cribbs manager made a lot of subs and for a time they seem to be in control but on comes Jack Evans to score a brilliant goal another 1 in his repertoire to put Newquay 3-1 up then Cribbs seemed to loose there discipline and the CRIBBS manager got sent off after aready being booked he tried to throttle Poor Ash Bradshaw who had gone to get the ball and the Cribbs manager had to go to the stands .Cribbs got another goal back but NEWQUAY hung on for a brilliant win against higher league opposition .Great game Newquay will be a force this year top 3 finish for me .Mom for me Ross Fallens a great midfied display ,shame Aaron Dilley done his hamstring so he will be out for a few weeks but really good display from this Newquay side off out to see the G next and hope they can play as well as there neighbours vs Saltash Res . Just got to refill my flask and off we go again .Game No 2 then back for the rugby and watch Cornishman Luke Cowan Dickie paying for the BrITISH LIONS vs THE SPRINGBOKS ok time to face the trraffic got the people from Gillingham going to watch the G now hope Tania gives them a good Cornish Wecome . Come on the G
  4. Hoping to get to the 2 matches tmmrw here in Newquay Cribbs then out to the G to watch Saltash Reserves hope the weather isnt so bad as what they are forcasting could be in the stands tmmrw hope not
  5. I have heard about severel players that have had enough of football and packed in for good , better not get me talking about 2 home owners and holiday homes something needs to be done to stop this youngsters havnt a chance of getting there own places because of these greedy people 1 bloke i know from London has 6 second homes here in Newquay . Local football is going to suffer it will be the same every year we will play for who pays the most will kill local football shoud put a cap on what payers are paid
  6. Another ex St Austell player joins his mates at Blazey Liam Eddy a fit Liam will be asset to them ,but they are signing all these old timers like Jason ,Ollie and bit younger Neil but they got that young un Martin Giles be down to see them next week against the Plymouth ARGYLE Academy who have got some great players like Angel Wrath or something like that
  7. Lovely ground nice people there as well ,I will be there Monday night with my loyal companion be in our usual place top end by the Grandstand should be a good game with HELSTON they played some Tremendous football vs Sticker I expect it will be a different team with Kyran Dogherty in goal he looked very good warming up with the new Helston goalie John Ross but Kyran looked really good i dont think Kai Cornish will play he must be covered in bruises from the kicking he got the other night and Stuart Bowker looked nackered he even said im too old for this but he was really good finishing a brilliant move after a great back heel from Josh Storey who is a centre back Great game hope Mondays are the same Matt Lloyd vs Josh Storey that will be a good battle and Kyle Flew always has looked good for the the Bridger when i have watched them play .Looking forward to next weeks game but 1st Newquay vs Cribbs 12pm and now its Godolphin vs Saltash Utd RES at 3pm after Mt Gauld had to cancel after they had aready booked opposition for the Saturday 2 good games to watch
  8. Yes he is a quality player .he would help all the youngsters out ,but theres no way he would leave Newquay Morris
  9. Cant see Tom Moxham going to the G heard he was on good money at Newquay and he was with Saltash and the G doesnt need him they got a good side there anyway and there is no way they will get relegated this is a far better team than the last few years and big Ben in the G goal will take some beating .So watch Adam Pattersons Blue and White Army have a good season . Mt Gauld will be a good test this Saturday 3pm kick off so 2 games for you this weekend up Newquay 1st to watch the Cribbs match at 12 then out Godophin way to watch the G
