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  1. If you need any volunteers to come help out the pitch right when they’ve gone please drop me a message be happy to come lend a hand.
  2. With veryan having folded what a shame that is a club built from the bottom and worked there way up to east Cornwall. Cornish football does seem the same anymore. Such a shame. That’s two sides east Cornwall lost now with padstow gone.
  3. Good squad there will these guys be playing for the season?
  4. You can’t call them a senior side they were in the bottom duchy league only a couple weeks ago until they got voted into combo. They haven’t played together yet. Not a combo side 🤣🤣
  5. @Fish at perranporth is looking for a couple friendlies. The return of the fish to carharrack on the cards.
  6. It gave other clubs with young players the chance to come up against a good side and group of players and something to aim for. Mount gold set about winning the league and did can’t knock them for that.
  7. Godolphin great club to have in the combo league. Be good to see the combo back up to 20 teams and strong again. I always thought combo was one of the toughest leagues in Cornwall 10-15 years ago. Clubs like st just and the curnows are a big miss for the league
  8. Loyal to the club? They play for a different club each season dont they. But I’m pretty sure st Dennis will be fine alway a good group of loyal locals there. Always a tough place to go play.
  9. Who is second team manager for this season?
  10. It’s crazy. Going through these times and people still want to judge others and run down the hard work people have been able to do. It’s what has kept people like yourself going through these times having something to focus on and look at and be happy. Good luck for the new season.
  11. Best that pitch has ever looked. Looks a great surface to play on. Think this time off has helped some clubs with pitch recovery and maintenance around the ground
  12. Who’s running g second team next season? What league you hoping to be in?
  13. Floydy still banging goals in. Must be one of the top goal scoring defenders around?
  14. Sure your old enough to not worry about being told off 😂
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