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  3. Lol - lucky I don’t officially score Refs (not usually so high in the marking). As the name suggests - it’s all opinions and I totally accept yours.
  4. Bob, I really don't want this to drag on like last weekends thread re. Rappo etc However, I don't think the back pass incident was quite so late in the game but it certainly didn't help Sticker's cause and was a bad call. Unlikely to pull 2 goals back but 3 much more difficult!! When marking a referee 91-100 says excellent (he clearly was not), 86-100 very accurate decision making using communication skills to add value to the game (nope). Yes, some referees are not approachable after the game, totally agree this guy is a nice chap. But surely he is marked on getting decisions correct and not spending time after the match explaining his decisions. We will both experience much inferior during the season but 9.5 you must have been watching a different game.
  5. All 2.30pm ko unless stated Foxhole v St Teath Gunnislake v Plymouth Marjon Looe Town v St Stephen 3.30pm ko
  6. Unfortunately, this isn’t feasible. Phil Hiscox of the SWPL explains why on the latest Cornish Soccer podcast. Effectively, the referees at SWPL and above level MUST officiate in a minimum of 10 marking games per season to retain their respective referee levels. A marking game MUST have neutral assistants. FA directive on that front that is unlikely to change anytime soon.
  7. Couple of things - it didn’t kill the game off, it was about 80+ minutes and game was all but over anyway. As for my scoring of the ref - everyone there thought it was soft, but it how he saw it - end of. As it happens the Camels player who would have scored a tap in bar the intervention saw it as a back pass as well - as in intentional to the goalie. When I said he explained to me, yes I am a spectator but I sat and had a chat with him after and he was open and honest about what he saw - many won’t entertain a chat after the game - he also took a long time on the pitch explaining to player why he made the call - I except many didn’t except it but he took the time to try. As for working with his assistant refs - I think I know who you are now, we can all improve our communication skills but life is about learning. I stand by 9.5 - was he right all the time - not in my opinion. Was he honest, open and gave what HE saw - yes. I would never ask for more. As a footnote - in the first half Joel elbowed Ed in the face - I saw it as a straight red. Ref just had a word. Spoke to both players after the game and Ed felt it was purely and accident and Joel confirmed there was no intention - so I was totally wrong but the Ref was spot on
  8. If it was played on a Saturday then it would have been dropship reserves proper team and helston would have probably faired better However, dropship won’t be the only team to drop first team players down this season so it’s not that big a deal really
  9. How’s the search going? 30 people signed on for both teams and still struggling?
  10. Bob, I agree with your report but how can you give him 9.5? It's no good explaining to spectators after the game! Yes, he is a nice guy but that doesn't make him a 9.5 out of 10. The ridiculous back pass decision and third goal killed the game. And, what about the challenge on Sticker's right back after the Camelford player had not been given a free kick. That was not a talking to, it was the clearest yellow card you will ever see. I thought his interaction with players and 2 lino's needs improving.
  11. Camelford 3-0 Sticker Wasn’t going to do a report after all the kerfuffle with Rappo’s last report, but these are my two favourite teams. Decent game of football, more workman like for the Camels than exciting but clearly just wanted to put the last game behind them. Camels controlled most of the game, should of scored a couple early on but wasted a couple of chances - went 1-0 up through a cracking Ed header after about 25 min. Sticker well drilled but just a little short on real quality although they did create some half chances. 1-0 HT. Second half more of the same - Sticker have some good fast young players but struggled to maintain any play / possessions. Ed scored another on 50 from a run and driving low shot - took a deflection, one of those if the defender didn’t stick a foot out he would of been criticised but as it happened wrong footed the keeper. 2-0 Game was settled by one moment on controversy - Sticker defender adjudged to back pass and picked up by the keeper on edge of 6yd box. Sticker felt unfair (as did I) but Ed tapped ball and passed home by Bobby. I spoke to the ref after the game and he felt the Sticker player had ‘cushioned’ the ball back to keeper making it intentional (without being disrespectful I don’t think the Sticker player had that deftness in his locker as he was was under a lot of pressure and if he hadn’t stuck a foot in Ed would probably have got his hat trick). Game over 3-0. Performance wise: Camels 7/10 but enough. Sticker 8/10 as they never gave up and have all but a good team there. Ref 9.5/10 - didn’t agree with the pass back but he took time to explain to players (and me afterwards) - nice guy, always friendly and most importantly gives what he sees without being swayed.
