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  1. Bodmin 2-3 Keynsham. But Bodmin played "lovely football" 🤣
  2. I wasn't there but would it of been dark at the start?
  3. No sour grapes at all. I'm from Bodmin. Lol. If you were there to witness it you would agree with me. Let's see what happens Saturday.
  4. Bodmin should of scored at least 15 goals. Did you not hear one of the Bodmin players say "this is embarrassing? They were also falling out amongst themselves. No offence to Godolphin but if Bodmin play like that against a good side they will get hammered. Carter just stands in front the goal and just sticks a leg out to score. If Bodmin play like they did last night they'll finish mid table..........if they are lucky.
  5. What match did you watch? Lovely football? Bodmin though they won by scoring 3 times in the last 5 minutes, were an absolute shambles for the money invested in that team. Gilby was far from happy.
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