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  1. Falmouth 3 - Liskeard 1 Godolphin 0- Helston 6 Launceston 3- Newquay 0 St Austell 2- Saltash 2
  2. Liskeard 2 -Launceston 2 Newquay 2 - Camelford 0 Portheleven 1- Falmouth 3 Wadebridge 0- St Austell 4 Wedron 1- Penzance 2
  3. Can someone put the a Falmouth team up from yesterday got the St Blaze 1 but cant find the Falmouth 1 anywhere its for my photo albums .Thanks
  4. i didnt get a program at todays game Paul i arrived 10mins late due to there being a accident on the way from Newquay which held me up ,i thought St Blazey was weak in defence today and had a strong bench and should of used the subs ,Levi Landricombe looked sharp when he came on but they where not good today outclassed by a good Falmouth side
  5. Took a trip to St Blazey this afternoon to watch them play Falmouth in the Vase got there a bit late due to th heavy traffic got there just as Luke Brabyn was putting Falmouth 1-0 up ,Falmouth dominated the game and played some lovely football Olly Walker put Falmouth 2-0 up and then Tim Nixon got the 3rd ,St Blazey pulled a goal back with a great goal from Levi Landricombe after Ryann Mart had missed his header and Levi scored with a great volley given Ryan Barnes no chance at all in the Falmouth goal .I was very impressed with Falmouth but St Blazey where poor today .Olly Walker tore St Blazey apart all afternoon and is my man of the match i usually always give it to Joe Cooper who was superb as usual , but i thought Walker was brilliant .A deserved 3-1 to Falmouth could go a long way in the cup but will meet harder opposition than St Blazey today Falmouth where cheered on by there fantastic fans the F Troop and where brilliant and funny with there songs but also crude as well but the Falmouth players do appreciate them and that showed at the final whistle when they went up to applaud them .Attendance today 176 and a Smokie Dog
  6. Newquay have got a good team Leeds they cant be all that bad to of drawn with top side Saltash who are scoring goals for fun ,they have all the ex G players plus other good payers notably the brilliant Jack Bray Evans .Dont know why Newquay played poor vs Wendron must of had lots of players out but they have got a strong squad
  7. Bodmin 2 Buckland 1 Camelford 3 -Ashton 1 Helston 6-Aminster 0 Saltash 5- Portheleven 0 St Blazey 2- Falmouth 1 Torpoint 2- Portishead 1 Kitchen League Dobwalls 4- Sticker 0 Mousehole 1- St Austell 3 Penzance 1- Wadebridge 2 St Dennis 3 - Wendron 0
  8. Bodmin 4 - Launceston 0 Callington 0- St Dennis 3 Godolphin 1- St Dennis 4 Helston 5- St Blazey 1 Saltash 6- Sticker 0
  9. Liskeard 4- Callington 0 Newquay 4- Wendron 1 Wadebridge 3- Dobwalls 0
  10. Newquay 3- Saltash 3 Well went and watched a absolutly brilliant match this afternoon this was a advert for local football ,Newquay went 3-0 up Phil LOWRY put NEWQUAY 1-0 just after half time they go 3-0 they where Brilliant 1st half Saltash lost Callum Martindale to injury and Moxham replaced him ,In the 2nd half a inspired piece of Management by Dave Bunney and Matt Cusack taking off Reece Thompson and Sam Farrant and bringing on Sam Cleary and Jamie SIMMONDS who was brilliant the game turned in Saltash favour in the 2nd half and 1 half of the deadly duo Sam Hughes brought a goal back then the game had a delay when Karl Rickard who had a great game for Newquay went off on a stretcher the game changed after that in Saltash favour and they got there 2nd goal when Ash Bicknell slid in trying to cut out a Saltash cross only suceeded in putting the ball in his own goal then not long after the predator striker the other half of the deadly duo scored a great downward header to bring the score to 3-3 Newuay where hanging on then and must of been glad when the ref blew his final whistle . Not a bad crowd watching the match and well worth the £5 entry fee the ref and his officials all had a fine game .I am going to give the man of the match to all the players it was just a brilliant match Callum O Brien was brilliant for Saltash and Connor Jamieson was also brilliant for Newquay but both teams and the management .Well done to both teams .Money well spent this afternoon and Smokie liked it as well and made a new friend in Saltash player Sean Cleary
  11. The G is a lovely club run by lovely people who really care about there club ,I agree Tania is the hardest working person in Cornish football shes a bloody marvel what she does for the G does the lot she loves her club and i expect she has blue blood running through her veins she is just so dedicated to the club but there other good people at this club ,just a shame the G are having a blip at the moment but they did beat Falmouth and that was a shock result .Hope they can get a result today vs Portheleven pity i couldnt be there but i just get my car back from the garage and my partners car goes wrong and she needs mine to get to her work .So i am walking up the hil to see the best team in the league at the moment Saltash think there will be a lot of goals 6-0 to Saltash i predict Ryan Richards with a hat trick . All enjoy your footy wherever you are watching and be nice to the refs and officials
  12. A month ago Sid on here you said Dan was going nowhere and now he up sticks and goes ,i expect Joe Stone will be next to go because he is a class player .Hope the transition does materialise .The G had a poor disciplinary record last year hope its not going to carry on this season as well ,Good luck vs Portheleven Sid i wont be there to watch it my partner needs my car so i will be up watching Newquay vs Saltash.Maybe Lee Paxton will be given a more strikers role in the G team he always gives his all but he is G through and through .See you soon Sid when i will be there with my Smokie dog standing under the tree taking photos as usual .Dont really know why St Austell came in for Dan they dont need him the are scoring enough goals already and are having a great season so far
  13. Whats going wrong with the G ,they have now lost there best player Dan Perryman to St Austell only a while back G manager said Dan wasnt going to go anywhere well hes gone , The G are in a right mess at the moment before before the season started they lost nearly all there players to Newquay and they had to rebuild .Hope the G can get back on track ,the discipline at the club is still not good and the manager getting sent off wasnt a good example for the club .Needs a overhaul at the moment .
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