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    We have nothing to lose in applying. The very worst that can happen is we get relegated and end up in Trelawny Prem, where we would be any way. At least we can say we tried.
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    Kernow Stone Cup Draw

    Bude are at home so unless they are picking St Day up and dropping them back 🙈
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    If you're going to have a pop I don't mind, I'm a big boy and can take it but at least have the decency to 1. Use your proper name instead of hiding behind a username and 2. Get at least 1 fact right. Dave covers most of it above and I'm not going to repeat again here what has been stated on various threads across the forum and on Facebook. Please do some research, you may then have a more accurate idea of how we ended up where we are in all this.
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    Fire at Dobwalls FC

    Good luck to Dobwalls, always sad hearing bad luck stuff like this when a good club has worked hard to improve their facilities over the last few years. Hope it doesn’t take too long to sort the damage out ⚽️👍
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    Kernow Stone Cup Draw

    We have all opted for this league so let’s make it a good one guys, I’m personally looking forward to it and like to say good luck to all sides for the coming season ⚪️⚫️⚽️
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    We Two

    Bodmin start to recruit for new season

    We heard it was two strikers, Bryant & May, a match for anyone !.
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    I should go a bit careful teflon if I was you, as your statement that you can say things true or untrue because its a forum, is so wide of the mark, its ridiculous. You on the forum are subject to the same civil law of libel as anyone else, forum or not. What is even worse is the the burden of proof for libel is less than the criminal law, it is 'on the balance of probabilities' not 'beyond reasonable doubt'. So as you say, you sometimes repeat comments you hear from people in the game. Unfortunately that is no excuse to libel, should there be any. You also seem to know all the financial matters from Penzance to Plymouth plus everything else, so you get around. Someone might think that on the balance of probabilities, which only has to be 51%, that you are making some of it up. You cannot tell 'porkies' about individuals without risking libel and the web site operators would not be able to keep your details secret. By all mean views, comments, ideas, criticism , but naming people or organisations you are on a tightrope.
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    Harry Pope

    Kernow Stone Cup Draw

    all the way to st just!!!!! weve been stitched 😂 good idea to have both east and west in one cup competition in my opinion! will make for a very competitive cup! looking forward to the start of the new league!
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    Steve Carpenter

    St Piran League AGM

    The AGM is on Monday 10th June. The Officers were appointed about 6 months ago for an 18 month period and their names were well publicised. The season will start on 17th August. The cup draw will be made on the evening. The constitution of the two (East and West) divisions was publicised a couple of weeks ago. The fixtures will be completed over the next couple of weeks. The SWPL fixtures only came out yesterday and these were needed before ours could be progressed.
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    TRELAWNY LEAGUE - Saturday 18 May 2019

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    Imagine someone like St Austell and their ex Truro management team changing at The Coppice then hiking up Tresavean Hill to the pitch! Long live the Cornwall Senior Cup!
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    John Mead

    from Penzance AFC

    It saddens me that a supposed supporter of PzAFC feels the need to post such negative comments on here. With friends like that you don't need enemies!
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    Paul Collings

    Duchy Cups 2019-20

    Hopefully after all the upheaval we can now all get on and enjoy the coming season. A little shake up may well breathe some life back into the league. It will be great if we don't lose any teams mid season and then have a few more interested next year to edge the division numbers back up 14 if possible. Meanwhile, the cup revamp is something of a trial, hopefully it will prove to be popular - time will tell but it will give everyone more games - a minimum of 27 matches pretty much fills the season once you factor in bad weather lack of referees etc. None of us on the League Committee is perfect and we don't always get everything right but we do always want to do what is best for the league. The influence of some younger members is beginning to show but we do need some more and there are still vacancies on the committee.
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    Premier Sixes

