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  1. What was the criteria for getting in that team ?? Is it just who manager knows ? Surly better players out there who haven’t got look in
  2. You can’t seriously say eddy is best striker around in that case James Lorenz for liskeard blows them all out the water it goes on the standard your testing yourself in. Landricombe , Rocky , dan Sullivan etc playing in far superior standard and scoring goals.
  3. So basically a team full of st Austell and bodimin players
  4. £150 a game has been chucked at players for years by various clubs in Cornwall and Devon to keep certain players. Always wondered how it was possible with gates so low unless most chairman are willing to fund it out if there Pockets would love to see the budgets of each club laid out.
  5. Fancy saltash to win that easy. Bet they will be down there early doing everything to get the game on.
  6. Would say parkway crowds have dropped more to do with price of going then anything else. Higher league. Ground improvement and player wages mean increased costs. Have to say the atmosphere around parkway does tend be a bit flat now in this new league no real games to get excited about. Where as when the likes of saltash , tavi or Bodmin would visit it would be a great crowd and atmosphere and battle. .
  7. Is it really because they are going to uni ? I bet it more to do with playing youth football then absolutely no chance of ever progressing into the first team as the manager has he firm favourites and route blocked. Not saying it wrong because Bodmin have been successful but it always catches up with the club in the end. About time big Cornish clubs started using youth teams and actually showing players you can get a chance , I see saltash are doing it the right way.
  8. The problem is There is no local talent coming through from Bodmin town itself. For a club that been so successful most of that success was built in players from Devon . As for the 2nd team I think that was made up of Plymouth based players. Why I was saying the club needs a fresh outlook
  9. What’s happen to glyn Hobbs ? Used to bang in 30 -40 a season. Hardly seen him mentioned this season for tavi or Bodmin. Is he still at Bodmin or injured ?
  10. Bodmin on a real slide. Wonder if Gilbert is close to jacking it in. Think the club needs a fresh manager and players in there.
  11. Been over this topic before. To me it’s wrong and you wonder why 2nd teams and youngsters disappear from clubs as you see a bloke who has no connection to your club or team stroll in pick up a packet and start while you can’t even get a look in.
  12. What’s happen to yetton ? Was the main man a few weeks ago seems to be the one who has to make way for Annear now surprised at that
  13. Couldn’t get to the game today but there didn’t seem to be any update of the match or teams on social media from parkway ? . Had to rely on the Bradford town updates. Always use to think parkway were ahead of the game on their social media. Still great win and hopefully new signings will see the team move up a level.
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