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  2. TUESDAY 20 AUG 2019 KITCHEN KIT PENINSULA PREMIER EAST Plymouth Marjons 1-3 Millbrook KITCHEN KIT PENINSULA PREMIER WEST Camelford 3-1 Dobwalls Liskeard Athletic 6-0 Callington Town
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  5. It is a good looking early table, isn't it. Too early to tell anything, but I'd rather be at the top than propping it up! P.S. Nice to be back at CSF
  6. Godolphin Atlantic 3 St Dennis 1 Helston Athletic 3 Wendron United 2 Penzance 1 St Blazey 2 Portleven 1 Mousehole 2 Saltash United 7 Launceston 0 St Austell 2 Falmouth 1 Sticker 1 Wadebridge Town 5
  7. Will you be applying for combo this season? Village club!️
  8. Godolphin Atlantic v St Dennis 1-4 Helston Athletic v Wendron United 2-0 Penzance v St Blazey 2-4 Porthleven v Mousehole 1-1 Saltash United v Launceston 2-0 St Austell v Falmouth Town 3-1 Sticker v Wadebridge Town 0-1
  9. Plymouth Marjons v Millbrook 0-3 Camelford v Dobwalls 2-1 Liskeard Athletic v Callington Town 2-3
  10. Pre- season was not too impressive but the league table doesn’t lie. Early days, no promotions in August.
  11. People generally have to travel to games. There is a cost, get over it. Watch or don’t watch. It’s your money, spend it how you want. Just don’t bitch about it.
  12. Or are people that have to pay a stupid amount of money in fares for public transport to get to the games.🤔
  13. I watched them nearly all the pre season matches i said they where really good and certainties to go up and i was told i was talking rubbish by certain people on here
  14. I've seen them twice and thoroughly impressed. Will be going to watch them again when the real red and black stripes aren't playing.
  15. A good neutral assessment--I did a corner count of 15--3 but it was from St.Dennis 3rd corner that sent them into joyous celebration.. The previous St.Dennis/Falmouth results CSC 2018 FT.2--St.D.1---WCP Cup 2014 FT.1--St.D.2 aet The last visit at Boscawen Park St.Dennis v Falmouth CSC 1993 St.D.1--FT. 2 (N.Thwaites & M.Rapsey) I would guess on around 50 or more Falmouth supporters around the ground decked out in their yellow and black,flags and drums but NO Flares lol. Declared attendance 125 (St.Dennis average 2018/19 was 56)
  16. Nanpean looking to host a friendly this weds if you are still looking? Contact Luke on 07756 712379. Cheers
  17. Lot of people eating their words (myself included). Tough looking league with a lot of big spending clubs, but Paul Wotton's new look side couldn't be doing any better so far.
  18. Watched a very low quality game at Callington on Saturday. Even though Wadebridge won the game 5-0, the level of quality from both sides wasn’t great. Callington look to be going down a very very youthful road which is creditable but having seen this performance and previous results, it could be a very long season. Credit must go to there young GK who was outstanding from start finish. Have yet to watch Saltash play so keen to see how far they have come since last year but having seen St Austell play twice already, good things seem to be happening at Poltair and when players like Mason Hughes are warming the bench, that tells you how much quality they have. Looking forward to Saltash v Launceston on Wednesday.
  19. KITCHEN KIT PENINSULA PREMIER EAST Plymouth Marjons 0 v 3 Millbrook KITCHEN KIT PENINSULA PREMIER WEST Camelford 3 v 1 Dobwalls Liskeard Athletic 6 v 1 Callington Town
  20. Godolphin Atlantic 2 v 3 St Dennis Helston Athletic 3 v 1 Wendron United Penzance 2 v 0 St Blazey Porthleven 0 v 2 Mousehole Saltash United 4 v 0 Launceston St Austell 1 v 2 Falmouth Town Sticker 0 v 3 Wadebridge Town
  21. Always pays to wait till the season starts sportsman 10 before running a side down. Shame the new manager has only got three months left in charge before he is replaced, well at least that's according to Mystic Leeds.
  22. Godolphin 3- St Dennis 1 Helston 6- Wendron 0 Penzance 2- St Blazey 1 Portheleven 0 -Mousehole 4 Saltash 5-Launceston 1 St Austell 3 -Falmouth 1 Sticker 0 - Wadebridge 4
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