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  1. Hes only a young lad and i dont think hes up to it playing in a tough league like the Western .I seen Orlando lots of times and hes greedy on the ball at times instead of passing he decides to take on another player .Orlando was on the books of Aldershot dont think he got in the 1st team . Wish him all the best at his new club Helston i bet he will be back playing for Newquay before the end of the season i think the travelling will get him down the boy Woods went back to Liskeard after he went to Saltash to play in a higher league and i was told it was because of the travelling ,i think a lot of players think the same they are working lads and they certainly dont want to come home from work then got to go upcountry to play on a wet cold night cant blame them for staying where they are but some will see the £signs lighting up and wont mind the travelling
  2. Dane was gazumped with Massey waving the £ notes Orlando will have to cut out the fancy dribbling and step overs in that league or he will get the shit kicked out of him i dont think hes good enough for a higher league i reckon he will be back .Doesnt seem any loyaylty anymore in the game anymore he promised to sign for Saltash and was going to be training with them and Him the bloke i dont like cave waving wads of cash around and hes gone to Helston dirty trick really
  3. Good you and Josh have got a real good team there strong in defence good midfield just need a regular goalscorer think i will be watching 1 this weekend when Newquay Academy play Foxhole All Stars they got a striker called Tyler Cheshire who scores lots of goals he would look good at the G not saying Gav Perraton and Jaron McCartney are bad players but they are not going to score los of goals
  4. I would also say Orlando is on the way out as well but it wont be to Falmouth higher than that ,Orlando is a brilliant watched him every home game when he was picked picked more now JBE has left but Orlando tries to be to clever for his own good with his step overs and dribbling then some big defender flattens him .Hope Matty Walker doesnt leave the G hes a great player out on the wing
  5. Brilliant against a Dobwalls team who put 6 past Blazey ,G on the way up the table now and should get maximum points in next 2 games Vs Penryn and Penzance both at home .Adam and Josh doing a great job at the G .I see ex G Goalie Dale England now at Bodmin and i see he wa mom in last 2 games he was a hell of a good goalie but young Ollie is growing in confidence in goal at the G .See you at a ground soon Mattelot
  6. I have heard a rumour as well about another Newquay player could be going to Falmouth and its not Orlando its Louis Price who set up a lot more goals for JBE than Orlando ,dont think Orlando is good enough for Falmouth ,but i think Louis would do well there
  7. Another great Newquay player gone saw Duncan play many times for the Peppermints and Falmouth Duncan was a player who could play in any position on the park .R.I.P Duncan condolences t your family
  8. Bodmin 3- Launceston 0 Dobwalls 2- Godolphin 2 Liskeard 4- Callington 0 Wadebridge 3 - St Austell 2 L iskeard 4- Callington 0
  9. It was a hard earned point today Cornish led gend wih Luke Hunter and Matt Saunders playing so well theres no chance of them getting relegated i dont expect there will any relegation anyway now that Portheleven have pulled out of the league i thought a lot of the Callington players looked unfit to me ,the G deserved a point and maybe it was 2 points dropped but they got so many games in hand and they are heading in the right direction they really do need a striker though
  10. Another great display by the G defence against a talented Callington side ,Luke Hunter and Matt Saunders brilliant at the centre of the defence young goalie commanded his area well and made some good saves .Callington did most of the attacking in the 1st half with Luke Cloke a handful but well handled by the G defence against the run of play the G went in front when Xoli Ncube who had a excellent game turned the ball past his own goalie Steve France 1-0 to G ht .d the 2nd half Callington continued to attack and the G Defence held them at bay like they had the other night vs St Austell . Callington got a deserved equaliser by there sub Lewis Milne but it could of been a og .It makes you wonder how a team with so many talented players in there team like there captain Jordan Powell Luke Cloke and others .A draw was a fair result the ref had a good game and handled it well despite some robust tackles by both sides .Mom for me today for the G Matt Saunders and for Callington Luke Cloke
  11. So this is the 4th goaliRe HELSTON have used this season they started off with John Ross dont know what happened to him he looked good in pre season ,then they had Leo Summers then they got this foreign bloke Raddvandic and They got Corey Harvey good goalie but not tall enough really
  12. Dont like the bloke never speaks and i have reasons i dont like him also he built up a really good youth team at Helston and now the majority hve gone the latest being Lewis Tonkin going i thought he was bringing all the youngsters on but they have nearly all gone ,and i wonder what happened to there new goalie they had at the start of the season and in pre season he was called John Ross hes not there some goalie with a foreign name .Helston do seem to be doing well so Massey must be doing something right
  13. Good 1-1 draw for the G tonight St Austell certainly didnt have there shooting boots on tonight wave after wave of St Austell players swarmed down on the G goal but wayward shooting and over hit passes the magnificent G defence hung on and even went in at half time 1-0 through Gav Perraton . The G goalie Ollie Patterson wa lucky he didnt get sent off when he handled outside his area but the ref gave him the benefit of the doubt .HT G 1-0 up .2nd half St Austell continue to attack but there shooting at goal was abysmal , the G defended brilliant with the outstanding Matt Saunders back in the heart of the G DEFENCE alongside my MOM Luke Hunter .still St Austell attacked and they got there deserved equaliser from Matt Searle ,Francis Penberthy continue to cause havoc on the wing for the G but his final ball was poor .St Austell will wonder how they didnt win this game by a high score but give the G credit there defence was like my fav film Zulu holding off the Zulu attack . My Mom for the G was going to say the defence even young G goalie played well and his confidence is growing but MOM for me Luke Hunter outstanding and for St Austell George Marris even though he did go off injured .Ok onto Saturdays game vs Callington and hope the G continue where they left off tonight ,Callington got so many good players there something must be drastically wrong there with the results they have been getting . Enjoyed the game ref made some strange decisions but well done ref for being nice and not sending young Ollie off .
