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  1. Coaches told services no longer required . Good players joining title rivals , players watching rival teams, not their own on match days ,and now fighting amongst supposed team mates after they've WON !!! Sounds like the dressing room has been lost 🤔
  2. Bad news for Helston .Are the wheels coming off the bus ? Over to you Le Boss .
  3. Surely you've missed a nought off the total of away fans Paul .With allegedly over 100 season ticket holders at Helston plus the normal pay on the gate supporters ,maybe the 37 mile journey was too far perhaps ! 😏
  4. Think the Chertsey game was the same conditions weren't they Tom ? Your wasting your time Dave .He won't answer because he can't. Hence the silence every time .
  5. Nah ! He wouldn't be able to afford the phone bill ! 😁🤣😂
  6. Looking for a game with incentives are you JOE ? 👍
  7. If jordan pickford didn't get sent off for the tackle on Van Dyk ,then what hope is there at this level ?
  8. Falmouth 2 Newquay 1 Well done Al you were right ! 😁
  9. Hard luck on sticker last night ,deserving of a point by all accounts . Denied of a possible equaliser by helstons Tinsley taking one for the team .
  10. A very good draw for Town and the F troop . A team we've not played before Oxfordshire based Abingdon utd play in Hellenic league division 1 East currently lying 8th having played 6 ,won 2 ,drawn 1 ,lost 3 . Should be a capacity 300 sell out that day .Bickland Park will be rocking .can't wait .
  11. Performances equal column inches Dave . 😁 How are your boys performing at the moment ? 😁
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