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  1. Given the state of Bovey Traceys ground this morning, they've little chance of getting 20 odd games in by the end of April. Hopefully this mess which is countrywide now will focus the FA to extend the season.
  2. Just had a thought. Perhaps the time has come with FA putting pressure on the SWPL to end the season by end of April, to move the semi finals of the Senior Cup to Easter weekend and then have the final on the 1st Bank Holiday in May? That way it frees up another Saturday for teams not involved and grounds and allows the final to be the true end of season event in early May? Remember as well that Saltash and Liskeard were still involved in the CSC back in the 80s/90s.
  3. I was listening to Radio Cornwall, perhaps an idea if say two teams were drawn together and the fixture in the league hasnt been played, a double bubble and play 2 fixtures instead of 1? If you win, then go through and get 3 league points? Happened between Wadebridge and St Austell in the RFU last Saturday.
  4. If it turns up being an all SE Cornwall final, perhaps its Launcestons turn?
  5. But it's not exactly in the middle of all the teams left is it? Have to say, Ashes v Millbrook would be good at Torpoint!
  6. Agreed should be a cracker. Sadly I'll miss it as I'm working tomorrow. First game I'll have missed since Mousehole away (so not a good sign!) If we have Ryan and Sam firing on all cylinders I'd place a fiver on an Ashes win. But Bickland is a tough place make no doubt about it.
  7. Wendron United 0 Saltash 5 Pretty darn dominant at Wendron this afternoon- in fact Saltash had so much dominance in the 1st 20 mins that Wendron didnt really touch the ball until 21st min! Ashes strikers Ryan Rickard and Sam Hughes on blistering form with goals in 12th Ryan, 23rd Sam, and Ryan 30th. That 3rd goal was the Ashes 100th in just 20 games. But after half time it came on coming with Sam's hattrick in 48th and 51st (blistering the net) Wendron could have got a goal back in the 73rd minute but for superb triple save by Ryan in goal. The game ended with Ashes having vast amounts of possession but no extra goals although lord knows how! So that's 102 goals in 20 games now. The season continues and with St Austell have lost to Helston in the top 2 battle, it's hard to see the title not being between the Ashes and Helston now. Just a shout out to Wendron. Cracking set up for such a small village community- Friendly bunch as well but they could do with some more supporters sadly. Also that coffee they sold at half time, was flipping brilliant- I'd say it was with proper filter coffee for the taste - best cuppa of the season! 😊
  8. And if that's what it takes so be it. I've only got back into the SWPL this season and enjoying local Cornish football after 20 years away. The best bit has been to see the amount of children enjoying the games at St Dennis,Camelford, Saltash and Dobwalls for example. That's the sort of encouragement we should be cultivating. Not mindless idiots with flares and homophobic signs pretending to be "men".
  9. Back to football..... Saltash 8 Wadebridge 2 In simple terms, clinical and ruthless by the Ashes today. Saltash opened the scoring in 6th minute with Sam Hughes (in blistering form today). Defence mixup led to Wadebridge getting a goal in the 10th but Saltash turned on the style, with Barker scoring in 20th and Obrien in the 24th. The Ashes then had 2 more goals disallowed for offside (one of which must have been a toe off !) Just before halftime Hughes got his second. Half time 4-1. If you thought Saltash would let it drift in 2nd half two quick goals by Ryan Richard's in 49th and Sam Hughes in 51st for his hatrick put pay to that! Then Sam scored his 4th in the 56th. Game settled down with Ashes creating plenty of chances including another disallowed and having most of the possession before Wadebridge gave away a penalty for Barker to score in 77th. That penalty set the tone for the end of the match with Ashes getting a 2nd just a couple of minutes later but that landed towards the leisure centre. Fair credit to Wadebridge they pressed again and got a penalty themselves in the 83rd and scored. So 8 goals, 3 disallowed and a missed penalty. 97 goals in 19 matches and proof that it's a team playing for each rather than relying on 1 striker to score all the goals.
  10. I dont think theres any doubt in the years ahead, that Western League Premier will become more and more Devon and Cornwall based. 4 up this season 2 each following years. Add in the ones there, and it becomes a far more attractive proposition. If you read yesterdays independent Chipping Sodbury are already planning for Hellenic along with a lot of Bristol based teams in the coming years.
  11. According to the FA, 2 teams will be promoted from SWPL W and E this season (1st and 2nd positions only). However, the 2nd place can opt out this season should they wish. Are there any teams looking to opt out do we know at this stage - I've heard rumblings from a work colleague that Torpoint wouldn't be keen this year?
  12. Camelford 1 Saltash 3. Good game, and once Saltash got the game going after that early Camels goal, it settled down. I think all Ashes supporters like myself would have been happier with a 4th goal but Camelford were excellent in their midfield play to stop that. My 1st ever trip to Camelford FC, and I liked the ground and supporters who were a friendly bunch. Felt like a traditional SWL ground but with a modern edge. Good luck to Camelford for the rest of the season. Ashes next? League Cup v Helston on Wednesday at Kimberley.
  13. Wendron have done better than expected in fact they gave Saltash a good game and beat Bodmin says a fair bit. Godolphin on the other hand have gone through the wringer.
  14. Snap here in the East. Blowing an absolute hoolie inland here in Plymouth
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