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  1. What party was that Rodney, The Monstor Raving Loonies? Div 1 match between Praze and Penzance this weekend looks like it is being brought forward to a 1pm kick-off. Totally sensible.
  2. How many are like me and think the FA should have left everything alone and kept the SWPL Premier, East and West. Instead of forcing teams from our two counties Eastwards they should have forced teams Westwards to join the SWPL Premier. Less disruption.
  3. Happening in every sport in every country. Sportsperson earn money, people expect perfection. The baseball team I support have taken on a new player from Tiawan on a fulltime contract. The other day, in the heat of the game, the ball was hit to him and he threw it at base to get a player out. 100% he was going to do it but had a less than that chance of getting a player out running towards home base. So the other team scored and for that he is getting social media abuse. Pathetic trools. https://www.mlb.com/news/terry-francona-on-racist-messages-to-yu-chang
  4. Dave can I have any info you have if possible. I am at the same point as Richard was for the East Cornwall tables when this post was first put up 6 years ago! Any tables will be added to the archive I am building on the Combo website. . http://www.cornwallcomboleague.co.uk/leaguearchiveindex.htm
  5. Just a personal suggestion but would it be better if all games kicked off at 3.05 pm next week or perhaps 2pm. With Prince Philip being buried next Saturday and a moment of silence being held at 3pm countrywide it would not look good if we are playing football at that very time. By kicking off early or late we could join the rest of the country in honouring him during halftime or pre-match.
  6. Div 1 From the penalty spot, St Just go 1-0 up on 35mins at Penzance. St Just double their lead on 66. Full time score. My sources say a decent game with both sides missing chances, but overall our visitors edged it and deserved to win.
  7. John, does the Mounts Bay School 4g count as public or private?
  8. Some say by the second half the older players were trying their hand at walking football as so little training had been done. During a pandemic, it's a young person's game! 😝
  9. Final Score After 51mins Penzance go one up. Ryan Weeks the scorer. Left the Magpies earlier on in the season but has now returned. I am not there but apparently Penzance are missing the killer touch in the last third of the pitch. Also Illogan are not follwing the script of their pre-lockdown position of seven defeats in seven games!
  10. You can't believe it In the Irish Republic, spectators are moaning about lack of goals and skill in local football so the Irish FA have come up with something they want to trial next season in non league foorball over there. They have set up a deal with one of the big football producers and every local league to use the same newly designed football. To try and bring in some skills like running with the ball, curling the shot around the wall, etc, the football manufacturers have agreed to randomly make the footballs so one side is just a tiny bit heavier than the other half. The
  11. Hereford win 1-0 Final is on 22nd May 2021, 5 years to the day since they lost 4-1 to Morpeth in the Vase Final at Wembley. (T-cut is to rub down and clean headlights. I got done by Halfords a couple of years ago, charged my £60 to do it to pass MOT. Now do it myself for £10)
  12. If you can squint, an interesting read https://torquayfansforum.co.uk/thread/4257/plymouth-district-football-league-history
  13. 26th March 2021 by Jamie Griffiths - League News An Independent Panel, commissioned by The National League, has met to hear the cases of 18 Member Clubs charged with alleged breaches of League Rules. 16 Member Clubs were charged with a breach of League Rule 8.39, 1 Member Club was charged with a breach of League Rule 4.2 and 1 Member Club was charged with a breach of both League Rule 4.2 and 8.39. Rule 8.39 relates to any Club without just cause failing to fulfil an engagement to play a Competition match on an appointed date. Rule 4.2 provides The National League Board with the
  14. Scarf has arrived. Pity no spectators allowed, I would have gone tomorrow.
  15. Going on the internet and banging in Western League 2020-21 you come up with the page below. It says Parkway promoted or is that just whishful thinking. Did I miss an announcement? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020–21_Western_Football_League
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