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  1. Fair play to anyone wanting to move on .Nobody wants to be a bench warmer. Although I'm sure there are a few that are on big bucks in the league ,that would be happy to do so .
  2. You forgot the other one that's gone to Hayle in the st piran league for game time .
  3. Another 3 youngsters gone according to the packet .
  4. I see sticker have signed Alfie Flack from Helston .A great acquisition for sticker and a lot more game time for the youngster .
  5. Indeed it is ! But some players could feel they've been led up the garden path .
  6. Heard today that helston want to go all out to win the peninsula league and the St Piran league ,hence the new signings and big squad .Could be that some will be unhappy to find they are playing in the st piran league rather than peninsula league .
  7. An excellent and very well put together documentary on a well run club covering everyone behind the scenes and the players rather than just one man with an ego.well done parkway and Mike Parrish .👍
  8. When I was little I found a toy dog with no legs in a jumble sale .I called him woodbine cos I had to take him for a drag .😁
  9. We once had a dog .we called him Blacksmith because he was always making a bolt for the door ! 😁
  10. Yes indeed mate .Good old days .especially when the town turned over the city in the local derbys.😁
  11. Long gone are the days when we would rush out to get the Indy on a Sunday. Reading the Falmouth Town report before we even got out the shop ,to find the star man at the end of the report was once again Mark Rapsey ! 😁😂🤣
  12. Just seen on Twitter mike that jordan annear has signed for South shields in the northern premier league .sad that a truro lad couldn't get a chance at his home club.

  13. So MTC stands for Match Transport Coordinator then ! 😁
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