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  1. Referee was correct to cancel the game in the interests of the safety of the players and Newquay supports his decision, the rain fall in Newquay has been very heavy. Does anyone know if the Godolphin (Newquay) played their game
  2. When Newquay failed to field a team for two games when in the combination league they were fined a lot of money and threatened with expulsion from the league , what rules do the ECPL follow. The biggest problem in the Newquay area is to many teams and not enough committed players, I expect there are teams in other areas suffering the same problem.
  3. 100 % regarding players leaving the G for big bucks at Newquay this statement is absolute rubbish ,why dont you speak to players who have left the G and you will get a different answer.
  4. 100% The G could have played a mixture of first and second team players as Newquay did when they were going a bad patch,they have loads of players signed on and I am not surprised they did not field a team as one of their players told me he was not travelling 100 miles to Saltash and back for a mid week game. I am sure the G will be back to their full squad for their home game on Saturday.
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