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    Referee's are largely irrelevant. It has always been, and always Will be....down to player behaviour. Today it is fashionable to find fault when in reality the fault is your own. Today's wussers are brought up to have an opinion on everything, when in truth it is better sometimes to keep shtummmmmmm!
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    If this is the young 16/17 yr old we had at stithians he did very well had no complaints and even awarded a penalty to threemilestone. Which was correct. But like i said did very well and called everything down the line. I hope he continues and the ppl that threatened the ref if involved in the game if they were. Are banned for the rest of the season. Just going to end up with no refs. If not happy with the ref just get on with the game and then deal with it afterwards and report it. We are supposed to be grown men. Surly we can act with dignity and do things the correct way. This is one of the reason grassroots in on a huge decline among many other reasons. Also before the start of the game as i was told he was new. I told the boys he is learning so won't get everything right and to get on with it. If they gave the ref any trouble i would sub them off. They listened and didnt give him trouble. Surly all clubs should be taking responsibility to to help new refs when they start out.
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    I thought you said you did not want to get on his back...and that's all you did !!! Lol
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    We'll just let the trolls hang, draw and quarter him on here then! That'll be fairer.
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    TRELAWNY LEAGUE - Saturday January 19 2019

    Having played four lanes this season and going on that ‘experience’ I would imagine that the players from Four Lanes may not have made life easy for the man in the middle who volunteered his time and effort to ensure two teams could have a kick about for 90min - if not happy get the clubs officials to put a written report in but the game is over result stands I would move on.
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    Didn’t you say in your comment that they lost the game in part to being ‘appalling in front of goal’? That could be a bigger reason to losing a game than a referee...
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    Way Of The Park

    SWPL - Saturday 19 January 2019

    Unfortunately, yes. 20 years is what it has taken. Unless a benefactor appears from somewhere, it could take someone like Blazey this long to come back. As an aside, do fear for post Darren Gilbert Bodmin. Only when he has gone will people realise how far above their weight they have been punching. This has been against a backdrop of minimal support and interest from the town. Perhaps another example of a lack of connection with the locals
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    On the subject of referee's, I watched a Ladies game yesterday and Wendron legend/stalwart and possibly new referee Nick Tomba was in charge and he had a fine game. Explained decisions with clarity. 👍
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    Well said Tempo, puts all other comments in the shade....the referee comments especially.
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    Referees never go out to help one team or another, they make an honest decision as seen at the time. Over the season I’m sure decisions balance out
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    Can I just say - I don’t think we won because of the ref. We won because we defended well, countered and took our chances, which Four Lanes failed to do. They were much the better side on the day. But our back four and goalkeeper were exceptional. I just want to look at the positives from the game from our perspective.
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    Connor has had abit of luck in that he hasn't broken anything, just badly sprained his ankle. Hopefully he should be back fit in a couple of weeks.
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    All ridiculous. Pages and pages of bullshit about a bunch of drunk donkeys brawling and rolling round in their own vomit. No change whatsoever since I used to misuse every college database in Cornwal. Ni GDPR or Data Pritecttiob then. Tell John Roberts ? LMFAO .Ask him about when he tried to refuse an address of a player to the St Just secretary. Five minutes later a friend rang him again purporting to be John Nrad and was immediately given all the addresses of the St Just squad. Ask him about how he tried to bkick up Hus letter box so the seven day approach made for Helston's John NcCallum would lapse if not delivrred by midnight, so it had to be photographed and forced through Hus bathroom window. Utter farce, with about as much to do with moral integrity as Phil the Greek has to do with advanced Range Rover driving. Some clubs long to he rrkrgatrd to the Trelawny just to get away from him. Talking to other clubs' players ? The population of players has depleted so much that thuscwill eventually mean you can't even speak to your team mates.you don't need more CCFA administrators, but fewer. You need to junk the useless, greed-inspired, corrupt English FA altogether and paddle your own canoe. I can't think of anything that would be more entertaining than playing Pendeen, Marazipn and Penzance and kicking each other to death ten times a year. followed by all being the best of friends and kicking each other to death again.This is what Norse mythology called Valhalla. It was a sort of Troon version of heaven. Seven days my posterior ! These FA rule bibbers should he forced to go round in threes, like in the old Czech policeman joke...one to read. One to write and one to keep an eye on the other two dangerous intellectuals.
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    Respect campaign

