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  1. Out of interest, how much do Tavistock and Parkway pay their players?
  2. Good luck to the lad. Not many youngsters will get that opportunity.
  3. Hopefully that covid cup they are on about will provide some entertainment.
  4. Alan Carey's name has also been mentioned. I really hope Phil takes the job as he's a genuine top bloke. The club deserve a bit of luck.
  5. Maybe that's why Leeds was so obsessed with it all....... In the hope of getting some quality players at Bodmin.
  6. What games exactly would you be interested in attending?!!!
  7. That good you felt the need to repeat it. "Practice what you preach" 🤣
  8. See the second post of this thread. That's if you bothered to read it. Ever heard of the saying "practice what you preach" ?
  9. "Start again in September" we've tried that once and are probably in a worse position now than we were for the 1st lockdown. The only way I can see is to have roll-over seasons.
  10. They can't just abandon every season because they did once. Could be a decade or more before we get a full season otherwise.
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