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  1. Ian- I think "Rappo" might have enjoyed the Cornwall Senior Cup Semi-Final replay later that season 1991-92 when scoring in the Falmouth Town victory (5-3) over The Western League Premier club Liskeard Athletic lol I will have a look around for both programmes to see the lineups etc. to post
  2. Falmouth manager Alan Carey signed him from Truro City (SL.Prem) October 2009 Liam made 56 appearances / 30 goals for Town and left for Helston 2011 who made their debut in the SWPL 1West 2011/12
  3. Liam Eddy has also played for Truro City-Falmouth Town, St.Austell and Helston that I know of
  4. Mark, I can not find the thread re your question so starting a new one. Your 100th. goal for Falmouth was in your 113th. game 6th.March 1992 Cornwall Senior Cup Quarter Final St.Austell 1 Falmouth Town 2 (Glyn Hooper/M.Rapsey) Thanks to Tony Pearce for the research
  5. Yes, Martin I only new him as Cabbage Williams-during the week he would be selling flowers around Town, sent down from London
  6. I will always remember watching Spurs at Argyle (F A Cup 1963) and on our way home from North Road railway station seeing Jimmy Greaves in his carriage reading his own Herald headlines " Greaves sinks Argyle"---Only one of the Spurs players returned an autograph through the window -John White (Scotland) who tragically died later being struck by lightening sheltering on the golf course.
  7. Yes the Evening Herald was the Best for Plymouth Argyle and local (Devon/Cornwall)l football-never been bettered. Big crowds in Camborne Square about 8pm waiting for that van to speed into Town. Imagine the frantic deadline for printing a full front page report of Argyle and pictures plus all SWL reports up to half time--Inside was all the news and gossip of all the local leagues and clubs in depth. With all the media and Email assistance of today Papers are pathetic in comparison to The Herald.
  8. Ha Ha your memory hasn't changed Tommy-here are what the record books show Game 1 The first ever F A Vase game -1986 Home Won 5-0 v Brislington (T.Matthews 2-G.Wignall,C.Long,G.Heard) Your last Vase game 1993 Away v Arlesley Town (Bedfordshire?) Lost 3-5
  9. Hi Tommy I have just prepared programme notes for Saturday's Vase game. Most Falmouth appearances in the Vase -Tommy Matthews 26 1986 to 1993 Scoring in your first and last Vase game -Do you remember those two games?
  10. Millbrook playing in the E.C.P.L. (Div.1) in 2011-12 10 seasons on- 2021-22 Looking likely Western League Premier
  11. With Cornwall considered one of the lowest Covid cases in England---Non League football in The North must be decimated. I did see two clubs concede their F A Vase ties in the last Round because of the virus affecting a player--Exmouth Town and Cadbury Heath.
  12. Attendance at Priory Park recorded as 214 (according to Bodmin twitter)
  13. Jordan Annear who has always been registered with Falmouth in the SWPL 2016> has made 111 appearances and scored 94 goals
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