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  1. Cornwall FA Fb post - NO DOGS (except guide dogs). Better gets some dark glasses Steve!
  2. Newquay match. You should have bee at the Clubhouse end, Steve. Nqy hit the woodwork 3 times, plus 2 great saves from the keeper and 1 kicked off the line, all in the 1st half. Thought it wasn’t going to be our day but 1 was always going to be enough. I think Cam Turner got the official mom. EV goalie did very well.
  3. The 4pm inspection was also posted on Facebook over 2 hours ago.
  4. One of the many variables that go to make up the final league table. Not under your control so don’t fret it.
  5. 1 or 2 management committees for Devon Step 7s?
  6. Say it quietly cos it was only 2-0. How we laughed at the second goal.
  7. As always, leagues make representations to the FA regarding promotions and club placement. The FA have the final say on all this. Apparently they have been supportive of a “Cornwall Step 7” and it looks highly likely that finding the 12 or so teams will not be a problem. But it will not be set in stone imo. “Never try to second guess the FA” is a good rule to follow.
  8. Against a team who have taken 25 points from their last 9 games, hardly too bad a result at 1-2.
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