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  1. baldy

    FA Cup and use of VAR.

    Lack of suffient multiple cameras? Do you feel the same about goal-line technology? I hate them all, it’s gonna finish up like the NFL (used to be) with games taking well over 2 hours. The live footy, barely worth watching now due to incessant replays of crap, will become insufferable.
  2. baldy

    FA Cup and use of VAR.

    Lack of camera locations at lesser grounds?
  3. baldy

    Man City 6 - Chelsea 0

    That came after 20 mins!!!
  4. More like a parroty account lol
  5. Entry into the FA Cup & Vase!
  6. baldy

    Respect campaign

    Perhaps the FA should do it for all the Premiership clubs!
  7. Major criticIsm from TWO newbies. Nothing to worry about there Rodney.
  8. baldy

    Bournemouth 4 - Chelsea 0

    72% possession, no ideas.
  9. Less travelling than the current Step 7 and fewer games than an 18 team league.
  10. Lots of people playing that game. Let's hope there are enough Devon clubs that meet the required ground standard.
  11. baldy

    Respect campaign

    Had the pleasure of meeting Billy Wright in Katowice in 1973. He and Brian Moore were commentators on the Poland v England WC qualifier. Good trip, crap game.
  12. baldy

    Spuds staying at Wembley

    I hate them but liked last night’s! Unfortunately no-one has come up with a better workable alternative. I am a fan of the ABBA shootout method.