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  1. That good you felt the need to repeat it. "Practice what you preach" 🤣
  2. See the second post of this thread. That's if you bothered to read it. Ever heard of the saying "practice what you preach" ?
  3. "Start again in September" we've tried that once and are probably in a worse position now than we were for the 1st lockdown. The only way I can see is to have roll-over seasons.
  4. They can't just abandon every season because they did once. Could be a decade or more before we get a full season otherwise.
  5. I think everyone thought that one lockdown would sort the virus problem. It obviously didn't. I think there will be more lockdowns after this one, if people don't be sensible.
  6. Carry it over until next season could be an option.
  7. No I knows that, but it doesn't make a lot of sense.
  8. Me neither. But it's true about them being together on the pitch is what I meant.
  9. What I don't get is, if they all play in the same team with no masks or social distancing, what does it matter if they all stayed in the same room. No difference. I understand the noise created from said room may of been a problem. Lol
  10. Really? Would never of guessed if you hadn't been harping on about it.
  11. Not sticking up for the St Blazey players at all because what they did was wrong, but I wonder how many of those moaning on here about them, have been to a football match recently and not kept to the social distancing guidelines.
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