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  1. Just wished the part of England nicking it in ET had been right.
  2. England 1-1 Italy after 90mins , England to nick it in ET
  3. Italy 2 -1Spain England2-2 Denmark
  4. Switzerland 1-2Spain Belgium 1-2 Italy Czech Republic 1-2 Denmark Ukraine 1-1 England
  5. England 1-2Germany Sweden 2-0Ukraine
  6. Croatia 1 v 1Spain France 2 v 0 Switzerland
  7. Netherlands 3-1Czech Belgium 2-2Portugal
  8. Wales1-2 Denmark Italy 3-0Austria
  9. Slovakia1-2 Spain Sweden 2-1Poland Germany 3-0 Hungary Portugal 1-2France
  10. Would love to see your prediction come true, my main concern is who’s gonna get the goals. Can’t just rely on Eddy. Hope Phil has someone in mind.
  11. Czech Republic 1-1England Croatia2-0 Scotland
  12. North Macedonia 0-3Netherlands Ukraine 3-1Austria Russia 1-2Denmark Finland 0-2Belgium
  13. Italy 3-1Wales Switzerland 2-1Turkey
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