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  1. That is a horrendous performance from Bodmin. Has Darren just chucked the towel in ? They look miles off the pace unfit and like they just been thrown together. I did hear they don’t train and just turn up play 5aside. Not exactly what you expect from a big club like Bodmin
  2. I notice shane krac just signed for Taunton On duel registration. With a few games left and both parkway and Taunton both throwing everything at winning their leagues is that a wise thing for parkway to agree too ??
  3. What was the criteria for getting in that team ?? Is it just who manager knows ? Surly better players out there who haven’t got look in
  4. You can’t seriously say eddy is best striker around in that case James Lorenz for liskeard blows them all out the water it goes on the standard your testing yourself in. Landricombe , Rocky , dan Sullivan etc playing in far superior standard and scoring goals.
  5. So basically a team full of st Austell and bodimin players
  6. What’s happen to yetton ? Was the main man a few weeks ago seems to be the one who has to make way for Annear now surprised at that
  7. Couldn’t get to the game today but there didn’t seem to be any update of the match or teams on social media from parkway ? . Had to rely on the Bradford town updates. Always use to think parkway were ahead of the game on their social media. Still great win and hopefully new signings will see the team move up a level.
  8. Loads of attacking options at the club now. Be interesting to see where all these new players fit in or who leaving ?
  9. I wasn’t suggesting it’s wrong to use other players when your short but looking at the team that been put out there a full bench of parkway players who seem to be not getting games. Are they not good enough ? I be shocked if parkway get rid of the manager this season. They knew it was going to be a tough season.
  10. What about the players on the bench who can’t get on because these guys from other clubs have come straight in and started cant be great for confidence i get the injury issue but they still fielding subs who are part of actual parkway team.
  11. Looks like a bit of slump for parkway at the minute? Going have to dig a few results out from somewhere. Did I see jack Crago played ? Landricombe mid week ? Lorenz. ? Are these players from other teams being chucked in actually helping the team ? Seem to have lost that spark
  12. How embarrassing is that. Have Torquay not even got a youth team they can play ?
  13. Cost a fair bit going too games as well to be fair.
  14. Yetton does make a massive difference when he on his movement and work rate are quality . why was he on the bench ? i would thought carter would dropped down to the bench as he seemed to have struggled the last couple games . Parkway really need to get a grip on the discipline side . that farkins second red already and after krac just come back from his and we are only just out of august !!! .
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