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  1. Half that team won’t ever be playing anyway. Can’t see river Allen and Ryan Richards turning out to face Looe town maybe end of the season when they might help out would imagine mount Gould be champions by Xmas anyway
  2. Looking at the callington team I’d say a lot of the players were Dutchy league standard. That the problem now is Your getting guys taking over clubs who only know guys from the low standard they played at and to throw them in against decent players they are going to struggle massively. Having watched a few games I have to agree compared the standard now is very poor
  3. Surly it needs the committee of st blazey to step in and remind the manager and players what expected. If players are on social media making comments about refs and bringing the club into disrepute then any decent manager would come down on them like a ton of bricks. Too many of the players are management are pals so no respect . blazey are a brilliant club and always been run well , I’m all for giving people a chance but you can’t bring Sunday pub football and attitude into a club that expects you to represent them. I fear this won’t be an isolated issue looking at the players in blazey team
  4. Anyone at the Penzance game ? I hear it kicked off after a rather disgusting tackle on young Penzance player. .
  5. The start of the competitive league first game in 9 1 win. Unfortunately I don’t think that going to be last of the ridiculous scores. Surly nobody enjoys that
  6. Saltash don’t have massive strength in depth so if they are to win a title then they need to keep the main 11 fit. Recon the gap between the top 6 or 7 and the rest will be massive this year .
  7. Is he even going to get in the mousehole team ? Id say he signed a contract to play for Truro definitely not travel to moushole to play when he could stayed at liskeard. Sounds like he been stitched up. Or has the fact yetton wants to continue playing and coaching mean he not going get a game now.
  8. On loan ? What point in that. Just well go back on loan at liskeard and do less traveling
  9. But isn’t that the case with playing for Cornwall in the past ? But who qualifies? Cornish born ? just feel players see it as a inconvenience and that surly not what you want at all
  10. Looking at tavi result today I would say they are looking at a tough season. The big players they have lost starting have a real effect.
  11. can honestly see this kernow team just fading away. Great idea but it seems the interest among the players isn’t there at all. Surly it should be the best 11 that Cornwall has to offer not offering out position to any player who fancies a kick around.
  12. I understand they still trying get Ryan Richards from saltash. Can’t question his loyalty as tavi must be offering loads more then he on at saltash
  13. Truro seem to have a long history of binning off strikers who go off and do well elsewhere.
  14. St blazey you have to feel will be in for a tough season looking at the squad from pre season, most players are not the standard for that league and player turnover always seems high. . And the experience they did bring in with lance bailey seems he gone already to Bodmin I believe. Finishing anywhere mid table will be a great season if blazey manage it
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