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  2. Any ideas what the constitution is of the St Piran League
  3. Lanreath fc are looking for a away friendly on Saturday the 3rd of July. Pm me if anyone can help out cheers.
  4. Lanreath fc are looking for a away friendly on Saturday the 3rd of July. Pm me if anyone can help out cheers.
  5. Good old FA looking after the grassroots game again! Must be the “magic” of the FA Cup.....it’s disappeared for nearly all the step 6 clubs!!! 😳🙄🏆
  6. Italy 1-0 Wales Switzerland 1-2 Turkey
  7. Hungary 0-4 France Portugal 2-1 Germany Spain 2-0 Poland
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  9. Hungary 1-3 France Portugal 1-1 Germany Spain 2-1 Poland
  10. Recently finished this book (won't spoil the ending), have to say that it is one of the best football books I have read. Peter Shilton certainly does not come out of it very well. It is no accident that goalkeepers don't tend to make good managers (Tony Waiters and Dino Zoff are the only two I can think of).
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  12. Wouldnt it be better to drop a friendly and have an even earlier round for clubs who want to enter. 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024 Number of clubs per round needed. So why only 729? Random number for a start.
  13. Italy 3-1Wales Switzerland 2-1Turkey
  14. Hungary 0-2 France Portugal 2-2 Germany Spain 2-0 Poland
  15. ONLY EIGHT STEP 6 CLUBS WILL BE IN THE 2021/22 FA CUP BY TOM CANNING JUNE 18, 2021 The FA have revealed that there will be limited places for step 6 sides in the competition next season Berks County's Tom Nugent. Photo: Andrew Batt / contentello.smugmug.com The Football Association have revealed in an email to member clubs – seen by Football in Berkshire – that only eight clubs at step 6 of the English Football Pyramid will feature in the 2021/22 Emirates FA Cup. The move is related to the National League System restructure taking place this summer that has seen a large number of clubs promoted to step 5 and step 4 to fill new division’s created at those levels. According to the email: “A draw will be conducted to determine eight of the 17 Step 6 Leagues which will be represented in the Competition. Each of those eight Step 6 Leagues will then be represented by one Club. This Club will be the highest ranked Club within that Step 6 League that was not successful in receiving upward movement to Step 5 of The FA National League System in the recent restructuring.” The FA acknowledged that: “We accept this method would not ordinarily be used to determine entries into the Competition, we believe it to be the fairest method in the current set of exceptional circumstances, to ensure the Competition has a fair balance of Clubs across all the divisions of Step 6 of The FA National League System.” Berkshire clubs at step 6 – the Combined Counties League Division One – include AFC Aldermaston, Berks County, Chalvey Sports, Eversley & California, Langley, Sandhurst Town and Woodley United. The 2021/22 FA Cup will include 729 teams and kick-off with the Extra Preliminary Round on Saturday 7th August 2021. Get the LATEST NEWS direct to your inbox. Pop your email in the box. Is it based on last season or PPG over two seasons If the League is successfully drawn out of the hat I would guess from (Bodmin.Falmouth,St.austell ,TorpoimT)
  16. @zebedee No we decided we wanted to enter the Trelawny instead of the Duchy. Most of our players are coming from Newquay and south/west areas these days, and the away trips in Duchy were looking like a long slog. We saw the opportunity for some great local derby games and we are all excited about being part of the Trelawny.
  17. That would of been to the Duchy league I presume ?
  18. @zebedee Can we check the league has received our application for Godolphin please? We sent an email a few weeks ago but we have not had a reply. Thanks! 🙂
  19. Italy 2-0 Wales Switzerland 2-0 Turkey
  20. Hungary 1-2 France Portugal 1-2 Germany Spain 1-0 Poland
  21. According to the combo forms, I don’t think mawnan are on there to vote. Mousehole 3rds are
  22. Still reading the PETER Shilton BOOK and a chapter all about Stockports Giant striker Kevin Francis Shilton says my daughter could play better than him it also says Francis scored 9 goals vs Plymouth in 4 games i thought he was brilliant i always had my usual spot for over 40 years at Plymouth behind the away dug out where i would take my photos well on 1 match where Kevin Francis destroyed Plymouth on his own i was taking his photo when a Plymouth wont call him fan ran down behind me and spat in Kevin Francis face that was the worst racist thing i have ever seen at a football match if a opposition player has had a good game against your team i usually applaud them i still do .I sent a letter to Plymouth to report this and about the stewards who just ignored this ,i wrote to Kevin Francis saying all Argyle fans werent like that he sent me back a lovely letter he still continued to score against Plymouth whenever they played but i never saw him play at Plymouth again. This PETER Shilton book is really good but he treated his players like shit
  23. The reality is St Pirans is now the Combo League and Combo League is now Trelawny Premier. Mawnan yes they have won the league but all these other sides coming in from other divisions is making the league look like a absolute joke.
  24. On league positions it ‘should’ be selection order as below however as we all know it’s not done that way and voted on. #1 Mawnan (Prem) #2 Goonhavern (Prem) #3 Mullion (Div 2) #4 Falmouth (Div 3) #5 Dropship (Div 4)
  25. Italy 1 - 1 Wales Switzerland 1 - 2 Turkey
  26. Hungary 0 v 3 France Portugal 2-1 Germany Spain 3-1 Poland
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