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  1. What's an embuggerence please my missus is asking and I don't know what to tell her.
  2. I think the bottom line is little teams are not wanted in the champions league, more than ten years ago I think it was Beckenbaur who wanted the same teams in Europe every year as it usually is in other countries I.e Bayern Barca Juve etc when less wealthy clubs start coming through they don't like it so bring in a rule to try and curtail it.
  3. City were found guilty by a kangaroo court who got the information from a German newspaper, none of their finances show any wrongdoing, besides why shouldn't an owner spend his own money on what he likes? Saracens situation was completely different they breached the pay cap. City are not the best supported team and are only trying to keep up.
  4. Watched Camels and Port I get so frustrated with the passing and lack of football intelligence. Matt Andrew and Ed Harrison in the Camels midfield work so hard winning the ball and making space looking to pass only to find nobody moving in to position to receive the ball so have to turn back and look for someone deeper. Some of the Camels passing was atrocious,one player was in ten yards of space and managed to pass the ball into touch. Unbelievable Jeff. Port deserved their win but Camels have tougher tests to come starting with Saltash next week.
  5. If the game was at Falmouth surely it is their job to police the crowd. Maybe those blokes were supporting St Blazey but they could have been a stag do who fancied taking in a match, who gets the blame then? In a court of law my guess is Falmouth would be blamed for not controlling the crowd.
  6. Wouldn't have thought St Blazey's trophy cabinet was that much bigger than Bodmin's either way it doesn't make much difference as neither club took promotion. Just paper prizes worth nothing.
  7. I thought the lady ref did a reasonable job at Camelford but got some mandatory decisions wrong which is a big no no if she was being assessed. Her mark would come tumbling down. The players didn't make it easy for her with constant moaning. If she gets promotion she will need to toughen up as this league is an angels choir compared with the higher leagues but the linesmen will be better.
  8. Camelford's team: Luke Gwilliam, Tom McLaughlin, Leighton Carhart, Adam Sleep, Luke Howarth, Andy Boxall, Charlie Hambley, Matt Andrew, Ed Harrison, Kian Burns & Joe Reeve, subs: Josh Insley, Adam Jenkins & Mike Steele ( all used).
  9. Just saw A Chelsea goal disallowed because a blokes foot was in an offside position a third of the way back the field, anyone that thinks that's right must really hate football, I just can't watch anymore, what has technology got to do with football in my day it was all about the referees opinion and loads of mistakes from all parties involved.What an absolute farce total ruination of a wonderful sport.
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