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  1. Got a grandson. Who plays for Helston but often asks what game to watch... Troll
  2. Torpoint 1 Callington. 0 A pretty much 2nd string torpoint team(Richards and dammers on bench.. No hird.. Peters. Mccreery.. Hicks... Kershaw.. Thompson.. Paul. Heveran or John heveran) came out on top against an average Callington side. Goal scored by the centre back who used to be Peter Bradley but now looks like he's eaten Peter Bradley. Jake Miller again looked far above the rest of his side Torpoint looked like they were trying to get knocked out to concentrate on league but cdnt manage it. Callington did lose their keeper after about 20 mins to be fair to them
  3. How dare an actual player come on here...haha This is the waltz all over.. Happy to put himself up there to be shot at.. Good on him I say
  4. He stayed in his playing strip.... Wow... He is more of a bad boy than I thought!!
  5. Stuart bowker is a must in the starting line up for Helston... Although veal and Tucker also very good. He brings goals... He brings character... And he. Just brings spice 😂 Probably my favourite local player
  6. You didn't read what I said correctly... I said every lower half side needs him.. As in he's a player that can make a huge difference without great service or by feeding off scraps. Didn't mention whether he could do it at a top side or not
  7. Ben Waters is the sort of forward any lower table team needs. Any defender will turn up and think... Oh not that pain in the arse! Will score goals... Will run non stop... Will chatter constantly. There are better players around obviously but not many who influence a game like he can. A proper character and 100% a pantomime villain. Expect mouth... Expect knee slides.... Expect dives...... But also expect goals Good for the game... Love him or not
  8. So.... Here's 2 to 2 and half grand a season... To play football for a (bigger) club. Why would you turn that down (unless you're already on that kind of money)
  9. A charge of £13 is probably the reason the crowds aren't very high
  10. The reason you may have got blamed, and it's not your fault, is because a lot of refs will change how they ref.. And openly say this.. Because they are being assessed
  11. Excellent video..... Charlotte's input was both Incisive and well said and low key. Action took centre stage Agreed.. 100% penalty
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