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    Harry P


    Rather give them our money than Massey , we even had a whip round for the cricket club staff raising over £100 to show our appreciation , not bad that from ftroop , proves we're not that bad ! 😉
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    Money ! Money ! Money! must be funny in a rich man's world .Well tonight it's hilarious .Mr Massey ,Le Boss ,Bagman, Harry Gords , and poor old Scoffy , in the words of a famous Norwegian football commentator ." Your boys took one he'll of a beating today ". Luckily for Helston that wasn't Falmouths strongest side either .But pride, determination , team spirit and the support of F troop won the day .👍
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    Anyone in need of a volunteer ref PM me
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    New management at Perranporth

    I think you brought up about club linesman 😂😂😂
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    Paul C

    New management at Perranporth

    Shambles at Perranporth. Results not going their way so everyone decides to jump ship. Embarrassing club.
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    Match officials

    Mr.Green you clearly know very little about the promotion and fitness pathway. You are probably unaware that these local refs get observed by the county by the likes of Luke Wilkes etc and a report is provided. I can tell you now for a fact that John Green got the highest score for fitness in his last observation. Have you actually seen these referees in a game to actually make you're asessments of their fitness? How you can comment that they are seasoned and because the county is desperate for referees that why's they have been promoted again you're wrong. Refs have to go through a series of tests, observations, club points to make promotion each season its not just 'we need referees let's push them up'. Also if you were to your research you would know that only Marc and John have actually done the SWPL and this is through games be assigned to them not asking for these games. You wonder why the referees are slightly older is because people like you knock the confidence out of people and the younger referees feel under pressure to go further.
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    Dave Bartlam

    New management at Perranporth

    Don't players usually start at the grassroots level? They learn their trade, make mistakes and progress... That is absolutely no different to Match Officials. Many who are in combo reffing have either come down from higher levels or they are there for the next step in their progression from level six. Grassroots football isn't just for developing footballers, it's also their to develop referees. Want a better standard of referee, don't play in the league. It's that simple - play higher. I am working hard, together with many other people around the county to try and recruit more referees because for too long they have been driven out of the game. This is one of the reasons why. Of course they aren't going to be brilliant at this level... They are training and progressing. It's as simple as that. I can guarantee you one thing though, they won't make even half as many mistakes as any of the players on the field with them. As for club assistant referees... You wouldn't catch me doing that for s**t. Worth their weight in gold. Yeah sometimes you have to educate the Club Linos on the laws - that's because there's so many changes each season and they don't have a bespoke refresher course.
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    Just watched the highlights again. Great atmosphere by F-troop and coverage by Matt Friday. Well done to all. https://www.falmouthpacket.co.uk/sport/17933363.swpl-premier-west-highlights-falmouth-town-4-2-newquay/
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    Its simpler than all of that. They are simply all told they are better than they actually are. So they won't play junior football because it's below their abilities, when actually it's exactly where they should play to learn the game.
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    That's what's good about them mate .they're there to support the boys come what may ,and they don't just sing when they're winning .Everywhere they go ! 😁
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    Port vs hayle. Massive win for hayle. A early goal for hayle after 20 seconds after a long kick from our goalkeeper beat the defence and t j tapped in. We then stuck to our game plan of letting them have the ball deep and breaking when we win the ball back. Fairly even first half with myself scoring on 40 mins off the post. 2nd half seen the introduction of wade brown and port had the better pocession but could not convert. We broke again and I scored the 3rd leaving the goalkeeper no chance. Port then had to go for it and got a goal back from a excellent free kick by the short midfielder who ran the game for them . The ref had a good game but disallowed a goal where there keeper took a quick free quick and hit it at one of our players who was walking away and it went in. 6 points off port and sitting top. Still long way to go and think port will still be competing to win it by the end
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    Harrow 1 Truro City 2

    Saturday 12th October Harrow 1 Truro City 2 City's 2 goals both scored by Tyler Harvey. Another good away win putting City in 2nd place in the league.
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    Well done Sticker ! not the 8-9-10- nil hammering forecast by some and the Saints only 1-0 up at half time and that goal from a penalty. We will always give the village side 10 out of 10 for turning out a team every game, wherever it is and whatever the weather and despite their league position,showing a commitment to their club, the opposition, and the game of football that some others would do well to follow. Three lads in the Saints squad last night Rogers, Dingle, and Hooper are ex Sticker boys and doing well
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    Good to have you back ctb 👏👍⚽️
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    Quiet Man

