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  2. If I had a pound for every time I was right in my life, I’d be asking for change from a fiver.
  3. Show me a piano falling down a mine shaft and I will show you A flat miner!!!!
  4. Saltash won this in 1975 by beating Minehead 2-0 in the final. Can anyone telling me the date and where it was played? Thanks.
  5. GRG, Dave welcomes guests each week & if you want to give your opinion and most importantly time, he'll give you a spot. Only last week, Martin Grigg of St Newlyn East spoke about their successful application to the ECPL. And the week before that, Simon of Newquay Reserves was on. If you so badly want St Dom coverage, get yourself on there, simple! Or the other option was to encourage the St Dom contingent to take part in the votes which were heavily publicised.
  6. 🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣 why don’t you offer Dave your time on a Friday night and give your input?
  7. Well done to all involved with the ecpl this season Was shocked to see that 41 goal Kieran Ryall from Saint dominick was only 3rd in player of the season voting, and the winner of the award is a player not i or many others have heard anything about this season, think mr Colenzos ties with Dave deacon on the podcasts has done the st cleer player some favours. Love listening the the ‘RRL ECPL’ section of the podcast and how there only seems to be one team in the league worth talking about, a mid table team may I add
  8. The second series of the RAPPO & DEACS FRIDAY FIX comes to and end today with a SPECIAL END OF SEASON AWARDS EPISODE Listen into the usual link to hear who won each of the 12 different categories
  9. Last week
  10. Also got this with the brush, a pretty heavy duty drag mat, tried for a couple of minutes and pulled out a bit of thatch so quite pleased with it.
  11. With the announcement today that grassroots football will soon be able to begin again; if anyone requires a ref within a reasonable distance of Bodmin then give me a shout - 07711579032 Will Annear
  12. With the announcement today that grassroots football will soon be able to begin again; if anyone requires a ref within a reasonable distance of Bodmin then give me a shout - 07711579032 Will Annear
  13. Thank you for all the donations today. We just went over the 80% mark...
  14. thinking much the same Dave ,been down since beginning of March but at a much reduced rate, about 25% of recommended, so with good drainage and a fair bit of rain highly likely methinks
  15. To me that would mean the fertiliser has gone buddy. How long was it down for(?) ‐----‐-------------------------- This is now for sale if anyone wants a serious brush. Not needed now we have the Sisis flexicomb.
  16. looking good Paul never ceases to amaze me how the small change in the weather patterns down here can have such a dramatic effect on the turf. On another note Dave got some Red Thread on my mini pitch just noticed it this morning. That has slow release fertiliser on as well, see how it goes over the next few days of warmth.
  17. I found out I am allergic to ceiling mounted dart board . They make me throw up.
  18. As it was getting dark i brushed it in and with the rain today that will wash the area in nicely. Didnt want to much left on to rot and clump together. We have a Jacobson Tri king 1900D. Leaves a lovely cut but ive left it go a touch to long so using a rotary mower to lower the grass again. I dont have a brush for the pitch at the moment. Something we do need at some point. I tend to let the grass stand up again before cutting.
  19. Lovely colour there buddy. What cylinder you using? You going to pick that cut grass up or spread it? Do you brush before you cut? Looking good.
  20. I stopped off at a roadside Farmers stall on my way home from work and got stung by a bee. Fifteen quid for a jar of honey!!!!!
  21. You're right Dave .. a merry-go-round. We've heard/read a lot about the ambitions and aspirations but . . . . . ? Time will tell - as they say . . Rome wasn't built . . .etc,.
  22. First cut with the cylinder mower tonight on the goalmouths. Really starting to thicken up now. 🌱 Both goal mouths have grown that much with the rain, the warmth and heavy dew that it took 4 cuts to bring it back down. 😮 Just over 4 weeks to get it from nothing to full coverage.
  23. My apprentice using the new brush to take off the dew and get the pitch ready for cutting...nice bit of kit.
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