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  1. So that’s the top goalscorer gone. What sort of offer was put to him with most of the top Cornish/Plymouth based strikers all at clubs or in agreements where do truro find someone good enough to get them enough goals to stay in this league.
  2. Hobbs been written off before. Just needs to get fit and shed a few pounds and he be top player still.
  3. Looking at other clubs in that league the squads look miles better and settled . Even Tiverton who struggled badly have rebuilt with some very good players Truro main signing so far is a defender from Falmouth
  4. Long hard battle to stay in the league for Truro again next season.
  5. Don’t think liskeard have any budget at all to try and keep the team together. Shame really as they could been real force again
  6. Honestly can’t see Danny brook being bothered with getting fit for Saturday football. Happy with turning up for a game Sunday mornings do fear for Bodmin. Used to be the go to club for big players now they seem to be scrabbling around for players of old or just bang average run of the mill ones.
  7. Would depend on Tavistock getting a decent striker to replace grant. They have been trying for Ryan Richards but not sure how close he is to leaving saltash but he definitely improve them ,or is stu going to try and get his mate Hobbsy to fill the striker spot. I actually see Tavistock holding their own in the league. Biggest issue will be holding on to players who find the traveling to much.
  8. Why do people get so upset over a local football forum ? It a platform to relay information, no different to social media or even the newspapers when they talk about what a premiership player earns. Devon 21 your really looking too deep into it. I’m pretty sure parkway don’t sit down to negotiate with any players based on the information read on here by Nigel from tintagel who knows his mate earns £300 quid a game and gets free Indian every Saturday
  9. Saltash will only be anywhere near the top of the table If they manage to keep hold of Ryan Richards . with tavi trying everything to get him could be vital they keep him if they want any success.
  10. Club house looks great. Will it be available for hire for functions ?
  11. But can anyone tell me what the structure is at Truro ? Is there any Plan. The player turnover must be massive and after hodges left and his links to argyle youth players the player quality is declining. How come parkway ,Tiverton Taunton etc seem to be picking up players Truro seem not good enough and they seem to be thriving at new clubs I just look at a club like plymouth parkway doing things the right way with ambition to climb the league structure
  12. Agreed to stay ? So they didn’t want stay for hodges then ? Or bigger pay packet ?
  13. You don’t believe there are players in that league earning 100 quid a game ? Ha bloody hell players were picking that up about 10 years ago . Loads picking a tidy sum up. Not all Chinese whispers at all
  14. Playing a whole season at torquay infront of one man and his dog. Pretty much sealed relegation. What a decision that was from the club. Home games are always vital in staying up. Signing players like river Allen etc who is actually a good player then just getting rid again , how are you meant to be build a team with that attitude The club just seem to roll from one disaster to another. Give it 4 or 5 years they will prob be back in the peninsula league while clubs like Helston and parkway march on past them
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