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  1. Things can’t be too bad fenman if you’ve got socks! 😀 Thanks for the donation 👍
  2. We're here to help in any way we can 👍
  3. Thanks Darren. That's the beauty of it as a podcast - there's no need to listen to all of it - pick out your bits appropriately. 👍 I totally agree it is too long to listen to in one go! I was rather hoping someone might try out the message concept, just to see if it works if nothing else! https://anchor.fm/cornishsoccer/message
  4. Ryan Richards has already been announced a few weeks back that he was going back to Parkway.
  5. Parkway twitter account today:- PLAYER DEPARTURES Today we can confirm that Aaron Bentley, Jordan Copp, Craig Duff, Jack Calver and Adam Carter will leave the club We wish them all well for the next stage of their footballing journey. Thank you lads
  6. Good to see Truro City making signings. Ryan Dickson, Ryan Brett and Shane White have signed today and an indication that the club are looking for the next season to be a successful one and hopefully erase the memories of the season that hasn’t happened! Established players 👍
  7. Got a comment or thought about the CORNISH SOCCER talking football podcast? Well it’s now easier to leave a Voice Messages from any browser (even on mobile!), via any podcast app, without having to download the Anchor app. Just click on the following link :- https://anchor.fm/cornishsoccer/message We would love to hear from you 😀
  8. Does anyone know which Ryan it was that scored the West Cornwall goal please - Ryan Williams or Ryan Hooper Thanks
  9. So what's to stop a club sending the re-registration online in through the correct system for a player who actually doesn't want to stay at that club after the 1st June?
  10. Just click on the above link for more information
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