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  1. You can watch all of Falmouth highlights online. Why would anyone need any info on anyone. And who to know someone wasn’t watching them in the last game. Pretty sure Steve Massey travels here there and everywhere watching the opposition
  2. I agree. Just a tough spell that he not really had before. I see he changed the team today but again it’s poor goals conceded the defence and keeper is a real concern and still no closer to bath or Carter finding any real form in front of goal. Anyway least it be a home game coming up. I will be up there to see what happend.
  3. Falmouth beating a very good Bradford town team is a statement. Will be a force next year. Bodmin were never going to win that. Should never have even been given the chance to have another go because if Saltash admin error. Soundly and very easily beaten
  4. You could be talking about wotton or Hobbs there to be fair.
  5. Bloody he’ll it’s not exactly sky sports. It’s just a local club putting out highlights for everyone to enjoy. I actually look forward to watching it I’m sure every player that plays when it’s filmed looks forward to watching thier goals on a weekend. just embrace it. If you had never watched it yourself you have nothing to moan about as you have no idea what decision were as there would be no video of it To be fair Dane can give it out as much as take it. Seen plenty of videos of Saltash lot celebrating and singing songs taking the mick. It’s all part of the fun and adds to the rivalry
  6. To me moore in goal is another of them that shouts and rants in the wrong manner when I have watched. The same with Allen to an extent. I wonder if Matt Andrew will maybe grow into the leader I do agree tho parkway have plenty of good players to be fine in this league. Sure Lee and Matt will get the errors sorted out. They could do with a game at bolitho to honest I’m not blaming travel but next week will be the 4th away game on the trot.
  7. One of the Brislington lads dislocated his ankle so I assume the game was stopped then abandoned while medical assistance was called
  8. Ryan Richards up front for torpoint won’t find and better striker in both leagues and arguably should be playing southern league with parkway.
  9. This what I think is hurting parkway in tough games or when a team gets on top. farkins , Krac or Matt wright were massively experienced and people you want in this league. I understand krac had to stop playing but getting rid of the other 2 dies seem an odd one. Mike landricombe also seem to be the one that been benched. And Bentley and Rose the central pair. maybe a better defensive midfielder is the answer
  10. Parkway throwing a 3 goal lead away. You have to ask what getting rid of rob Farkins has achieved ?? some awful goals being conceded every week now. there no commanding voice there now. Poor result.
  11. Aldershot lol we are hardly talking Barcelona . I’m sure if you speak to 90 per cent of the local players they have a yarn to tell of playing or on the books of a pro club means nothing in this standard of football on a wet miserable midweek night in Bristol getting kicked lumps out of you.
  12. Dane proper fuming. Apparently this Orlando fella was all keen on Saltash and meeting the lads at training tonight until Steve Massey swooped offering riches beyond the young mans dreams (paid holidays , years worth of just eat takeaways , a signing on fee that would make Ronaldo eye water. the was even a rumour the Saudi looked at buying helston last week but once they saw Massey bank balance they couldn’t afford it so moved onto Newcastle. Good luck to the lads earning all this money but at some point it’s all going to cause issues .
  13. Do helston need Anymore players ? Must be getting close to a squad and wage bill to match Chelsea
  14. So the only thing of note he achieved at callington was to make their what’s app group famous.
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