    Matches - Saturday 5 October 2019

    Good referee in charge of the Sticker v Falmouth Town game. Looked quite young, bit handled the game well. Hardly noticed him which is always a good sign. Missed the odd incident, but nobody is perfect. The boy did good.
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    The Bluebells v The White Tigers

    Yates Town 0 Truro City 3 Scorers - Tyler Harvey, Niall Thompson and Louis Rooney.
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    Jordan Annear heads North

    How would you Know ?? You don't go to football anymore especially Falmouth 😂😂😂😂
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    Good on yer, Al. Won't be long before you are back on the terrace behind the goal. UTT.
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    I blame Thomas Cook myself.
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    Let's wait and see me proved right. ..as always. Go for it with players who care nothing about your club, who live 150 miles away and are just chasing the brown envelopes. Falmouth Town, the most successful club in Cornwall will always be bigger and better than Helston. Falmouth Town FC, a club with a local chairman, manager & players that's being run within budget and with unparalleled support. Western league. .You're avin a laff haha squawk squawk.
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    St Ives 0-1 Falmouth United Superb display against a decent St Ives team, travelled with few players missing but the youngsters who stepped in did themselves proud. We were calm on the ball and passed it around nice and limited the home team to very few chances but to be fair we had very few chances as well. Game played in good spirit and reffed superbly, good luck to St Ives for season apart from the return game 😂 Fal united goal Lewis Preston
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    Would rather Falmouth Town came 2nd and missed promotion. Love travelling around Cornwall with the F-Troop. Wouldn't want to be playing loads of games 200 odd miles away. Where would it all lead ?, diminishing crowds and unless a club is prepared to spend big money paying players, a beating most weeks. No not for me thanks.
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    Jeff  Chambers

    Bobby Hopkinson Camelford FC

    Get well soon Bobby. Best wishes and a speedy recovery.
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    Bodmin underdogs to a bottom 4 club 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    Wednesday 9 October 2019

    Embarrassing bringing in other players from higher leagues and leaving regulars on the bench, been doing with players since he’s Why aren’t Helston using the so called 20/20 vision and playing/using the all conquering Helston U18s?? Howlett destined for Porthleven after Wednesdays game.
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    I have mixed feelings. I think it can be a good thing if it is used to get fringe players/those coming back from spells out game time, but I worry about key players such as Adam Carter, Shane Krac and Rob Farkins picking up injuries while guesting for other teams. It is something that Parkway also utilise though with players from Tiverton, Saltash,Tavistock and Torpoint appearing at various times last season.
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    Cant believe I've just read a whole thread about this but hilarious......
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    Wednesday 9 October 2019

    Krac And Carter probably got paid more than the entire Camels team, the only thing they did was.save Bodmin from an even bigger thrashing . Sometimes you need your.players to play from the heart not the wallet.
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    Tommy Matthews


    I think the game would be so spread out players might resort to just hoofing the ball long and no one wants to see that.
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    Thanks Russell made a few mistakes but tried talking to the players when I gave a decision.
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    New management at Perranporth

    Well said Steve, no wonder the leagues are struggling for officials or even club officials, when you see comments like we are witnessing on this thread. The abuse we get on the pitch is appalling, some players/managers have a go at us so much, it's no wonder we make mistakes, that said there are some who show respect.
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    Paul Collings

