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    Isaac you should delete that yourself...awful post!
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    Die Hard

    Celebration at Carharrack Club

    Credit to the club. Shame some of the young folk at clubs don't take some notice and work like this. Great work Barry
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    You groundsmen are a strange lot 🤣😂, but I know how lucky we are to have you. Keep up the great work guys. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
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    Mike Odgers


    Founded 1885-Christchurch F C (Dorset) (Cornwalls oldest club Torpoint 1887 ?) Ground- Hurn Bridge Sports Club BH23 6DY -Colours All Blue--Nickname The Priory Wessex League Premier Div. (step 5) 2nd. P.14-W.9-D.2-L.3 ( 29-14) Home P.5-W.4-D.1 (14-5) Ave Home attendance 77 (H113-L56) FAVase 1QR.4-1 Away v Amesbury Town---2QR 4-2 Away v Dorchester Sports---1Rd. 3-1 Home v Brimscombe & Thrupp-- 2Rd. 2-1 Home v Badshot Lea According to a recent match report Christchurch have height at Back and Attack and counter with speed---they also have a long throw specialist Ron Frost.
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    Jeff  Chambers


    He came on as a late 2nd half substitute Hetty. Yesterday was a strange game, loads of unforced errors in the mud but full credit to the Wadebridge lads, they revelled in it. It was proper English winter game in the mud. With about 15 minutes left we were 3-2 up, so our chant went from "1-0 up and you …… it up" to "3-2 up and we …… it up" lol.
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    Tommy Matthews


    No Al, you follow them. If you supported them you’d go and watch them !
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    The last time Helston and Falmouth met in the Cornwall Senior Cup Helston were in the lower reaches of the CCL and Falmouth were lying 5th. in the SWL
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    FIXTURES - Wednesday 4 December 2019

    St Blazey 1v0 Elburton. St Blazey into the quarter finals with a very good performance on a freezing cold night. St Blazey now unbeaten in 7 and 3 clean sheets in a row. Still in 2 cups going into the new year. Havnt said that in many years.
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    Blackfield v Truro

    How do you know that the funding is being rapidly withdrawn, do you know something I don't? There are definitely no restrictions on the funding of our football team. As for the S4C it's pretty obvious that nothing is going to happen while this Brexit thing thing is going on. Incidentally you have always made your opinions clear on the S4C. The initial question was regarding the standards of football between the different leagues which I have tried to explain and also where I think Truro City stand in all this. There are a lot of wealthy people in this world and if any of them would like to invest it in Cornwall's premier football club please feel free. Keep the faith.
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    I think the theme for this thread was when is the draw for the next round of the Senior Cup being made which is the 27th November at 12 noon. There are now 40 replies to the topic most of which are either insults or garbage. I am looking forward to some sensible comments from Wednesday onwards.
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    Dave. I am the referee that was appointed to the game and I went in my own time to inspect the pitch this afternoon and have video footage of the state of the pitch which I have sent to the St Just secretary. There is no way that it would be playable. I have over 20 years of experience refereeing and will not allow a game to go ahead when it is not safe. I will send you the videos of my pitch inspection if you want.
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    Jeff  Chambers

    James Ward leaves Truro City

    Fantastic news for us. Falmouth Town have gained a great young centre half. We have a very talented squad at full strength. We fear no team.
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    Truro City v Hartley Wintney

    It's back to league action this weekend, the weather's looking good City are chomping at the bit and looking to get another three points to keep them up in the promotion race.
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    Exmouth Town

    That rain hit here about 1.30 had to leave the roller and slitter on the pitch until later. Lol...left it on the pitch 3 times!!
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    Falmouth Town v Godolphin away

    This is Jeff's view on promotion and not the club... no doubt Flamouth have plenty of ambition!
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    Postman Pat

