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  1. Out of sheer boredom I am going to start upgrading the Combo website by putting in a new section for the season by season end tables that I can find for local leagues. By cheating I have gone onto Richard Rundle's site to help try and make up some ECPL tables. By scrolling through the teams I can make up tables from 1990-91 onwards until the present day apart one fly in the ointment. Looking through the hundreds of team entries I can complete these tables apart from 1990-91 to 1995-96 where I am missing one entry from each of those seasons. I think it is one team missing. Once
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55794158
  3. St Blazey will have several months to put players and a management team in place. I doubt if there will be a league or cup game of any importance until next season.
  4. One of those games you remember once or twice a season. Bugle v Penzance, mid-winer, late 80's or early 90's. I don't remember if it was a league or cup match. Before the game, clear when we left West Cornwall, then it started snowing, badly, with the snow coming down so hard, it was almost horizontal. About 10 people there, roughly half and half supporting either side. I remember we parked alongside the pitch but still stood out in the snow. Daft in those days! Game kicks off with Penzance facing into the snow. 6-0 down at half time. We were shouting for the referee to cal
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cornwall-55645798
  6. At the bottom of the West table, ideally you are looking for two, possibly three up from the Combo (depending on promotion to the SWPL) with no teams relegated to the Combo to bring you back up to 16.
  7. County Cups suspended https://www.cornwallfa.com/news/2020/dec/31/county-cups-suspended-with-immediate-effect?fbclid=IwAR1rUJ5saCi2sG5caPz6ZMIYMUoi3OVB1J3j0z_i0If6tsaD6wBZNyYDhxk
  8. Ruan Minor have not played played a league game for two months but no-one has knocked them off the top. All the teams below then keep beating each other and are now stacking up the points but not the positions. With Ruan in the Senior Cup this Saturday and Helston playing away at Perranporth in the league will we see new leaders at 5pm next week. POS TEAM PL W D L F A GD PTS 1 RUAN MINOR 7 6 1
  9. Penzance 1-1 Mousehole. Mousehole scraped in with a penalty after Penzance went in front.
  10. Today's results Saturday 26th December 2020 Hayle Reserves (Nick Harradence 2) 2-0 Pendeen Rovers Att - 50 Holman SC (Jack Mankee, Mike Falconar) 2-5 Illogan RBL Reserves (Gareth Ireson 3, Luke Wort 2) Att - 25 Ludgvan (Danny Earl 2, Kameron Collins) 3-2 Helston Athletic Thirds (Olly Christmas, Ketan Cooper) Att - 58 Perranporth 0-1 St Agnes Reserves (Ben Marks) Att - 50 Rosudgeon p-p Marazion Ruan Minor p-p Lizard Argyle Wendron United Thi
  11. Easiest way if you are a 20-a-day smoker. Do what you normally do every 1st January. ... You give up fags then start again on the 3rd. The money you save on the 1st and 2nd will pay for a year of the mag. Simples
  12. Division 1 Froogpool & Cusgarne v Penzance Reserves has just been postponed.
  13. Results for Saturday 19th December 2020 Hayle Reserves (Nick Harradence, John Grant, Alexander Kearns) 3-4 Rosudgeon (James Dark 2, Jordan Burr, Jonty Wheatley) Att - 25 Holman SC (Michael Catterall 2, Jack Mankee, Adam Brown, Marcus Grasso) 5-2 Lizard Argyle (Sean Collins, Tristan Hawkins) Att - 20 Ludgvan p-p St Day Reserves Pendeen Rovers (Toby Weeks 2) 2-0 Illogan RBL Reserves Att - 60 Perranporth (Paul Robertson) 1-7 Marazion (Liam Mooney 4, Kieran Rennard 2, Kyeron Snowden) Att - 20 Ruan Minor p-p St Agnes Reserves
  14. Website updated. With only 16 sides now in the league, each team is playing 8 games less not including if they would have been drawn in the League Cup or Supp Cup preliminary rounds. Will we ever see anyone score 40 or above goals again. Is that a thing of the past? At the moment we have three players in the running for the Golden Boot Award which is counted on League goals scored. http://www.cornwallcomboleague.co.uk/20goldenboot.html
  15. Buy yourself a folding camping chair. Carry a flask of hot water, a teaspoon and a couple of packets of instant soup. You'll then be as prepared as the "Penzance Reserves Old Codgers Ultras".
  16. Results for Saturday 12th December 2020 Illogan RBL Reserves (Gareth Ireson 2, Simon Ellis) 3-3 Hayle Reserves (Nick Harradence, Marcus Smith, OG) Att-20 Lizard Argyle (Jared Lawrence, Josh Gilbert) 2-1 Helston Athletic Thirds (Will Blunt) Att-40 Perranporth (Ben Lawrence) 1-3 Ludgvan (???) Att-30 RNAS Culdrose (Fabian Verrilli) 1-4 Marazion (Kyeron Snowden 2 Kieran Rennard, OG) Att-6
  17. Fixtures for Saturday 5th December 2020 League Holman SC (Jack Mankee 2, Adam Brown, Michael Catterall) 4-7 St Day Reserves (Sam Buckley 5, Steve Trenoweth 2) Att - 25 Ludgvan p-p Marazion Pendeen Rovers (Ben Chapman, George Irwin, Joshua Storey) 3-3 Rosudgeon (Jevon Pryce, Jonty Wheatley, James Dark) Att - 30 RNAS Culdrose p-p Wendron United Thirds Ruan Minor p-p Perranporth St Agnes Reserves (Dan O'Toole, Oliver Keveren, David Price, OG) 4-0 Lizard Argyle Att - 20 League Cup 1st Round Penryn Athletic Reserves p-p Illogan RBL Reserves
  18. Like my team, Hereford, Truro's off field fund raising must be suffering. Today Friday our Hereford Supporters Trust, who are trying to be the majority shareholder are having an email AGM. As part of the paperwork this year's Supporters Club accounts have been sent through for us to adopt. Two years ago we made £67,550 or £37,077 after expenses. This season those figures have dropped to £53,578 and £28,412 but only include the March and May lockdown period. Even those figures were helped by a new Covid Lockdown Online draw and Sports Lottery which netted over £2,000 profit
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