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  1. I'm with you all the way Leeds,what an absolute disgrace. How can this be justified?
  2. You may be nearer the truth than you think, jest at your peril.
  3. Getting silly now time to sort out these totally incompetent people who allow this to happen, 40 point deduction and a £20,000 fine is what's needed not a slap on the wrist.
  4. If you think 2020 was a bad year 2021 will be worse,the vaccine will be hard to get,2022 won't be much better.
  5. That's true, there are lots of rules that don't make sense but I guess lines have to be drawn somewhere.
  6. Ah well according to you it's ok to break the law in fact many laws,if you shoplift an not get caught nobody knows, what a silly post. Sorry ,what I meant was if you shoplift and somebody sees you,you get caught,if nobody sees you you don't get caught but you've still committed a crime, luck of the draw.
  7. Lockdown on the way, season will struggle to finish, probably be abandoned again
  8. Unless the players are under contract can't see the club has any case to answer other than the cancellations.
  9. No you abide to the higher tier rules.
  10. Wondered what Hayden Turner did when not playing Ross Poldark
  11. I'm a bit old school you are born male or female that sometimes goes a little haywire,we can knock it around all we want but that's the bottom line if we follow th science I agree, but I have just read that 40,000 renowned scientists have sent a memo to the government begging them not to use lockdown as a method of control as it merely kicks the virus down the road and destroys the economy. They want to protect the most vulnerable and let everyone else carry on.
  12. You should take over from Chris Whitty, you are right about following the advice ,but when you get a government that ordered people with covid to return to carehomes and people like Cummings amongst others not following guidelines anarchy will reign. I now know where the dessert Eton Mess gets its name from.
  13. Camels had Matt Andrew ex Truro and Bideford probably the best midfielder in the league suspended also suspended was Josh Mcabe a superb centre half, Ed Harrisson a free scoring midfielder who plays for Cribbs when at Uni was ill and defender Adam Bartlett was cup tied,It would have been much closer had they been playing , but if my auntie had balls she would be my uncle. I understand you can only comment on what you see.
  14. Not the nicest of blokes, delusions of grandeur and a mercenary but I'm sure somebody loves him.
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