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  1. Merely said that it looked like you jumped into the wall 🤣 lol. Being positive (for a change) Launceston could well of ended up winning that game, played well against a stronger team 👍
  2. Where I was stood it look liked he jumped into the wall on purpose 🤣
  3. Played 14, won 4, drawn 2, LOST 8, you need to up your game a bit as 11 in 13 isn't that great. 😂
  4. Wasn't there so didn't see it, but how did Bodmin coast the second half and yet let in 2 goals. In theory the 2nd half finished 2-2.
  5. You've played Newquay and they are not great, but you lost. What does that say about Launceston?
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