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  1. Bodmin are taking on the Marjon University side, it’s not the SWPL side that Shaun and the ex Blazey players moved too.
  2. Still a couple more to come I believe. 3 signed for Wadebridge as well.
  3. With the League now finished, it will give the new man time to reassess the situation and plan for August, with only 7 players remaining and the reserves to fall back on the Senior Cup might be worth a try. Could get a decent crowd for that one.
  4. Only thing I know is that it will be a totally different squad to last season, with all the players sticking with the departing managers to go onto pastures new. Can’t see any of the 2nd team moving up. He can only try and get the best players that the budget allows.
  5. So sad from a supporters point of view. 2 years of hard work down the drain, all for the sake of a p**s up. The team were certainly going in the right direction. Not sure if the punishment is too harsh but the St Blazey committee seemed to have been put in an impossible position by some people. Roll on August and lets get behind the new manager and team.
  6. Many, many professional players falling foul of getting caught disobeying COVID rules. Manchester City one of the top clubs in the premier seem to be the worst offenders. Recently the club announced it was investigating the Mendy incident on New Years Eve. He was the bench 3 days later and 7 days after that playing in the 1st team. I’ve seen numerous occasions of the top teams players misbehaving but not seen any punishment given out. Players and management were wrong, have apologised, let’s get over it and move on.
  7. Sadly due to the new COVID restrictions we have decided in the best interests of keeping everybody as safe as possible to postpone our home game on Monday versus @newquay_afc Sending everyone our very best Christmas wishes and hoping we can all return to safer times soon. taken from The Bridger Twitter account retweeted on the SWPL Twitter page
  8. Apologies, yes it was Cally v Saltash on 28th , which was called off citing COVID restrictions, from Twitter.
  9. Are people asking why Dobwalls, Porthleven, Wadebridge Callington cancelled Boxing Day fixtures because of COVID restrictions. No. But St Blazey get slated when cancelling. Loads of matches were also called off in Devon because of Tier 2 restrictions. Will be surprised if not more are called off before the weekend. Will also be surprised if the St Blazey witch-hunt stops.
  10. Dobwalls, Callington, Wadebridge,Porthleven, all 4 called off Boxing Day games, citing the new COVID restrictions. Probably would all have been cancelled due to the weather anyway, no one on here moaning about them.
  11. Camelford 3-1 Wadebridge Saltash 4-2 Liskeard Newquay 4-1Godolphin Penzance 1-6 Mousehole St Dennis 4-1 Sticker
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