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  1. Certainly, you would not be the appropriate person.
  2. My thoughts on the subject, not necessarily shared by others. No doubt you wish I was dead! Ha ha ha !
  3. Because all this now is paranoia!!
  4. From my angle, no work, no money, no food , as simple as that! Sole reason why I have been working throughout!
  5. No chance yet, they are afraid to play!
  6. In that case will drift back to Falmouth!
  7. Totally agree, all get back to work and lets start living. There is no reason why football in Cornwall should not start. Too many excuses are being invented!
  8. The country is going to have to live around this virus. Firstly abandon the stupid furloughed scheme, this is costing millions daily. Get these people back at work and lets open up. All these people have had a good paid long holiday at the taxpayer expense. School teachers will probably get an even longer one! I have worked thru from the commencement and I am sure many others have as well. Local football is local and there is no reason why the season should not begin. A few simple precautions are needed but the problem will not be a spread among the crowds because there aren’t any!
  9. They would not know even how to change in the car these days!
  10. The club house remaining closed is the least of MY worries, I never use it in any case. If players are really serious about playing but afraid of changing rooms, could they not come to the ground already changed and likewise afterwards, change back at home? It maybe an inconvenience but only small in comparison to the ongoing.
  11. With an average gate of 50 the risk is virtually zero to all concerned. The trouble with the fa is as always too many bosses and not enough braves!
  12. Chasing the money, always been the same!
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