    Award ceremonies

    The trouble is with any award, some people do not get put forward because they just quietly get on with things and go under the radar.
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    Wasn’t me who went up, photo was posted in our groupchat. i’ll pass on the message
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    There certainly is a difference between the coasts, I've watched it for years, South coast always seems to get more rain or it clears from the north coast a few hours before here. Cancellations are the clue, it clears from down west a few hours before here and they get their games on whilst it can still be raining here, the north coast the same it seems. Obviously with our weather predominantly coming in of the Atlantic we are last to see the weather clear. The pattern of cancellations is the clue, I've seen the whole south coast off while the north coast all play, cant beat the weather as they say and its certainly been wet here, and with the temperatures still around the 10 degrees mark the grass has hardly slowed yet, ground temperature here is still at 9 degrees in November! Forecast says 2 days of heavy - ish rain...I despair!
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    A warm welcome to our new signing Scott Kellow. The name Kellow is in the folklore at Bickland park. Uncle Tony "The Boy from Budock" will forever be our hero and a legend at our club. Really glad Scott has signed for us. He will have to train his socks off to get into our team but i'm sure he will do that and his versatility will provide us with a big asset over the coming months. And a big bonus is that he is not cup tied for any of the cups. That's a biggy as being just "A good cup side" we need all the help we can get . These are special times at Falmouth Town and there's a real buzz around the place. A tricky away game at Callington on Saturday and then onto Wednesday with our Charity Cup quatre final against Penzance.....UP THE TOWN !!!!!!!
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    Eleven a side football has been in decline for years because of the changes in work/life balance. Players are not able to commit in the same way as they did years ago. Numbers of players overall still look good due to midweek football leagues that have sprung up all over the country where players can still have a game with their mates but with far less commitment. If there are less able to commit to Saturday football there will be less of a pool to pick from if you suddenly increase travelling not by the odd mile or two, but by a substantial distance here in Cornwall. It does disappoint me when I hear of players who aren’t prepared to make the effort to travel out of county on the occasional Saturday but going hundreds of miles every other week is a big ask for anyone nowadays. Just an observation.
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    Gotta say, we are very disappointed to find this out via the forum before official notice from the league, but hey, it changes nothing. Unfortunately, this was a pure admin error as the team management were not aware, or made aware, of Cup Rule 28, meaning that for quarter finals players must have played at least 3 league fixtures. We had a number of players unavailable for this fixture so drafted in some support. Unfortunately we played 2 players who had not made an appearance previously. While we are bitterly disappointed to be removed from the competition, rules are rules. We respect the leagues decision and wish Marjon the best of luck in the semi final. I would add, this fixture was scheduled to be played at The Mill but, due to the horrendous weather, we offered to switch the fixture to Marjon in order to get it played. In hindsight, considering our lack of availability, we would have been better following other clubs’ lead and simply postponing the fixture in lieu of us being “unable to raise a side”?!
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    Fixtures All 2:30pm ko Foxhole v Padstow United (Postponed) Mount Gould v St Dominick (Postponed) North Petherwin 8 St Blazey 1 Plymouth Marjon 1 Gerrans & St Mawes 1 Roche v Looe Town (Postponed) St Cleer v Newquay (Postponed) St Minver v Godolphin Atlantic (Newquay) (Postponed) St Teath v Veryan (Postponed) WEATHER PERMITTING Tuesday League Cup quarter final Torpoint Athletic 2 Plymouth Marjon 0 (Played at Marjon) Wednesday St Blazey v St Stephen (Postponed)
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    I'm sure there are more important things to discuss eg some of the other games that were played! From what I gather....the weather held off, the game was played (makes a change after all the postponements recently), the referee did his job, Penzance won, Perranwell lost (and their manager has accepted defeat graciously). I know some people on here like a wind up (fair enough, I try not to take the bait most times), but there really are better things to talk about surely?! I think bringing the Dave Gardner trophy into this thread is totally disrespectful. Ps I have no idea what went on at this game other than was has been written on this thread!
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    Guys, Cornish football is a back water. Apart from a sprinkling of players who have made it in the professional game we are second rate down here. Being good in Cornwall is fine stick these teams players further up the Country & way out of their depth ... Harsh but true. Cornish Football is a small environment, lots of players ' Could Of, Should Of, Would Of ' ... In reality if we're good enough they would of made it.
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    Forecast is for a decent week with a bit of rain on Friday...YO!
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    RESULTS - Saturday 30 November 2019

