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  1. Falmouth 1 - Bodmin 2 Saltash 2- St Austell 2
  2. Callington 1- Cmaelford 2 Elburton 0- Cullompton 2 Newquay 2 - Sticker 0
  3. 100%cornish

    Newquay vs St Austell

    bet you could still do a good job for Newquay just stand in the goal area and you would get the goals like you use to seriously they need a goalscorer or else they will be in a real mess they got they got a good side but need someone who can score goals .Smokie had his tickle and is flat out now see u a ta ground soon mate
  4. 100%cornish

    Newquay vs St Austell

    Thought Newquay played very well today and they could of won it after they went 1-0 up but then there goalie went off injured and a player went in goal and it wasnt long before St Austell equalised with a fine finish by Will Tinsley after Neil Slateford had headed against the post ,Tom Chambers my man of the match then scored the winner with a free header and not long after St Austell had a pen that Neil Slateford took and i think Neil thought he was playing at Twickenham his pen was that bad its still in orbit .St Austell had severel players out today Jason Chapman , Jack Calver ,Chris Reski ,Mark Goldsworthy and my fav player only on the bench Martin Giles should be in the team always a real quality player .Had a good talk with him a real nice bloke also Smokie saw his friends Neil Slateford and Jason Chapman .Newquay played well but when there goalie went off it was always going to be a struggle but Newquay got no one up front and they will struggle all season unless that is sorted out maybe Rappo could make a comeback . Well done St Austell and good luck for the season
  5. Off to watch Newquay play today was going Godophin but have lent my car to a friend so i got a 5 min walk to watch Newquay .St Austell are the form team and i can see them having a easy win vs Newquay or should i say ex Godolphin seeing there is so many ex G players in the team .Going for a 4-0 win to St Austell they got 2 of the top strikers in the league in Eddy and Goldsworthy and my fav midfield player in Martin Giles .Good Luck Newquay and also Godolphin vs Launceston
  6. Falmouth 4- Newquay 0 St Austell 6- Helston 0 Tavistock 4- Exmouth 1
  7. Camelford 0- Godolphin2 Cullompton1-Ivybridge 2 Launceston 0- Saltash 3 Millbrook 0-Plymouth Argyle RES 5 Sticker 0 - Torpoint 3
  8. Callington 0-Saltash 4 Culllompton 0- Bodmin 2 Exmouth 2 - Torpoint 2 Falmouth 3- Ivybridge 1 Godolphin 3- Launceston 1 Helston 2- Millbrook 0 Newquay 0-St Austell 4 Sticker 0 - Tavistock 4
  9. 100%cornish

    Godolphin vs Tavistock

    I was talking to Tavi player LEWIS Daw he said Oak had a stomach complaint .Kyle Moore was in goal the Parkway keeper i think .the tavi team was 1Moore 2 Greening 3 robins 4 w daw 5 Hallet 6Toujani 7Shanley 8 Elliot 9Prynn 10 Grant 11 Crago subs Hobbs 14 Brown 15 Williams . Bet theres a lot of sore plyers today it was a very physical game and i thought each side should of had a pen but thats football .The ref and his assistance where excellent they let the game flow and this led to a excellent game
  10. 100%cornish

    Godolphin vs Tavistock

    Brilliant game tonight Godolphin where outstanding and if they play like they did tonight they will have no worries this season .To a man they where that good iF Phil Lowry had played they may of even won it but a draw was a good result .When Glyyn Hobbs came on as a sub i thought thats it the G will loose now and soon after coming on he scored a clear pen and had a great free kick turned over by the impressive G goalie Ethan Fern .Tavistock where missing severel players goalie Josh Oak ,Lewis Daw and Hobbs was on the bench and if they got to rely on that goalie they will have problems the G equaliser was down to his fault not pushing the ball out of the danger zone and not to Tom Shepherd who had a easy goal which he scored .The whole G TEAM PLAYED SO WELL and OLLIE PINNELLS Clearance off the line was outstanding .Lets not get carried away lets c how the G get on later in the season when Tavi have there full team out but with a front line of Grant ,Prynne and Crago not a bad foward line and Hobbs on the bench . Well done to the G Tremendous team display still think Tavi will win the league they played some lovely football tonight and missed so many chances but lots of that was down to the G defence and brilliant goalkeeping in EtHAN FERN was nice to catch up with Rappo and Darren . Was nice of my neighbor to lend me there gulf to get to the footy tonight while my car is still in garage having a new clutch fitted hope its ready for tmmrw night to go to St Austell One last thing apolpgise to the G team for saying you would loose 6-1 tonight glad i got that score wrong
  11. Big game at Godolphin Way tonight the G take on most peoples tip for the league Tavi they are mine ,got 2 of my fav players playing for them the 2 joshes Oak and Robbins 2 class players and the got the best goalscorer around Glynn Hobbs with any luck he wont be playing tonight but if he is i can see a hat trick for him and i have gone for a 6-1 win to Tavi hope im wrong .Got to find a way of getting there tonight car in garage having a new clutch so looks like its catching the Bus .Looking forward to a good game .Come on the G Army
  12. Elburton 1- Exmouth 3 Ivybridge 1- Torpoint 4 Millbrook 2- Callington 0 St Austell 1- Falmouth 3
  13. Watched Godolphin take on Wadebridge this afternoon ,not a bad game thought the G played well Phil Lowry was on top form and scored 2 or may of been 3 not score what final score was think it was 3 had to because the clutch has gone on my car and driving everywhere in 2nd gear until i have a new clutch next week .Wadebridges top scorer Dan Jennings, was very poor today but Ollie Pinnel marked him right out of the game ex g player Ben Williams ,was at the heart of the Wadebridge defence and had a very good game .My man of the match has to be Phil Lowry he was brilliant but lets see how good the G are tues night when Tavi come to town i think Mr GLYNN HOBBS will have a field day going for a 6-1 win for Tavi hope fully i will be wrong but they are a quality side also like to wish the Tavi manager Stuart Henderson, all the best after his recovery from his stroke .Off to St Austell on Wed to watch them play Plymouth Argyle, think Argyle will have a strong side out hope car is fixed so i can get there .Just heard The G have ordered some planks of wood and nailsfrom JEWSONS to board the goals up to stop Tavi scoring tues night just as well give the leading goalscorer for the season now to Glynn Hobbs ,hes got no competition with Carter, and Annear, in different leagues now .See you tues G TRY AND KEEP THE SCORE DOWN
  14. Bodmin 4- Newquay 1 St Austell 1- Plymouth Res 4