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  1. If you play a sport you love, the travelling shouldn't be a problem Why is it made to be such an issue. If you live in Cornwall and you want to progress you have to travel, footballers in Cornwall are paid really well for what they do dart players get nothing not even travelling expenses. Footballers will play a maximum of 4 away games a month, none of which requires an overnight stay, so unless they're travelling on Dobbin the mule l can't see a problem. It's not compulsory if you don't want a do it don't do it.
  2. Yes but they are away all weekend so that curtails that argument, they also travel more than twice as far in some cases.No match requires an overnight stay in the higher league so I can see no argument. All the top Cornish teams men and women travel, so get on with it. As for clubs not trying to win the league if. that's the case then they are in the wrong business, go shopping Saturdays instead.
  3. Why will wives and kids be a problem?All the top teams in any sport in Cornwall travel up country it's only mens football that seems to have the problem. The Cornwall darts teams travel as far as as Durham and Cumbria, that's 2 men's teams and 2 ladies teams all on the same weekend, leave Friday night get back Sunday night, don't get paid, so what is the problem?
  4. Get well soon Bobby big loss to Camels from a footballing point of view but irrelevant compared to family life and well-being of a lovely guy. He will bounce back of that there is no doubt.
  5. Every chance all 3 Cornish teams can go through.
  6. Pity people can't give Camelford a bit of credit instead of harping on about what Bodmin didn't do. This forum seems to think no teams exist the other side of Bodmin. Camelford do alright on a very small budget and have a few players that are better than anything Bodmin have got, just no depth when they are unavailable, also can't afford to bring in ringers like most teams do, so give credit where credits due, Bodmin didn't under achieve they got beat by a better team on the night.
  7. One of the Buckland committee told me Helston offered Mcgrath a lot of money to play in midweek, when he turned it down he was offered another £100 on top of the first offer. I don't know if it's true but that's what he said. He looks like his dad but that's where the similarity ends, much better centre backs playing in this league. I think he is living off his dad's name as far as football goes.
  8. Can't see any rebound happening with that defence, will hit the wall and slide to the ground in a messy heap.
  9. Travelling is a price you pay for living in cornwall no trip away is more than a day long, the fixtures are printed long before the season starts so should be no problem to organise your life around,if you're prepared to pay your players to win this league you should be prepared to pay them to step up, too much negativity with this travelling thing, you won't be travelling by horse and cart so clubs should adapt and get on with it.
  10. Krac And Carter probably got paid more than the entire Camels team, the only thing they did was.save Bodmin from an even bigger thrashing . Sometimes you need your.players to play from the heart not the wallet.
  11. Totally disrespectful but no more than you would expect from certain people on here. They can say what they like about Bobby he is one of the most influential players in the cornish game,what he lacks in fitness he makes up for with a superb footballing brain and great vision. He has scored three goals from the halfway line this season and a few 30 yarders. He's a nice chap off the field also.
  12. Sad news Peter gave me a lot of advice when I was an up and coming referee. Although I haven't seen him for several years l did. see his lorry going up and down the A30 on odd occasions. My sincere condolences to his wife and family.
  13. Over rated overpaid and over here.
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