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  1. If I had a pound for every time I was right in my life, I’d be asking for change from a fiver.
  2. Worryingly there has been no hint of a date from the government. It will probably be a very short notice period and cause chaos.
  3. God (even if S/he existed) wouldn’t be appropriate for Big Al. Like Bobjfh, I am pig sick of him. However, I have decided that this is the last time I respond and in future, I shall scroll past without reading.
  4. “hello is that the incontinence clinic” “ yes how can we be of help” I’m having bladder problems” “oh I see! Where are you ringing from” “ the waist down”
  5. May as well make it national then.
  6. Made my first and obviously only visit to SNE on March 14. Nice set up and good luck to Martin and the team.
  7. Teams have been docked points for various reasons. It ain’t over till it’s over (grasping at straws? lol)
  8. Where are all the OAP Liverpool supporters?
  9. I’m giddy just looking at it. Good job it was banned, at least at some levels.
  10. I spent a week in Newark earlier this year. Have you ever been? Thought not. It’s the only place that is an anagram of ******.
  11. Wow. Was very impressed with him last season. An excellent signing for Blazey.
  12. I see Phil H has got his provisional fixtures ready assuming a September start. Mr Eveready!
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