  12. Bit late I know but from the lad who kicked the ball out, it was done intentionally, it was not a misplaced pass!
  13. Who cares? Game went ahead, would be the same case mid-week later in the season?
  14. Believe Millbrook have the same issue regarding the bank either side of the grandstand. Apparently ok for FA cup and vase games but not Toolstation games
  15. Quick question- given that Saltash have been ordered to close the bank police station side and behind the dug outs until H+S is implemented- how much of Bickland could be affected by the same ruling? It a genuine question and not to dig at Falmouth Just These Ground graders mean business.
  16. Mentioned it elsewhere on this forum in a previous post, but it must be a worry for Truro City that the longer they stay away from Cornwall, then there is a risk that their fans (especially the more casual ones in the area) will just get out of the habit of watching them. Especially with a resurgent Falmouth potentially playing in the Western League next season, and no realistic prospect of the new ground being ready until the 2023/24 campaign at the earliest. Agree with Dave Deacon when he made comments about Truro City Under 18's playing their FA Youth Cup matches in Plymouth, would have thought that the club would do everything possible to keep them visible in the county.
  17. There's quite a lot of ex truro fans that have come into the fold Mike, and I also noted several Helston fans in attendance last night, and why not ? what's not to like about watching local lads with a great team spirit playing for the shirt ,in a proper football atmosphere provided by the F troop.
  18. Don’t think any rules were broken just shows teams in future don’t agree to Sunday games with dropship 😂. From what I’ve heard dropship promised Helston they would nt load up then did. Think it’s just lesson learned and hopefully other teams don’t fall for it
  19. I would say the only teams that can probably justify big payments out to players are Falmouth ,parkway from gate money etc helston , blazey from managers that have deep pockets the rest really can’t justify stupid amounts at all if they want the club to survive in the future.
  20. If only you had offered your officiating opinions BEFORE the weekend........ You could have reffed this match, or a different one, as there is a huge deficit of qualified Referees in Cornwall. Please contact CCFA at Callywith Gate and put yourself on the next course at your earliest convenience. May I also refer you to the post by Zebedee at the end of August.
  21. Seems like a relevant post in the week that Porthleven were forced to withdraw from the SW Peninsula League. Not saying that money was the direct cause of this, but would be interested in whether people think that they were a club that flew too close to the sun and have paid the price since. Not the first I may add, and probably not the last.
  22. Jake Miller is probably too good for the SW Peninsula League, don't know what his personal circumstances are (possibly can't commit to extra travel because of work/family). Know that he was announced as a Bideford signing back in the early summer though.
  23. It was pretty bad back in the days when the attendance was 150-ish, can only imagine what it is like now with regular gates for Parkway games up towards the 500 mark. I know the club do make people aware of the limited parking at the ground via the website/social media, and advise of the numerous bus routes available for Bolitho Park.
  24. To be fair I can see why they complain the parking on the pavement is horrendous blocking drives etc. The car park just isn’t big enough not sure what the answer is unless some sort of park and ride at argyle then a bus to the ground.
  25. Fixtures for Saturday 18th September 2021 Godolphin Atlantic Reserves v Helston Athletic Thirds Lizard Argyle v Rosudgeon Penryn Athletic Reserves v Goonhavern Athletic RNAS Culdrose v St Agnes Reserves St Day Reserves v Mawnan Wendron United Thirds v Hayle Reserves Cornwall Intermediate Cup (2pm) Falmouth Town Reserves v Pendeen Rovers
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