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  1. I'm not sat in front of Cornwall Football Forum 24/7 Dave! Give me a chance mate!! You need to get that sorted! 😀😀😀
  2. Torridgeside AFC v Millbrook Torpoint Athletic v Bovey Tracey Bodmin Town v Saltash United Callington Town v Falmouth Town Helston Athletic v Camelford Launceston v Godolphin Atlantic Newquay v Liskeard Athletic St Austell v Mousehole St Blazey v Porthleven Sticker v Dobwalls Wendron United v St Dennis
  3. Yes I know the league told me. I was rather hoping Shouter might have responded!
  4. I’ve been led to understand the league Torpoint’s football secretary was notified on Sunday,1st.December
  5. Whilst we’re talking about keeping accurate data online - why are Carharrack still showing in the league’s FA Full time table?
  6. As confirmed by Swpl secretary Phil Hiscox in the latest podcast out tomorrow
  7. But then isn't it going to be the case that should a club be successful with an appeal, it’s going to be in effect only a reprieve as should the same club win it the following season, it will have been expected that they have sorted the problem.
  8. I find it hard to understand why such an issue had to be decided by the FA!
  9. Are you suggesting John that the FA will listen with a sympathetic ear and excuse the Cornish clubs from having to take promotion?
  10. Thanks for listening. Yeah there’s a couple more :- Rappo did one with former Falmouth striker Phil Shapcott on this link https://anchor.fm/cornishsoccer/episodes/We-continue-our-Nostalgia-episodes-with-two-former-Falmouth-Town-strikers-meeting-up-e2np15 And I also recorded something with John Dent more recently and again the link is https://anchor.fm/cornishsoccer/episodes/CORNISH-SOCCER-talks-to-John-Dent---another-in-the-Cornish-football-Nostalgia-series-e4hjbl No more definitely booked in yet but it is something I would like to do more of. Any suggestions anyone?
  11. WEDNESDAY 4 DECEMBER WALTER C PARSON LEAGUE CUP, 2nd Round Bodmin Town 1-4 Helston Athletic 3rd Round St Blazey 1-0 Elburton Villa
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