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  1. I see tavi on the verge of losing Matt Andrews to parkway before he even kicked a ball for them and judging by Henderson comments he not particularly pleased with parkway management approach stripping his club of more players also mentions he can’t offer the same money to keep a player unless he gets in to the southern league which I find odd as surly you pay the money now to keep your top players to give you a chance to get yourself promoted Definitely a club that could do with a moral boosting win tomorrow
  2. I still don’t understand why tavi haven’t got a top striker in when crago went. Is it the budget ? Why did they not go all out for landricombe when parkway let him go he be perfect for them Seems bit odd first game and they are already borrowing players
  3. Tavistock no where near the team they use to be . Saltash set up first half to frustrate tavi and they didn’t have the players to break them down and seem to lack ideas. 2nd half saltash stepped up a gear and looked fresher and much more the better team Dane put together a really quailty team and keeping hold of Reece when parkway and tavi were in his ear is a master stroke . Saltash will be up around the mix come the end of season . Tavistock need some quality brought in to give the club a lift it’s been a tough pre season key players have gone even Henderson in his interview looks like he could do with a lift.
  4. Saltash look very strong this year to be fair , young energetic team. Some very good signings to go with last year’s strong squad. Tavistock look like a team in transition and I wonde if it going be a tough season for them
  5. I do feel the covid isolation excuse is getting used far too much now. when players or teams don’t fancy a midweek game they arranged ages ago but now can’t raise a side. And it does effect clubs who have laid on food and relying on gate money to help in the season. Be interested to see how many times this happens in the season when the big long midweek trips are due.
  6. Bodmin have to take positive that they pushed a team a few divisions higher all the way. . I would have put parkways team of last year to have beaten Bodmin comfortably if Darren gets Levi fully fit and clear from Injury Bodmin will take some stopping in that league to be fair.
  7. Is he ? Even stranger then that they have played him in every pre season game without looking at alternatives options when he missing
  8. Don’t think it was very pleasant after the mousehole defeat. Lots of arguments between players ,very heated . The defence hasn’t looked great for a while needs more pace maybe the reason farkins was let go it means Krac will now have to be main voice in thier going forward it hasn’t been a great pre season to be honest for parkway and the new lads are not quite up to scratch and will take time . But I’m still confident parkway will come good.
  9. Looks like Farkins wasn’t expecting to be binned off judging by his twitter update. I do agree tho parkway will need more pace at the back had that showed in pre season so lee acted I’m still not convinced crago or bath are going to give you the goals Richard did. Will be a tough test tonight that for sure.
  10. Big test for parkway to be fair. And the news rob farkins has departed. Not been a great pre season for parkway just haven’t looked right
  11. They must have some idea of the level of opposition they are going to face when arranging the friendly. To win 20 nil I’m assuming they had a loads missing or players just making up numbers from somewhere . A goal every 4-5 mins the keeper must have back ache
  12. Winning a game 20 nil doesn’t benefit anybody to be honest .
  13. I don’t know about unbelievable mouseole are a very good team. And will take some stopping next season to be honest.
  14. parkway seem to be really struggling to get going as a team this pre season . A lot of new faces have come in And it seems it going to take some time to get up to the standard Lee will won’t to compete in the higher league. You have to think Richard goals are already a big miss and Shane krac seems to have played all of pre season and looks to be the player parkway want to build around and I’m not sure he offers the same as the younger players in there they could really do with a game and few goals to get the confidence back up
  15. Thing is why go through the bother of signing these big players on let’s be honest faily big wads of money per game. if you not serious about wining the title and going up. Bodmin must be keen to get promoted
  16. Bodmin building a team to be right up there and challenge blazey.
  17. Seems to be blending in a lot of youth from local football and giving them a chance with a group of experienced players and going in a different direction to normal signings Bodmin make. That a good thing in my opinion
  18. Yet again a good subject on transfers and player movement taken over by big Al moaning about Falmouth and people moaning at him
  19. Rumours that the money isn’t there and a lot of the players are getting double to go else where. Hard to down. I agree they still have a core of good players. Will still need a good 4 or 5 top quality players to sign on to have a chance of promotion I think but where are likely to get them ? Most have signed on already for clubs.
  20. Another player gone from tavi I see. Reece Shanley dropping down to play at Bodmin. That going be some rebuild for tavi this season. A team I would have had as being up there to challenge for the title.
  21. You would have expected the money to have gone down a bit now the league is a poorer standard but the odd thing is st blazey and probably a lot others will be paying out more then tavi and saltash do on players. Still The real big money is still being spent on players across the bridge and up the motorway the sums they are on would make blazey players packets look like pennies I just hope these clubs can sustain it Blazey will need average crowd of 200-300 every home game to compete if they go up. same with Bodmin I just can’t see it they probably get about 70- 80 at most .
  22. What’s going on at tavi ? Seem to be losing a lot of key players. Normally a club that keeps a loyal base of players.
  23. I agree. It’ seems lee has gone back to proven players he knows from past. Bentley I thought moved on originally as he wasn’t gettting played I’m not sure if he going to start this season but I guess he been tempted to come back by something. The midfield is a hard one. Iike you say not many quality holding midfielders in the local game
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