    A few seasons ago ( or is it more than I think ) the FA started a Respect campaign . As usual it started at the lower levels of the game and a great deal of money was spent on advertising and providing fencing , technical areas etc. etc. . We also had the farce of shaking hands with the opposition ceremony before kick off . For all this nothing seems to have changed , players still abuse officials and crowd behaviour has become worse ( bear in mind that I'm talking about lower level football ) Admittedly the sin bin system has reduced cautions as regards dissent but dissent still occurs .Turning to the upper levels ie. Premiership there seems to be a complete disregard for the aims of respect . In the recent Wolves , Manchester City game for example , Willy Boly made a tackle that resulted in a dismissal , now there are mixed opinions as to whether it should have been a red card and comparisons have been made to worse tackles recently going unpunished , Kompany's tackle on a Liverpool player being one . The reactions of the Manchester City players immediately surrounding the referee was appalling . This happens game in every week where players abuse officials and the rules nothing is done about it . My question is why is there one set of rules for lower level football and different rules for the top tier . Logically the tightening of rules should start at the top as this is where the influence on the lower level starts . Surely with a huge worldwide audience the FA would want the game to be seen in a more sporting light . Or is it a case of money and the tail wagging the dog ? I have a £20 bet that only older and the 2 B's respond to this
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    The 100+ Who watch the home games.
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    Stop ass kissing. I think it’s fair to say your players have plenty on fight in them they’ve showed that this season
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    What a load of old tripe that is.
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    Player Shortage last Saturday?

    They were too scared to drop you Dave!!! 😃👍⚽️ Frightened you might drop them back!! 😂
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    And said he’s been very vocal in the past yet is a new member, obviously a four lanes club member. You lost, move on.
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    Can I just say - again - I don’t really think it’s fair to say the referee helped us to receive the three points. Not every decision went our way either, and we worked really hard to secure that win against a really good side.
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    SWPL - Saturday 19 January 2019

    South West Peninsula Football League is the best run league in the South West.
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    Lee,the young referee that you are talking about that did Stithians Res. v Threemilestone Res. (Oliver Knibb) officiated at Chacewater yesterday and did an excellent job. Well done on your instructions to your players too.
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    Stu B

    SWPL - Saturday 19 January 2019

    It’s nothing to do with the club what so ever I can’t thank gilby enough for giving me the chance to play for a club of Bodmin’s stature but unfortunately due to nameless twitter troll who was firstly giving me (something I can take not a problem) but then secondly deciding to privately message my partner calling her awful names because she’s with someone like me is disgusting!!! So I’ve taken the decision to leave the club so I can play closer to my family and try to enjoy my football without the abuse. Again I’d like to thank gilby and Bodmin for being so understanding surrounding this matter and wish the club nothing but success it is still a HUGE club to play for it’s just unfortunate that social media has given a platform for spineless vindictive people to have snipe shots at people without having to put their real name to their pathetic comments, it’s a shame but I guess that’s now the world we live in.
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    You’re right, maybe if a more experienced referee had been at the match, then maybe the four lanes boys would have had more than the one red card. It was appalling to hear the guy on the sidelines that got sent off saying “I’m gonna do him at the end of the game” disgusting behaviour. Yes this referee may not have had the easiest of games but it will be a massive learning curve for him and maybe he will become a better official for it, but regardless of how bad a game an official may have it doesn’t warrant getting threats after the game and aggressive behaviour. We really need more officials at this level and you can see why they’re being put off when people behave like that! Why can’t we just stick to playing football nowadays instead of just wanting a fight?
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    "Plenty of dribbling, and then a mazy run." (that was Bald One after one of the lesser quality pasties on offer).