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  1. 7 points
    We Two

    Bodmin dismantled by Tavistock

    We must admit that we have never had any problem with Bodmins supporters, they are both well behaved.
  2. 6 points
    Teams showing disrespect the the biggest cup in cornwall. Whats happened to days out/coach trips and p##s ups on big away days. seems like no ambition from the team/players to test themselves againest higher league opponents and I bet if mullion or st teath was drawn at home then the games would be on.
  3. 6 points
    Bodmin to beat Illogan
  4. 6 points

    SWPL - Saturday Sept 29 2018

    All the results are in the first posting above, care of Mr Dave Deacon. I think you will find Mr Phil Hiscox visits a different SWPL fixture every week. Surely he is entitled to a little time away from his office. As usual, you are the only one moaning.
  5. 6 points
    Unfortunately Al you've only yourself to blame mate. You've slated everything to do with Falmouth for various seasons and you kinda have to expect it im afraid. Various individuals have invited you to hear your opinion but a no show???
  6. 6 points
    I overheard Gilbert threatening to go over and smack one of the Tavistock supporters too. I was quite prepared to video the incident if it did occur, so pleased it didn't. So it is ok for Gilbert to be disrespectful to other supporters and match officials Dave. You cannot deny his behaviour at the majority of matches is embarrassing, although i do not expect you to agree with me on this public forum. I do not think the supporters of other clubs are jealous of Bodmin Town as a club, but just the attitude of some of their supporters and their manager.
  7. 6 points
    but most of your comments are aimed at the volunteers/players at Falmouth are they not?
  8. 6 points

    Marazion contact???

    Or if you have a contact for mousehole, that should work too 😂
  9. 5 points

    Why the shortage?

    I think the welcome is very important. A lot of clubs won't even acknowledge you when you arrive, and if they do its normally a mumble under their breaths. Almost a 'oh god not her/him again' feeling. Many times have i turned up for a game and not even known where the changing rooms are just to be pointed to a storage room or a dirty toilet by a player only after I've asked. A handshake and an afternoon ref here's the changing room if you need anything just shout. Takes seconds and means alot, it also helps relax a referee if they are feeling a bit nervous.
  10. 5 points

    Yet again no ref yet

    I take it you're single? Lmfao.
  11. 5 points

    Yet again no ref yet

    Senior cup , this weekend as well , last weekend there was also a combo game cancelled because no ref available , over the past couple of seasons some have retired , a friend of mine has taken up the whistle but unfortunately he has had to work on Saturday's, several factors have lead to the shortage , and the usual they get paid lol , who wants to get shouted at , swore at , and ridiculed on social media , for two hours on a Saturday, the other classic well they don't have to put up with it , well perhaps they are not and finding other past times , support them , make them welcome at your ground , invite them for a drink after the game , they do it because they love football just like you and me , talk to them majority have worked in the morning before a game and like us are rushing to get to a game . We all have bad games be it players ,managers , ref or linos , but leave it on the pitch .
  12. 5 points

    SWPL - Tuesday 2 October 2018

    They got pelters last season for failing to fulfil a fixture, with many on this forum stating why didn't they field the kids. Now they have fielded the kids, they get pelters for it? I swear if Argyle were based in Cornwall this would never happen! Pathetic to criticise them
  13. 5 points

    SWPL - Saturday Sept 29 2018

    Brilliant rant well effing said
  14. 5 points

    SWPL - Saturday Sept 29 2018

    I dont reckon so alan i know so
  15. 5 points
    When is this forum going to get back to talking about football and stop bitching at each other. It is getting beyond a joke
  16. 5 points
    Grass or Astro the results' the same. Bedfordshire 0 Cornwall 5. Great win away from home for the Duchy lads.
  17. 5 points
    Potential relegation battle called off at Port to be rescheduled when the first team are available.
  18. 5 points

    Falmouth vs St Austell

    Great advert for the league and some good finishes , the club said there were 180 in the ground last night .
  19. 5 points
    Liskeard’s goal diff will be good after that result 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  20. 5 points
    Holmans Lino is a qualified linesman as was required in combo last season with reference to trelawney league though it is purely a voluntary one in which any one can run the line . It’s a difficult situation when a non ref refs you win he was great you lose he was crap bit like a real ref 😳 no one wins least of all the man in the middle 😊
  21. 4 points
    Saltash Utd 2 Royal Par 2. With both teams harbouring designs on finishing in the top 7 of Division 2 of the Vets League this fixture was always going to be competitive and so it proved as they battled it out in a 2-2 draw. Saltash passed the ball round well and were certainly prettier on the eye but only in a footballing sense, Royal Par resolute, content to soak up pressure and look to sneak a goal from a set piece. 0-0 HT. 2 minutes into the second half the away side broke the deadlock when Kevin Allen put through one on one calmly lifted the ball over the on rushing keeper. Within 15 minutes Saltash went ahead, a well placed long shot and penalty giving them a 2-1 lead. Within 5 minutes Royal Par equalised, a flicked on header allowed Kevin Allen to once again race clear and finish with aplomb. On the balance of play perhaps Saltash may have a case for the 3 points though for all their obvious quality they didn't create many chances. Royal Par no longer have a soft under belly though several of the squad appear to carry one. Enjoyable morning of football, Saltash's version of Chilli (with chips) far better than ours and we will be looking to transfer their cook with ours as soon as the transfer window is open.
  22. 4 points
    Dilly Dilly
  23. 4 points
    I agree family always comes first .
  24. 4 points
    Steve Carpenter


    Wrong again!
  25. 4 points
    Paul C seems to me you have some soft spot for Tyler Oliver you don’t stop ranting about him . 🤣🤣 let me settle your moaning seeing as I quite often took him to & from matches Last season & this . Tyler was paid by Helston shhhhhhhhh don’t tell anyone else mind that’s between me & you , now also because in his opinion he was promised on numerous occasions to play certain games for Helston only right at the last minute to be let down & told something different 😳hence his decision after a good 18 months was to play regular football for 90 mins or so every week . Having previously played last season for St Day it was a no brainer to return there as I’m sure he has many friends & St Day clearly love him. So just to reiterate on the money front , Football first , money a clear second otherwise Tyler would of stayed picking up a decent amount at Helston & I know how much but that’s not for you. I look forward to your reply 👍Hopefully done and dusted . Gone fishing 🎣