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  1. Quick question- given that Saltash have been ordered to close the bank police station side and behind the dug outs until H+S is implemented- how much of Bickland could be affected by the same ruling? It a genuine question and not to dig at Falmouth Just These Ground graders mean business.
  2. You know what REALLY annoys me? Other Non League forum posters saying ‘too many step 6 and step 7 leagues in Cornwall’ and almost gloating that Port have gone so a club from Gloucestershire can be promoted instead. Makes me sick to my stomach.
  3. Sorry but this is bloody awful news. Porthleven was correctly a ruddy hard place to go and Gala Parc was known for us at Saltash in the late 90s and early 00s as being one of the toughest places. It was the home to some greats then- and I remember an away fixture down there on a Sunday morning of all times towards the end of one season. Sadly that was the very last time I spoke to Falmouth Towns Dave Donohue who was SWL league Sec at the time with his wife Wendy who took over after Dave’s passing. Dave sadly passed away soon after but I remember the two of us, me leaning in his car window joking about the ridiculousness of the kick off. Porthleven naturally beat us Ashes (not like the lads now- Saturday night back then = beer and nightclubs!). Turns out the fixture Decider got his mark on the following season and Port had to come to Saltash on the opening day ( was those fixtures done by a Saltash supporter….cough yes) I feel for Vidal today- if there’s one man = Porthleven it’s Vi. Come back stronger Port. The doors never closed. Phil Saltash United fan and Cornish Soccer supporter.
  4. This Rappo is what counts. Remember seeing Dave in his heyday and was special. Don’t let a keyboard warrior destroy you infection and love of Cornish Soccer and your reports. Next time you’re up at Kimberley hunt us down and I’ll buy you a pint as a thanks.
  5. Price? Really? I’ve been to Bridgwater and it’s £8 there, programme at £3 and 50/50 at £2. I ripped through £25 without blinking when I added in pint and some expensive chips. Clevedon was £8 as well. Prices do seem higher in Step 5 compared to Step 6 but if you’re an adult you can get entry to Kimberley, a prog ( paper one) and 50/50 and still have change from a tenner. Yesterday was the exception to the rule- we’ve been getting up around 200 but Cullompton didn’t bring many which clearly lowered our attendance.
  6. Only 80 at Kimberley yesterday in FA Vase. Very noticeable as the atmosphere wasn’t the best. Mind you the queues at Manadon from Argyle didn’t do us any favours (nearly 14,000) and with games at Millbrook, Torpoint and Parkway did have a bearing. I know a few Ashes fans were at Home Park as it’s the biggest game they’ve had since Covid. As a Wednesday fan I won’t comment…. ☠️
  7. Having seen a few SWPL W and E sides, there’s little doubt E division is between Brixham and Torpoint. They’re heads above the rest. I haven’t seen Falmouth, but when they’re hitting teams for 6 and 7 then it’s clear they’re top team. Back to today and Saltash 3 Cullompton 1. Chris Menhenick freekick and 2 Dave Barker penalties. Good debut by reserve striker Cameron Dymond who was unlucky not to score. Cullompton very angry with ref who had a good game imho. We were very awkward at points but unlike last season when we went out v Elburton on penalties- no real doubt of that today!
  8. Didn’t Dave have a tattoo of all the clubs he played for? Recall someone saying it looked like an old South Western League table! He was a bloody good player well into the 90s with Saltash!
  9. PREMIER DIVISION Brislington 3-2 Bitton Clevedon Town 2-3 Ashton & Backwell United Helston Athletic 2-0 Cadbury Heath Ilfracombe Town 5-2 Bridport Mousehole 5-1 Millbrook Saltash United 3-2 Buckland Athletic Street 1-1 Keynsham Town Tavistock 3-1 Wellington Cracking game at Kimberley- and a welcome win. As Dane pointed out on Radio Cornwall, we didn’t deserve to be loosing at half time. But a missed penalty by Barks and you start to think here we go again. But unlike Ilfracombe and Bridgwater we were playing excellent football. Took an inspiration sub when Jarrod Woods came on for Alex Cairo and then Dan Perryman for Reece Thomson and in the last 15 it was all Ashes. Cast iron penalty and Buckland down to 10. Menhenick scores and then in dying seconds Sam Hughes got a 2nd in his 400th game for Ashes. Cue much celebration from Ashes fans after a hard BH weekend. We deserved that win today!
