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  1. Indeed I have Way Of The Park. Already been in touch yesterday with Truro City inviting the Chairman onto this week’s Rappo & Deacs podcast. The club have asked if I can push back the talk with the chairman till next week. This kinda falls in with what I’ve learnt from elsewhere as I understand there is a legal embargo on any information being released until the 20th January.
  2. Suggestion on Facebook (The Lost Football Grounds and Terraces of the UK) today that Treyew Road is currently being cleared for demolition for the new Lidl and that the club are to play their home games at Plymouth Parkway. As I said it is a “suggestion” but it’s not the only place I’ve heard this from today! I have also been told today independently that “All sold and Truro City moving out very soon I’m hearing”
  3. ST BLAZEY AFC INVESTIGATION - UPDATE Shares Cornwall FA investigated allegations made against the management team and players of St Blazey AFC following an incident on the 19th December in Plymouth. Having taken advice and guidance from The FA it has been agreed that the incident does not fall within the jurisdiction of The Cornwall FA to issue charges via the Football judic
  4. Certainly very difficult to make it with a Premiership side but no harm in enjoying it whilst they can!
  5. But I suppose as the vacancies in St Piran League (and below) are filled by election at an AGM (as mentioned elsewhere on this forum recently) the SPL could fill vacancies by taking the two teams that have applied? If you only want one - let the two play-off (two legged affair) and allow some meaningful football to be staged at least somewhere in the county this season! 😀
  6. Perhaps doing something about this aspect should have been written in last summer John?
  7. Only that the Villa goalscorer (Barry) had swapped his shirt with Liverpool's Fabinho and the cameras were able to pick up the Villa coach suggesting to his young player that he might want to keep his own shirt as it was his debut and it would be a good memory in years to come. We then saw in the tunnel the Villa player asking to swap back which they did obviously but later we heard that Fabinho had given Barry his Liverpool shirt anyway. Nice touch I thought.
  8. I liked the story afterwards about the shirt swapping issue!
  9. However although the emphasis seems to be to encourage promotion , ah this level, teams still have to apply for it. This season only St Dominick and St Stephen have ‘applied’ and so at the least how about a play-off between these two?
  10. Looking back Keith B, it’s you and We Two who are to blame on this thread. 🤭😀
  11. Some might say "what's the point if no promotion or relegation". Wouldn't it be as well just to have say group league cup action and forget the leagues?
  12. I was just thinking the same Bruegel! So much for the new year greetings!!!! 🤔
  13. On the face of it, the same will have to happen this season to be fair to all concerned!
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