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  1. Such a shame about whats gone on at St Blazey they are hard working and decent people down there and i love my trips down there ,they have so many good players down there but they have a big enough squad to replace the players that will of gone .They are such a good team and play some lovely football i wander where all the players end up maybe some will go to the G Wishful thinking i think .I think when they appoint a new manager it will be Glyn Hooper .I wish St Blazey all the best for the future and im sure they will do well again with what ever team they put out ,me and Smokie will be down
  2. I have heard Truro will be sharing Plymouth Parkways ground when they get it up to the required standard to play in the Southern League ,they asked 2 teams in Cornwall if they could share there ground 1 of them being Bodmin but the grounds where not up to the requirements .Cant help feeling for the loyal supporters who have been let down by Truro City fc all about money ,Pity they couldnt come play here at Newquays ground there ground and Clubhouse has got to be 1 of the best around
  3. Scrap all cup Competitions for this season just get the league finished even it means carry on until now to June ,Have no promotions or Relegations just get the season out of the way and start again in September
  4. Is the senior cup suspended and also the premier west league i hope not anyone know what the f is goin on /
  5. Baldy we didnt mind being out in the rain and the wind it was good just to watch the match because i think the season will be abandoned again with the Covid getting worst ,I see the G staying up by default again then me and Smokie our going to take over and make Ollie and Neil our 1st signings .I really enjoyed the StAustell vs St Dennis game a bit of rain isnt going to harm you , i felt sorry for the young St Dennis full back Charlie Bladon Tiago put him on his ass so many times you had to feel sorry for him but Tiago is some player even on a quagmire of a pitch he was briliant on the wing ,i
  6. Took a trip to Poltair to watch StAUSTELL VS St Dennis credit to both teams for playing a entertaining game in atrocious conditions St Austell winning 1-0 with Kyran Bishop the goalscorer , goalies really on form and St Dennis goalie Steve Parker Billinge was my mom he made some brilliant saves but so did Jason but he always does .No Joe Cooper or Dan Peters today for St Dennis but they played well and deserved a draw Luke Johnson sent off for a reckless foul but there was severel in the awful conditions my mom was the St Austell 11 i didnt know who he was but when i got back and looked
  7. If Les Dennis Mrs wasnt there with her smart phone filming no one would of known any different but as usual its gone way over the top as you can tell by the amount of posts on here ,I wonder who sold the story to the TheSun and Daily Star and other tabloids .Shaun Vincent saying he was 1 half of the management was honest and the 2 main players didnt look like they swore or anything at this women who was trying to get noticed . The BlaZey lads where just having a night out it happens all the time its just got noticed more because of Covid restrictions . That women had to film them didnt she im
  8. Bodmin 3- Camelford 0 Godolphin 2 - Launceston 2 Helston 2 - Penzance 2 Liskeard 4 - Dobwalls 1 Wwndron 2 -Portheleven 1
  9. Footballover442 today at Mt wise today you saw the old Godolphin team wearing red and White ,the G had to rebuild from scratch and they are just too young a team to compete at the moment but they will get there just need some more experiance players there to help out .I thought they where really poor today and did not threaten teh Newquay goal for the whole match but that is a very good Newquay side there class players like Harry Downing and Jack Bray Evans should be playing at a higher level the are just too good forthis league .Hope The G CAN hold on to there goalie because im sure a bigger
  10. Watched the local derby at mt wise which Newquay dominated from start to finish vs Godolphin Newquay went 2-0 up both from iffy .decisons but i thought the G player was too weak in his tackle on Jack Bray EVANS who went on to score if the G player had been fouled he should of gone to ground ,the 2nd goal the linesman should of called the ball out of play because it clearly was but he said it had not and waved play on which Newquay scored from .If it wasnt for the G goalie Dale England it would of been a hammering . Newquay where really good even Jack Bray Evans tried a spectacular overhead k
  11. These where a group of players out enjoying themselves and got caught out by a women with a smart phone who decided to film them and the no doubt then sold her story to the papers its St Blazey not Bloody Man UTD but the St Blazey haters love this 77 post how crazy is that .Just let the people who lay down the rules, Punish these naughty boys on the naughty step . Good job they havnt still got capital punishment Leeds and a few others would have them all by the noose at Blaise Park . They broke the rules and should of known better but if this women didnt want her 3 minutes of fame by filming t
  12. Camelford 2 - Wadebrige 2 Dobwalls 0- Bodmin 5 Launceston 3- Callington 1 Saltash 4- Liskeard 0 Newquay 4- Godolphin 1 Penance 0 - Mousehole 6 Portheleven 0- Helston 4 St Dennis 4 - Sticker 0
  13. Bodmin 2 - Mousehole 2 Callington 0- St Austell 3 Helston 3- St Dennis 1 Liskeard 3- Sticker 0 Newquay 1- Saltash 3 Penzance 1 - Camelford 3 Portheleven 0 - Wadebridge 3 St Blazey 3 - Godolphin 1 Wendron 2 - Launceston 1
  14. This my my opinion of this afternoons match i thought Godolphin where lucky to go 1 -0 up through Isaac Varga after ST Dennis defence failed to clear there lines and even the brilliant Joe Cooper and Ed Timmins was at fault ,Luke Johnson equalised with a fine goal but the G went in front with Kyran Burt ,scoring after a mess in the St Dennis defence once again .Inspired substitution by the St Dennis management changed this game they brought on Jaffa ROWE ,for the injured Johnson i think it was and also Paul robinson and Doodles and the G just couldnt cope with and Rowe scored 2great goals w
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