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  1. Well 100% I think that the man in black spoiled what was a good game, should Phil Lowry have been sent sent off 50/50 but he got the dismissal due to the other teams protests, when Cole savagely hacked down only a yellow and every 50/50 went to Street ,I rarely have little to say about officials but this ref was something else. Street had some excellent players but if the injury and sending off did not happen it may have been a different result I think it can be summed up when a person near me said the referees a wa**** and I replied I wish his father had been. Back
  2. With St Blazey floodlights failing again it is my opinion that the 2 results should stand at the time of the games being abandoned and before any body comes back that its a certain number of minutes that have to be played for the results to stand , I feel that at the very least the 2 abandoned games should be free entry if replayed and both Liskeard and Newquay and their supporters have been put to additional costs and should not be charged. I for one did not receive a refund at the Newquay game but I understand a few who did at the very end so St Blazey should not benefi
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