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  1. Back from watching Newquay vs Tavi Newquay played very well in the 1st half after Tavi had scored a early goal you thought the floodgates would open but Newquay drew level with a pen ,Newquay defended really well in the 1st half with Harry Tillson making 2 brilliant blocks from Grant and Prynn ,Tavi played some lovely football and Glynn Hobbs ,what a great player he sees a pass another player wouldnt think of making .The 2nd half Tavi went in front when Harry Downing ,was having a great game made a awful mistake and Grant put away a easy chance Hobbs then made a great run and put across a great cross which Prynn couldnt miss and finally sub Jack Crago had a free header to make it 4 after the Newquay defence just went to sleep hard luck on Newquay but Tavi are a great team and come next May i think they will be crowned champions ,Tavi goalie Josh Oak made a rilliant 1 handed save but really didnt have much to d really and my fav player Josh Robbins was at his best as usual having a fine game my man of the match is Warren Daw for Tavi and Ollie Walker for Newquay who at times had the Tavi defence chasing shadows Overall Tavi deserved there win but Newquay will get more wins if they play like they did in the 1st half but Tavi had more quality and even could afford to have Jack Crago and Tyler Elliot on the bench Well done Tavi and also to Newquay for trying to compete with a great Tavi side also thought the ref had quite a good game even if every decision he gave the Tavi management gave him so much abuse who would want to be a ref and linesman not many
  2. Cullompton 1- Millbrook 3 Launceston 0- Plymouth Res 6 Newquay 0- Tavi 6
  3. Never relegation favourites from me Leeds i said they would end up 4th i said 1 TAVI 2 plymouth argyle 3 ST AUSTELL 4 BODMIN
  4. You cant rule out Bodmin they could be the dark Horses and Darren Gilbert knows what hes doing with his teams hes been in the game too long and is a top manager
  5. Sticker 3 - Callington 0 fa vase Buckland 6- Newquay 0 Sidmouth 3- Godolphin 1
  6. Dan Jennings is a very good player he played for Bodmin in the prem league dont know why he left there always looks a good player cant understand why hes not at a higher club he would do a good job for Newquay
  7. Bodmin 2- Godolphin 2 Exmouth 1- Saltash3 Helston 1- St Austell 2 Tavistock 4 - Torpoint 0
  8. Callington 0- Ivy 2 Camelford 1- Launceston 3 Elburton 0 -Plymouth Res 5
  9. ivybridge 0- Millbrook 3 Saltash 2- Launceston 0 Tavi 2 - Plymouth Argyle 2
  10. Watched a brilliant team performance from Godolphin in secring a 1-0 win versus Portishead ,it took a brilliant free kick from Tom SHEPHERD to get the goal and this came just after the Gs goalie Ethan Fern saved his 2nd pen in a week .Portishead didnt really create a lot of chances and Godolphin should of scored more especialy when Tim Peacock put across a lovely ball that was crying out to be put in the net but no G player could apply that touch but the G deserved this win and my man of the match could of gone to anyone they where all good but it goes to Tom Shepherd not just for his brilliant goal but for the amount of running he does he reminds me of 1 of tose Duracell Bunnies hes got so much energy .Well done the G .One last thing would like to say thankyou for Ollie Pinnell fo offering to give me a lift to the ground after my new clutch which i had fitted 3 weeks ago packed up on me lucky i could borrow my partners car but didnt like driving it but it was worth it to see such a brilliant team display as that .The ref and his assistants had a very good game he let the game flow
  11. Ivybridge 1- Exmouth 4 Saltash 8- Sticker 0
  12. Bodmin 5- Ivybridge 0 Plymouth Argyle 6- Camelford 1
  13. dont know why i thought it was 1-0 Dave must of been too busy taking photos and talking and to Maler i have been watching local football for a lot of years now and i think Helstons no5 Hugh HOWLETT is a class player i wouls have him in my team every time
  14. Back from the 2nd match today and a 2-1 win to the other team in Newquay ,this was yet another cracking game and Newquay played brilliant and went in front when all the Helston players stood aroud thinking the ball went out for a goal kick but it had not and was pulled back and the Newquay player put them 1-0 up right on half time .Helston came out 2nd half and scored there equaliser ,ex Godolphin player Josh Harris missed 2 easy chances for Newquay then you thought Helston would go on to win the match especially after my man of the match at the time Aaran Dilley had to go off injured but Jack BRAY Evans scored a fine goal beating Barrie Wyatt with a well placed shot the whole Newquay team where brilliant and deserved there win and my man of the match goes to Harry Downing who headed everything and kicked everything that came his way i was going to give it to Bray Evans but sometimes hes very greedy when on the ball but hes still a hell of a player .Well Done to Newquay for a great team display by every single player hard luck on Helston who played well and Hugh Howlett was as good as he always is liked the young no9 as well Kai Cornish i think hes called a real handful .Been a good day wins for both of the towns teams poor Smokie shattered now dont think he would want 2 games again
  15. One match down one to go watched a really good game Godolphin winning 2 -1 vs Millbrook both scored by Phil Lowry 1st goal was against the run of play Millbrook where playing some nice football but Tom Shepherd headed a lovely ball onto Phils foot and he volleyed it into the Millbrook goal given the goalie no chance his 2nd was just a cool finish when 1on 1 .Millbrook could of got back into the game when the linesman called the ref over and gave a pen to Millbrook nobody knows why only him well justice was done when Ethan Fern made a great save to keep the score at 2-0 to the G Millbrook hit the crossbar with a tremendous shot and got a goal they deserved but it did look offside but the goal was given .Brilliant display from the G AND MY MAN OF THE MATCH GOES TO ETHAN FERN for keeping Millbrook at Bay .I thought the young ref was excellent not so sure about 1 of the linesmen well that was good entertainment hope the Newquay vs Helston game will be just as good . Well done the G and hard luck to Millbrook you play too much passing try playing route 1 at times .ok time to walk up this bloody great hill to Newquay football ground
  16. Godolphin 3- Millbrook 1 Newquay 1- Helston 3
  17. Millbrook 2 - Newquay 0 Torpoint 1 - Plymouth Argyle 4 Helston 1- Godolphin 3
  18. Callington 0 - Exmouth 2 Camelford 3- Cullompton 1 Falmouth 5 - Elburton 0 Launceston 2 - Ivybridge 0 Tavi 2 - St Austell 2
  19. Off to watch Newquay play today was going Godophin but have lent my car to a friend so i got a 5 min walk to watch Newquay .St Austell are the form team and i can see them having a easy win vs Newquay or should i say ex Godolphin seeing there is so many ex G players in the team .Going for a 4-0 win to St Austell they got 2 of the top strikers in the league in Eddy and Goldsworthy and my fav midfield player in Martin Giles .Good Luck Newquay and also Godolphin vs Launceston
  20. Falmouth 1 - Bodmin 2 Saltash 2- St Austell 2
  21. Callington 1- Cmaelford 2 Elburton 0- Cullompton 2 Newquay 2 - Sticker 0