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  1. Just seems odd to use players that have signed for other teams in a pre season game . I mean pre season is all about building your own team ect. How do the lads on the bench feel who were left out.
  2. From the bits I managed to watch or make out before the youtube feed went AWOL. ( bit embarrassing for a professional club not get a a video link sorte) felt parkway looked very good in spells and knocked the ball around well and looked bit sharper the argyle . Obviously 2nd half argyle brought on better players players and dominated but parkway defended well Cans see lee Hobbs still not sure on his formation or starting 11 but he has a great squad to pick from also was river Allen playing ? Seemed a bit odd to have someone signed with Tiverton turn out in a friendly for you
  3. Why where Krac , farkins and Wright missing I assume kept fresh for the argyle game ?
  4. Parkway playing Plymouth argyle Saturday and the game being live streamed on youtube. Can see this being the new normality soon unfortunately while fans can’t get in.
  5. Parkway and blazey 1-1. Excellent result for blazey away from home even in a pre season. Anyone know the line ups ? Does this mean blazey are looking more of a quality team this season then people thought and may be a surprise or parkway with a lot more work to do to get the new lads playing as a team.
  6. Honestly it’s just ridiculous there so much open space to quite happily social distance at local grounds it’s hardly indoor football and people on the gate can monitor how many come in. This is going to kill local football clubs and finances hate to think where clubs going be in years time if this continues into next year
  7. So saltash are not permitted to have people watching the games on seating areas inside the ground that are part of the clubhouse ?
  8. I agree can watch from the top of the feild maybe the real reason it was moved. No chance of stopping it.
  9. Any reason blazey have now decided to play at parkway instead of at home ? Is it because it’s easier to stop people watching at parkway ?
  10. Who going to refuse you entry ? Can bet there be loads from Plymouth driving down to watch.
  11. Fully agree. Parkway still meant to be playing argyle it’s that 1 game that bring in a ton of money. Pointless pre season if no one can attend
  12. Would have thought the blazey v parkway game would have drawn a huge crowd. Might still do as loads lads from Plymouth will go down to watch thier mates. Who going to refuse them entry ? Also blazey could make a ton of money.
  13. Both st blazey and and other clubs quite openly advertising games where I have seen people say they are turning up.
  14. Have parkway got any pre season games lined up ? Can’t seem to find any info for thier pre season fixtures anywhere. And thier twitter account seems very quiet over last week or so.
  15. Always use to be the case that club takings and crowds paying would go towards funding the players. Be interesting to know what clubs are in financial trouble by the end of this season if they promised more then they can afford to certain players. Especially if we get another lockdown at winter. I would have thought getting players to play for nothing for a season to help out would have been a great idea.
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