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  1. March/ April was probably the second wave, most people I talk to seem to have had an illness with Covid symptoms from November to February when the government was in denial. One person who I know was very ill in February and was treated for pneumonia and then meningitis before the test came in and recognised as Covid. Seems to be much weaker now,people still getting it but not so ill.
  2. If,we don't get a vaccine or cure will you shield for the rest of your days? If so l really feel for you. Good job people didn't have your mindset when polio measles diphtheria hooping cough and many other conditions were prevalent with no vaccine the world would have come to an end.
  3. " Thats it then .no local football until a vaccine is found or the country is bankrupt whichever comes first. Bankruptcy will come first if people are not prepared to go to work a vaccine may never come so local football may never start again. Sooner or later we have to mix with the virus , if not what's the point of walking around your garden for the rest of your life?
  4. Reality is that people need to get back to work to get the economy going ,staying home and leaching off the government is not sustainable long term, if it continues the country will be bankrupt and money will be worthless. No industry no shops no recreation no life. What's the point of being alive if there's no life to live ? Get back to normal but be cautious act responsibly some will get the virus most people won't, 66million in this country. How many cases were there at the peak? Just saying.
  5. I think we need to learn to live with the virus as it's not going anywhere until a vaccine or cure is found, as Al says with relatively few people in a big area, with a little common sense it should be ok. I think the infection rate is 1 in 20000 at the moment and virtually zero in the open air so good to go in my opinion.
  6. Heard through the Bush telegraph that the season is going to start in September all being well.
  7. If clubs or individuals are stupid enough to pay ridiculous amounts of money to the same rancid players that do the same thing year in year out then so be it. There is only a few trophies to compete for and not much money in prizes so they don't play for the love or ambition just the money. They live in the revolting snakepit of greed which I thought the virus might alter the way people perceive things in life, but no,same people same lack of respect same greed God help Cornish football.
  8. I can remember a chap called Pope playing for St Blazey when I was playing, maybe it's his son.😀
  9. I'm no expert but I know people who are so I just pass on what they tell me, with the economy in a real mess there is a chance that risks may need to be taken, even if this is the case, Is grass roots football a viable risk? Lots of ifs and maybes as we hear on the telly every day.
  10. He will probably be retired by the time football restarts, the virus will not disperse until a vaccine is produced which will not be this year and probably not next ,the only way to slow it down is by social distancing which can't happen on the football pitch, even with distancing it will still be here just a little bit of relaxing the rules will see it spike again. Ignore the evidence at your peril
  11. Surely by finishing this season would give more time to make sure the virus has gone. If next season doesn't start on time we could be seeing all sorts of problems at the end,it's bad enough when we have a few weeks rain. If the season doesn't exist that problem is gone and the remainder of this season could be easily completed even if it didn't start until after Christmas, which would have no affect on the casualties of this evil virus.Better for everyone in my opinion.
  12. I would have thought it would have been better to finish this season regardless of how long it takes and if necessary cancel next season as all teams are on a level footing once this season is over. If there is some spare time in between we could have a one off competition to keep players fit and revenue coming in and then carry on as normal from August 2021
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