    Duchy Cups 2019-20

    This will be the official thread for the Duchy Cups this season. Results, fixtures and tables will be updated throughout the season, At tonights AGM the clubs were presented witht he new proposals for the league Cups this season. The new format will ensure that teams have more games to play this season due to reduced divisional numbers. The new format also provides a fresh approach to the earlier stages of the cups which fits in well with the finals day and selection of semi-final venues which I believe have been huge successes the last couple of seasons. The format should also help maintain interest levels in teams as most groups will probably go down to the final game to decide which teams go through and who has home advantage in the last 16. This years Cups format is as follows: The top two divisions will compete for the Duchy Knockout Cup and the bottom two divisions will compete for the Shoe Boy Cup Each cup will be made up of 8 qualifying groups of 3 teams (there is 1 group of 4 in the Knockout Cup) All teams play each other home and away. The top team at the end of the qualification process will have a home tie in the last 16, the runners up will be an away team in the last 16 and the 3rd (and one 4th placed team) will be eliminated. This means if you can win you group you have home advantage in the last 16 and if you win it you are just one quarter-final match away from a semi-final which will be held at a neutral ground with 3 appointed match officials. The league will once more have a finals day were both cup finals will be played back to back at St Dennis FC the day after the FA Cup final to conclude the 2019-20 Duchy League season. The draws for the qualifying groups were made at the end of the AGM by Tracy Banfield and a member of the Calstock management. They are as follows: Knockout Cup Group A St Newlyn East AFC Bodmin Polperro Pelynt Group B Altarnun Boscastle Lanivet Inn Group C Gunnislake St Breward Foxhole Group D Lostwithiel St Merryn Liskeard Athletic Group E Tregrehan Mills Stoke Climsland Gorran Group F Saltash United Dobwalls St Minver Group G Tintagel Pensilva Lifton Group H Holywell & Cubert Athletic Mevagissey FC Tavyside Shoe Boy Cup Group A St Stephen Nanpean St Annes Chapel Group B Calstock Bude Town Biscovey Group C Southgate Seniors St Cleer Roche Group D Boscastle Reserves St Eval Spitfires Grampound Group E North Hill Delabole Gunnislake Reserves Group F Lifton North Petherwin St Mawgan Group G Lostwithiel Reserves Queens Rangers St Dominick Group H Week St Mary St Columb Major Bude Town Res Qualifying group games will begin in September and weather permitting be completed in January, then there will be a round each month up until the finals day in mid May.
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    The free Indian on a Saturday would sway it for me.
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    fal lad


    I feel the whole situation has been dealt with relatively well considering. Both leagues are still running, both leagues have enough teams in them to run in accordance to their own constitutions, while both leagues have taken a huge hit from the teams moving into the St Pirans league. It is a shame that both Duchy and Trelawney leagues have taken a battering with teams stepping up, but isn’t that all part of football? Teams that do well want to progress. Would all those teams from lower leagues have reached the ECPL or Combo, who knows. But they have taken their opportunity to move up. A lot of hard work behind the scenes has been done by all committee members from all the leagues over the previous months to try and find the best outcome for Cornish football. They can’t keep everyone happy and never will. I tip my hat to all who have had to work tirelessly to make this happen
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    Titus Bramble


    Are you aware that you come across as a very bitter, hypocritical old man? You complain about the FA stripping your league of clubs and yet, as stated above, you didn’t hesitate to pillage the Duchy League of clubs to protect your own interests. The same can be said of the combination league, they’ve just been less bitter publicly childish about it all! The actions of your league show that you’re no different to the “fat cats” you so publicly despise. No consideration for the future of Cornish football or the bigger picture. You could have come out of this looking quite good had you done the logical thing and merge with Duchy Prem and take on a role within the Duchy Committee. As it turns out, you only come across as a spiteful, childish antique who refused to change for the greater good of local RECREATIONAL football in Cornwall.
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    le boss

