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  1. League Cup First Round All ties on 7th November Hayle Reserves v Wendron United Thirds Helston Athletic Thirds v RNAS Culdrose Marazion v Ludgvan Penryn Athletic Reserves v Illogan RBL Reserves Perranporth Reserves v Pendeen Rovers Ruan Minor v Holman SC St Agnes Reserves v Lizard Argyle St Day Reserves v Rosudgeon
  2. http://fulltime-league.thefa.com/ListPublicFixture.do?divisionseason=625776485&league=2469969
  3. Preseason Friendly Marazion 0-4 Penzance Att – 73 Sorry for lack of names as I don’t usually watch Pz First team Of the two management teams, Marazion were probably the most pleased after this game. Three weeks ago, Justin Millard and his backroom staff took over the running of the club when The Blues were abandoned by everyone bar a single player. Since then they have cobbled a side together that is only missing a couple of playmakers in midfield and a target man upfront. The score was 2-0 to the visitors until a quick two goals scored in two minutes killed off the game for the home side. The hosts can look back and say they did well against the strongest side in their local area. The game was divided into quarters allowing both sides to exchange players on mass with the Penzance side that played the first and fourth quarters, being their strongest. This side made some good moves down their left, playing neat triangles while moving the ball forward, the other quarters, the side played well on the opposite side of the pitch. Marazion when they broke tended to kick the ball too long being unable to run onto it and threaten the Magpies goal, whilst at the other end Penzance attacked well but could not find that killer touch. Penzance kick off and the game is played at 100mph with the visitors playing a quick passing game and the home side taking the direct route. The Penzance No 7 was composed on the ball, setting up chances. He never seemed hurried. The first main shot on goal came after 18mins when a 15yd pile driver from Penzance No 9, Gavin Perraton hit the upright, then the keeper and away. There was five months of not being able to play football in the shot as those of us behind the goal felt the ground shake! The game carries on until the deadlock is broken in the 35th minute. A short corner on their left is knocked to the edge of the box for the lad to beat the defender, turn and lay it back for a player to bang it in from 8yds. The score remains that way until half-time. Penzance score their second 5 minutes after the restart. They come down the left channel, square the ball across goal for a player to knock it back in low, cross goal to make it 0-2. Marazion still plug away but Penzance now have the majority of play but still few chances. The Blues have their chance of the game with a corner on their left knocked in for a header that goes just over the bar. Penzance are then awarded a penalty when a player in upended. Perraton steps up, sends the keeper the wrong way, scoring low to the left. A minute later the best goal of the game is scored. A player gets the ball out wide near the hallway line. He beats two or three tackles coming in diagonally before shooting the ball in low between keeper and near post. A good individual goal. Penzance have a chance to increase their lead when a rising shot from wide left hits a defender and deflects just over the bar. The last few minutes sees Penzance still running hard being first to any loose ball but they don’t take advantage of the possession. Thank you to the referee who officiated and those that ran the line. Marazion, with that side should be more than capable of holding their own in the Combo this season.
  4. A chap has emailed me about a player called Barry Whitehead who played in the Combo for Penzance, Falmouth Town Reserves, Marazion Blues and St Just. He is looking for info about Barry. Can anyone help him His email is below I went to Woodhouse Grammar School with Barry and after that Barry was a Chesterfield F.C and we lost touch with each other. However I do know that he ended up having a B&B and I think it was in Truro. If you have any information about where he is now, I would be very grateful.
  5. I have updated the website for the 2020-21 season. I have also, as directed by the FA and CCFA, declared the 2019-20 season Null and Void so there will be no games added to TEAM totals but there is a link to show how everything looked the day it was declared null and void. With this in mind I have added all goals scored by players into their individual totals as they were scored in the heat of battle. Thus players won't lose out but Teams do. Some may say I am wrong and no player should be given their goals but personally I have included them. Also by leaving a section on the site for the 2019-20 season untouched by the Covid-19 I feel we still have our recrational social history intact. Click on the link below and follow directions to see the past. CTB http://www.cornwallcomboleague.co.uk/19-20welcome.html
  6. Mid September/Early October. Then there will be enough time to get the season completed. With professional football being played they will not delay the start of their next season so will only put up a token time delay before non league will be able to start.
  7. After the official close of the LWC Cornwall Combination League’s Postal AGM for the 2019-20 season, the League is pleased to announce it’s member clubs for the forthcoming 2020-21 season Hayle Reserves Helston Athletic thirds Holman SC Illogan RBL Reserves Lizard Argyle Ludgvan Marazion Pendeen Rovers Penryn Athletic Reserves Perranporth Reserves Rosudgeon Ruan Minor RNAS Culdrose St Agnes Reserves St Day Reserves Wendron United Thirds The League is particularly pleased to see such a strong desire for clubs to join the League, with six applications to fill three availaqble places, and with this in mind the LWC Cornwall Combination League would like to thank the three unsuccessful sides Probus, Gerrans and St Mawes United and St Newlyn East for their applications. Hopefully there will be other opportunities to join the League in future seasons. The League will listen to all advice from the Government, FA and Cornwall FA as to when the 2020-21 can get under way, and will keep its member clubs informed via the usual channels of communication.
