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  1. Alan ,Mark and Stewart Lenton sure they played together in a friendly
  2. So Man City are going to be banned for 2 years from competing in Europe and fined £25 million ,well why not punish them like Saracens in Rugby and RELEGATE them ,I love watching the football City play and i could watch De Bruynne all day what a player . How many players will leave the club now they are banned from Europe i reckon Pep will go and end up back at 1 of the big 2 in Spain Real Madrid or Barcelona . City may struggle next year and maybe Man Utd will be back challenging for the title if they get sorted out and get rid of Pogba and Fred . Be interesting to see what happens with Man City i read in the paper they have been doing things improperly since 2014 ,how about stripping them of there title as well .We will have to see what happens but this season has been a bit of a farce with Liverpool so far in front in the league its go boring .It would be lovely next year if some team could do a Leicester and win the title i dont think Wolves are too far away from achieving that but it will be all about money as usual
  3. Be nice if its a Saltash vs Wadebridge final and it was here in Newquay there hasnt been a final here for a long time i expect the final will be at Bodmins ground if it was those 2 in the final
  4. Just a thought but if the weather is going to be bad from late Saturday onwards ,how about putting the kick offs for 2pm before the storm arrives just a thought that is if the bad weather is later in the day
  5. Dobwalls 1- Wadebridge 2 Godolph 0- Bodmin 6 Mousehole 4- Porthelven 1 Newquay 3 - lAUNCESTON 0 Penzance 0- Falmouth 5 Saltash 6- Camelford 1 St Dennis 0 - St Blazey 2 Sticker 0- Helston 8 Wendron 0- St Austell 6
  6. It wasnt much of a head butt it was just his head touching Matt LLOYDS face and the St Blazey player was half the size ,also the only pen i can remember in the game is the 1 that Jordan Walton scored from earlier in the season St Blazey had a really good side with the lad Thackeray playing he was also Jack Alenander , I think the players there are not putting in the effort when 1 player is getting paid more than the rest ,i thought earlier in the season St Blazey had some real good players there and had turned a corner now they are really struggling ,even there supporters have said what the problem is and a lot of players want to move on to other clubs .Hope they can turn the corner and be a force again .Money is ruining the league players are getting too greedy no loyalty to there clubs anymore ,look at Saltash that same group of players are the same players that have been there for the last 4to 5 years and they win trophies as well thats what a well run club looks like
  7. I will be at the G Savo in my usual place under the big tree just down from your dug out i will come and say Hi with my old dog thats Smokie not my partner by the way
  8. Cant see Levi playing for Plymouth Parkway he wouldnt get in that team ,maybe he will come and play for the G they could do with him but they couldnt afford him ,Why do Blazey keep paying him its causing bad feeling at the club and i was told this from a regular Blazey supporter .The Blazey player Ray Card that got sent off deserved it dont know what possesed him to put his head into Matt Lloyds face ,he had been doing niggly fouls on him before he got sent off and had to go in the end . I like St Blazey Paul is a good bloke and does a lot for the club ,and whenever me and Smokie go to St Blazey we are aways welcome unlike at 1 certain club who are playing the G this Saturday
  9. I have been a admirer of how good levi has been for years he was always the top goal scorer for whatever club he played for he use to knock in goals for fun at Plymouth Parkway, but those days are long gone yesterday he was so slow he couldnt control the ball had no pace it was a waste of time him playing really he is so unfit and i was talking to a St Blazey ,supporter who said hes causing bad feelings amongst other players with the money hes being paid and other players want o leave and 1 of them is Carl RICKARD who i have always thought was a good player but he was off the pace yesterday , I saw Blazey vs Helston, earlier in the season and they played really well yesterday they where really poor .In todays Sunday Independant they gave mom to Wadebridg goalie Rob ROSEVEAR, dont know how he didnt have much to do the whole game it should of been Matt Lloyd ,you sometimes wander if they even watched the match
  10. This is sometimes like a kids playground it gets really stupid like the St Blazey incident with the flare that just went on and on and you got Big Al on here it sounds like he never goes to a football match to send in a report of a match ,certain people always the same people dont even talk about a match this is a football Forum isnt it not the Muppet Show and there are severel Muppets on here ok i wrote my report and didnt mention Big Al once in my match report
