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  1. Under the national ground grading team, the areas around the dugouts have to be kept clear and free of paying spectators. It’s sadly easier to close the whole side. You’ll be no doubt pleased to know the club has sourced some permanent metal barriers from London 2012 Olympics which will sort this out, and they’ll be fitted when weather allows.
  2. Come off it. Mousehole came to Kimberley Stadium midweek and I know of at least 4 other clubs there represented from Western League. It was the only midweek game and managers/ committee members were scouting.
  3. Saltash 1 Exmouth 2 Ah the perils of scoring in the first 2 mins. Never at the races today, not for the want of trying. Early on we were are good as at Shepton Mallet but I think the cold/virus which ripped through the squad (not Covid just a bad cold) didn’t do us any favours. Hey ho- onwards onwards.
  4. I think and I’ll choose my words carefully as Ashes Secretary- but the club concerned in S Gloucestershire aren’t high in the making friends stakes. It’s a situation which was so much more aware given the tremendous welcome and help we got at Shepton Mallet in subsequent game and at other WL clubs we’ve been too like Bridgwater, Brislington, Clevedon and yes Helston and Mousehole. When even dietary factors are taken into account for players at Shepton - that gives you the idea of what should be - no question no issue was too much trouble for myself, players, officials and supporters who chatted away happily with Shepton.
  5. To be fair- Saltash lads and manager don’t sing against other clubs on the coach. Unless you call murdering Maggie May last Saturday in a form even Simon Cowell would struggle to call music. 🤣
  6. Shepton Mallat 0 Saltash United 1 We played them off the park first half- really really good football- best of the season imho. Cracking goal from Sam Farrant freekick saw us go in 1 up at half time. Second half saw Shepton coming back into it and in 86th min they got gifted the softest penalty in history but they had little fight for it and Ryan easily saved it. Bit of a battering in the last 7 mins but 3 points is 3 points. Not many teams will go to Shepton and get much. Very happy coach home tonight. Finally really friendly bunch at Shepton and they made us so welcome. All in all a good day out
  7. Saltash United 4 Bitton 3 I don’t know where to start. Blood, thunder, 3 red cards for Bitton, Ashes 2-3 down at half time but coming back to beat the worst whinging moaning side I’ve seen at this level. Bitton had every trick off the book, time wasting- a goalie who had more cramp than known to mankind. They tried to get Henry Wilson sent off for a strong but fair tackle and when that failed their management literally lost the plot. But goals from Callum Martindale, Sam Farrant, Tom Harris and Dave Barker saw Ashes home for a deserved win. Can I add- Shaun Edge was excellent as referee today- in control ,fair and importantly not worried as Bitton fell to pieces in the last 10 mins. He didn’t fall for the play acting and was a credit to his job today. Onwards onwards.
  8. Mousehole 1 Saltash United 2 Cant comment on the game directly as on Zakynthos, but let’s say it’s probably the most global Radio Cornwall has been at my hotel. Still, good to hear we were on form today and onwards into the next round. Have to say Radio Cornwall Sport was a good listen today- bit rugby heavy until 4pm but better last 2 hours.
  9. Well, as the admin is done by volunteers two words come to mind. GROW UP. This will hurt Colin our secretary more than anything and whilst I’m due to take over from him next month when I’m home from Greece 🇬🇷 this is the 1st step wrong in nearly 20 years loyal service to SUFC and I hope he won’t be too chastised. Having been learning the role it’s a mine field of rules and expectations.
  10. Forced? Try at least a couple of years planning and preparing, getting a squad that would challenge for promotion. No one prepared for a pandemic as the idea seemed remote but with grants available and sensible discussion when the opportunity arose we took it. And if we hadn’t, there were plenty below us who would have taken it. This idea that Cornwall is outside of the national league system is gone- most would say for the the better. In years to come you’ll have be step 5 to be in the FA Cup. The card the FA played was that if you win the SWPL you have to have a ruddy good reason to refuse promotion and by adding 4 teams from Cornwall the travelling idea is removed. Didnt St Austell try to go up before Parkway but failed ground grading? They’d pass now- as would most of SWPL teams as grants have filtered down. There’s always one team which never talks about promotion but even they tried to go up to Western League in the late 70s/80s….
  11. And i’d say- times have changed since then. With 8 teams increasing to 9 or 10 next season, and with the prospect in years to come of a Eastern border of say Taunton then Step 5 is a pretty good prospect. Next you’ll be saying it’s ‘too far’. Well I guess you do turn right at Argentina and stop via Portugal. Or is it the Taunton about 20 miles north of Cullompton or 15/20 min drive in West Somerset?
  12. Understand. But if you think 8 out of 19 are ex SWPL sides in Western- add in 2 more after this season then you get to see where the clubs are heading. As much as I enjoyed Bitton and will enjoy Cadbury Heath and Keynsham - they’ll probably be moved to Hellenic soon to make space for the likes of Falmouth/Liskeard/Cameford/Brixham/Torpoint and Okehampton in the coming years.
  13. Whilst it’s starting to be obvious that Falmouth will win the SWPL W make no mistake Bob, as we at Saltash are finding, winning 6/7 nil in SWPL is little consolation in Toolstation. Trust me, going to Bridgwater and literally being played off the park, and they’re not having a top season. Add in the industrial levels of tackles, injuries and yes to a degree the travelling then it’s a very different time in Step 5. Take our first ten games- 2 of those have been brought forward by the league both away at Bitton and Brislington and we’ve been Clevedon and Bridgwater, Helston (midweek game!), games on Saturday and Monday and suddenly the Bon amie of SWPL is a long way away. You’re expected both on field and behind the scenes to be x10 more professional by the league and then the ground graders get involved! When you think we’ve had a settled good squad for years and we’ve had issues and had to sign players (injuries mostly) and you’ll see it’s a very different game higher up!
  14. There’s a rumbling that the money man has pulled out at Bitton. The defence was good but the centre back looked like he wanted a fag past the 75th min! Indeed, in fact we’ve not played any of the bottom 6 yet, and only Shepton Mallet from the top 7 we’ve not played. The table hasn’t settled down yet and the only time we’ve been totally outplayed in the league was at Bridgwater.
  15. Think a Wadebridge pitch from pre levelling (not far off an old Chard Town), an entrance not unlike Millbrook, and an overhang built in by turnstile which was Unitarian. Add in breeze block perimeters with Kimberley style perimeter walls only lower- yup a funny ground. Friendly locals mind. All 70 odd of them.
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