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  1. Well after watching Liskeard 3/4 times and again yesterday Lee Mann (coach) looks like the manager down there as the other two had no passion. But if I was callington and launceston I would be going to him and asking him if he fancied it.
  2. I heard Steve Massey has brought in Sam Borthwick has a keeper/assistant 🤔🤔
  3. Fair enough after hearing and reading about what woodsy and Hodgey says about Lee Mann in Cornish times and I was stood next to the chairman last night they love him. Players certainly have taken to him and I have never seen players like Jarrod woods run so much must be doing something right. ⚽️
  4. Well I went and watched liskeard tonight, for a club that doesn’t have massive budget they play some lovely football but also looked very organised and fit. Heard liskeard had couple injuries tonight James Lorenz was playing on a broken toe and still scored 3. The young keeper Luke was struggling with and injury and Tom Cleveland wasn’t in the squad due to pulling up Saturday. I know it’s woodsy And Hodgey but who’s the young lad with them now. think liskeard as a club deserve a pat on the back for all the measures they have put in place for COVID.
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