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  1. Just transferring the criticism from the ref/lino to the VAR official. If A-A didn't handball then I'm a chinaman.
  2. Totally against all awards. Gongs, oscars anything. Often just the opinion of a group of “experts”. Do it because you enjoy it.
  3. and the best thing the Western Premier could do is ........
  4. Surprised Watts didn’t play. Correct result from a poor game played in difficult conditions on an awful pitch. Obviously did well to get the game on.
  5. No. Waterlogged pitch. New date Tues 05/11/19
  6. Or the G putting out a weak team and getting dicked 16-0. No easy solutions but teams must fulfil their fixtures.
  7. So, the FA CUP match is to be replayed. Good job it was Yeovil who were leading at the time. No mentioned of “behind closed doors”. Can see this “tactic” being used when a team is losing, to get an abandonment. Thin end of the wedge.
  8. And you might be another of his pseudonyms.
  9. Always thought the referee was in total charge of the stadium. Clear the ground/end of spectators and finish the match?
  10. And then you will get match results decided in the courts! Not the way I want the game to progress. Let the police deal with the racists and get the games to 90 mins.
  11. Strange how ladies football and rugby don’t seem to have these problems with travel.
  12. That should have read £5m+ Seen plenty of games at the top level where I have suspected biased officials.
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