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  1. Suggest they donate it from NETT pay. Win,win.
  2. And they think the fans wouldn’t turn up, come what may, although Midlands not a hotbed for Premiership.
  3. Probably queuing at Bickland waiting for it to reopen.
  4. Well it is April 1st. But a bit detailed to be a joke.
  5. REALLY?? Well, we may well actually see some football being played again sometime in the not so distant future, if the new Premier League plans go ahead. According to the reliable Independent writer Miguel Delaney, Premier League bosses are currently discussing setting up World Cup style camps to house players in isolation, so that they can finish playing matches behind closed doors. The camp would be setup in the Midlands in the UK and all remaining 92 matches will be televised in a ‘TV mega event.’ All games are aiming to be played throughout June and July. The idea has reportedly gained government backing, too, as they like the idea of the population engrossed in the national sport, especially in the event that lock down measures are tightened or extended. Despite it still being a very ambitious idea, and I am sure many things will need to be considered yet, the idea of at least having live football back on our screens would be an appealing aspect for most.
  6. Sounds like wishful thinking. What if it’s November/December. Too many unknowns.
  7. National leagues now “suspended indefinitely”. Many foreign players have gone to their own countries apparently so to restart the higher levels with contracts expiring, travel restrictions etc is looking remoter by the day. Going to be a lot of anger all round and the lawyers may well be making big money.
  8. Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin says the current football season could be lost if it cannot be restarted by the end of June.
  9. I think most people now accept that this season is over. They just need the authorities to make a decision. Saying nothing has been decided and then sending out a confidential email doesn’t scan. If the Premier League want to finish their season with relegation, then the leagues below will want promotion/relegation to be sorted. Difficult to see the FA can implement that to a certain level only?
  10. A duck walks into a bar and jumps up onto a stool. The bartender walks over and the duck says 'Toasted sandwich and a pint of beer thanks '. The bartender stares at him for a while and says 'You're a duck '. The duck replies 'Yeah, nothing wrong with your eyesight '. The bartender says 'But you can talk, you're a talking duck!' 'Nothing wrong with your ears either ' replies the duck, 'You see that new housing development across the road?, I'll be working over there for a few weeks. Every day, I will be coming over here for a toasted sandwich and a beer for lunch. Do you have a problem with that? If so I'll go elsewhere.' The bartender replied 'no no all good.' And got the duck his toasted sandwich and beer. The next day at lunch time, the duck waddles in, sits at the bar and orders his toasted sandwich and beer. The bartender is shaking his head in disbelief. Every day for the next week the duck comes over for his lunch and the bartender still can't believe it. One day the circus comes to town and the ringmaster comes into the pub , the bartender sees him and tells him about the talking duck that comes in every day for lunch. The ringmaster is keen to have him in his circus. At lunch time the duck waddles in and orders his toasted sandwich and beer. The bartender tells the duck how the circus is in town and the ringmaster said he has a job for him. 'Circus?' The duck asks, They're those things that travel all around the place aren't they?' 'Yes, thats right' the bartender replies. 'And these circuses, they use large tents, don't they?' The duck asks. 'Correct ' says the bartender. 'These tents are made of canvas aren't they? The duck says, looking puzzled. 'That's right' says the bartender. 'Then what the **** would they want with a plasterer?
  11. So, half a decision if the Essex Senior League are correct.
  12. SOUTH WEST PENINSULA FOOTBALL LEAGUE@swpleague “Having spent over an hour "in conference" The FA Lges committee have listened to many varying views and will now formulate a response that is uniform across the national league system, and will issue that as soon as possible. I am not able to say anymore than that at this stage.” Personal opinion .. Let us hope this is not the usual fudge and that it will be a guide for the lower tiers.
  13. As you have posted elsewhere WOTP, if you, like me, believe that it may well be many months before sport resumes, what’s the hurry to make these decisions? It may be possible that this season can be finished and the 20/21 season may never happen.
  14. Finally a sensible decision. Too much money in football for sensible decisions.
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