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  1. Think so. And a Combo and a Trelawny. Not ideal but dems de rules.
  2. Go to the home page and follow the links. The website is still being revamped to reflect new structure, I think.
  3. Ryan Lowe is new manager. Ex Bury.
  4. Holsworthy Wed 18/09 St Blazey Fri 20/09 All others Sat 21/09 atm. 2nd round scheduled 26/10.
  5. When the TL was formed I suggested that teams should be allowed to have a multiple promotion based on points per game. I was summarily laughed off the forum. How times have changed!
  6. The plan was to reduce the St Piran + Combo + ECPL teams to 10 (in 2 rounds) to add to the 22 SWPL teams making 32 for Round 3. St Piran has 19 first teams leaving 21 places available for the plan to work. (11 from ECPL? reading another post). No info from Combo as yet. If more than 21 then a rethink/rework will be required by CCFA.
  7. Combo and ECPL were to be the feeder leagues for promotions to the original plan of St Piran (as they were for SWPL1W) and I don’t think there has been any arrangement to supersede that. Who knows what will happen at the St Piran, Combo and ECPL AGMs mind.
  8. Go to sleep Steve. It will all look better in the am.
  9. All mouth and no trousers. A bit like fur coat and no knickers. FALSE!
  10. There is no Step difference for reserve sides. It is the league rules that apply. This has been a myth for many years, ask Phil H.
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