    Referee Shortage Directive

    The situation in the east is no where near as bad and so our clubs wont think it fair that they suffer just to provide 'uniformity' . As i stated, i understand that the ruling must apply to all leagues but our suffering is not going to help yours. I don't think there is a chance in hell that the FA will accept 'at League discretion' - i hope i am wrong.
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    Thought that you were retired, Big Al!
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    Bare 11 down there Saturday with 2 injured as it is, 8 unavailable due to holidays, injury’s & work commitments! The 2nds are mainly Plymouth based as it is so your asking a lot to commit on a Tuesday night to go to Falmouth! Haven’t money like most clubs to throw at players to help us out! Maybe going through a tough patch but we’re all mates and been together in this team for the last 6 seasons through a lot worse times then just this one game!
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    Totally agree Lee. Thought the attitude of all the Carharrack boys was brilliant from start to finish. Some good players there & if you stick with it, you will start to pick up points. Keep it going Macca, top man. Well done to Lee, Kyle & the boys for another 3 points. Just my opinion, Jack Hannaford, different class. 👌
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    Remember Sammys debut against Liskeard in a pre season friendly Mike? He scored 4 headers in the first 35 minutes!!!? 😂👏🏼👌
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    Racism protocol

    As I've said many times on my posts , it's easy to be critical of organisations when you don't know all the facts . However sometimes you wonder how you can defend some decisions by FIFA . Wolves play a team in Eastern Europe next week Bratislava ? I think off the top of my head . This team have been fined and had sanctions imposed on them for several offences including racist chanting . For the Wolves game they must display a banner condemning racist behaviour and the no home fans are allowed into the game . However they can admit fans under the age of 14 years plus only 200 Wolves fans .A loophole allows an adult to accompany the child to the game .As a result they are expecting a capacity gate of 21000 . I often quote the Marx Brothers but even they would be hard pushed to come up with a script like this .
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    Racism protocol

    Eastern Europe is still in the dark ages. Very little diversity over there. The world has become a small place with technology and cheap travel, they haven't caught up yet. Very poor attitude showing last night. Well done England on both counts.
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    Just caught up with the highlights from Helstons cameraman. McGrath wasn't looking like he was worth £20 a game. Didn't look sharp at all. Seen better defenders in the Trelawney league.
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    Big apple what - turnover ?
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    A good, hard flight game at Stoke Climsland today. Seeking revenge for our 2-0 cup defeat earlier in the season, we were back to nearly full strength and up for this fixture. We played very well on the counterattack whilst holding Stoke Climsland off and soaking up pressure. A great finish from Glyn James and a 35 yard Free kick which squirmed under the keeper saw us come to half time 2-0 up. A focus on playing our passing game and retaining possession saw us play better and go 3-0 up with a Glyn James header from a Lee Budge cross. Stoke C pulled one back with a breakaway goal and finish amidst huge cries for offside. We began to turn the screws and our late dominance saw a great cross toe poked in by Ryan Lavery to make it 4-1. A great game, played in cracking spirits and, apart from a hot headed number 10 getting angry all 2nd half, Stoke Climsland played with their usual sporting and combative approach. Great hosts after the game, just a shame more of them didn't want to share a beer afterwards. Those that did, were a class act as always. 1 win a piece, 2 more fixtures to come which we very much look forward to. A quick word on the ref. He was being assessed today, usually a warning sign for cards and sinbins aplenty, but he was by far the best ref we've had so far this season. Approachable, definitive, consistent and obviously very experienced. An absolute pleasure to have control the game. If he is the standard of ref we have to replicate when not allocated one by the league, we are going to struggle for sure! Hoping we can get on a run of results with a full squad and finish high up the table this season in a tough league.
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    Heard Penryn have 1 or 2 doubts tomorrow and a suspended manager is this true. Rain could be good for them.
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    Well done Dave ,perhaps that will clear all the nonsense up
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    Jordan Annear heads North

    Agreed, good luck to the lad, and good on him showing ambition, as many don’t! Get back to scoring goals Jordan, get back in the shop window and kick on 👍
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    Uwdi, No offence intended. And yes it was a poor turn out. Not denying that. Some away games will be like that however some games will be buzzing. That's life my friend. Have a good day.
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    Being a qualified ref who runs the line most weeks what about this scenario. We went to mullion yesterday in the st. Pirans league both teams agreed to play with mullions secretary. If I had agreed to referee would we have been fined because we did not have a qualified assistant ? By the way we had a ref. Assigned thanks to great work by Paul murphy
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    Dean Kitley according to Whole Game.Very good referee.
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    Harry Pope

    Penryn 2, St Ives 1

    Up the ryn
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    Postman Pat


    WendronOfficial have you seen Simon shoot 😀
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