    Fair summation Scoffy, touch harsh on the boy for the "wind assisted" goals, the second one you hadn't moved by the time it hit the back of the net! 😜 Both keepers also made a couple of outstanding saves at critical points. Thought the game was well reffed by Jamie Mooney, unfussy performance and let the game flow. Pitch stood up better than we thought it would prior to the game, but just nice to be playing football again tbh. Got a couple more players back from injury who should hopefully be in contention for next week, hopefully we can build on this result over the Christmas period.
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    Not as disastrous as a club trying to survive in a so called higher league on a shoe string. Start losing every week, playing in front of no fans and can't raise a team to travel to Bristol for a mid-week game. I repeat its only my opinion Hetty so open to discussion. Would'nt it be better to keep all the best players in the area, playing for the local clubs, like it used to be. Players that are above this standard with a chance of playing in the football league professionally could still do it, but do it their own way.
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    What team you on about Baks..Wadebridge ?? I didn't mean them in my comment. Yes true, if you earn more you can spend more. Or the other way is the quick fix and get a millionaire to bank roll it all. Then one day he ends of leaving the club and it all goes up.
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    Junior Cup takes priority I think if it’s another Duchy or Trelawney league match but not if there is a higher league’s game (ECPL/Combo or higher) already fixtured on the pitch to be used. Crazy I know....
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    This could be the destiny of any Cornish club from the far West. The FA just do not understand.
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    James Ward leaves Truro City

    I was thinking more that well know Hollies song I can't tell the from the top, and especially for you Nige a request from Ray the DJ It's from Mud, The cat crept in and crept out again, think it was Bickland Park mud by the way.
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    Jeff  Chambers

    James Ward leaves Truro City

    Fear..no !!!!…………….Respect.. of course !!!
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    Duly amended I have included all scorers in ECPL. Cornwall Senior Cup, ECPL League Cup and Devon Premier Dup. If you only want league scorers then Bould 16, Ryall 15, Gilbert 14. Take your pick, it is only a guide.
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    James Ward leaves Truro City

    Yep Picky dave ! 😁 you've heard the song " champions of cornwall we know what we are "
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    Fixtures - Saturday 16 November 2019

    St Ives 4 v 3 St Mawgan St Mawgan took an early lead against the run of play and St Ives managed to turn that into a 3-1 lead at half time, just after the break Josh Magin made it 4-1 with 30 minutes to go most teams give up not St Mawgan they went direct and they went forward in numbers and by the 80th minute it was 4-3 after two headers. The last ten minutes St Ives managed to get a foothold in the game again but St Mawgan pushed till the final whistle. St Mawgan nice bunch, fair play for not giving up. best of luck to them for the season. Goals St Ives joe day x2 ross Duncan josh magin
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    Uwdi - as normal you have a balanced view. I agree there is little or nothing that Liskeard or St Blazey could have done - but in this climate feel the CCFA will want to be seen to do something and that normally becomes a fine. If the individual concerned has any values he should pay and fines should they be incurred.
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    This is the moment you lost me. He is the worst referee I’ve ever seen.
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    Shocking Scenes at Liskeard today

    What a clown and embarrassment
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    Truro City v Hartley Wintney

    Love it Nige, if Falmouth do get the biggest crowd I would think that will be for the first time in fifteen years. I think the last time Falmouth had over 150 spectators for a game you and I both had hair. Hopefully this will be the beginning of bigger things for the Town.
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    Postman Pat

    V A R

    Heard an interesting comment on the radio yesterday. In athletics a race is decided by the torso, why not for offside in football.
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    Postman Pat

    Mousehole v Redruth united

    Hope you enjoyed your past Andy. We were gutted thought we deserved something today, but the wind was the only real winner. Lovely to see you and thanks for the kind words
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    Saturday 9 November 2019

    Great pictures. Do you mind if we use the pictures for our programme? If you had stepped foot on it then you’d know it wasn’t playable, as was your pitch which was also called off today. You can tell from the photo that the pitch is sodden. Next time you come up, would you mind refraining from swearing at someone with their son who has nothing to do with it.
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    Hopefully it will be on Bakes. We're all steaming for it.
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    My mother cooked with fag ash all my life...never did me any harm...lol Bake off ..no soggy bottoms here - saggy maybe🤣
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    Vets League Cup 03-11-19

