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  1. Sure your old enough to not worry about being told off 😂
  2. Top man Brian hope it goes well for him not had the best of luck at his last two clubs.
  3. Correct decision made. I’d try and play out the cups and bring next season forward a month
  4. Great idea Dave. Will help young girls/women coming through to be able to follow the football and make new contacts with clubs. Another forum I’m follow.
  5. Jim Hilton wouldn’t be suprised to see him back. Top manager, coach and bloke. Proper Newquay bloke. Local connections and will bring the young players on.
  6. This season just needs to be voided now. Forget the results and games played. Void it and move on. Theres light at the end of the tunnel. Bring forward the new season abit. Start making plans for it now. I personally feel that people who do play on a Saturday at this level. there will be a high percentage of them that just want to get back to work and earning money again and will choose this over football. Then you’ll have clubs struggling for players then being fined for not having enough players. Or players from levels above playing which makes no sense. Decision needs to be made A
  7. Null and void the season aim to start next season a month earlier. Make use of the best weather. Less games to catch up when the rain comes. Easy!
  8. About time he got back involved in football top manager. Top football person all round. Perfect man for the job.
  9. If we can’t send out kids back to school until Easter then there should definitely not be any local football played!
  10. Wouldn’t be surprised if this is anything to do with st blazey needing a manager now?
  11. Some Community support work, help people that need help. It’s alright getting rid of them but they will just go and play else where so the player are at no loss are they. It’s the club that now have no squad and the last time that happened at st blazey they went down and struggled to get back to being half decent now
  12. I’m surprised by the decision to sack them all. I would have thought it would have been better to punish them a different way and keep the squad together. Big job now for them after recent struggles.
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