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  1. Without knowing the internal problems-couldn't Porthleven have had a time out period to re assess the situation? As was given to other troubled clubs during the past couple of seasons. Or is the SWPL a too higher status to allow this?
  2. This will be the first meeting since 2015 when the two cllubs met in the WCP Cup at Bickland Falmouth Town 2 (R.Wearne-G.Squires)--Penryn Athletic 1 (D.Leach) Att.154 Town team-Ryan Barnes-Chris Wormington-Mark Hollands-Tom Whipp-Joe Cooper(C)-Ross Pope-Rob Wearne-Mike Smith-Glen Squires-Andy Westgarth-Harley Westlake-Subs.Aiden Killen-Luke Tripconey-Harry Clarke--referee Kevin Knowles
  3. Also No Bookings in the Wadebridge v Falmouth match, I hear
  4. First SWPL goal conceded by Ryan Barnes since last December's visit to Bodieve Park (472 minutes almost 8 hours of football) 11 consecutive League wins is a Falmouth record in the SWPL. I think Bodmin had a 28 winning run in their glory era and didn't Helston have a good run quite recently.
  5. I can only compare with Falmouth records- Mark Vercesi scored consecutive penalties in three games but more impressively in his time at Bickland 2010-12 he netted 27 penalties fom 28 (missing only one) including a Penalty hat trick in one game. Since then the regular penalty taker now is Dave Broglino who has also scored a Penalty hat trick in one game.
  6. With Argyle home on the same day most Plymouth football followers would prefer Home Park. Have Truro drawn the short straw with Parkway in that their home games clash with Argyle ?
  7. Looking back to the start of the season -I think Falmouth will reflect on their 2-0 win at Wendron and see it as one of their key results of the season. Well done to all at Underlane.
  8. Still no activity at The Stadium site with gates padlocked I can not see a ground developed in Truro in time for next season so a nomadic life is likely for the City followers.
  9. Is there a limited capacity as only 32 attended v Ivybridge and even less v Sidmouth on Saturday -gate 18
  10. Because on that method you would have 12 clubs in Round 2 and eventually 3 clubs in the semi final which would see a club having a bye to the final
  11. Just seen the Porthleven attendance v Falmouth 272 this coupled with the F troop gathering at Wendron which saw a 380 gate.
  12. 342 Attendance was the highest Step 6 in Britain. With a 271 v Penzance what are the expectations for the Local Derby v 4th. placed Penryn in the Cup in two weeks ?
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