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  1. Sort of SWPL. Saltash United 1 Holsworthy 0. Felt like "day after Lord Mayor's parade". A few tired legs on Ashes part. Holsworthy always a tough side, but playing 5 and 3 in defence made it a tough afternoon. Still, miles in the legs, and no injuries in the face of some interesting tackles. The one into the main stand could been have worse than it was.
  2. Yes Liskeard played some nice stuff, but Wadebridge just seemed to have more about them tonight. However, the most pleasing trend I'm seeing is the clubs whose squads are clearly all mates and friends. Liskeard and especially Wadebridge were like that. It's a tact that worked well for Saltash/Millbrook/Tavistock and look where its led them. There seems to be a noticeable move away from the journeymen for the buck of old- and that's a good thing.
  3. Just home from Wadebridge 4 Foxhole 0. Wadebridge surprised a few teams last season and gave Saltash a hell of game last October. On tonight's showing make no mistake they'll be up there again. Foxhole clearly were not as fit or have the turn of speed but I like the terrier approach of Wadebridge, run, defend and hassle. It worked well for them tonight. The two forwards were excellent although the number 9 had a bit of a mare with some open goal misses. Foxhole played their part and played some good stuff especially towards the end of the match and I think they'll hold their own in their league on this showing. I'll finally say and stick my neck out- but Wadebridge could well be top 6 on their play alone and they were much better than the Liskeard side I saw last night.
  4. I guess because it's a "friendly" they try and be a bit more lax. There was a couple of tackles at Liskeard last night which would have been certain yellow and possibly a red in a few weeks, but the ref had a strong word with the players and one was subsequently substituted immediately.
  5. PSF Liskeard Athletic 5 Saltash United Reserves 0 at Lux Park. SWPL W v St Pirans East. Att about 45 headcount. After the big crowds of Kimberley, back to normal tonight. The plan was to go to Torpoint/Camelford but Mill Park looked empty at 645pm, so a quick turn to A374 and the Twisties meant I got to Liskeard by 715pm. Turned out Torpoint was on ( and they lost 1-4) but this was a gem of a game. As befits a Liskeard/Ashes Derby it was keenly fought, festy at points. Liskeard lost their old manager close season and Saltash have picked up a nucleus of players. Add in the news Lisleard reserves have folded so I was interested to see how they'd perform. And the answer was actually very well. Clearly this Liskeard side is like the more and encouraging side of Cornish Soccer- ie a group lads who are all friends and play for the badge. Whilst sadly I can't see them top 5 in SWPL W - they'll be nowhere near the bottom of that I'm certain. Lux Park looks very similar to when it was Western League ground although the cover by cricket ground is a new replacement. But I enjoyed my evening so that's the main thing and if I get chance I'll happily go back for a fixture
  6. Cracking night at Kimberley with the final score 1-2 to the Championship side. Att had to be heading towards 1000. Credit all the players, they matched Middlesbrough and Callum O'brien and Ryan Rickard outstanding. Good to see the new guys Tom Cleveland, Jarod Woods doing excellent work and the penalty well taken by Dave Barker. PSF don't show a lot normally- but I'm liking the spirit by the Ashes team heading into Step 5. All credit to Neil Warnock and Middlesbrough fans- they knew they'd been in a proper match last night!
  7. Yes a good workout for Ashes against a Brixham side which should be towards the top of East division. Agree Tom Cleveland looks to be an excellent signing and also the young lad Tyler linking with Jamie Simmons and Reece Thompson shows much promise.
  8. I'm guessing the Western League Fixture Sec? Heck I'd rather go Helston midweek than on a Saturday at the end of July. Remember back in day going to Penzance for the opening day and leaving home at daft at o'clock in the morning.
  9. To be fair it's not a bad fixture list in terms of travelling. For example December has Ashes away at Keynsham then away at Wellington. The rest long trips are all pretty well spread out.
  10. It's hard to be reasonable at this news. All 4 Cornish clubs are solvent, have been planning for Step 5 for years in some cases, and have done major work to their grounds. I'm mindful of the Tavistock v Odd Down situation on 28th December last year. That was a hint at things brewing. The Western League have to take control of this and point out, we are all in a national league system. If a club feels that they cannot comply then Step 6 or 7 can be applied for. When you look at the hard work undertaken at Saltash/Millbrook/Helston and Mousehole and we accept our costs and travelling for players and supporters what is the difference. Its the Western League, not the Greater Bristol league.
  11. Been announced Brislington and Clevedon Town appeals to move to Hellenic from Western have failed. Think it's fairly obvious they don't fancy the trips down to deepest Cornwall....
  12. As much as I like Dan Hart as a player and person, I fear for Launceston this year- clearly Callington and Penzance have added depth. St Dennis not playing at home for a month will have a bearing on the early table and may not recover. Porthleven is an unknown but never an easy place Gala Parc. Godolphin well, who knows. Last two trips to Kimberley never happened ( not that I'm bitter)
  13. Tell you another side who did come on last season, and gave Saltash a scare, was Wadebridge Town. They're a underdog and a handful!
  14. I have to say, it's St Blazeys to lose. The quality of the signings and the upgrades at Blaise Park are clearly aimed at Western League. Can't comment but if it's like last season, then look out for the rise of Callington (most of last seasons Blazey squad), Camelford who gave Saltash a Heck of game and St Austell (building a young talented squad). Add in Falmouth and Newquay and that's my top 6. I just don't rate Bodmins changes or chances. We know Darren's Gilbert can't keep a squad playing for all the games, and that is in opnion the only way to promotion these days- a squad which is solid year in year out. I've stated in the East Torpoint should be the winners, but Brixham, Ivybridge and I think possibly Ottery will be up there.
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