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  1. I pass the ground everyday and am more than aware what has been going on and witnessed the demolishment. What shambles is being buil there now? Never mind me, have you donated ?
  2. They have demolished a purpose built two way entry point which was gifted to them by Mr Benson of The St Michaels hotel many years ago. Obviously very little respect concerning that donation!
  3. In that case why all the money spent on cladding and painting the clubhouse when it was adequate?
  4. Probably because you are laughing too load about nothing, childish! But surely with all the money being spent there, a much improved admission area could have been built.
  5. I don’t quite believe the last sentence, as much as I would like to walk past the dilapidated shed!
  6. With all the money being spent, is the entrance going to consist of a garden shed ?
  7. The crowds are not large enough to have six standing together!
  8. Falmouth moved from Ashfield at Ponsharden to Union Corner when an oil company wanted to build storage there. The money Falmouth got helped build Bickland Park and Union Corner was their temporary home.
  9. I accept that but personal insults are not warranted, do you not agree?
  10. I watched both St Dennis and Sticker in the last couple of years. Everyone has different opinions.
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