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  1. I was in the stand like you DD. Thought it was a stonewall pen. And so did the people behind the goal. Ref got it wrong but it happens.
  2. This weeks Team of the Week are SALTASH UNITEDThe Ashes beat Helston 2-1 in the @WalterCParson Cup & Callington 5-0 in the @Kitchenkitltd LeagueTight contest & 2nd highest poll of 1,006 Votes saw:@saltashunited 36.4@HelstonAFC 35.5@TorringtonFC 15.3@OfficialBoveyFC 13.8
  3. Paul Sidwell@paul_siddy It is with great sadness I will no longer be managing @AfcGodolphin I would like to thank everyone associated to the club and all the players over the 2 years. This was a joint decision between myself and the chairman I wish every the best of luck moving forward! Thanks all
  4. I think clubs need to decide where they want to be in 10 years time. If it is NOT Step 6 and floodlights then I understand why they are happy to be where they are. For those clubs with ambition, the powers that be should be as accommodating as possible. Without the amalgamation of (each of) the West and East recreational leagues, I tend to agree that Trelawny and Duchy teams should be given every opportunity to advance. Might have to convince the CFA though!
  5. The biggest problem for many years has been Offside. Far too many tweaks to it and still it’s controversial. Many years ago Jimmy Hill suggested no offside unless 18 yards from the goal line (extending the edge of the penalty area all the way to the touchlines). It really is getting ridiculous now, you can’t celebrate a goal for your team because it is always reviewed. Even when you are convinced all is ok (like Wolves today), there is that nagging doubt that it will be cancelled. This is not the game we grew up with. Those who don’t support a Premiership side (England only, I now realise) will wonder what all the fuss is about. VAR in its current form will ruin the game and drive supporters away. We all know TV pays the money but I think even they are getting frustrated with VAR. Time for a major rethink. PS for those who always thought the “big” sides got the favours of the referee, maybe that still applies to the VAR referees!
  6. WB 1-6 Polperro says it all. Very generous pen awarded to WB for their goal.
  7. John Conteh started it with “You know” and the vocabulary has gone downhill ever since. The racism is not a football problem. It is deep rooted in society. Until FIFA address the real problems in the sport, society will dictate the agenda.
  8. And if DBS checks need to come in, one network generally doesn’t recognise another network’s certificate meaning that someone who volunteers in several fields may need multiple checks. Just a money making exercise?
  9. Just transferring the criticism from the ref/lino to the VAR official. If A-A didn't handball then I'm a chinaman.
  10. Totally against all awards. Gongs, oscars anything. Often just the opinion of a group of “experts”. Do it because you enjoy it.
  11. Ludgvan v St Mawgan OFF. Ludgvan unable to raise side.
  12. Or follow the link in the pinned post. Applies to all leagues.
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