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  1. 2000-2001 was at Newquay v Falmouth. Ashes won in ET, and boy did we party!
  2. In theory what's happening up North is that players are travelling to a place of work so arent affected. But if you are in South Yorkshire you cant play teams in Derbyshire or North Yorkshire for example. Therefore if Devon goes tier 3 and Cornwall tier 2 - it could impact Torpoint and Millbrook more than any other team in Cornwall. All hypothetical at the moment.
  3. Isnt Axminster v Elburton off for Covid reasons as well. Sadly it does appear to be happening. The fun and games will be if Devon and Cornwall go into different tiers as it's not viewed as being good form to travel between different local authority areas Not a problem for most - apart from Torpoint and Millbrook.
  4. Saltash v Godolphin is apparently off. Godolphin cant raise a side.😐
  5. Meanwhile at Wadebridge- programme of the season. Full of info, and free about 24 pages!
  6. Wadebridge 3 Saltash 5. Sin bin 1 3 yellows (both managers included) 2 reds Wadebridge sec admitted he'd be submitting a report against the referee. I'd have to say thank god I'm a sec tonight, and whilst it's not good form to be critical of referees - even as a Ashes fan i still cant see how the last goal was a penalty. In fact i dont think anyone in the ground could work out how it was. The game wasnt dirty per se, so how we got to the above all in the last 20 minutes I'll never know. The only clear red was the 1st Wadebridge player- the tackle wouldn't have looked
  7. Another vote for Cornish Times in the East. Just brilliant to read. Understand the Packet is doing much the same for the West teams.
  8. SWPL E Division Stoke Gabriel 0 Ivybridge Town 3 headcount Att around 50 After a rather suspect late P-P for Saltash game away at Bodmin... I took the opportunity to drive through the South Hams to see Stoke Gabriel. If I'm honest, I was goal hunting and to see the task in hand. However, following on from an appeal for decent unattached players even from the league sec, Stoke Gabriel clearly played a much stronger team even to the one which lost 9-0 Saturday at Elburton or the disastrous 1-18 last Wednesday. And it was a good game for Stoke, they defended hard, never s
  9. I'm reminded of last season when that horrendous isolated storm hit Priory Park which led to Bodmin v Saltash being the only game cancelled throughout the whole of not just Cornwall but Devon, Somerset Dorset and Wiltshire. I'd be asking for the electrical quotes if I was on the league management committee. Its laughable and not a funny one at that.
  10. And if memory serves me, if a club refuses promotion after this year, then they can be relegated to the St Pirans. Happened in the Wessex League to Andover FC.
  11. Agree with that, you couldn't fault the Ashes lads for effort and team spirit yesterday despite the result. What's especially pleasing is the squad changes from Mousehole game didnt destroy the Ashes at all (shame Callum Martindale was Cup tied) but the overall effort after that Mousehole and hard game versus Camelford mid week couldn't be faulted. Sholing could have been there for the taking but imho they were the best of the 3 Southern League teams we played. No regrets, onwards to Bodmin on Wednesday...
  12. Having been down to Mousehole and at Kimberley last night, it's fair enough to say that our midfield took a few knocks down at Trungle Park, and with some unavailability there were a lot of changes. But then we've had a lot of hard games and a squad which has coped very well.
  13. With potentially 4 teams being promoted from SWPL, I'd say you can finish totally bottom with little chance of relegation unless you want it.
  14. Yup cracking result for Ashes today. Those cup games against Southern League teams are paying dividends for defending especially the 2nd half. Long way to go, but that win and other results - today felt like a pivotal day in division West race. We plough on. All thanks to Mousehole- friendly place and very Covid friendly and safe. And a cracking pasty to boot!! 😋
  15. Got that wrong mate didnt you.. 😂😂 I think it's possible Saltash are the lowest ranking team left in the FA Cup after tonight.
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