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  2. Libel Rodney. Be careful - you went on a bit too much in your outburst. You are free to think what you like, but be careful of what you say, especially in print. Many folk have made that mistake over the years. May see you at a Tinners match when it all starts again !
  3. 14/04/21 DIVISION 2 Rosudgeon Reserves 3 – 3 St Buryan St Day 3rd 1 – 1 Frogpool & Cusgarne Reserves DIVISION 3 St Agnes 3rd 0 – 4 Holman Sports Club Reserves Wendron United 4th 4 – 3 Falmouth DC DIVISION 4 Lanner 4 – 3 Mount Ambrose FC
  4. GROUP WEST 2 St Ives Town 1v1 Hayle GROUP EAST 2 Morwenstow 0v4 Bude Town Saltash United Reserves 2v0 Saltash Borough
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  6. Looking for a Saturday team, based in Truro
  7. Thankyou for your spell check.... Very kind of you. Why do you assume I'm referring to Mousehole? Who's Ezra? Brixham are in a similar position I believe .. Phil Hiscox during his podcast interviews has repeatedly said that using PPG from a Null and Void season couldn't "logically" happen...as by definition that season does not exist. A more robust formula would be to maybe look at 3 or 4 seasons... Youth setup, community involvement, investment, ambition, attitude, respect etc etc.... Not everyone hates Helston...
  8. Prosecuted for what ? Treason? Telling the truth about the bull**** Bagehot saw as necessary "to excite the reverence of the common people"? Keith, you couldn't illustrate my point about the threat to free speech for me more effectively! Thank you. CTB, I think you know I am a Corbynista. I won't follow in the elephantine footsteps of your braying-tabloid wit. Please accept my pity and compassion with good grace. I know you need it.
  9. This season should have been used to finish off last season. This isn’t hindsight, as many of us called for that at the time, as anyone with half a brain knew we would have a second wave in the winter. This ridiculous decision has left us with two incomplete seasons. The solution offered by project reset isn’t perfect, but it rewards clubs for consistency over two seasons. Yes Helston lost players and didn’t do so well in season two but A - They still did better over the two seasons than anyone else bar Saltash and B - would have been promoted anyway in season one if it wasn’t for the pandemic
  10. After sacking Mark Cooper on Monday, Forest Green Chairman Dale Vince has said he was ready to break new ground in his appointment of a new manager.That includes interviewing and potentially giving the job to a woman. This would be quite a moment for the English game in general, and another brave and innovative move from a Britain's first 100% vegan club, and one that already has a woman (Hannah DIngley) as head of their academy. Brings up the inevitable question of how long before a woman is manager of a senior non league club in Cornwall? Can't see why it couldn't happen, and I expect i
  11. The "floors" or flaws are what exactly - there were lots of games left to play this season so who knows where any team would finish? The previous season was a little more decisive and it was pretty clear who the top two were going to be. So what is this more considered and robust process you talk of? I bet it starts and finishes with Mousehole lol. Ezra will have to by some more accommodation for his imports😆
  12. I can help if it’s a 1pm or 4.15pm kick off but as Elliot says above, FA guidance is that NO football should be played between 14.45 and 16.15 on the 17th
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  14. Thanks mate yes its unbelievable to think where we were and what we have achieved so far. It's a fantastic opportunity so we keep working hard behind the scenes to make things happen 👍
  15. Veryan v St Newlyn East 1.00 pm ko Newquay v St Stephen 3.10 pm ko
  16. Hopefully the club can find a way to go up. The way it has been turned around is incredible. Good luck, whatever you decide to do 👍🏻
  17. Managed to get on the pitch last couple of days and do a bit of weed killing at last. Picked the flowers off all the weed before spraying so as not kill any bee's, so happy to do that. Just wait for the next lot to turn up and nail them as well. Two days of frost here has done for any growth again. That's 13 days now with not enough growth to cut, poor for April but hopefully warm up soon.
  18. Just chose your words carefully Rodney. I'd hate to see you prosecuted - I believe your heart's in the right place really sir 🙂.
  19. Again I have to say that the best team won on the night. How we miss Stef Houghton at the back, both for her play and influence. The old adage, that you should not change a winning team, is both wise and proven. Ok this was just a friendly, but the new players brought in, along with some players being asked to play in unaccustomed positions, did nothing for the cause last night. That said, take nothing away from Canada - they played very well and England found great difficulty in piercing their defence. Frankly we didn't really look like scoring, despite some great shots from Jordan Nobbs
  20. At this Stage Rob we will remain silent until the FA Council have ratified the re structure, once that milestone has passed and been rubber stamped and we have an full understanding of what it means for us as a club financially we will announce our intentions. The announcement surprised many of us and I can imagine our friends at Mousehole and Brixham will feel bitterly disappointed not to be included so let's see what happens over the coming days and go from there as lots to talk about behind the scenes 😃👍
  21. It is, and I can see the Southern League having Cornish Teams bar Truro in the next few years as well.
  22. Whilst on the subject of promotion; a few seasons ago I suggested that Devon could easily end up with 6 Southern league clubs. A few people mocked that, but if Parkway go up, that is exactly what we will have. Good times for football in the county.
  23. You may think that- and I couldn't possibly comment. Cough AFC Sudbury and Wroxham in 90s as well. But if you win the SWPL W you have to have a strong and robust reason to now refuse promotion. Once the FA may give you leeway. But the days of winning and staying put year on year are gone and the FA can and have relegate a club for refusing promotion. Just look at Andover in the Wessex. Won Premier at a canter, paying players a fortune, claimed they couldn't afford promotion. No problem said FA- play in Wessex Division 1 at a level you can afford. Won the league and got relegated! I
  24. A few years ago there were only 2 Devon/Cornwall teams in Western. Next season there will be 7. If teams keep taking promotion this will increase. Going on club size/resources there is no reason why Western league should go further than mid Somerset. (Old Swpl plus a few others). Travel has already been reduced with half of the Bristol clubs laterally moved to Hellenic - subject to Fa ratification. Yet we still hear the same old moans about travel. If Cornish paid similar expenses to clubs up the line, they would be fine. Surely even Bodmin will want to move up from what is slowly becoming a v
  25. Teams are promoted and relegated by steps, not leagues. So if Torpoint end up as one of the 20 most westerly teams, they will be in swp west. If not they will be in the east. It’s that simple
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