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  1. : Camelford haven't had a bad start either 3 wins and a draw and gave Almondsbury a 5-1 drubbing in the vase.
  2. Well said Robin, groundsmen work very hard in all winds and weather's with the sole aim of getting games on. The St Blazey groundsman must have been gutted, but as you say lights are for specialists so not his fault.He did his best that's all he could have done.
  3. Rappo, if you go to Edinburgh take a tour of Murryfield it's an awesome stadium,also Easter Road home of Hibs and Tyncastle home of Hearts are impressive. More impressive than the standard of Scottish football me thinks.
  4. Pretty much how the game turned out Bob, Newquay were impressive but seem to struggle with the final ball after excellent approach work, having said that the Camels ain't no mugs and played well but didn't create many chances Josh in goal made match saving saves and handled well throughout, 5star performance from him.
  5. Face the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.
  6. So does lots of other things that are never talked about, how convenient. Ask yourself.How did it become world wide problem. Oh yeah a naughty bat. Time to get your head out of the sand and into this real world you can't hide forever.
  7. Our government never let facts get in the way of a good story, problem is some people believe them, bet you believed that Cummings really did drive 30 miles to test his eyesight, so gullible that when someone comes up with a more feasible story their immediately dismissed and vilified. As for the other comment. How am I supposed to interpret 7times as many?. Ah I know no one at all has died from flu or any other illness,,God forbid anything gets in the way of the virus.
  8. Sorry badly didn't know you where an expert. How do you know it's not true? It dosent say in the song that Elvis works in the chippy, it says there's a guy who thinks he's Elvis. How ironic.
  9. Just read in a national newspaper that seven times more people have died of flu since March than of Clovid. Do you think this dreadful government have a hidden agenda using covid as a smokescreen?
  10. Good move if they have have the ambition to progress, all for Cornish clubs pushing on.I just hope when it comes down to the nitty gritty of promotion that we don't get some feeble excuse as to why they are unable to take it. Got my doubts to be honest
  11. No probably not but they make the rules under the guidance of the government and some of if not all the ministers of state are billionaires , and of course some of their advisors.
  12. I'm afraid the rules are made by multi billionaires who have no concept of how normal people live their lives, so don't expect anything they say to make sense, if you question any decision they regard it as a case of oh dear the peasants are revolting let's baffle them with bull+++t. The sad thing is most people believe them. If you asked Boris what grassroots sport is he wouldn't have a clue.
  13. There are lots of options it means that with most options the rate will go up but complete lockdown will mean no economy , you could fill your garage with bundles of £50 notes and it wouldn't be worth even a penny and we would be eating grass. It's ok saving lives but we need to have something to live for otherwise what's the point of being alive?
  14. Can't see there being a complete lockdown the economy could never sustain it. I think it will be a case of protect the most vulnerable, and the rest be careful, not sure where that leaves grass roots sport.
  15. I agree 100% some players were in 4 squad pictures when the Indy used to show squad pictures, seem to focus more Devon to Gloucestershire now as you say not as good as it once was.
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