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  1. I think he has had a go at higher standard and struggled. Certainly had a great season with parkway tho.
  2. Would imagine he going to struggle to get a place in there. If parkway get promoted I think they will be looking at all the Plymouth based players who play for Tiverton, Taunton and Truro to sign on for their hometown club . And that includes Adam carter. Blazey are a Plymouth based squad who play out of blazey. The problem they have is all the players are loyal to to the management, so if you get rid of the manager and assistant ,blazey won’t have a team at all
  3. I’m not sure levi can even get on the bench for Tiverton at the minute so is getting games at blazey for fitness but it’s obvious affecting the team. Even Rickard is struggling to find any form or goals. Blazey form at this minute must be a real concern for the management
  4. Another bad loss for blazey. Forget the off feild issue on the feild they seen to be in a bit of a slump. Even with the best striker in the league leading the line at minute.
  5. Unfortunately this is going to happen more and more with the following blazey have with the connections these people have to the mangement and players , I don’t understand why a club like blazey except it. ? It’s not even like the team is doing well. The amount of red cards and off the feild issue must be a concern for the committee and what is meant to be a good family club
  6. Nothing up front ? They have Levi landricombe up there and Carl Richard Mind not sure it’s doing much for the team when levi starting Infront of regular players and he only using the club to get fit.
  7. The problem is getting someone in who willing to sit on the bench when carter does play. I think that why yetton and annear left. Think it is an issue when he not available or injured. Where a decent replacement ?
  8. Why did carter start on the bench ? Was he injured ? Didnt expect that result. Maybe just a bad day at the office.
  9. Saltash don’t have massive strength in depth so if they are to win a title then they need to keep the main 11 fit. Recon the gap between the top 6 or 7 and the rest will be massive this year .
  10. Looking at tavi result today I would say they are looking at a tough season. The big players they have lost starting have a real effect.
  11. I understand they still trying get Ryan Richards from saltash. Can’t question his loyalty as tavi must be offering loads more then he on at saltash
  12. St blazey you have to feel will be in for a tough season looking at the squad from pre season, most players are not the standard for that league and player turnover always seems high. . And the experience they did bring in with lance bailey seems he gone already to Bodmin I believe. Finishing anywhere mid table will be a great season if blazey manage it
  13. Well done to Parkway for putting on a cracking day for the Argyle game. Close to 2000 through the gate , plenty of food and refreshments. The club facilities and pitch were looking superb even some of the argyle fans around me who not been before were impressed The game wasn’t bad I thought parkway looked very organised at the back and krac had a decent game in midfield , .Lee and Karl look to have got them a lot fitter. Must be favourites for the title. I notice the new striker signed Bastin has gone to Tiverton did he even kick a ball ??
  14. Bodmin. ?? As far as I’m aware they hardley signed anyone liskeard will be much further down if they lost thier top scorer
  15. See parkway had a comfortable win last night. Anybody know the line up of both clubs ? I did Hear the parkway team were looking sharp and fit the facilities are looking first class.pitch like a carpet. Looking like a decent season ahead . Looking forward to getting there next Saturday to watch them against argyle
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