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  1. 3. 21/09/1914:00 Pendeen Rovers First v St Stephen First From the CCFA website
  2. Try looking in the RESULTS forum! sometimes DD, I wonder why you bother.
  3. It has changed from last season as far as I know. Went there 10/08 and didn’t see the new signs assuming they were there. Next visit, definitely saw them and paid. It’s free from1500, so arrive late if you can’t afford £1.50.
  4. With St Just having withdrawn their “Senior” team, they cannot fulfill the fixture.
  5. Use the link that is pinned at the top of this forum topics.
  6. Think you will find the England dates were known at the back end of 2018 and the first qualifier was played in March.
  7. The games at Mousehole and Redruth were removed because of insufficient daylight.
  8. Nqy were poor. However, they had to use all 3 subs in the first 30 mins and then picked up more injuries. Finishing was poor but MOM was the Pz goalie who was superb. One of those games that could have finished 1-6 and no-one would have complained.
  9. (Not a referee). My view on the advantage is that it is a feeble, but nonetheless welcome, attempt to stop the “professional foul”. It gives the offended 2 chances to make something happen. If they brought back the red card for such offences as well, it would make it a better game for the spectators as these type of offences would quickly disappear.
  10. And if Tornado’s hamstring? Injury is as bad as it looked, Barnstable won’t be too pleased.
  11. Previous post says Duchy cup dates start 07/09 Premier Sixes 09/07/19
  12. Don’t think Community club / charter standard / respect campaign means much to most managers or in many cases the clubs themselves.
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