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  1. Christchurch have an average crowd of 62 .wouldn't surprise me if we take double that .
  2. Good luck in your FA Trophy clash tonight mate.you must have been having withdrawal symptoms ,no footie for a fortnight .👍
  3. Looks like Mr Martin bought himself a cornish Tartan shirt for his night on the tiles .😁😂🤣
  4. Yeh ,forgot that dave 😁 .Then there was the over officious elderly steward who accused us of cheating because we didn't throw the ball back on the pitch quick enough .I was told off for blocking some woman's view .And couldn't get a cup of coffee from the canteen after the game ,cos they only do food after the final whistle ,if I wanted coffee I had to go to the garage down the road .😁😂🤣 Best of luck to Way of the park and The Bald one . PS No Pasties either .😁
  5. Good luck at Hamworthy on their 3G pitch .Falmouth lost there in extra time last season .I swear we would of beaten them that day if it had been a normal grass pitch .
  6. Hamworthy at Bickland in the next round would be good mike .I'm sure we would have beaten them last season if it was a grass pitch rather than 3G .
  7. 95k views now mate .There's a great write up by matt friday entitled "The final word !" On the town twitter page .Real Roy of the Rovers and Billys Boots stuff ,that's if your old enough to remember that .😁
  8. Jack webbers goal now had 44k views on twitter ! Youve gone viral jack !!! 😁😂🤣
  9. No Matt Friday from the packet was doing it .
  10. Thought you might have come down for this one ray ,for a real matchday experience .clubhouse packed before an d after the game ,big vociferous home support and a never say die attitude from local players on the pitch .😁
  11. Just looked over the wall at the pitch .it's looking in remarkably good condition considering .well done to the ground staff and volunteer helpers . 👍
  12. Yep come on Alan ! You know you really really really want to .👍
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