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  1. I work with someone on the Buckland committee and they are not relishing the challenge.
  2. That is not a football incident it's a society incident, that person would behave the same way wherever he was if he didn't get his own way. Until society sorts itself out nothing will change
  3. If was hoppit you met not Bob sorry for the confusion
  4. Did Falmouth play Callington on the field and Camelford by Zoom ? Just asking
  5. I feel so sad for Vidal James new him when I was reffing and always had a good chat when Port played Camelford a sad day for Cornish football.
  6. I can't see Falmouth dropping many if any points this season strong all over the park,if they do have a weakness if is the goalie who at times seemed bemused by what was going on and was more interested in telling fans how good he is, seldom have I witnessed a more arrogant individual. I don't think Falmouth were at their best but Camelfords woeful passing and the fact that Falmouths constant moaning scared the ref half to death he just couldn't deal with it. Falmouth deserved to win but not by such a margin Camels contributed to their own downfall.
  7. I have been a Man City fan for over 50 years and was privileged to meet Bill Leivers the only surviving member of Citys 1956 FA cup winning team had quite a chat with him lovely man told me he earned £11 a week in those days how times have changed.
  8. I thought Camel's defence were superb Josh McCabe had the No10 in his pocket all game. I have rarely seen a game were the opposition have a lot of possession and lose 5 0. Newquay lacked quality in the final third but when the Camels had the ball they were devastating all over the park.
  9. I was right by the throw in incident and the Liskeard player did not kick the ball out on purpose, it was a misplaced pass, so the Camelford player was totally justified in not giving the ball back. He did the check with the ref more than once and on the last occasion the ref shook his head and said "Camelford throw". You are obviously a Liskeard fan FF9, which absolutely fine, but please check your comments before posting as I also take exception to you calling Camelford 'unsporting'.
  10. Colin Chegwin watches Camelford quite a bit went school in Camelford then became a teacher I believe.
  11. When I was a ref you would be reprimanded if you went public probably the same now.
  12. No doubt C amel's will be in the mix played Bodmin off the park better in every department 4-1 flattered Bodmin.
  13. Don't be too harsh on Bodmin Camelford were superb long way to go yet but my suggestion would be that Camels won't be far away.
  14. Gus has retired at least 4 times, not the player he was wouldn't get in the full Camels side so bit of a strange one really.
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