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  1. I should of known Ryan Richards where at Parkway hes scoring enough goals for them , that will be Saltash downfall who will get the goals because Sam Hughes and Mike Smith are not 30 goal a season strikers but i expect Dane realises that and will no doubt have a top striker in mind maybe Adam Carter to see how he goes he was scoring a lot of goals for Parkway now hes at Torpoint i heard it was because of the travelling but hes still a top class striker I think its unfair that MOUSEHOLE have not gone up they where the best side i saw play last year and i reckon they are far better than Helston
  2. I reckon Saltash will do very well in the Western League they have a steady defence and 1 of the best strikers around in Ryan Richards i reckon they could be a top 6 team and i reckon Helston will struggle and get relegated ,i think lots of the players will leave because of the travelling long old way from Helston to BRISTOL nearly every other week .
  3. Went to BODMIN this afternoon saw them play Marjons in a pre season friendly ,very enjoyable game ended in a 3-2 win to Bodmin Sol Wheatley with 2 and a tremendous free kick by Dan McGee , best player on the field for me was Dan Sullivan great display and a goal as well , Dan Jennings missed a pen for BODMIN a brilliant save by the young Marjons Keeper Lots new signing for Bodmin and 1 they have signed from Liskeard LYLE johnson who wore the shirt with no 77 was a class act really good .Was nice to get out and watch a match and stand looking through the fence with a nice bunch of Bodmin sup
  4. Something to watch see what Bodmin are like pity that was looking forward to all the Blazey players playing vs Bodmin hell of a good team there hope they play some friendlies in Cornwall doubt they willl be playing back at St Blazey Les Dennis Mrs could be hiding with a camera there ,Hope they all do well at Marjons so many good players in that team
  5. 2 more players join Marjon , Lewis VOGHT of St Blazey and Mason Hughes have joined now ,it must be disheartening for the Marjon players being pushed out by a influx of so many players the majority being ex Blazey players .I will be at Bodmin on Saturday to watch the match and take some photos have to find a good spot down there where i can take my photos and watch the match
  6. Think i will risk it Marjon have about 11 ex St Blazey players in the likes of Miller ,Bell ,Card ,Alexander , Parnell , Phillips ,Edwards , Eaton ,Cloke Willmott ,Perryman and also Connor Rush and Steve Rogers .So i think i will be taking doggy and go to the far end of the pitch road side and see if i can watch the match an dtake photos there .2PM Kick off wander if Bodmin have any new players i expect so they usually have a good team wouldnt be surprised to see Adam Carter back there again
  7. Plymouth Marjon have signed all the following ex Blazey players , Miller ,Willmott , Card , Bell , Alexander ,Perryman ,Parnell , Phillips ,Edwards ,Eaton, Cloke as well as Connor Rush and Steve Rogers very impressive team by the look of it
  8. Its like a bloody high security prison there now with the high fencing all the way around ,may go down Saturday and take pictures through the fence but would propbarly get told off
  9. Middlesboro to play Saltash July 19th ,Tavistock 21st , and Plymouth Argyle 23rd all 7pm kick offs so no Bodmin dissapointed with that looks like a trip to Saltash for me then Bodmin are playing Marjons April 10th behind closed doors a 2pm kick off pity that i would of gone to that
  10. 3-0 to Plymouth but those school kids looked pretty good what i saw of them on You Tube
  11. See you at that game Bobjfh me and Smokie will at our usual spot by the away dug out taking photos i can taste those Sausage and Chips now have a good day mate
  12. Thanks for the offer Bobjfh but i find it difficult driving in the dark since i had Radiotherapy it has affected my eyes to bright lights like car headlights .Thankyou for the offer very kind of you Smokie would of loved some treats hes not a big chip eater he will miss going Truro this year for pre season matches because the girl in the burger van there always gave him some sausages .It will be good to get out and watch some football again .
  13. I see Newquay have lined up 2 very good friendlies already 1 against Bristol side Cribbs and the other against Nuneaton Borough which i will be looking forward to on July 31st Nuneaton have Leroy Lita playing for them he use to play for Bristol City and i saw him destroy Plymouth Argyle on his own thats got to be about 20 years ago but i bet he will still be the best player on the pitch when he takes to the pitch at Mt Wise could be a big crowd there as well because Newquay is going to be heaving with Emmets this summer glad its a 2min walk for me but its up the bloody hill . Look forward to
  14. Very impressed with him when i have seen him play but he hasnt played a lot due to injury didnt think he would leave Newquay but he was used mostly as a sub there an dthey do have such a strong squad ,i expect hes being paid well to play for Mousehole looking forward to seeing them play whenever the footy gets under way again they where the best footballing side i had seen when i did see them play very strong side pity the league finished would of been interesting to of seen who would of won the league between them and Saltash
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