  11. Took a trip to Wadebridge today to see them play St Blazey in the Qtr final of the Senior cup ,St Blazey went 1-0 with a free header sorry didnt know the scorer St Blazey where very poor and a player i have always thought was brilliant had a awful game that is Levi Landricombe hes certainly not fit hes put on so much weight you could tell things are not right at St Blazey at the moment i thought the whole team played poorly .For the 2nd goal scored by Matt Lloyd the whole St Blazey defence parted and Matt just picked his spot to beat Brodie Cole in the Blazey goal with ease , the game was all about Matt lloyd really St Blazey player Ray Card put his head onto Matt lloyds face and received a red card this resulted in both teams having a go at each other . St BLAZEY came back into the game with a clear pen which Jordan Walton took and sent Rob Rosevear the wrong way ,Kyle Flew then had a great shot which struck the Blazey cross bar .I saw St Blazey play earlier in the season and they where a lot better that day ,im no manager but i think havin Levi Landricombe in the team has caused unrest in the team hes not worth paying whatever money hes on his not fit and i cant see him ever being the great player he once was .It was lovely going to Wadebridge ground lovely people there still havnt worked out where you get the food from .I had to pay £5 to get in today the bloke on the gate said its £3 if im 65 so got 2 years to go nice program though . Wadebridge deserved this win and Man of the match is easy for me its Matt Lloyd St Blazey couldnt handle him all afternoon and for St Blazey im given it to the St Blazey SUB Billy Northcott he impressed me when he came on because the rest of the team just didnt seem interested today .Smokie met a nice Supporter today seems Smokie is getting popular he hasnt been well for 2 days but i cant stop him when i get my oat on to go footy . Next week the G play BODMIN but the G are improving they scored 3 goals today and still lost but they are getting there but maybe not next week vs Bodmin .Well done Wadebridge good team performance deserved to win and St Blazey things dont look right there such a fine club with a fine history hope they come good again but need more youth there not players who have seen better days The officials had a good game and the ref handled it well when both teams seemed to loose there heads but it was sorted out in seconds .Can someone print the Wadebridge team on here cant that anywhere got the St Blazey team list but not the Wadebridge 1 Thanks
  12. Falmouth 1- Saltash 3 Millbrook 2 - Liskeard 0 Mousehole 4 - Torpoint 0 Wadebridge 1 - St Blazey 4 SOUTH WESTERN PREMIER BODMIN 4- St Dennis 0 Callington 1- Laubceston 4 Camelford 2 - Porthleven 3 Dobwalls 0 - Helston 6 Penzance 1 - Godolphin 3 StICKER 0- Newquay 4
  13. Went and watched the table top game this afternoon St Austell vs Helston ,not the prettiest games you are likely to see lots of niggly fouls from both sides thought the ref wasnt strong enough dealing with them .St Austell missing severel players including Will Tinsley and top scorer Dan Perryman but they had new signing Jack Bowyer playing up front .Helston should of gone in front when they where given a dodgy pen for handball but justice was done when the Helston player Tucker tame pen was easily saved by teh brilliant Jason Chapman .Helston dominated the 1st half and continued after the break and went 1 -0 up from former St Austell player Mark Goldsworthy who is going head to head with Saltashes Ryan RICHARDS for top scorer my money is on Richards , they went 2-0 late in the game with a goal from Matt Bye ,then hanbags came out and all the players decided to have a little argument after Goldy and Chris RESKI had a bit of a fallen out very unusual for Mark Goldsworthy to fall out but it looked like Reski slapped him across the face which isnt very nice . Ok Helston deserved there win pity didnt have there full 1st team out they would of made more of a game of it then .My man of the match for St Austell Mason Hughes and for Helston without a shadow of a doubt its mine and Smokies Friend OLLIE BROCKENSHIRE and im not being biased he was brilliant all afternoon and controlled the midfield he had a great game . not bad attendance 223 i think it said ,i will see prettier games before the end of season but this could be the day Helston had 1 hand on the league trophy but Saltash just cant stop scoring goals but in a few weeks they got to come and play the G So they put a stop to there goal scoring ok i am dreaming . Well done sT AUSTELL pity you didnt have your full 1st team out and a good 3 points deservedly won by a great Helston side
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