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  1. Makes you wonder why the FA aren’t specifying what the Counties are responsible for? Mind you, the CCFA have had their fingers burnt in the past, makings decisions only for them to be overturned, on appeal, by the FA. Don’t think the league have anything to do other than implement decisions made by other parties. Looking like a whitewash unless the police take action and we all know what they are up to at the moment.
  2. From Facebook (Cornwall FA) taking no action, outside their justisdiction. Passed to Police to take whatever action they want. St Blazey can now hold internal investigation and take action.
  3. If Boris was half way ahead of the curve as Phil is, the country would be in a much better state.
  4. I think the leagues are working on the same 2 week review that is being used by the government, hence games on January 2 & 9 have been postponed. I don’t think anyone seriously expects the situation to be any better by then. It’s just a matter of marking time until the inevitable happens. It would be a brave league that restarted under Tier 3. Would probably get quite a few more spectators when the weather was better.
  5. Something to consider 4:35 pm · 30 Dec 2020·Twitter for iPhone
  6. The word is suspended. The fact that it is over 2 counties which will now both be Tier 3, doesn’t seem relevant.
  7. Steve the master tactician and Smokie barking out the orders. Love it lol
  8. Promoted to where, to replace who? Unless the whole pyramid has the same design, there is no point or logic.
  9. Dryth is coming but probably too little, too late.
  10. Happy for teams to play for whatever tinpot scheme can be introduced. BUT IT WON’T BE PROMOTION/ RELEGATION which is really what it is all about surely?
  11. Totally agree. If the FA had a brain they had 6 months to construct rules for another truncated season. They didn’t. Rules introduced part way through the season are always wrong and will upset teams who deem themselves hard done by. The NLS is in disarray for a second year and probably in a worse state than March. The next 3 months doesn’t look very hopeful. Perhaps 21-22 will see a return to normality. Just don’t bet on it.
  12. It’s quite simple. People want to know what the politics/reasons are behind St Blazey postponing their match?
  13. The league won’t finish. Perhaps you should have waited until after tomorrow’s announcement. At least we would have some context then.
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