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  1. I will be at Falmouth Town v St Dennis . UTT !!! 👍
  2. Was the game videod, if so you may be able to get the red card overturned .
  3. Surely such a tragic incident would be covered under public liability insurance dave .Or did the clubs involved not have any ?
  4. 115 allegedly. 120 less than those watching town lose at bickland Park. 😁
  5. Still no unbiased report from Leeds utd then ! 😁
  6. Falmouth town dont need videos to promote themselves .The club as a whole has turned itself around over the last few years .With the help of F Troop and the performances of the team on the pitch there is a great match day experience .Its a day out for the whole family with wives girlfriends and children attending as well .There's no place like the revamped Bickland Park for atmosphere on match days .All roads lead to it .
  7. thanks Mark! Really enjoyed it .ground looking great .👍
  8. over 100 watching parkway v blazey last night allegedly. 🤔
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