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  2. Yes Truro have a few stewards on match days. Might be advisable for Falmouth to do the same with those numbers attending games. Certainly I've seen the odd beer glass slipped in through the gate late on in a game.
  3. How does training get covered mate?
  4. With penryn taking promotion subject to them Winning the league next season could be a belter with everyone capable of beating everyone else on there day
  5. Think you'll find The Green Guide covers sports grounds from grassroot level right up to stadiums. Consider it similar to a Health & Safety Guideline, it may not be law but it's is what any individual or organisation will be tried against in a court of law. Anyway, based on a conservative average gate receipt of £1,000 / home fixture, along with, what was quoted on social media earlier this week, a £2,000 match day bar take, why would any club not employee a couple of stewards for 3 to 4 hours on a Saturday afternoon. Out of interest, any stewards at Truro City home fixtures ?
  6. Video highlights are available on Swindon Supermarine's website.
  7. How did Nanpean knock St.Austell out in the quarter final and then play them in the final?
  8. Your Honour - I please guilty to the innocent charge 😂😂😂
  9. Re: the safety at sports ground guide, the act applies to those with licensed sports grounds, doesn't come down to our level of the game. Only grounds in area are Home Park, Plainmoor and St James park who need a safety certificate from council and police. Other sports grounds may also have it eg Somerset cc, Exeter chiefs
  10. We charge the same £5 for match fees Kier (£2.50 if a player is a student or not working) but charge nothing for training atm.
  11. Speaking as an ex coach of a youth side, the fact that people are slagging off the parents that coach is unbelievable. These people often volunteer in order to ensure that boys and girls are able to play football. Yes I was a parent of one of the players and no I never played football to a high standard. I stepped in when the original manager left so that the team would continue. Since they have gone into men’s football two are in the South West Peninsula League, one in the st piran league and four still in the trelawney league. Yes a few have stopped playing etc, but to moan at the youth managers who ensure that children play football on a regular basis imho is ridiculous.
  12. Combo sides in the Senior Cup 1959-60 So close to winning it! !st Round Falmouth Town 4-2 RNAS Culdrose Mousehole 3-1 RAF St Mawgan Mullion 0-5 St Just Nanpean Rovers 5-0 Marazion Blues Porthleven 0-7 Penzance St Breward 8-4 Bude Town St Dennis 2-4 Launceston Town Tintagel 0-0 Roche Replay Tintagel 5-1 Roche 2nd Round Nanpean Rovers 2-1 St Just Penzance 6-1 St Breward Quarter Finals St Austell 0-4 Nanpean Rovers Semi-finals Falmouth Town 2-2 Nanpean Rovers Replay Falmouth Town 1-2 Nanpean Rovers Final Nanpean Rovers 2-5 St Blazey
  13. Has anyone considered how their club would stand if some one was injured as a result of violent conduct and an insurance claim ensued.? If due care had not been taken to at least try to ensure the safety of its supporters, it's very doubtful that an insurance company would accept liability and committee members of the club involved would legally be held culpable. We are probably moving in to the realms of the unlikely we would hope, but as in the case of Falmouth they thought it unlikely that someone would be so idiotic as to approach opposition supporters with a lighted flare in the hope of causing trouble. Surely a couple of fellas with high viz coats emblazoned with the clubs name on them to indicate their authority to act on behalf of the club would be preferable to no authority at all. No need for any physical intervention, just advice that the police would be called if the problem persisted. We can bury our heads in the sand and hope that all goes well, but if it doesn't the final outcome is not likely to be very palatable, and clubs should recognise the duty of care they should take to protect their paying customers. This applies to all organisations and clubs that entertain the paying public, not just Falmouth or St Blazey !
  14. If you read it again I said if each team had a full squad of 16 players.
  15. You mean "Best get it right BECAUSE Le Boss hates bad grammar" 👍
  16. And no trouble at all mike . Think you mean innocent . Best get it right as Le Boss hates bad grammar and spelling .👍
  17. Was trying to get a handle on what Duchy League clubs charge for match fees and to cover floodlights at training? W e charge £5 per game and £2 for training. Is this about right? Steep? Any info appreciated,
  18. Still not a reason not to have them - unfortunately you get good and bad ones, but if you are their employer you can call their tune
  19. At the Falmouth v Saltash final at Priory Park there were stewards present.In front of me one of the F-Troop boys lit a flare,he was asked to put it out by a steward,he laughed in the stewards face and just let it carry on burning.
  20. Agree also. Bottom line however is if any individual / organisation is hosting an event, with the expectation of hundreds of attendees, they will be required to demostrate, should the unforeseeable occurr, that they had preventive measures in place to reduce the associated risk. If you are bored this evening, and have £95 to spare, why not download The Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds 'Green Guide' to learn more. Not lived in Cornwall long, but I'm sure the County Council will also have a dedicated Sports Ground Safety adviser who will offer guidance to anyone who is interested / needs it. The major difference between Criminal and Health & Safety Law in this country is quite simple Criminal Law - incident until proven guilty Health & Safe Law - guilty until proven incident
  21. Sorry Dave but it's that short-sighted type of opinion that will lead to trouble. No one likes to see stewards but they are primarily seen as a preventative measure and that is what is being suggested on this topic. It is suggested that had they been present then all this trouble may have been avoided. Falmouth would have had a notion that strangers were going to turn up because apparently it was all over social media leading up to the game, so is it the club playing fast and loose with people's safety? We all like to see the F-Troop in all their glory but sadly no matter their make-up, some will see them purely as a "target" like rival supporters of old.
  22. And the clientele won’t always be people lighting flares thank goodness !
  23. The issue is how many of those potential 416 are actually active? 25-30% if that. Anyone can fill out the registration form, turning up each week is another story.
  24. Argyle have thousands some weeks with no problems at all, then there are some weeks where they do. The idea that we had X number last week with no problem, so we won't have a problem next week doesn't work unfortunately, the clientele changes week on week. Based on that philosophy, our house didn't catch fire last year should we cancel our fire insurance ????
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