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  1. I can't see Newquay losing this one, not at Home, Mousehole seemed to of lost their way in recent weeks.
  2. Who doesn't? I have a lot of effection for Liskeard & St.Blazey also, I comment when they get defeated ( most weeks for St.Blazey, & hardly ever for Liskeard!) So I think your comment of me hiding is slightly harsh. But I won't take any offence 😀
  3. So it's 6 of one, half a dozen of an other !
  4. Brilliant isn't Dave! The laughs we have at the matches with these comments on here are brilliant! So much Envy on here for Bodmin. You watch them all crawl out again if we are beat at Tavistock tomorrow (no shame either if that were to be the case) not many if any will take points AT Tavistock, plus our run has to come to an end at some stage 😀
  5. Any Striker will tell you, a goal is a goal! Regardless of how ! 😃
  6. leedsunited

    Bodmin v Camelford

    Agree to disagree with some points of your assessment, but some you have spot on. Bodmin 4-0 Camelford
  7. leedsunited

    Falmouth vs St Austell

    St.Austell unlucky?
  8. Bit disrespectful to Reg Hambly, Camelford & all others we have beat this season?! If we are so poor & keep picking up results what does that say for the rest ... ? 😂
  9. Crago on the bench also, thought first 20 minutes Tavistock were slow out the blocks but after they found their motion, only ever to be one winner. Newquay gifting Tavistock a couple goals, very sloppy defending. Think at one stage Tavistock completed 58 consecutive passes then got the ball in the box from out wide for a player to blaze over the bar. I think by the groans beside the tea hut last night that Newquay's result on Saturday had saved them showing their disgruntlement, 6 points from a possible 24 in the league, not what Peppermints supporters were wanting!
  10. True, probably the amount of Champagne splashed over the walls over the recent years haven't helped ! 👍
  11. Leezo's is top guy But could of possibly used his discretion ! 😂
  12. Anybody saw Leezo's (Lee Hobbs's) post on Twitter RE their fixture down at St.Austell ? Maybe someone can upload it, will add real spice to the fixture that's for sure
  13. Saltash? St.Austell? Tavistock? Yawn yawn ....
  14. Refresh me as to which SWPLbclubs have stepped up apart from Parkway ?
  15. leedsunited


    I to am confused by it all
  16. Like a couple of guys said down at the Club last night, results/performance's can't continue & a change is what's needed. You have to remember this is West Division football, so not struggling in the Premier Division (which is bad enough for a club of St Blazey's stature' but this is a Club struggling in a poor West League.
  17. I shouldn't worry to much ... Some clubs have been known to have Players assualt supporters, that's when it gets to much 👍
  18. Had your fixture as a potential ' Banana Skin ' Windmill, team struggling in the Premier Division away at a Side going well in the league below, but smashing 6 goals away from home I couldn't be more wrong! Again, shows the difference between the two leagues.
  19. Which brings me back to Standard of the local game Hoppit, as we only 6 points off top spot in the league with two games in hand & only lost once all season. So IF we are that poor & still competeing at the top end what does that say for the rest? 😉
  20. Anyway on to today's game at Camelford, a very tough assignment as always at Trefew Park, Reg always sets his team's out hard to beat. Draw probably a fair result & replay on Wednesday in Bodmin. Also well done to Newquay today, fantastic result at Buckland, deserve a plum draw next round after today's victory. Supporters be crying out for you guys to take that form in to your league fixtures now!! 👍
  21. Did I not predict this last week ?? But once again people discarded my sources ... You have to remember I socialise there on a regular basis & know a lot of the hirachy! My Morgan did resign, however it was excepted with 'Open Arms' I was told.