    AFC St Austell

    It really does make me chuckle to read posts on here about players being blamed because Helston are apparently paying mega bucks which is the big magnet. Everybody harps on like this is a new thing!! Do you all have very short memories or just being naïve? Money has been splashed and/or kit been paid for in all my years in local football - it really is nothing new. Does anyone really think that players will travel 30 or 40 miles a couple of times a week to play for a town or village for which they have no connection or affiliation with for the love of it. Just look at the old photos in every club depicting their historical success and you will find "strangers" in each and every one of them. This year it is Helston, last year it was St. Austell and Bodmin and in previous years it was Porthleven, St. Blazey, Falmouth in the Trevor Mewton era. Penryn in the WC Rowe era - always happens always will. Get real fellas.
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    The draw for the first round of the Kernow Stone Cup was made at tonight's AGM and is as follows: St Just v Penryn Athletic Launceston Reserves v St Austell Reserves St Agnes v St Ives Millbrook Reserves v Lanreath Bude Town v St Day Hayle v Callington Reserves Perranporth v Sticker Reserves Ludgvan v St Mawgan Wadebridge Town Reserves v Polperro Saltash Borough v Mullion Perranwell v Torpoint Athletic Reserves Helston Athletic Reserves v Saltash United Reserves Liskeard Athletic Reserves v Morwenstow Illogan RBL v Wendron United Reserves Falmouth Town Reserves v St Dennis Reserves Redruth United v Mousehole Reserves Dates for the ties are yet to be fixed.
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    When you look at expenses of £200 + , think about it £800 a month ( that's a heavy mortgage paid for ) , are these players really that good ? I do not think so . If you were to pay Rocky Neal or Levi Landricombe that ( as match winners / game changers ) well maybe for the bigger picture . But even the very average player seems to get £50 -£70+ a game . This is crazy in my eyes . Just a very very smaller scale of what the hells going on with football like the Permier league figures . Cant quite get my head round it Just my opinion.
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    2020-21 planning?

    Clubs no longer get promoted to a league, but to a step. So next season four clubs from Devon and Cornwall could get promoted to step 5. The fa would then allocate all step 5 clubs to a particular league. The 20 most westerly clubs would end up in western. Clubs further east would be placed in another league. This has already happened to Chipping Sodbury this season. All league boundaries are now fluid at step 6 or above. If more clubs from Devon and Cornwall go up and survive, the Western league will naturally migrate west. Western league would still relegate three clubs but to step 6, not any particular league. Lateral movement is a fairer system across the board. In summary clubs are promoted or relegated to steps, not leagues. Clubs are then allocated geographically.
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    Why would the quality of the pitch matter when the ball spends most of the afternoon in the air where we're concerned
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    from Penzance AFC

    Heard Andrew Westgarth was close to becoming manager
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    Distinct lack of respect for the club they claim to support / represent. Innuendos, veiled threats of future happenings, accusations of past misdemeanours including 9% missing takings, with that sort of thing aired on a public forum what kind of support is that. If 9% takings fraudently went missing in any club we had anything to do with, it would be straight to the police for them to sort it out and certainly not aired on a public forum. We can't help feeling a little sorry for St Just Football Club, they deserve better.
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    But will it be the Peninsula Premier League teams or the St Piran League teams from Helston & Falmouth? Sadly over the past few years the teams from every club have been very "diluted" in some games which is a great shame - I guess the current crop of players have very little idea who or what Dave meant to local football and people who knew him.
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    I've seen you play footy Way of the Park . You would not even get a packet of pork scratchings .............. you are awful ( but I do like you ) .
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    Way Of The Park

    Deal done!

    The three clubs that you mentioned have; Settled management teams. Established infrastructure and solid committees /boards. Clear strategic visions. Their own grounds. Early days for the new owners and management I know, but Truro currently have none of these. Look at Taunton where Rocky Neal, Matt Wright, Shane White, Ed Palmer and Ryan Brett (all ex Truro) are thriving at a successful and stable club. They carried on seamlessly after Leigh Robinson and Michael Meaker left due to an effective structure and strategy being in place. The quality of their recruitment and retention again this summer underliines this. Spoke to a member of the Truro squad last season (who I won't name) who told me that it was a NL South club that was on occasions run like a Sunday morning pub side. One example he gave was that at one match they didn't have enough socks available.
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    Steve Carpenter


