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  1. It’s always the traveling that is the downfall. Parkway have a proper coach paid for and laid on for players to relax in. Players on massive money for midweek games. Not sure saltash players fancy driving up to Bristol 5 in a car midweek for what they earn now parkway also get 300 plus at home saltash lucky to get 60 -70 not sure where the money to compete is going to come from
  2. More traveling for saltash lads. Will this mean the players wanting more money. ? Already miles behind what tavi and parkway pay. Saltash been down this road before and often ends up in players leaving to play locally. Good luck to them tho.
  3. They won’t get anywhere near Plymouth parkways team.
  4. Seems bit premature to just cancel the league. Surly could have just waited to end of February to see what the situation was you could have situation now where football starts again other leagues continue and the peninsula league players are just sat around
  5. The players all would have left anyway if the it was just managers let go as they are all mates Not sure what st blazey plans are now. Tough getting in a complete new team and management.
  6. Looking like Truro helping to fund parkways ground development to make it up to scratch for southern league . Seems good move by parkway on that respect
  7. Feel sorry for parkway groundsman if you going to have a game every week including argyle on it . The surface looks bad after a spell of rain at best of times.
  8. That will probably be what will happen. You can see the blazey committee are very reluctant to get rid as it will mean a complete rebuild and just look at other clubs in that situation getting hammered every other week Maybe the hope by the time the footy resumes next season the anger would have died down a bit and it be forgotten
  9. With the new lockdown now in place and with rumours of the restrictions not being lifted to mid March where does this leave the leagues ? I can’t see where the time will be to finish the season especially if the players will need another a pre season almost
  10. That not correct the Plymouth players shouldn’t be in there drinking from a tier 2 area. It never changed just because you travel to a teir 1 area your right tho a total lockdown should have happened ages ago
  11. Plymouth has been in tier 2 for ages so technically the Plymouth based players were not really meant to be in the club house.
  12. So why the deep clean on Xmas day then indicating they where aware then All bit confusing in the statement also comments suggesting the players were Plymouth based in the clubhouse who shouldn’t have been in there coming from different tier. if anything it seems a good thing the league is actually suspended when it did as this could have got worse the more matches went on.
  13. In the statement it ask if any spectators came in contact with the players to self isolate. Does this mean it is players who have caught it which begs question why did the Boxing Day match go on at all. When they were informed and cleaned it xmas day ?
  14. It is a shame but I would be surprised if the season gets finished at all. No chance players can play through the summer then straight into a new season so I guess it back to square 1 again 4-8 weeks off football would mean at least another pre season to get any sort of match fitness back no matter how much individual fitness they do.
  15. Can’t the blazey players offer to play for free I mean that the least they could offer if matchday revenue is the issue. Plenty of games going on in the Dutchy leagues where players pay out of their own pocket to play. So that’s it for st blazey this season really them as tier 2 will be here for months yet.
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