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  1. How embarrassing for the lad playing to have his old man run on embarrassing himself like that. His old man fished out enough leg breakers in his time playing so why he feels he needs to run on a pitch protesting that someone else has done one is ridiculous.
  2. Saltash seen to be absolutely hammering teams with ease. Sort of reminds me of parkway just before they were promoted. Is it that saltash are that good or the standard just really poor.
  3. I was using carter as example as apparently if a striker scored loads of goals they are 1 man team. You haven’t watched saltash much at all have you and you are just going on what you saw last night. Well if that average performance what does that make Bodmin ? So if kicking it over the defenders for Richards is not service what is ? Does he kick it himself then run onto it ?
  4. Utter rubbish . Saltash have quality all over the pitch and Richards strike partner Reece Thompson has been quality. That like saying parkway are average if you take Adam carter out the team. The Amount of service and space Richards gets because of his team mates is reason he gets so many.
  5. Bentley was actually poor. Even got sin binned and tore to shreds by Richards. . Why bring him in and disrupt the team bodmin are their own worse enemy
  6. I hope the saltash media guy filmed the highlights away from the Bodmin bench this time.
  7. Demolished 6 nil by saltash tonight even with the inclusion of a few midweek helpers from other clubs. That another thumping to add to the last one. What’s gone wrong for Darren. Can’t be the ref fault again.
  8. The Falmouth ultras. Ha. Jesus it’s village football hardly rangers v Celtic. Really a load of old blokes running down local high streets waving flares about in places like saltash and callington. 😂 what ever happened to just enjoying a pasty and pint watching the game.
  9. Have to worry how many St Dennis will ship in against the saltash attackers the same with blazey defence against Helston. Wonder if we see some ridiculous big scores
  10. Surly it’s the managers who ok their players to go and help out another team. I understand Darren Gilbert ask lee Hobbs directly so if the manager is ok with it ,you can’t feally blame the players. I find it crazy only last night 2 players are prob out for long term with serious injury imagine if that carter turning out for Bodmin just to help out.
  11. Saltash have been down this road plenty of times and taken promotion to western leagues in the past. I think the issue they have alway has always been getting players to travel further within the same small budget they have.
  12. Some saying the game should been abandoned?? Wasn’t there but if it’s a bad injury as they say ’ it can have an affect on his team mates.
  13. Much better striker all round Would say they improve the squad. If your going to win the title you need big squads now. Parkway worked that out when they were trying to win it.
  14. Biggest thing saltash will need to do is keep hold of Ryan Richards over anything else Best striker in the league by an absolute distance and won’t be long before the parkways , Tivertons and taunton come knocking even more. , how much longer can saltash keep him parkway should be banging down his door already him and carter up front would walk parkway to the title . Why didn’t Tavistock want him . Crazy !! fair play to saltash for keeping him as I bet he can earn miles more elsewhere Saltash looking very strong for the title.
  15. Playing in the northern prem . ? If he really good enough why is he not at Taunton , truro , Tiverton etc . Sounds like he trying to run a bit before he can walk. I’d say holding a place down in say the parkway team for season first scoring consistently might be better way forward .
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