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  1. Any confirmation on the date or venue ? as I am gathering notes/news for the Falmouth programme
  2. Perhaps Jacob Englefield could enlighten us ?
  3. There were headline news in an early season Sunday Independent saying Truro would have to leave Treyew Road by December (last) but no follow up news appeared so this latest rumour may well go the same way. I imagine Truro are living on the knife edge of uncertainty at any time
  4. With the unprecedented backlog of fixtures up until May (some playing every other day) I can see this squad having a different look about it come departure day in May due to fatigue and injury.
  5. I see the CCFA seem to be keeping a wide birth of this set up Where does this organisation feature in the affiliation of football ? FIFA-> FA-> CCFA-> SWPL I remember the days when Beach football,Charity games-mixed matches were outlawed by the CCFA and many players were banned and fined for defying the authorities.
  6. Dont forget Cornish Pirates hold the purse strings and they have had a quarter of a million £. budget cut
  7. The Falmouth Town Father & Son (s) Listing FIRST TEAM ONLY
  8. What is the salary cap in the SWPL ? any clubs come to mind?
  9. With the F A who do not allow any extension to the season, I note Saltash who are in contention for four titles are now beginning to fixture 3 games per week eg. 28/3 away v Falmouth (L), 30/3 v Launceston (L), 1/4 v Falmouth (C)
  10. It was changed this season from all clubs in the hat at Round 1(last season) to to all step 6 clubs entering at Round 3 (this season)
  11. What about the Cornwall Charity Cup (16 clubs)? this will be a duplicate competition with the Senior Cup (22 clubs) Which is more financial to the CCFA
  12. 548 miles---Played at the Olive Bank Stadium, Musselburgh on Sunday 1st.May 1994 Leith PO 1---Falmouth PO 0 Mostly from Penryn/Falmouth
  13. Just found another long trek 1976. 441 miles Rothmans Overseas Cup Evenwood Town (Co.Durham) 1---Falmouth Town 0 stayed at York (courtesy of Rothmans ££'s) A season later in the same competition Falmouth flew to Jersey (First Tower United) winning 3-2? and expect the expenses again were covered by Rothmans.
  14. On the same day 2000-01 (F A Vase 4) Porthleven travelled to Marske (nr.Middlesborough 452miles) The Falmouth party travelled in the Elkie Brooks touring double decker luxury bus (courtesy of Al Hodge) whose son Luke scored the goal in a 4-1 aet defeat. Also in the team that day for Falmouth was Torpoint boy Ian Stephens who may give you Plymouth people a run down of the journey Other long Vase journeys Bodmin to Billingham and Tavistock to Pickering Anothe long journey in the Post Office Cup Final Falmouth PO travelled to Leith in Scotland in the mid 90's
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