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Just seen on the SWPL website the 2014-15 Seasons fixtures

Saturday August 9th. Falmouth Town v Newquay

A very attractive opening game at Bickland Park with the "Peppermints" healthy support a good gate is in prospect.

Its the 7th.Home opening fixture for Falmouth in the 8 season SWPL history.

Congratulations to League Secretary Phil Hiscox on this monumental effort covering a record 56 clubs in three divisions.

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Godolphin have the honour of the opening Friday night league fixture

Friday 8th of August 2014

Godolphin Atlantic v Camelford

Saturday 9th of August 2014

Stoke Gabriel v Launceston

St Austell v Exmouth Town

Plymouth Parkway v St.Blazey

Falmouth Town v Newquay

Elmore v Ivybridge Town

Cullompton Rangers v Elburton Villa

Callington Town v Bovey Tracey

Bodmin Town v Torpoint Athletic

Tuesday 12th of August 2014

Torpoint Athletic v Godolphin Atlantic

St Austell v Newquay

Plymouth Parkway v Witheridge

Launceston v Camelford

Elburton Villa v Bodmin Town

Wednesday 13th of August 2014

Stoke Gabriel v Ivybridge Town

Callington Town v Saltash United

Friday 15th of August 2014

Cullompton Rangers v Elmore

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Tremendous effort form Mr H.......but you always get one who isn't happy. All games will be played, so what is the problem? Everyone is quick to criticise, but not so forthcoming in offering a hand.......... Well done Mr H, keep up the great work, you're doing a sterling job!

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If your having a dig, save your energy. I wasnt moaning. Its just a thought on the fixtures that have come out. The forum is for thoughts on these kind of subjects. Of course the fixtures get played. Tell us something new. But having a back log in the final month isnt ideal. So a month where theres almost no chance of games being off is ideal to have mid week football.

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Yet again Godolphin and Newquay are fixtured home and away at the same time on no less than 8 occasions ,this is hurting both clubs financially as some supporters will watch both teams, you would have

thought that they could be fixtured home and way at different dates.

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Baz, your comment has been picked by Phil H and I have asked if he would consider a fixture reversal with opponents permission to alleviate the perceived problem. 3 fixture reversals would sort out 6 dates as teams are the same (Bovey & Elb, Elb & Cally, With & Elmore). The other 2 (Launc & Parkway, St Blz & St Aust) each need a separate reversal making 5 in all.

If Phil does not object then the wheels can be put in motion.

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What if saltash & liskeard play same weekends...surely if asked then phil will have to accomodate them aswell, same with bodmin & wadebridge, falmouth & penryn, st.blazey & st.austell.....could go on forever, probably best left as they are or phil hiscox might be inundated with requests for fixture changes

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I did not know Saltash and Liskeard were in the same town or Bodmin & Wadebridge ,Falmouth & Penryn would have a case but they are in different league level and do not play each other

Newquay & Godolphin are within a mile of each other.

When clubs are fighting for every penny of income a possible extra 20 or 30 spectators makes all the difference.

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Totally agee with Bazzer. The Newquay/Godolphin situation should be given special consideration by the league due to the close proximity of the 2 clubs playing in the "same town". There is no other comparible situation in the league, including any of the above.

St Austell / St Blazey

Penzance / Mousehole

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Never thought I'd agree with Derek on anything, but he, Bazzer and all those who have complained, including me, for years about the Newquay / Godolphin fixtures fiasco are of course right.

Now that Godolphin have floodlights, the task of changing some fixtures will be easier, but why were NQY & G not just scheduled home & away on the same Saturdays ? Surely that was not too difficult to do ? As for other clubs, if they have a problem, perhaps they too should complain... or are they happy to just sit meekly by and let a potential £2k+ a season drift down the road.

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