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  1. To be fair they probably are blaming it on covid, because it is isolation due to covid. It's rife at the moment if you hadn't noticed.
  2. I would say yes. Can't see anybody being allowed to play if they have covid or show symptoms. Mind you, the way it's going we will all have it, vaccinated or not 🙄
  3. Anyone know of any half decent friendlies being played tomorrow?
  4. Have watched any yet. How do people find out when and where they are?
  5. I'm thick as , so feel free to tell me, if you're not talking bull
  6. So basically the old St Blazey is the new Callington and the old St Austell is the new St Blazey.
  7. Rumour has it that Bodmin will have an almost completely new squad for the start of each match throughout the season 🤣
  8. Out of interest, how much do Tavistock and Parkway pay their players?
  9. Good luck to the lad. Not many youngsters will get that opportunity.
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