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  1. I doubt they get much of a gate anyway. Never seems to be many there when you look at the pictures. Strange when you think they are doing well. Maybe it’s because it’s all Plymouth based players not really any locals to get behind.
  2. Do clubs even use players from their home town much anymore ? I bet most clubs players come from all over. Surly Cornwall big enough to handle the teams it has. It more to do with money i think. Some young lads happy to sit on a bench for cash rather then play week in week out reason why some clubs have massive squads.
  3. I don’t understand if the players are prepared to plsy the game why a club would say it can’t raise a side ? Even if the manager has left just get someone from the club to step in. Why take a fine ? Doesn’t make sense at all if the players are prepared to play
  4. Very true I mean the amount of double figure score lines are getting silly now. People want to see a competitive game. If anything it will make people not bother paying to watch and stay home. It was a hatrick of penalties after about 30 mins if correct. Sounds like the ref was busy.
  5. Just back from a cold bolitho Park to see parkway escape with a point against a very organised wellington team. Another game and another load of changes to the team. Unfortunately I think this is where parkway are going to come unstuck , palfry who has been superb was dropped as well as veil and in come players that haven’t played much I guess to keep them happy and give them minutes . Parkway had a fair few chances but wellington defended well and looked to hit on the break It worked as parkway went 1 down and it looked a bit of struggle for parkway adjust to the changes
  6. Some very embarrassing score lines above for leagues that are meant to be of high standard of football
  7. Looking at the team lately and reading what been said it seems Matt wright will be the main striker every week and veal, Richard and landricombe will be fighting for 1 spot. Veal is not as natural a goal scorer as the others but it seems he the better all round player and his getting the nod. Would be suprised if all 4 are there by end of season.
  8. Ha carter would have scored at least 30 plus easy. So they thought kicking him out and bringing in bowker was better ? no wonder they can’t score.
  9. Massive headache as they are all big players. Strange as the squad isn’t that big. Midweek games the bench has been padded out with stand in. Can’t see Richards or landricombe being happy on the bench. Think landricombe left Tiverton for that reason.
  10. This has been going on at Bodmin for ages tho. No youth set up at all. No youngsters being brought into the team , old faces retuned and leave like a revolving door . You have to worry about Bodmin as all the other clubs you mention make massive improvements with the whole structure of thier clubs why is thier no Bodmin supporter on here calling for change ?
  11. I understand tonight wasn’t as straight forward and buckland made it difficult. Your correct tho parkway should dominate every game. But it doesn’t always work like that. Injury, players missing. And keeping players happy that on the bench. Shane krack back now and i don’t see where he starts which is odd as he parkway captain the same for Ryan Richards who the top scorer but has been on the bench the last 2 games as Matt wright seems to be the main striker. Guess it’s nice problem to have.
  12. Jason Vincent he seems another player that never settles anywhere is he the striker Bodmin need ? And lee bevan been on bench for parkway a few games when torpoint have had a game so not sure what gone on there. Does seem there is no project or build at Bodmin just lose get more bodies in
  13. Bodmin dont seem to be able to hit a barn door at the minute for a club that has always had a top striker to score 30 plus goals they don’t look like scoring any at the minute darren needs a top striker and fast.
  14. The independent went downhill years ago. Use to be the best local paper around for football . Use to love picking up the paper Sunday morning to read the match reports. Shame really.
  15. I mentioned this before. Everyone loves to see the videos and pictures from the Matches but you always get the fun police and covid detectives going through every picture and frame to find something wrong. Honestly leave the clubs alone it’s hards enough as it is and they are doing everything they can to keep it safe for us to watch !!
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