    A DRAFT version of the West Division fixtures was sent to those clubs yesterday for a them to check for any errors, omissions, etc. The clubs have a week to get back to me with any corrections that may be necessary. Unfortunately without the use of the Full-Time fixture tool these have had to be drafted by hand and this has involved late nights all week so I'm sure there will be some corrections needed. The finalised version of the West fixtures should be out in about 10 days time. ANY fixtures you may see at this time are to be treated as provisional. A start has been made on the East fixtures and I hope to have these out to the clubs for review by the end of the coming week. It's a bit of a tortuous process so be patient people!
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    Not aware of any problems with the facilities at my club, clubhouse, stands, dugouts all seem to be in good order, maybe we should stop picking fault with other clubs facilities, your more than welcome to join me at St Cleer for a guided tour and a chat any time. I may offer you a coffee if the rivers high enough to fill the kettle!
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    le boss

    AFC St Austell

    Got to admit my only wages was sausage and chips after a game - only one sausage mind you coz I wasn't that good.....
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    AFC St Austell

    No he uses Shaun Germans funds
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    from Penzance AFC

    Big Al hasn't been to a home game for so long that he doesn't realise that there is a lovely lady taking the money on the gate .Always says hello how are you and a thankyou after paying ,even a thankyou very much if you give her the correct money needing no change .IF he turns up for the 1rst home game of the season I will buy his half time refreshment and his favourite ketchup with chips. Over to you Big Al .
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    From what I read in most threads on here it`s a vast wilderness where it takes days to travel and costs huge sums in petrol money. Rumour has it that Newquay Airport has secured £20 million investment to open a Spaceport just to service the needs of the SWPL West teams ?
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    Someone on here trying to deflect from the truth ... Funny you mention 'Dragons Den ' as that cash is probably funding the project .... If you get my drift !? No problem with it, relax. Players talk, it's a small place Cornwall, big money on offer in West Cornwall this season
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    Whistle Blower

    from Penzance AFC

    Firstly Westy is a Falmouth boy and with other players, they work together to create the environment, do work on the ground etc. Secondly why don't you list what you want from the club. You never suggest anything. You say if the club was supporter friendly, how can they do that? They serve hot food and have cover on all four sides (the only Cornish club to do so). They have had a pretty good season, play good football, have a young enthusiastic manager, have a decent team, won the Senior Cup. What more do you want or expect?
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    Latest Helston rumours. Helston Chairman and Steve Massey both in Portugal (this is not a rumour and can easily be confirmed with a twitter search) for the Nations League Cup and scouting new signings for upcoming season. Original plan was to agree terms with John Stone to help bolster the Helston defence. But after his display yesterday, they decided to go after Harry Kane as not only did he put in a better defensive display last night than Stones, but Massey was overheard saying he would be a useful back up if either Goldsworthy or Eddy are injured, or get lost walking the mile from their homes to Kellaway Park on home match days. in order to help raise the $100 million signing on bonus for Kane, Helston AFC will be appearing in the new season of Dragons Den where they are asking for £1,000,000 in exchange for 1% equity in HAFC. Paul Hendy Chairman said he would be willing to throw in a couple of season tickets and a half time pasty if needed to sweeten the deal. The other £99 million is coming from the home games 50/50 raffle, where tickets will now cost £1 million each. Before you all scoff at this information it must be true, as I was told it by regular CFF contributor Leeds Utd, while sharing a pint with him at the “Pigs with Wings” exhibition at the Royal Cornwall Show. Following several pints of triple strength “Bodmin Baloney” I left him at the cattle ring where he was busy shovelling the bullshit. Best regards to all Roy Just heard the Kane deal has fallen through, but Jordan Annear signing for Real Madrid after Eden Hazard decides to sign for St Austell.
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    Alot can change in a few months in football!
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    Helston Athletic is delighted that its 3rd team is able to compete in LWC Drinks Cornwall Combination League, as well as looking to play as many of its home games as possible on its main pitch, from start of 19/20 season. Good luck to all teams competing in the league next season and full marks to those clubs / teams willing to make the step up. 👏
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    That'll be me! Once I have the SWPL fixtures, the 'unavailability' dates from the clubs and the County Cup dates I'll be getting on with them. The Clubs have been asked if they want Boxing Day fixtures etc.etc. and where possible local derby games will be fitted in. There's also a Ground Hop event over the Easter period as well to consider.
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    Fair play to Lanner for being ambitious. There’s been a few moons since I last watched a game there but from what I remember it’s a decent sized flat pitch in a sort of bowl, bit like a poor mans Nanpean!? There’s worse pitches in the Combo that’s for sure! Must admit it would be good to see a Lee Hodges rock up with St.Austell or a Darren Gilbert with Bodmin in the Senior Cup!! 😂🏆 Parked behind the goal looking down on the pitch the last time I was there and it made for lovely viewing! Almost ripped the bottom of my car off going up the lane though to be fair! 🤔 Agree with Older, for us more seasoned OAP types we got changed anywhere and played on anything back in the seventies/eighties so just roll those sleeves up and get on with it! Think we know the Combo as it was won’t exist anymore but there’s no reason it shouldn’t be a half decent and well run league and good luck to those 16 teams whoever they may be next season 👍
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    John Dunn

