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  1. No, completed the seasons http://www.cornwallcomboleague.co.uk/culdroseleaguerecord.htm If you look Culdrose will be the second club to pass 2000 league games after St Just managed it last season. Was it RAF St Mawgan you were thinking of John? http://www.cornwallcomboleague.co.uk/rafleaguerecord.htm
  2. Falklands War was 1982. Culdrose had one season out of the League 1987-88. I remember reading they left because of the stick they were getting from the League and other sides. They rejoined for the 1988-89 season
  3. Shouldn't poke my nose into a Duchy thread but I am hoping that other Combo Committee members are reading this as well. How about making your League Cup a home and away cup until a one game final. That means every side will get at least 2 cup games, even teams with a Bye round. Another idea is Divisions of 12 with a Cup per Division. Draw lots per division to make 4 groups of 3 teams. These 3 teams play each other home and away. The 4 group winners then are the semi-finalists. Minimum of 4 cup matches per side, plus group winners get to play 2 more games if they reach the final. 22 league, 6, 7 or 8 cup games. Then of course you have the Duchy League Cup, so that could add 4 or 5 games. Total maximum per games per side, 35 games for a 41 week season.
  4. Wrong There still would have been the St Piran League no matter who took it on. FA wanted to form a league in the middle between SWPL and Combo/ECPL no matter who was running it. The ECPL sides chucking in the towel a couple of days before the deadline and pulling out of the St Piran due to travelling cocked it all up. The FA could not approve a St Piran League with 13 teams from the West of the county and 3 from the East. Hence the solution to strip the Combo and ECPL by forming an East and West divisional, St Piran League. So, there was none of this "I'm all right Jack, why change" from both Committees. We were told the CFA would run it if we volunteered OR not and personally I did not fancy driving a 90 mile round trip at least once a month then getting up at 4.30am the next morning to take my son to work as where I live we get no buses and he can't drive. Also I thought being a new league I would leave it to younger people to run it.
  5. You lot sound like a dog biting it's arse! Be lucky you have league for the coming season.
  6. Reminds me of this. Listen to the whole thing.
  7. The clue is in the club statement. St Austell have perhaps seen sense and do not want to get in debt by paying out big money. They have cut their budget. Clubs must cut their cloth to what they can afford because Western League will be expensive.
  8. Carharrack Hayle Reserves Helston Athletic Thirds Lizard Argyle Marazion Blues Pendeen Rovers Penryn Athletic Reserves Perranporth Reserves Porthleven Reserves RNAS Culdrose Rosudgeon Ruan Minor St Agnes Reserves St Day Reserves Wendron United Thirds
  9. There are two pages. One the public sees, one our Fixtures Secretary sees. We think there has been a boo boo due to West Cornwall pulling out mid-way which has thrown full-time. We will go through the individuals records game by game to sort it. It was only spotted a day ago. Fixture Secretary was going to present the trophy on the figures he had until it was pointed out to him that there was another player. To save handing it out to the wrong player it was postponed. Easier when it was done with paper team sheets.
  10. A quick report of the 61st AGM of the Cornwall Combination League. A minutes silence was held for previous persons connected with the League who had passed away in the past year. LWC Drinks will be the League's sponsor for the 2019-20 season. Thanks were given by those present. Player registrations were up from the 2017-18 season at 1259 with 85 of them transferring from one club to another during the year. Finances look healthy but with the reduction in the number of teams and basic running costs staying the same for the coming year, the League are trying to be as paperless as possible, using full-time, emails, etc. Reports were given by the Leagues officers re the previous season. Thanks were given to the clubs who allowed their grounds to be used for the cup semis and finals. Applicant clubs were invited to give quick résumé of their sides, and several did. Applicant clubs left the room and a lively discussion ensued regarding the merits of each club. There was then a vote taken on each club to either accept or reject their applications. All clubs re-entered and were told the results of the votes. The unsuccessful clubs then left the meeting. The remaining clubs discussed the forthcoming season. The maximum entrance fee will stay the same at £3 but as with previous seasons, it is up to clubs to charge up to this amount, if at all. The Committee were re-appointed bar one member who is standing down leaving a vacancy to be filled. Applications are invited, apply to Lester Thomas, our League Secretary. Due to the fact up to the meeting no-one knew who was going to be a League member, the draw for the League Cup will be made at the next Committee meeting. Also the start and end date of the season will be communicated to the clubs. The League's Auditors were thanked and will be asked if they could carry on the task. Cheques were then handed out to the four cup finalists for their share of the gate money. Trophies were then handed out to the following. (Some give a top 3) Sporting Trophy 1; Wendron United Reserves 2; Lizard Argyle 3; Penryn Athletic Top Marked Referee's Assistant Abbie Myatt of Illogan RBL Top Marked Referee 1; George Pattison 2; Marc Rose 3; Luke Wilkes Top Goalscorers (Outside of Champions) 1; Penryn Athletic 2; St Day 3; Helston Athletic Reserves Respect Trophy 1; Wendron United Reserves 2; Perranporth 3=; Mullion/Porthleven Reserves The Trophy for the Top Goalscorer was not handed out on the night. Full-time, the official FA website has one player on it's public page but another player on it's internal league page. The FA will be contacted to sort it and the winning player will be presented with his trophy shortly. All clubs were wished a successful season and the meeting broke up.
  11. LWC Drinks Cornwall Combination League Constitution 2019-20 The following clubs will be members of the League for the coming season Carharrack Hayle Reserves Helston Athletic Thirds Lizard Argyle Marazion Blues Pendeen Rovers Penryn Athletic Reserves Perranporth Reserves Porthleven Reserves RNAS Culdrose Rosudgeon Ruan Minor St Agnes Reserves St Day Reserves Wendron United Thirds The League thank all clubs for their applications.
  12. I have a tent and camping stove in my back garden for the holidays! Bring their own sleeping gear.
  13. AGM tonight, Thursday 13th June 2019 Remember full-time is the official site for the league so top goal scorers, etc come from there. My website is more accurate for some things like tables, team goals, etc and even though it predates predates full-time it is now, not the official site, but an archive. Full-time has details sent in by club officials, my website has details given by club managers and officials/players/spectators. There will be a slight difference. I have also left in the goals scored against West Cornwall which full-time does not. I will post the main AGM details tomorrow but will post the new Constitution later tonight.
  14. https://www.cornwalllive.com/news/local-news/significant-fire-football-clubhouse-prompts-2972414
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