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  1. Well, they'll have a year to think about it. the way things are going.
  2. How can you be suspended if the season doesn't count? That makes no sense. Expunged means obliterated completely all data and records do not count so that must include misdemeanors for the said season, it would be illegal to suspend anyone. Can't happen .
  3. Stay safe 100% I know I was a bit abrasive a few posts ago but I needed to get the message across, will see you sometime when a new season starts which may not be as soon as some may think. I wish you all the very best.
  4. Just for the record Clovid is an animal virus which for many thousands of years could only be passed from one animal to another, it then mutated to enable it to be passed from animals to humans but not from human to human. Until now, it mutated again so it could be passed from person to person but because our immune system doesn't recognize animal viruses it can't fight it until you get it, then you should be immune to it the only other way is a vaccine which could be 2 years away, so football pales into insignificance in the grand scheme of things. Stay home stay safe.
  5. Coronavirus has no respect for health wealth age or happiness so hard that it is it just has to be. Such a shame for the top teams good news for the bottom teams
  6. They were formed specifically to p### you off Al and they seem to be doing a very good job.
  7. Well said Phil. Just a suggestion but could the remainder of this season be played when we are given the all clear which will in all probability will be August with teams playing twice a week every week until conclusion, then start next season when possible with an extension at the end of that season if necessary. All leagues in the country would then have a proper record.
  8. Instead of playing matches how about having penalty shootouts over a couple of weekends 6 penalties each 3 pts for a win 1 for a draw not ideal but at least it would give some sort of conclusion.
  9. Apparently the virus doesn't peak until end of May so I can't see any games being played until end of June if at all. Rarely we have to accept that there are far more serious things in the world than a football league not being completed
  10. Where does it say she works in Cornwall? She is in Scotland please don't accuse me of lying about something so serious very hurtful.
  11. Yes you're right all her colleagues are working the same or even more what is you're problem ? Please don't be so disrespectful they are on you're side they will save your life if required
  12. It may not worry you but it will worry the medical team trying to keep you alive because you didn't heed the warnings. If you have another illness the chances of dropping off you're perch increases dramatically.
  13. Well maybe you should talk to my daughter who is a doctor and is currently working 14 hours a day treating people with corona virus because people like you won't heed the warnings given by experts because you know best.
  14. So what I deduce from this is the world wide pandemic is unimportant people die from it but that doesn't matter as long as the very important football games in this region go ahead.
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