  10. Just back from watching a classy Helston side hammer Sticker im not sure what the final score was i lost count after 9 they where really good they had a slim durned Stuart BOWKER and he was excellent played some lovely touches and his back heel for 1 of the goals was class they had so many good players it was good to see Josh Storey back playing again after the awful injury he had and he was great and the new goalie was commanding but my MOM is easy really it goes to Kai Cornish poor little got the kicked out of him but was brilliant 1 of the goals he got god knows how he got his leg up so high Brilliant entertainment got to feel sorry for the young Sticker GOALIE because he was at Helston last year Leo Sumner is his name Helson where just class all over the field i can see doing well in the Western League onto Wadebridge on Monday to Watch them play Helston good luck the Bridger your going to need it .Only down side of the evening i got a speeding ticket because i wanted to get home before it got dark I have just seen on the HELSTON sight it was 7 i thoght it was 9 because HELston scored 2 goals in a minute in one bit of the match Kai Cornish what a brilliant player worth the admission price alone just to watch him hope he plays again on Monday night and some other players like Billy Tucker 2 games in NEWQUAY this weekend 12pm Newquay vs Cribbs at 3 a biggy at Godolphin way against the talented MT Gauld team last time i saw them play they put 10 past Newlyn East they have lost some players since that game but it will still be a test for the G sd come along and watch the new G play .Thats All Folks
  11. See the GODOLPHIN match vs ALVECHURCH is off due to the Covid situation , i think its going to get worst than better hope im wrong but the crystall ball just has p,p by side them Hope Sticker match is still going ahead tmmrw and next weeks football Bonanza
  12. That was posted last week when Newqay where due to play Barnstable dont know about Newquay 2nd team match i will be at Sticker tmmrw see them play Helston
  13. Busy couple of weeks of watching friendlies tmmrw off to Sticker lovely people there going to watch them play Helston and have there new changing rooms opened thought they would of asked me and Smokie to do it but they got some old Councillor they dragged off the streets Boris couldnt make it . This satday 2 matches to watch at Newqay and then out to the G .,and next week 4 games in a row at Wadebridge , Bodmin , Blazey and 1 other St Austell i think so camera will be out as usual Smokie will have to stay in the car for the Bodmin vs Parkway match wonder how much it will be for that match i have concession price .Hope these games arent called off Hope Newquay gets to play someone on WED thay have sent out a appeal for anyone to play at MT Wise im hoping top side Torpoint comes down but would love to see Mousehole come down or even Blazey
  14. Yes Covid is bad it is here in newquay. but some teams are calling there games off on the Tuesday then the same teams are playing on the THURSDAY ,I think they dont fancy to journey cant blame them with the traffic so bad but well done to ELBURTON VILLA FOR MAKING the journey down yesterday to play the G off to STICKER on tuesday to see themvs Helston then saturday 2 games if they are on 1st NEWQUAY VS CRIBBS 12PM KO Then out to watch the G VS ALVECHURCH and hopefullyTORPOINT will rearange there cancelled match with NEWQUAY this week i see they played LISKEARD yesterday so they must be over self isolation .Have a good week people and get off your bums and go and watch some local footy
  15. Went and watched a really good friendly between the G and Elburton Villa score 2-2 , This was a really good performance from the G they got a real good side there i can see them shocking a few teams this year the Goalie Ben Mitchell commanding his area really well he looked good Gav Perraton was a real handful for the Elburton defence .The G scored 1st when Jack Dixon could only push the ball out and the G player Matt Walker couldnt miss really and he was very good my mom .Elburton equalised then with 5 mins to go they went 2-1 and usually thats it but this G team didnt give up like some of the teams in the past ,they had a free kick and up steps Gav Perraton with a rocket of a shot an dthat was it 2-2 final score ,but it was so hot .Lewis Edwards the ELburton player i saw play for Saltash in the final vs Falmouth a few years back reckonised Smokie he will be signing autographs next i think i will charge a £ to have there photo with him ok Mom for the G for me MATT WALKER had a great game scored had 1 dissalowed but it looked good to me and for Elburton the no4 great game battled in Midfield . The ref was 1 of the best i have seen he plyed the advantage a lot he reminded me of the referees in the Euros you are welcome back at Godolphin Way anytime .It wa sstrange walking on the new Driveway into the ground you could smell the tarmac in the heat going to miss getting soaking wet feet like i use to from the Pot Holes that use to be there .Thankyou Elburton for making the journey to our ground when you hear of so many teams pulling out and blaming it on Covid .
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