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  1. Big difference this year. You'll have been offered a double vaccination. So if they spread, you'll have around 94% chance of not catching it compared to an almost certainty. Something else to bear in mind- I caught Covid at a SWPL game in October. Bad luck, but proves you could catch it anywhere and not just in a big crowd.
  2. From our point i think the FA will want 4 teams from SWPL sooner rather than later. Then 1 each season going forward. Within a few years I can see a few teams being at Step 5 and even step 4 (Southern League). The days of the backwater will hopefully come to an end.
  3. And this is the BIG difference. 2019-2020 was declared null and void. 2020-2021 has only been Curtailed. There's a lot of speculation online that the tables 2020/21 can be used for Promotion.
  4. I think if its like other teams, Truro City could be allocated a space if some applications fail. Given i think the clubs need a Grade H with 12 months to promise to improve, that should certainly see Bude, Penryn and Hayle easily in (Bude having been old SWPL W in last season and Penryn/Hayle also been in SWPL W. If (and its a big IF) this year the FA promote 2 teams then I'd say its 2 those. Depending on where Truro decide to apply to play then they'll be ground checked. Parkway don't have a reserve side so we'll see if this a "joint" venture. Applications for the East div
  5. So promotion may appear to be back on the table- both in and out of the SWPL. Applications from last season still apply Braunton FC Hayle Newtown FC Penryn Athletic Teignmouth And new this season Bude Town Okehampton Argyle Ottery St Mary Truro City Reserves (assume @Parkway) So if the FA do promote 4 teams up as is possible, then its upto 4 in.
  6. Im guessing this will be the push for promotion to step 5 for St Blazey? After all, post 1 normal season which was to have been 2019/2020 if a club refuses then its automatic relegation from memory. The option out only applies for that first full season.
  7. I think Treyew Road was version 2? Seem to recall they left the old SWL in the 70s for a few seasons to sort a new ground out?
  8. If it was once or twice then I'd agree. But its nearly every thread, multiple times, several times a week. If its authority- he starts. If its something perfectly reasonable he starts. All with generally false statements. During the start of last lockdown he was banned from posting as what he was stating was not only false but dangerous. Theres a solution. But the forum owners aren't or don't have the courage to deal with.
  9. The problem is, Big Al is that you show little respect for anyone on this forum or the clubs, officials or ordinary supporters of teams within SWPL. You admit you've not been in a ground for years. And in these days whereby mental health is being championed by official organisations including the FA in London and social media there is increasing concerns and legal actions being taken against people whilst allowing for opinions - consistent wind ups isn't funny, clever and is damaging. Personally, if the forum organisation had some guts on here - find the IP address and just block B
  10. Being bored during lockdown I've been looking at the old SWL tables and seeing how many times teams had to reapply to the old SWL. The top 6 teams in terms of having to reapply at the league AGM was interesting. 1st Bugle 16 times 2nd St Austell 9 times 3rd Holsworthy and Launceston 7 times each 4th Bodmin Town and Tavistock 6 times each Which got me thinking. Did anyone try to apply to replace these teams and fail year on year? I remember that Falmouth didn't get in after leaving the Western League as the league was full, and St Austell d
  11. There's an old saying. To err is human. To forgive- Divine. As I've stated to the Blazey managers, what's done is done. Now is time to move on for them and perhaps for all of us on the outside looking in. Lifes tough enough without keyboard warriors trying to influence any future aspects. Life is tough enough without resorting to wanting more issues Just imho
  12. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.cornwalllive.com/news/cornwall-news/rules-people-tier-2-3-4739230.amp&ved=2ahUKEwigtsj8vP_tAhXXi1wKHbEMD1cQFjAQegQICxAB&usg=AOvVaw3MnLsqgnAbdLy0y__zIRoX&ampcf=1 Christmas Eve you could sit and have a pint in Tier 1 from Tier 2/3 without a meal..... IMHO- I miss total lockdown. At least you know where you stood
  13. I'd only been to football that Tuesday(day off from work). Wednesday and Thursday bar 2hrs in work I didn't leave my flat. Only contact with 1 work colleague. I went down with symptoms on Friday - Day 3 when they traditionally appear. As part of T and T the NHS were satisfied that football was the most likely place as was my follow ups with Derriford lung clinic and I was stood chatting close to a positive person. I wont name that person but they got symptoms the same week. But then work out how my other half never caught it? We shared a bed and flat as they're working from home!
  14. Just a gentle reminder everyone. I attended a game on 27th October. Open air ground in Cornwall. I didn't enter the club. I caught Covid. Has that club lost -40 points? No. The only thing which confirmed the T and T works is that NHS made a lot of people isolate as a result of that including 15 people I work with (boy was i popular). So if you did T and T like I did on Boxing Day and you've not been contacted then you have little to worry about. Equally, the NHS will decide- NOT the club what day you are on for self isolation. I was positive the Friday so started on Day
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