  10. We had 8 players out and 2 others not fully fit. It’s been a ridiculous start to the season- but it allows others a chance from the St Pirans side. Ace, Ellis and Frazer had a run out yesterday. This is the advantage of a squad side. These lads will learn a lot from playing teams like Bridgwater and develop in years to come. If the players play with commitment like yesterday and get beaten by a better side- can’t ask for a lot more.
  11. Bridgwater United 3 Saltash United 0 Bad day at the office. Make no mistake Bridgwater will be top 3 by seasons end. However, the injuries for Ashes mount - Jesé do we need a break from games! However if Sam Hughes had scored his early chance and Henry Wilson’s rocket had gone in- who knows. But Bridgwater were very very impressive! Some strange linesman decisions mind didn’t help (how can a player be offside when playing back into own half).
  12. Crediton United 1-3 Torpoint Athletic Callington Town 2-4 Newquay Camelford 2-2 Liskeard Athletic Penryn Athletic 3-2 Dobwalls Porthleven 2-0 Sticker St Austell 6-1 St Dennis Wendron United 1-4 St Blazey
  13. I honestly can’t remember the last 0-0 at Kimberley- but it was a reasonable game- and Saltash did shade the possession and had the better of the chances. Injuries are building- however, with a few of the second team signed on and with the impressive Alex Crago I think we’ll be fine. Another new signing done before the game (but more of that to come!) Bridgwater to come which is never easy then Ilfracombe on BH Monday.
  14. Clevedon v Saltash attendance 103 Brislington v Saltash I think was down in the 80s I’ve seen some Western Premier gates in the 40s between Bristol clubs this year. That’s appalling. Edit Cadbury Heath last two home games 41 and 45.
  15. As an Saltash fan, the first step up to Western League hasn't been a surprise. Yes, it's more physical but there hasn't been a team we've played yet who scared me (although Helston were good). So the change to step 5 from step 6 isn't that big. In terms of step 4, when we played Paulton Rovers and Cirencester Town last year in FA Cup again they didn't come across as impossible to beat- only Sholing were excellent and did take us to pieces. I think in the coming years we'll see teams from Cornwall climbing up to Step 4 and that in turn will mean more players sticking around with clubs for longer I think. The main agreement has been that distance has stopped many players playing at step 4 before, but theres a lot which could and would do very well locally.
  16. Clevedon Town 1 Saltash United 3 Much improved team performance against a physical side- goals from Dave Barker (pen), Sam Hughes and Tom Cleveland. Boy did they moan a LOT on the pitch but friendly bunch of supporters and volunteers. The coach home is a very happy place to be tonight!!
  17. I had to leave the game before kickoff due to family emergency, but couldn’t believe the score- like most when I got 3-0 text I thought that’s it. Reminds me of the home game v St Austell last season. We got lucky that night perhaps we’ve ridden our luck once too often. Still tomorrow is a new game and I’d expect a real backlash at Clevedon tomorrow and we’ll put them to the sword. Hopefully some returnees from injury like Dave Barker will help.
  18. But equally and more pleasing is the teams which have been together for years reaping the rewards- think Saltash/Tavistock/Wadebridge/Liskeard. With promotion the goal- the journeymen mentality is slowly changing. It’s be celebrated - as the merry go round of seasons past for a brown envelope isn’t as bad as say 15/20 years ago.
  19. Agree with everyone’s comments- a cracking game both top Cornish sides doing the Duchy proud. Thanks to Helston for the warm welcome and the half-time refreshments- those sandwiches were to die for! To think the last I was that far West for a game was away at Wendron last February with Ashes. Remember the news coming on radio that a Positive COVID-19 had been found in York and thinking oh heck. Little did we know huh? Finally Kellaway is an excellent ground these days- bit of a change from my last visit back in 2002 for Combo game but well done to all concerned .
  20. Thinking back, Parkway have got ‘form’ on this sort of approach. They tried to get Reece Thomson from Saltash by putting in an approach right on FA Cup day last season. Didn’t work that time, but clearly much the same has happened and been successful this time.
  21. Well- 2 wins and a draw for the 3 Cornish Teams today- did I read Mousehole clawed it back in 89th? Guess the row that we’re only there to make up the numbers doesn’t apply anymore…..
  22. It’s a Falmouth St Blazey and Bodmin top 3- but I’d still go for Blazey to win it. Add in a sneaky challenger from someone who comes out the pack and I’d say Wadebridge will be that team - they looked good in PSF.
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