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  1. It's not just on the football field it's society in general, will never alter until respect returns to the planet, and greed and selfishness lowers its ugly head. So don't hold your breath. I
  2. Didn't say you we're poor just not as good as in the past .
  3. A good contest today although Camels should have rapped it up in the first half missing two one on one's . Bodmin's two blokes up front must have had a combined weight of 36 stone and were pretty ineffective all game although one of them did score a penalty his only contribution in the game. Will be tough for Camels on Wednesday as the uni boys are unavailable. Worst Bodmin side I've seen in a decade.
  4. Nice to see Camels top of. the league highest ever position in the clubs history, would take promotion now if offered.