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  1. Good to see @Fish back in management along with mark both top blokes at a great club. Hope it goes well for them.
  2. What players have godolphin lost to newquay?? Is there going to be any confirmed transfers put up or is it too early yet?
  3. G have been run like any cornish club should be. They dont have a big budget they have had loyal hard working people on the pitch and off it. Newquay having to up there budget and offer g players big money shows how far the g have come over the last 10 years. G wont have a problem attractions good new players and sid I know will be giving it his all the budget the best out of his team. Wish him luck hope he proves everyone wrong on here this season.
  4. Oh wasnt aware of that. Funds in duchy prem?
  5. I think Lee whetts would do a good job there good local knowledge of cor ish football I can see him being back at st Austell in near future just the guy to give young talent a go and wont need a budget to do it.
  6. Does this new newquay and gerrans wasnt accepted to join the combo? Is this going to be classed as senior of in senior cup also? Its looking a competitive league on paper good to see foxhole and st cleer back up where they belong.
  7. Good luck. After all Richard's hard work this season he deserves to have someone in that's committed and will pull stronger players back into the club. Hope you bounce back.
  8. Trelawney prem and div 3 John. You got yourself managing again?
  9. Rumours are true but all in good time
  10. On a positive note. Congratulations to st mawgan does that mean foxhole didnt apply to go to the st pirran league and are going to be in east cornwall?
  11. St mawgan got there revenge and probally what their season deserves winning 2.0 today
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