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  2. Paul i have no idea what you are on about us youngsters use DAB which is exactly what you will be getting from me the next time we meet!!
  3. No the Midlands only has wolves, Vila and Leicester plus west brom, Birmingham, derby and forest who have all been there at some point😂😂😂
  4. pitch verti drained today down to 300 mm,looking good. Seeding at weekend and hopefully drop of rain on Monday. Then sit back and watch it grow,never in 30 years have I been in this position in April. Sad that no soccer,but groundsmans heaven no hassle over pitches or phone calls ,however won't last too long I suspect
  5. He has had a few sabbaticals from the forum, with no football there's not a lot to stir him I s'pose. Hope you are well Al and we hear from you soon.
  6. And they think the fans wouldn’t turn up, come what may, although Midlands not a hotbed for Premiership.
  7. Probably queuing at Bickland waiting for it to reopen.
  8. Anyone heard from him ? He hasn't been on for a while.I'd hate to think he was seriously ill with covid and nobody knew.
  9. Well it is April 1st. But a bit detailed to be a joke.
  10. Two women chatting, one asks "Why do you take baths in milk?" The other replies "I can't find a cow tall enough for a shower."
  11. Fair enough really because Billy is probably still using a cat's whisker radio !!
  12. Are you sure this isn't just another bit of fake news baldy ?
  13. You leave the radio on for the cat Billy ? Well you certainly got some laughs by starting this thread Billy. My wife and I have been left in stiches by some posts. Well done sir !
  14. REALLY?? Well, we may well actually see some football being played again sometime in the not so distant future, if the new Premier League plans go ahead. According to the reliable Independent writer Miguel Delaney, Premier League bosses are currently discussing setting up World Cup style camps to house players in isolation, so that they can finish playing matches behind closed doors. The camp would be setup in the Midlands in the UK and all remaining 92 matches will be televised in a ‘TV mega event.’ All games are aiming to be played throughout June and July. The idea has reportedly gained government backing, too, as they like the idea of the population engrossed in the national sport, especially in the event that lock down measures are tightened or extended. Despite it still being a very ambitious idea, and I am sure many things will need to be considered yet, the idea of at least having live football back on our screens would be an appealing aspect for most.
  15. This isolation is getting to me. I started talking to a spider yesterday, he told me he was a web designer - not sure that he should be working from MY home.
  16. End of the registration and transfer window
  17. 😘🔴⚪️🔴⚪️🔴⚪️ I forgot it was! 😆 this is genuine trust me!
  18. Little change to the coaching set-up according to new manager Dane Bunney talking to this week’s RAPPO & DEACS FRIDAY FIX and confirmed this morning with news that “The Ashes are delighted to confirm that Lee Phillips has accepted an offer by Manager Dane Bunney to become Assistant Manager of the First Team.“
  19. My F*****g cat just asked me if I wanted the radio left on as he is going out!! The B*****D!!!
  20. I’d say it anyway Dave I think. Leeds, West Brom have the chance of automatic promotion. Clubs have invested for champions league, if it’s not finished then it’s the same as last year!! Team at the top of the conference has probably invested heavily as well
  21. Only Ryan Richards at a push is good enough to play for Plymouth Parkway but with the financial firepower Parkway have at their disposal, they should be able to get someone who is proven at a higher level already or even plays at a higher level currently. Be interesting to see what Lee Phillips does this year, heard that 2 Teams (one from both the east and the west) would like to speak to him in becoming their Manager which could put a spanner in the works for Saltash as both the interested teams are located very close to Plymouth which could tempt a few of the current Saltash Players away.
  22. I'll see if I have time mess about with that tomorrow. I'm planning to have a bit of a go as well with my new scarifier too, going to see what it does to the moss on the far wing...we'll see tomoz.
  23. Yesterday
  24. Also had a trial with the new corer. Mmm! Bit more experimentation needed with this. I think I need to change the angle of the draw bar to force the tines into the ground more. On this machine the tow hitch is fixed unlike 3 point linkages where you can raise or lower them, I think I'll have to lower this one to have a greater forward pressure to produce a deeper penetration. The cores came out reasonably well but were only 1" to 1½" long and should be around 3"... the cores are shown behind the red dots. Also the pattern is a 6" pattern so I would go over the area twice to improve the capacity for the top dressings.
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