    HALSETOWN (1) 3 8’ 55’ 75’ ST.AGNES (2) 6 Danny OHagen 50’ 70’ 72’ Kevin Allen 3’ Scott Goodchild 35’ Mark Rapsey 85’(Pen) REF: Mr Dave Rowe 10/10 Excellent ATT: 17 MOM: Danny OHagen Finished my night shift at 8am, hung around Truro waiting for the text from manager Steve James to confirm the game was off before driving home! The rain had been crashing against the office window all night with a fair bit of wind thrown in, including from my ass after spending most of the the previous day puking up and pebble dashing the toilet. The expected text off Steve came through at 9.02 saying the game is ON!! Eh!?? WTF!! Joking! 🙄😳🤔 wound my seat back up and off to St.Ives rugby club then, drove straight up to the pitch on top the hill, blowing a gale and still pissing down! Reclined the seat back again for another 45 mins precious kip! Woke up at 10.15 dribbling better than George Best against Northampton so decided to go and see how bad the pitch was seeing it had stopped raining ☔️ Walked on to it and it was virtually dry!! Some wind on top that hill I tell you! Not from my ass either! Got back in the car to see 11c on the dash but felt more like 5c outside. Whacked on the heaters just as my team mates came over the hill knocking the ball about. Decided to continue with my chosen warm up and a quick chat with referee Mr Dave Rowe who I saw last month refereeing my lads game at Penryn and very good he was too which I told him! Refs need to be appreciated more in my opinion and they probably appreciate a bit of feedback good or bad, I know I would. Another ten minutes “warm up” on full blast with the engine running and I was honestly about to put my kit on when the missus turns up with my pre match meal of a medium Costa latte and a slice of Victoria sponge bless her! Not really your usual fuel ten minutes before kick off but acceptable after a busy 12 hour night shift I would say!!? 🤔 The hot coffee went down lovely to be fair as the match kicked off and we take a 3rd minute lead from the lively Kevin Allen who looked like he was carrying on from his 5 goals at St.Dennis last month with a shot from a narrow angle that seemed to go through the keeper?! Within 5 minutes the hosts were level when a great shot from 25 yards moved, blew with the wind and dipped over Clarkey clipping the underside of the crossbar for good measure on the way in! Beauty to be fair. A couple of early injuries saw joint manager Kimmo running the line over the far side and after about 5 minutes the wife said poor old Kimmo looks freezing over there with his hood up. Guilt and respect for an old mate took over and it prompted me to get me kit on and go over and relieve Kimmo of his duties so he could go in the concrete dug out/stand/bunker type thing out the rain and watch the game. Certainly warmed me up anyway jogging up and down the line in an end to end game before Scott Goodchild produced a great run and shot just inside the far post 10 minutes before half time to put us 2-1 up. Nice goal for Scott being a Carbis Bay lad against his old mates. The second half saw my old mate DannyO score a 20 odd minute hat-trick with a trademark header and a couple of one on ones finished cool as you like into each corner slotted past the keeper. Forget the goals but is there a better target man still playing in Cornish football? Lovely to watch the way DannyO gets his body between his marker and the ball using his strength and class to hold off opponents and bring other players into play or turn them, class act, hard to believe he’s not playing for anyone on a Saturday at the moment, still loads to offer. To be fair our opponents were more than decent and quite physical as vets football goes and the score was soon at 5-3. I allowed the second goal to make it 3-2 as the first striker was in an offside position but made no attempt to go for the ball and the second striker was on when the ball got played across and came in around the back to finish. I can’t cheat and I know if I was the striker I’d be well pissed off if that was given offside but i couldn’t give it against a non active player who wasn’t involved in the move. Anyway it was time for my usual 20 minute cameo so I went back to the car to fetch my shin pads only to discover the Mrs had driven off in my warm car to get another coffee! In the end just as they made it 5-3 I decided to take the risk of going on shin guard less! The joys of changing in your car I suppose! My knees and shins are wrecked anyway!! Within 10 minutes we were awarded a penalty by Dave for a handball stonewaller with my name on it! Had a think, DannyO already had a trick, Scott already scored against his home team, so that’s it, it’s mine ain’t it! Luckily struck it well to send the keeper the wrong way and chalk up my 2007th goal. The plan is to reach 2020 by next year and retire in 2020, get it!!?? Hoping the knees will last 20 minutes every 3 weeks or so and I can do it!? Dan OToole covered every blade of grass, Scott played well against his old team, Rob Watt and Ronnie Sekawata looked solid at the heart of the defence with several others playing well too but DannyO gets the man of the match vote for me, great centre forward play and a hat-trick in his first game for weeks, quality!!! 👏🏼👌 Lovely bath when I got home, apparently I was snoring in it with me head just above the bubbles. All worth it though for the love of Cornish football and a bit of banter with the lads!! 👍⚽️💛🖤
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    Darin Morse

