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  1. That is correct, anyone could apply. What the FA says seems to be in an document that has not been proof read and possibly not distributed? But still they claim ownership of the decision. Totally disillusioned!
  2. BREAKING: Kernow FA will face Sapmi and Cascadia in Group B of this summer's Confederation of Independent Football Associations Women's World Football Cup in Szekely Land 🤩 Kernow FA on Facebook is one source of info. Jason Heaton and Tom Howe are both involved.
  3. It’s not the fault of SKY, BT or Amazon Prime. It’s we mugs who buy these packages. If we didn’t, those companies wouldn’t make such huge bids for the rights to screen. To some the wages of players are obscene. They are not. If a player is good enough, clubs will compete for his services. Unfortunately, some clubs have mega rich backers so the playing field is not level. Given the choice of playing for Palace at £50k a week or Man City at £150k a week, which would you choose? Personally, I think it has always been the same but the numbers are much bigger now. Is Jonathon Ross worth a reported £4m a year to do a TV chat show? Not in my book. If Harry Kane worth £10m a year? He is if someone is prepared to pay it. Don’t blame the players or their agents. Blame yourself. If you don’t subscribe, then your vote doesn’t really count. Rant over.
  4. The Pollard twins played for Newquay in the 60s. David & Tony I think. One was left footed and the other right footed. They played on the wings.
  5. I think those delivering the message have been a lot more successful than Kick It Out. It is now becoming a ritual and fans at some grounds made their feelings known. Some say it’s another import from the USA. Whatever your view, maybe it’s time to give it a rest?
  6. One for the idealist. Won’t happen until the class society in the UK is demolished and that won’t be any time soon. Fully support the premise.
  7. Sin bin or better still a red card for the so called "professional foul". FIFA will never go for the red card and the sin bin is rarely used locally but it is just for dissent atm. Far too much of it, spoiling the game as a spectacle and making the authorities look foolish for allowing it to flourish.
  8. Will be absolutely gobsmacked if Phil takes this on.
  9. Oh please start a new topic with your ideas of a new structure and geography. Should be a winner.
  10. Makes you wonder why the FA aren’t specifying what the Counties are responsible for? Mind you, the CCFA have had their fingers burnt in the past, makings decisions only for them to be overturned, on appeal, by the FA. Don’t think the league have anything to do other than implement decisions made by other parties. Looking like a whitewash unless the police take action and we all know what they are up to at the moment.
  11. From Facebook (Cornwall FA) taking no action, outside their justisdiction. Passed to Police to take whatever action they want. St Blazey can now hold internal investigation and take action.
  12. If Boris was half way ahead of the curve as Phil is, the country would be in a much better state.
  13. I think the leagues are working on the same 2 week review that is being used by the government, hence games on January 2 & 9 have been postponed. I don’t think anyone seriously expects the situation to be any better by then. It’s just a matter of marking time until the inevitable happens. It would be a brave league that restarted under Tier 3. Would probably get quite a few more spectators when the weather was better.
  14. Something to consider 4:35 pm · 30 Dec 2020·Twitter for iPhone
  15. The word is suspended. The fact that it is over 2 counties which will now both be Tier 3, doesn’t seem relevant.
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