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  2. May take this opportunity to thank everyone for their kind words. All I can say is I’m humbled by them all .
  3. Don't forget your glasses buddy...well done on your career. A very, very good referee 👌
  4. Great for the duchy league to have a top ref. Not many better in the county in my opinion. Typically experienced ref no nonsense and know how to speak to players with respect one league loss is another leagues gains plenty of years left in you yet Ian. Good luck
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  6. Byron Robbins has just informed me he is mourning the loss and will be retiring as well. If he can't win anymore penalties from you Ian he may as well not bother playing. Enjoy the Duchy League mate and hope to see you soon.
  7. Well said Ian. Rappo hit the nail on the head with his tribute to you. Thanks again - you will be missed from the Senior game sir.
  8. I might be tempted to start playing Duchy again Ian. Loved the banter!! MQx
  9. Good luck Ian and senior footballs loss is the Duchy Leagues gain. I haven’t had the privilege of Ian’s refereeing for a while because Probus moved west (not literally just leagues!). I agree with @RAPPO’s comments above - brilliant referee and top bloke. Good luck for the future and hopefully I will see you somewhere soon.
  10. Lots of hard work by a lot of guys and galls back then Bruegel!!! it is nice to see them playing well and winning,,,,,,,, now for the consistency,,,, I'm sure the management team will be driving them onwards and upwards !! Well done lads and support staff!! MQx
  11. Elburton Villa 1-4 Millbrook Torpoint Athletic 4-1 Dartmouth Godolphin Atlantic 2-4 Sticker St Austell 1 -2 Newquay Wadebridge Town 4 - 2 St Dennis
  12. It makes a nice change to read a Club Linesman being praised. Well done
  13. Duchy league will not only be getting a superb referee but a top bloke as well. I’m a massive fan of Ian’s style of reffing a game, with a smile, talking to the players which they love unless times have changed since my day and an excellent official who gets 99% of decisions spot on. All the best Ian, great to see you’re still refereeing mate 👍👏🏼⚽️
  14. Fergie did it for years! Playing Saturday/Tuesday, it can be done. Keep rotating and play the guy in form with one other. Make sure the two not starting get a decent run ( 25/30 mins) to keep them sharp, involved and interested, regardless how the match is going, all quality anyway, won’t weaken the side, just fresh legs. Most top strikers will want to play in a table topping side where every goal is important, as long as they’re not rotting on a bench 3/4 games on the spin getting 5/10 minutes reckon it can be done 👍⚽️ To be fair though Fergie was paying Cole, Yorke, Sheringham and Solksjaer
  15. Keith is wasn't the easiest of decisions to make but I feel it's right for me as well as the teams, if I can't do the best job at that level then its not fair on players . I they come first not my ego.
  16. Elburton Villa 0 v 5 Millbrook Torpoint Athletic 3 v 1 Dartmouth Godolphin Atlantic 1 v 2 Sticker St Austell 1 v 3 Newquay Wadebridge Town 4 v 1 St Dennis
  17. Match Highlights from Saturday's game Redruth United against St Agnes. https://youtu.be/m2kE2tPATbk Click the link above to watch...
  18. Senior league's loss is the Duchy League's gain, look forward to seeing you along the way Ian
  19. Well sir, your psuedonym would suggest that you have good sense and, if you feel that this is a right decision for you at this time of you life - good sense it is. It's a decision not made lightly I'm sure and indeed, some other referees perhaps should look at themselves also with the same honesty. Thank you for all the time you've given to Senior Football over the seasons and, best wishes for your venture into the Duchy league. Again, thank you again - and best wishes for the future.
  20. To all my football colleagues, I have over long deliberation decided to step down from Senior football and concentrate on the Duchy League. I feel at the present time I am unable to give 100% to the Senior level and that would not be fair on players or clubs. I have had a couple of great decades officiating on Senior football and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute, I have met many many different people across all the leagues, and have been treated with the utmost respect where ever I have officiated. I would like to say thank you to all the clubs I have had the pleasure to visit and will mis
  21. Yes good report and nice rapport with Ian B too. True spirit of the forum shown here 👍. Posters elsewhere take note.
  22. Our linesman’s name is Darren Doncaster. I will let him know the positive feedback thank you!
  23. Vertidrain tomorrow and a couple bags of slow release for one wing, I'll check the analysis tomorrow and follow its progress through the coming months against the normal 3.12.12.
  24. put down 8 bags slow release (3 month) 15-10-16 last Wednesday, worked well last winter with all the rain, so try again this year, lasted well into February this year. Interested to see your comparison in a couple of months Dave.
  25. Another goal Saturday and he started on the bench. . As I said the hardest thing for parkway will be keeping 4 top strikers happy as 2 will be sitting on a bench every other week.
  26. Elburton Villa 1 Millbrook 3 Torpoint Athletic 3 Dartmouth 1 Godolphin 2 Sticker 1 St Austell 2 Newquay 2 Wadebridge 3 St Dennis 2
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