    Foxhole 2019-20

    Saturday 19th October 2019 St Cleer 0 Foxhole 3 (McAvoy 46, 89, Deadman 48) Foxhole (4-3-3): Ben Hurst; Josh Andrews, Nathan Papaioannou, Lee Whetter, Angel Coates; Frank McAvoy, Levi Kerrigan, Liam Ames; Tyler Cheshire, Benno Bould, Oliver Deadman. Sub: Jay Manning. St Cleer (4-3-3): Oliver Trevarthen; Jordan Dennis, Connor Buck, Kyle Tamblyn, Aaron Varcoe; Will Gilbert, Ryan Chapman, Jack Ostler; Harry Bartlett, Ethan Gwillam, Will Trevarthen. Subs: Charlie Coates, Zak Peel, Joel Mitchell. Foxhole avenged their opening day defeat with an ultimately comfortable victory although it took a change of ends for them to really get going. St Cleer illustrated their strength in depth by omitting strikers Peel and Coates who had played so well at Goverseth, but the pacy front three of Gwillam, Bartlett and Trevarthen, well served by a midfield finding a worrying amount of space, looked lively early on, albeit without threatening Hurst’s clean sheet. While Cheshire was consistently getting the better of Dennis, and Ames was showing what we miss when he isn’t playing, it was pretty laboured stuff by the visitors on a heavy pitch, although the latter stages of the half did see cracks begin to appear in the hitherto commanding Tamblyn/Varcoe axis. Bould’s close range air shot was followed by Whetter’s header from Ames’ corner which was smothered by the keeper, who then repeated the trick to deny Deadman’s low drive. Realising they needed to improve in the second half, Foxhole promptly raced into a two goal lead within three minutes. McAvoy drilled home from twenty-five yards, a deflection on the way wrong-footing Trevarthen, before Deadman cleverly chipped in after good work from Deadman. The introduction of Peel and Coates in the short interval between the goals caused some consternation among the visiting faithful, but the prolific duo were unable to breach a rearguard competently led by Whetter. The Foxes were unable to find a further way past the impressive Trevarthen until the death when McAvoy, who had earlier struck the bar, bundled home on the turn following a scramble in the box, although they had squandered numerous opportunities to seal the points as the tiring home team’s high line was repeatedly pierced. Hurst was called into action just the once, saving with his legs Peel’s daisy-cutter. Well played the super Foxes. Good luck to St Cleer. Many thanks to Steve Tootle, Jon Colenzo and Ian Osborne. Foxhole reserves 4 (Hawken x2, Jamie Robinson x2) St Breward 2 (Bennett x2) Duchy knock out cup Foxhole: Bradley Allen, Daniel Allen, Jake Couch, Caleb Hawken, Richard James, Steven Kellow, Adam Kerby, Jacob Mitchell, Sam Mitchell, Jeremy Pascoe, Jamie Robinson. Subs: Jowan Dingle, Dylan Jones, Matt Lean, Dean Robinson. St Breward: Seb Bellinger Burden, Adam Bennett, Nathan Elliott, Matt Hamley, Jamie Henderson, Martin Jago, Ben Jarram, Nathan Jasper, Rob Marks, Ashley Morris, Ben Prendiville. Many thanks to Tony Ford.
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    🤣🤣🤣🤣 Just seen 5 F-troop on a Skateboard heading towards Helston
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