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  1. Equally you can see with Millbrook who were in ECPL Div 1 back along, have now had 4 promotions, new floodlights and done ground improvements to become a Western League side. What is to stop someone down at Duchy/Trelawney aiming for the same goal going forward? I'd say that could be good thing!
  2. As an Ashes fan- I was there during the early 90's and away days at places like Clandown and Welton Rovers. Back in the days of no sat nav, having to go via the old Non League Directory (remember that!), I couldn't find Welton Rovers ground for love nor toffee. had to drive into Bath (!) look in WH Smiths for ground directions as nobody was picking up the phone at West Clews. Happy memories! Mind you, back then my first car was a old Austin Mini and driving on the M5 was fun. I'm looking forward to the new season- and hopefully my diesel car will help soften the blow occasionally. There'l
  3. It is, and I can see the Southern League having Cornish Teams bar Truro in the next few years as well.
  4. You may think that- and I couldn't possibly comment. Cough AFC Sudbury and Wroxham in 90s as well. But if you win the SWPL W you have to have a strong and robust reason to now refuse promotion. Once the FA may give you leeway. But the days of winning and staying put year on year are gone and the FA can and have relegate a club for refusing promotion. Just look at Andover in the Wessex. Won Premier at a canter, paying players a fortune, claimed they couldn't afford promotion. No problem said FA- play in Wessex Division 1 at a level you can afford. Won the league and got relegated! I
  5. The problem is/was that when you had that structure- only Buckland went up until Parkway, then Tavistock and Exmouth. Spotting an issue here?? No Cornwall teams entertained it bar St Austell who i think got turned down on ground issues since resolved. Now we have 4 teams going up in 2021 Summer, with 1 more each year from East and West in 2022 onwards. The FA is appearing to be very keen to move more of Eastern Western League teams to the Hellenic league. So even if no ex SWPL teams are promoted to Southern league and no one relegated back to SWPL then in 5 years, you could ha
  6. Parkway yes average attendance 297 in 2020 season. Saltash (sadly including a 0 attendance- thanks to Godolphin) average 161. Equally, perhaps the Saltash players the majority of which have been together for years will be happy still playing as a team? I'd rather be sustainable than boom and then bust. At the end of the day- if last two seasons had been normal, I'd say its fair to say Saltash, Helston and Mousehole would be now at Step 5 with 2 up from 2019-2020 and the champions of 2020-2021. But life hasn't been fair and I've little doubt that instead of SWPL W
  7. So in 2019-2020 Saltash lost to Mousehole and drew at home. This season we beat Mousehole away back in early September. Yes we played Helston and best them in the LC but not the league. But equally- remember Saltash got given 3 points but no goals thanks to a no show by a team in 2020. We could have been top on goals if that had been played. Who knows... The way the league fixtures worked out both in 2019/20 and what was 2020 season saw a LOT of games played close by, but not longer distance. What you have to expect is that a lot of this promotion is being driven by circumstan
  8. Not just Saltash and Helston. Millbrook have a top two PPG from the East so potentially 3 Cornwall teams could apply for promotion. Other East team is Ilfracombe.
  9. Someone is jealous 😁😁 Who should have gone up then?
  10. Well, personally I'm looking forward to some new grounds. But within a few years, the Western League will be like the SWPL with the likes of Mousehole, St Blazey, Falmouth up. If you pay mega bucks and win, then simply its onwards to the Southern League. If you refuse- automatic relegation back to SWPL.
  11. Boss is sending me to St Austell for a meeting tomorrow. If the traffic lights are Red through St Blazey, I've warned him chances are I'll come back in a Green and Black top 😄 (given the rate they're signing players).
  12. Agree. But the FA did a certain relegation in the neighbouring Wessex League. Andover walked the Step 5 league, refused promotion and the FA relegated them to Step 6. They've not recovered. The days of buying the league and staying down, are coming to a close. You've got to have a massive reason to refuse.
  13. Well its a sad day but, all isnt quite lost. The Plymouth West Devon league is continuing. So it'll be interesting to see the crowds and the players! 😁
  14. Interesting as well. Its a can of worms depending on the development of steps above us. The no relegation part was the most Interesting!
  15. Big difference this year. You'll have been offered a double vaccination. So if they spread, you'll have around 94% chance of not catching it compared to an almost certainty. Something else to bear in mind- I caught Covid at a SWPL game in October. Bad luck, but proves you could catch it anywhere and not just in a big crowd.
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