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  3. As stated on the Senior Cup Final thread, the minute's silence was immaculately observed by everyone, even the boisterous F-Troop. RIP
  4. Who needs Jordan Annear when you have Joe Cooper and James Ward?! Jordan who...?
  5. There was a minute’s silence at the Senior Cup Final in memory of Paul Quick, an avid Saltash supporter and member of this forum under the name of Pastyman. Condolences to Paul’s family and close friends and to all at Saltash United. I hope the club’s management won’t mind me posting their statement released this evening.
  6. If you should be on Facebook Dave - there’s always the Cornwall’s Football Memories available to post any items to share with the rest of the local football community.👍
  7. New to this forum so apologies for a delayed response but my father George Atherton was Captain of the Docks team in that period and I have at least three photos dated from 1956 to 1958 showing the docks team with Keith Webber as the goalie. For other posts I can remember as a child being paid a 1d a bucket for picking stones off the newly created Docks ground. Followed my father for many years as a Docks player and can, perhaps, add to the memories of that time. Dave
  8. You only have to run towards the ball to be flagged offside and don’t need to actually touch it
  9. Thanks for the sentiments Dave, much appreciated. Mums funeral is at Mylor Church at 12 noon on Thursday 25th then at the Lemon ,make yourself known if you can attend. Also for the info on the finals, second Dave. Don’t know of a family connection in Torpoint so the mystery remains. Can’t remember Dad mentioning a 6-0 defeat either but why would he! Would only have been 17 in that game but was captain of Cornwall under 18’s in that year. Thanks for the responses, Dave
  10. Absolutely agree Babbo great team there yesterday, even tho wilkesy sent Anton off which we reminded him of a few times throughout the afternoon 😂
  11. Sucking up for the Charity Cup final now? Rosy had a great game, probably hardly noticed he was there for 90% of the game, which is the sign of a great referee!
  12. Massive shout out to these 4... Said it before and I'll say it again...Mr Rose is a top top ref. Well done mate...many more finals for you I reckon.👍🏻👍🏻
  13. Well done Falmouth! Road the storm and were clinical from corners. Must be the best supported club in Cornwall. The fans created a real cup atmosphere!
  14. The falmouth fans where brilliant even had there flares to let off ,the program was brilliant and free great atmosphere but 1 savoury moment where i was standing a Cornwall official was abused really badly by a Falmouth fan every other word was he was a f----g disgrace it was bad but the official just laughed it off .Another thing i tried to get on the pitch to get a team photo but was pushed back by stewards then my bloody knee gave out and i had to hobble back to the car and drive back to Newquay in agony .See you all in a few weeks at St Blazey then hopefully i will be able to get a team photo and Smokie dog will b with me he likes it there they are nice friendly people
  15. the linesman on the changing room side of pitch flaged offside twice before the offending player had got anywhere near touching the ball and on a 3rd time he flaged and the defender got too the ball before the offside player the defender cleared it then the ball was given back to the defending side too restart.A attacking player questioned that the player is offside when he touches the ball A LAW I THINK IS NOT RIGHT MYSELF but if it is there the linesman should be using this law.A attacking player questioned this 3 rd mistake from the linesman and the ref told him too shut up
  16. Credit to cornwall F.A for their organisation of the event .And for producing a superb full colour glossy programme. Also well done to Bodmin for their hospitality and catering arrangements .Even Gilby was helping out with the cooking ,he definitely knows his onions . 😁👍
  17. Don’t think I did willy? When I said ‘as a st day man’ I was referring to yourself... hence why it came after your name...
  18. Totally believe it. Now you've had a load of reactions to your nonsense, so wait until the next final before you make a fool of yourself again please. You've caused enough trouble for today. Go to bed.
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