    from Penzance AFC

    Best of luck for the future PZ AFC
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    Whistle Blower

    Something to remember

    "In October 1950, Fanfare wrote in his column in the Newquay Express, "I have been accused of being unduly jittery in a recent article about the menace of the South Western League. When the names of the Devon and Cornish clubs who heartily support the idea, are published, they have not as yet for fear of victimisation for the rest of the season, there will be plenty of surprises. You see gentlemen there's a whale and not a red herring in the offing" These words sum up the uncertainty felt within the Duchy with regard to the formation of the new league, the clubs about to leave the old Senior League were regarded as 'rebels', but nevertheless the SWL was formed in December 1950 with six Cornish and six Devon clubs. The founder member clubs were Barnstaple, Bideford, Falmouth, St Austell, St Blazey, Newquay, Newton Abbot, Penzance, Plymouth Argyle, Torquay United, Truro City and Saltash. Mr R.J.R. Blindell was the League's first president, Mr G.H. Gillin chairman, Mr F.C. James of St Austell vice chairman, Mr R.J. Butler of Newton Abbot secretary and treasurer, and Mr A. Jewels of Chagford registration secretary. Mr Blindell donated a silver bowl for the league winners and the Sunday Chronicle donated the SWL Challenge Cup. In season 1955/56 the SWL was at loggerheads with the CCFA due to the fact that the SWL sought precedence over the Senior League, perhaps not surprisingly as the Senior League was composed of the reserve sides of SWL clubs. The SWL threatened to start a second division of the league, but in the event the Cornish clubs did not support the idea. Despite these initial teething problems and Fanfare's prophesies of doom, time has proved that the league was soundly constituted as it remains today thirty seven years on the premier league within the County. Taken from the 1987/88 South Western League Cup Final programme.
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    Keith B

    from Penzance AFC

    It's very sad to read all this. Penzance deserves better than this. Come on people, bury any hatchets and get Penzance AFC back up and running, playing quality football. A football club that the town can be proud of.
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    Can’t believe you two are still at it!!! 😴😴😴 You’re helping to give the forum a bad name! Hope you both contributed to it’s upkeep a couple months ago?
  45. 3 points


    Great rule, one of the better changes locally. Rolling subs, 5 substitutions possible. Great for managers, a lot easier to keep his squad of 16 players happy! More game time all round for players. Nothing to dislike about would think? 👍⚽️
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    Ross Poldark on his way to Bodmin
  47. 3 points
    Paul Collings


    Steve Carpenter's Opinion Rules 😊 😊 😊
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    Another new club can only be good for the game. I watched Porthleven play FXU today. The girl running the line for FXU in the first half didn't have a clue what she was doing and several offsides weren't flagged. The lad doing it in the second half wasn't much better but was keen enough to run the whole length of the pitch and at one point both linesmen flagged for a Porthleven goal kick!
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    John Mead

    Mousehole - Penzance merger is off!

    It was clear from the start that the supporters of both Clubs found the proposed merger unpalatable but it would have been a rather irresponsible not to fully explore the pros & cons. There was always a "Plan B" to explore as well - no merger and both Clubs retain their current identity. It seems "Plan B" is now the way forward!
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    Nice to see

    Scored the winner for Truro at Bickland in the first ever Aubrey Wilkes cup match Nige!!! One of the best goals I’ve scored cos it got me a move to Falmouth mate!!!! 😀
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