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  1. I would have to say you can be quite rude to people who are having constructive comments... Their point are not identical to yours and anyway it's good to see if people Have the same views
  2. I think the issue is that the statement(before edited) inferred that the(or some) players had ( or were at) a small function in the Clubhouse and then some have since had covid. From new years eve.. Tier 3
  3. Yes.. That's how I read it although they did edit the bit out about a small social function to it was open to the public.
  4. I would assume they've only just found out that anyone was positive otherwise why would the statement only be put out today 8 or 9 days later.
  5. I believe it should be managed to play games otherwise the government would have shut it down so the suspension of games isn't down to this. What its down to, and understandably so, is money and time. Lack of money coming in due to bar closure etc and manpower to carry out the stringent rules now in place. If all teams had said... We have loads of money and loads of manpower (I know they haven't)... Football wdve continued in tier 3 I believe In the end though without this the right decision was made by the league
  6. I would assume if Phil thinks the league needs suspending then it does as the man seems to live and breathe football. Well done the league for pre empting the tier changes and being ready to go with a decision. Most leagues now following
  7. What I don't understand is why it was only the home team who could cancel..... If you play only away games you still have to pay the players but without even ticket revenue?
  8. I think once 2pm had been turned down 2.30 was offered with a short half time so we were both right. Lol I reckon they are probably hoping to be awarded the game. BUT again... Just play football
  9. I do agree with you though... With the amount of games off at moment.. Just play the game.... A couple hundred fans let down and 22 + players who just want to play football
  10. Let's remember that it's Tavistock that failed to get the game played at the correct time. However... Once you've travelled 3 hrs.... And then got to get back as well... Just play the game..... They wdve lost and will lose next time too... Unless of course the league actually say Tavistock cdnt fulfill the fixture.and award odd down the game.....a possibility maybe Tavi wanted it kicked off at 2pm
  11. It was obviously very wrong what these lads did... There's no getting away from that. I can also see why St blazey as a club might not want these lads representing them in the future and that would be their choice (although it seems like they are being put under pressure to come to that decision). BUT what I don't understand is how this can ever be judged as a league/fa matter (other than for failure to complete the 2 games over Xmas) They aren't contracted, weren't in official team wear.... So how they can officially be seen as blazey players I don't know. Would the fa
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