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  1. 🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣 why don’t you offer Dave your time on a Friday night and give your input?
  2. Congrats to st newlyn east. Very well run club with cracking set up. Sure they will hold there own. league looks good for new season
  3. Does that mean Gerrans and north petherwin drop into the duchy prem? St columb major may jump up the whole of duchy to east Cornwall? Sure newlyn east is the best option for promotion?
  4. I see st austell have lost another player Martin Giles moving on in the st austell voice but doesn’t say where?
  5. Surprised if true that Ryan reeve has gone Falmouth 1st I would have thought he wouldn’t be a regular in that side. Also all his hard work prepping on Penryns pitch
  6. Well said all sounds very positive and very well organised good luck
  7. Jon you make an excellent point. But there does seem to be more people that would rather start a new team than join a club already going. I could name so many clubs that have packed up and not been seen since that were great strong clubs. Duchy committee always seem to be quite well organised so I’m interested to see what the out comes is of the agm for next season.
  8. 🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟 he’s yet to bite to that one. but it is a valid point. With camel ford only having one side and someone the best facilities in Cornwall. But also it would be good for the league to welcome a new club that have ambitions to build there own pitch and facilities good luck to you.
  9. Reading in the st austell voice today Alfie flack has gone sticker for the 20/21 season and to play for his dad there. He will get plenty of game time and will be a key player in there squad can only see him improving and stepping his game up. Couldn’t see him getting the game time he needs at helston just yet. Great move sticker are a great club.
  10. Can’t see it being a problem. They are opening shops and other places so can’t see standing outside watching football being a problem at all.
  11. That’s why the organisation of the league has gone down hill since you have stepped down. Hopefully you get involved in another soon.
  12. Shock kier you have stepped down? I’m surprised after all you’ve done to get the club where it is. Surely you’ll be missed. Are you staying involved or moving on?
  13. I think you could be right. I recon it will get delayed for years now. maybe Helston will fund it and play there games there they have plenty of money 😂😂
  14. Sent 25£ over today I’m the same as fenman. I enjoy coming in here and checking each league out and scores. Reading people comments. With out this page we would have nothing on Cornish football. Keep up the good work Richard.
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