  8. Being nosy, is the new manager the ex-Mousehole Reserves team Manager?
  9. I think there should be a paper trail. Which Founder Member are you talking about? Ludgvan? Sorry you are way out there. The original members of the league for the start of the 1959-60 season were Falmouth Town Reserves, Helston Athletic Reserves, Nanpean Rovers, Newquay Reserves, Penzance Reserves, Porthleven, RAF St Mawgan, RNAS Culdrose, Roche, St Breward, St Dennis and St Just. Ludgvan didn't join the League until the 1980-81 season.
  10. LWC Drinks Cornwall Combination League AGM 2019-20 In the next day or so, Club Secretaries should be receiving details regarding this season’s LWC Drinks Cornwall Combination League AGM. This season the League is holding a Postal AGM as we are unable to meet due to the Covid 19 virus. Inside each communication are notes from the League Secretary, Fixtures/Registrations Secretary and Treasurer. Some things to note; The League will follow all guidelines issued by the FA and CCFA as to when next season can “Kick-off”, and any issues regarding the safety of players, officials and spectators. The League is NOT charging member Clubs an Affiliation Fee for the 2020-21 season. Also included in the correspondence is a list of items that must be voted on, as at all League AGMs. To do this, there is included a voting form which must be filled in and returned within two weeks. Individual Club Committees are advised not to meet in person but to discuss the AGM via electronic/postal communication and vote as they see fit. Clubs must vote to agree on last season’s AGM notes, and the included reports. Clubs must also vote on the constitution of the League next season. At present there are thirteen sides in the League and six have applied to join. Clubs must vote for three of those six. Any rule changes and proposals are to be voted on, also who will be on the League Management Committee for next season. Once the voting forms are received by the League more information will be released regarding next season’s members and any changes made to the rule book.
  11. Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson go on a camping trip together. After eating their dinner around the campfire they retire to the tent to go to sleep. A few hours later Sherlock wakes up. “Watson, are you awake?” He asks. “Yes sir. What is it?” Answers Watson. “Look up and tell me what you see.” Asks Holmes. “I see billions of stars,” says Watson. “And what does that tell you Watson,” asks Holmes. “Well,” says Dr Watson, ” Astronomically, it tells me that there are millions of galaxies and potentially billions of planets. Astrologically, I observe that Saturn is in Leo. Horologically, I deduce that the time is approximately a quarter past three. Theologically, I can see that God is all powerful and that we are small and insignificant. Meteorologically, I suspect that we will have a beautiful day tomorrow.” “Why? – What does it tell you, Holmes?” Holmes is quiet for a moment then says: “It tells me that someone has stolen our tent.” *** Two antennas got married - the wedding was lousy, but the reception was outstanding.
  12. Want to hear something that will make you smile? Your facial muscles.
  13. The world's leading expert on European wasps walks into a record shop. He asks the assistant “Do you have ‘European Vespidae Acoustics Volume 2? I believe it was released this week.” “Certainly,” replies the assistant. “Would you like to listen before you buy it?” "That would be wonderful," says the expert, and puts on a pair of headphones. He listens for a few moments and says to the assistant, “I'm terribly sorry, but I am the world's leading expert on European wasps and this is not accurate at all. I don't recognize any of those sounds. Are you sure this is the correct recording?” The assistant checks the turntable, and replies that it is indeed European Vespidae Acoustics Volume 2. The assistant apologizes and lifts the needle onto the next track. Again the expert listens for a few moments and then says to the assistant, "No, this just can't be right! I've been an expert in this field for 43 years and I still don't recognize any of these sounds." The assistant apologizes again and lifts the needle to the next track. The expert throws off the headphones as soon as it starts playing and is fuming with rage. "This is outrageous false advertising! I am the world's leading expert on European wasps and no European wasp has ever made a sound like the ones on this record!" The manager of the shop overhears the commotion and walks over. "What seems to be the problem, sir?" "This is an outrage! I am the world's leading expert on European wasps. Nobody knows more about them than I do. There is no way in hell that the sounds on that record were made by European wasps!" The manager glances down and notices the problem instantly. "I'm terribly sorry, sir. It appears we've been playing you the bee side." An Irishman walks into a bar in Dublin, orders three pints of Guinness and sits in the back of the room, drinking a sip out of each one in turn. When he finishes them, he comes back to the bar and orders three more. The bartender approaches and tells him, “You know, a pint goes flat after I draw it, and it would taste better if you bought one at a time.” The Irishman replies, well, you see, I have two brothers. One is in America, the other is in Australia, and I’m in Dublin. When we all left home, we promised that we’d drink this way to remember the days we drank together. So I drink one for each o’me brothers and one for me self.” The bartender admits that this is a nice custom, and leaves it there. The Irishman becomes a regular in the bar, and always drinks the same way: He orders three pints and drinks them in turn. One day, he comes in and orders two pints. All the other regulars take notice and fall silent. When he comes back to the bar for the second round, the bartender says, “I don’t want to intrude on your grief, but I wanted to offer my condolences on your loss.” The Irishman looks quite puzzled for a moment, then a light dawns and he laughs. “Oh, no, everybody’s just fine,” he explains, “It’s just that my wife had us join that Baptist Church and I had to quit drinking. But it hasn’t affected me brothers though.”
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