  14. Torpoint 3- Holsworthy 0 Godolphin 1- Callington 1 Launceston 2- Wendron 2 Liskeard 6- St Dennis 0 Newquay 2- Bodmin 2 Penzance 1- Dobwalla 4 St Austell 3 - Penryn 3 Sticker 1- St Blazey 4
  15. Camelford 3- Bodmin 1 Godolphin 2- St Austell 2 St Blazey 2 - Newquay 2 Wadebridge 2 - Liskeard 3
  16. I have watched JACK play every other week for NEWQUAY and this year he has been playing better than ever and i have been watching him play for a lot of years he will be a asset to Falmouth and will help then win lots of trophies .Newquay dont seem of missed him at all they got lots of good players and Louis Price is playing brilliant at the moment and you say of Jack bulking up you havnt seen Louis then he is bloody huge hes playing the wrong sport more the size of a rugby player . Newquay have got to appeal his sending off vs Wadebridge after he was suppposely headbutted a player well if he had been headbutted he wouldnt of got up so quickly i just saw Louis touch him with his hand nothing else . Pity JACK couldnt of left Newquay on better circumstances .
  17. Thanks for the team list BOBJFH sorry got you mixed up with HOBBIT
  18. Sorry Hobbit memory not good these days have a lot going on in my mind Anyone got the Camelford team list cant find t anywhere i know they where missing severel players and 1 player i talked to had not played for 3 years he was called Dan Balsdon nice bloke
  19. 5-1 Win to Camelford brilliant team hat trick from Ryan Downing , Dan Metherell and Andy Boxall with other goals .1st half the G played really well and Gav Perraton got a deserved equaliser to make it 1-1 at ht 2nd half different story young G goalie let a shot from Ryan Downing go through his legs he had made some great saves up until then , then Ryan Downing got the ball and went on a mazy run past the static G defence and he scored a ine goal , Andy BOXAL then got number 4 and Downing went on to get his hat trick . Camelford lost there brilliant captain Adam Sleep to injury but that didnt effect there dominance in 2nd half and could of scored a lot more with Gusterson the biggest culprit . The ref had a good game my mom for the g Ed T IMMONS the defence are better they where in the 1st half and for Camelford the brilliant Bobby HOPKINSON whose range of passing is brilliant a joy to watch . Reg has got a brilliant team there and they are the best team i have seen this year they had severel player out today but it never really showed . The G got 2 hard games coming up at Home vs St Austell and next saturday vs Callington i hope Matt Saunders is back by then to take his place at the heartof the G defence .WELL DONE CAMELFORD and ITS GETTING BETTER G BE GOOD TO PLAY GOOD FOR THE WHOLE 90MINS BUT EXCELLENT 1ST HALF .Was nice meeting fellow forum writer HOBBIT this afternoon great talkin to you and putting a name to the face and you have now met the famous Smokie Dog who didnt like the wet weather
  20. Jack has been loyal to Newquay for years hes been there from a young age and had lots of chances to play for other teams and this time hes decided to go for it and i wish him all the best he will do really well at Falmouth and i can see him winning lots of trophies .Newquay all they had to do was wish him well and say thankyou for your loyal service over the years but they got petty over the 7 day rule and now a new start for him awaits Newquay will still do ok without him but hes a player they will find hard to replace be interesting to see what happens in November when Newquay play down at Falmouth .
  21. Liskeard 3- Torpoint 2 Waqdebridge 1- Helston 4 St Austell 3 - Callington 1 Falmouth 8 - St Dennis 0 Godolphin 0- Camelford 5 Mousehole 0- Saltash 2 Penzance 0- Bodmin 3 Sticker 1- Newquay 4 Wendron 2 - Penryn 2
  22. Watched Newquay win narrowly 2-1 vs Wadebridge a draw would of been a fair result ,Newquay werent at there best tonight but won with a goal from Louis Price and Phil Lowry i maybe wrong i cant see very good at flood lit matches ,Wadebridge went 1-0 up when debutant Reuben Wilson beat Harry Ashton when 1 on 1after Newquay had most of the play .Just before Ht Newquay goalie had to go off injured and was replaced by Nathan Prentice . 1-0 HT But wasnt long before Louis Price equalised ,Newquay lost Alex Cole to injury and his replacement PHIL Lowry scored a 2nd with a deflected shot .This was turning into a feisty match and things got Nasty near the end when Louis PRICE was sent off for dont really know what but Wadebridge man went down holding his face like he had been shot but ref sent Louis off and booked Wadebridge goalie off . Wadebridge had Ben Williams playing after being out of the game for a long time and he was superb marshalling . unlike last Saturday where they where a shambles to be honest put tonight they was good . Newquay captain Ross Fallens got his usual booking but hes going to beause hes such a combetitive player .The ref had a ok game but he seemed to loose control when the naughty players to have a set to . My mom for Newquay goes to Joe Cooper who had Matt Lloyd in his pocket all game like he did on Saturday at Wadebridge in the vase match . MOM for Wadebridge for someone who hasnt played for a long time i thought he had a great game . Sorry if i got it wrong but my eyes do not like floodlit football but it gets me out of my flat once a week its bad enough every night there on my own . Onto Saturday to watch the G vs Camelford the best team i have seen this year . A draw would of been a fair result tonight but well done to Newquay winning when they werent at there best .
  23. It would be lovely if Wendron or Camelford won the league be nice to a smaller club win it ,but Falmouth will take some stopping think you can count Blazey out i would of put money on them walking away with the league but my predictions are usually crap .
  24. Bodmin 1 -Liskeard 2 Callington 1- Camelford3 Falmouth 5 - Sticker 0 Newquay 4 - Wadebridge 0
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