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  1. Fear not, Rappo. I fell out with them a couple of years ago. I don’t respect their views on most threads, just the occasional pearl of wisdom.
  2. Are you talking about games or refs? Sadly only 6 (or is it now 5) of the 18 (now 17) clubs play on a Tuesday. Newquay and Wadebridge have gone over to the dark side (Wednesdays). Annoying for me as I don’t do Wednesdays.
  3. Apparently Arsenal (as Woolwich Arsenal) were relegated in 1913 and achieved some dodgy “promotion” in 1919. Everton were last relegated in 1951. So the answer appears to be none.
  4. Callington Town 1-3 Dobwalls Camelford 4-0 Sticker Falmouth Town 2-0 Bodmin Town Godolphin Atlantic 2-1 St Dennis Liskeard Athletic 3-1 Wadebridge Town
  5. Camelford 1-4 Falmouth Town Dobwalls 1-2 St Blazey Newquay 2-2 Launceston Penryn Athletic 3-0 Sticker Penzance 1-0 St Dennis Bodmin Town 2-1 Crediton United Godolphin Atlantic 1-3 Bovey Tracey Saltash United 4-0 Cullompton Rangers Torpoint Athletic 3-1 Callington Town Wadebridge Town 2-2 St Austell
  6. It’s only fiction if you have evidence to the contrary.
  7. How about starting your comments with the scoreline?
  8. Left St Day at 20:03, fairly dark and still 7+ minutes to play. Score then 3-0. Not too practical when sunset is 19:51, especially if cloudy.
  9. Penzance 1-1 Porthleven Newton Abbot Spurs 3-1 Callington Town Torpoint Athletic 3-2 Dobwalls
  10. Falmouth Town 5-0 Penryn Athletic Newquay 4-1 Godolphin Atlantic
  11. Disagree. I have always believed they should have introduced it at the highest levels FIRST. Just imagine a Premier manager’s reaction to one of his players being sin-binned! Would stop it inside 2 weeks and then hopefully the lower league players would see the futility of arguing with refs. I could be cynical and suggest the FA are interested only in protecting the higher leagues?
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