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  1. Please don't take life so seriously, it's only a forum, going down the snowflake route, Ooh ahh please don't insult me I hurt so much. Stop being so pathetic and give as good as you get,there are more important things in life than this nasty forum.
  2. As an ex ref I cringed at this decision. Newquay's goalie and Camels striker challenged for the ball which the goalie won fairly no offence committed either way, then a Newquay player deliberately pushed over a Camels player in the box when the ball was nowhere near, assistant ref flagged and instructed the ref that it was a penalty which he gave, only then to conjure up a foul on the goalie, shameful refereeing. Hope he learns from his mistakes or he will be shopping at Tescos on Saturday afternoons.
  3. hoppit

    Bodmin 0 Falmouth 1

    I think Dave Deacon is one of those snowflakes we keep reading about in the nationals.
  4. Doesn't apply at Bodmin,they don't get many fans winning or losing.
  5. So they should the town is twice the size of most others in Cornwall. Where were the loyal fans when they were struggling a few years ago? Sunshine fans I reckon.
  6. hoppit

    Sticker vesus Saltash

    What a sensible and refreshing post, I think that a points deduction would be a good thing , although the way society is now whatever a ref does will not be accepted, more likely to get lynched than respected. Can't see any change in attitude until the world becomes a more respectful place, and I can't see that happening ever.
  7. Camels only got 4 regulars playing, really struggling to get a side together at the moment. Shame really not a bad side when at full strength.
  8. hoppit

    Sticker vesus Saltash

    I took my kids with me once when I was reffing, they were sat in the stand with their Mum when the crowd started singing Who's the bastard in the black, they asked why was Time for clubs to stamp out the people swearing at me scared them so much they never wanted to go again. My crime was that I disallowed a goal from an indirect free kick because it went straight in the goal. All 3 are in their twenties now but still mention it from time to time. Time for clubs to sort out they abuse me thinks.
  9. Could leave work early, the draw was made ages ago so had plenty of time to prepare.
  10. Sir, I am six foot tall and built like a brick outhouse. I was brought up in an environment were you needed to look after yourself and in my younger days had no problem doing that,I'm pushing sixty now and not quite as confident as I once was,but will still stand my ground if pushed. For you to say I was afraid is a personal insult. The only people I was afraid of is my mum and dad and that was out of respect. Oh and there was a teacher called Sniffer Hawke who would whack you around the head if you were cheeky but then again I was only thirteen. You stand up to the so called bully boys l have no problem doing that, but I can't make em better maybe you can. Christ I'm now being blamed for the state of the game when I've devoted my life to it as man and boy.
  11. Does anyone know what the so called fan said to Darren? People are judging on here but it's all one sided. Personally I have refereed Darren on many occasions,and never had the need to brandish a card of any colour. Also I have had quite strong conversations with him when Camelford and Bodmin play both said things we shouldn't but that happens all the time in the heat of the moment and always has. What makes the difference is that after the game regardless of the result and Camels have beaten Bodmin a few times he has always been a gentleman and totally honest. He may say inappropriate things sometimes in the dugout but so does a lot of managers,doesn't make them or me bad people, just a little over zealous maybe.
  12. Dave's gonna get splinters if he keeps sitting on the fence
  13. Whatever happened to Bodmin yesterday? Didn't see that coming after watching them play superbly the week before although I did think the defence were a bit slow and easily beaten especially on the deck. Still nobody wins anything in September so it's upward and onward Still think they will win the league comfortably.
  14. If a team from SWPL Premier doesn't want to take promotion and are relegated they will accept the relegation win the lower league take promotion win the league get relegated so on and so on. It will be an even bigger mess. Might as well have a Cornish senior league much simpler.