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  1. It wasn’t stated. What I said was that they (Helston via Twitter) have now capped their future attendance at 150, less than the 300 that they are entitled to have.
  2. You don’t need to write anything down for them. When you get to the entrance, they will simply ask for a name and contact number. One entry per car is sufficient which will cover all the occupants.
  3. From SWPL yesterday ... Important Notice: From Today all clubs should have set up and have on the gate the NHS QR Code so that people with the Govt App can scan the code to log in as "Track & Trace" Clubs must still have a manual option available for those without smartphones or in case of tech probs.
  4. Crowd now limited to 150, will it make a difference to many games?
  5. Anyone remember Facebook live?
  6. As I attended both abandoned games, I have given my observations to the league secretary. I suggest anyone with strong opinions should do likewise.
  7. Just remember this post when/if we have a bad winter and the clubs are all moaning of playing multiple games each week in AprIl & May.
  8. I think it’s tough luck. However, with another game this Wednesday, are there any assurances that the problem has been fixed or do we throw more money down the drain?
  9. Well they had 90 spectators at their first match on the 5th. Think that info is way out of date?
  10. No one will get relegated (from the West).
  11. Never let facts get in the way of a good story.
  12. Much as I despised the man, I did once watch Bruce Forsyth in a one- man show. He was quite dismissive of newspapers. He said “ You see that little wording near the top right corner? That’s the date and usually the only thing that is correct”. Anyway smokescreen for what? Financial ruin? Mass vaccination to drug the populace? Enlighten us.
  13. From SWPL website in June ... “The FA, rightly or wrongly, – but very clearly – have stated the Steps are in it together, from the National League to us, we must all restart, or not, together. They use the example that if a club higher up cannot play, then those people going to the game will turn up at another lower step match. I guess 2 examples would be if Truro City cannot play then more people may watch at Falmouth Town and then Falmouth have covid issues with an increased crowd, the same could be said between Tiverton Town and Elmore. Whether we agree with this doesn’t matter as the
  14. So we have the National League (Steps 1&2) announcing their intended start date as October 3rd. Steps 3&4 looking at September 19th. And Step 6 (SWPL) fixtured from September 5th. As all Steps are supposed to start on the same date, with supporters allowed, it doesn’t seem to be a coordinated approach. We know that the #LetFansIn action may have some effect but DCMS have shown little sympathy in public. Let’s all hope we can get to see some footy soon.
  15. Seems like you have a few enemies Dave. Can’t see why, you have been very open with your plans all along. Ignore the ******.
  16. Not seen it myself, but reports that Falmouth and Saltash mentioned on the back page of The Sun today?
  17. St Pirans only. You can consider ECPL and Combo as S8 if you wish but not recognised as such by the FA.
  18. I think the words “inside the ground” should give you the answer. Much as it sounds illogical ...
  19. And also any games, irrespective of participants, played at a Steps 1-7 GROUND, no spectators allowed. So Foxhole v Queens Rangers at either ground, spectators allowed, but if played at Perranporth (S7), no spectators allowed.
  20. So we have St Austell tweeting that all games at Poltair are strictly behind closed doors and Saltash having 50 spectators. Hmm ..
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