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  1. Looking at their position in the league, it is about time that that things are on the up!
  2. I have been asking the same question for years. The Cornwall fa are to blame, they have not yet notice that clubs have floodlights and finishing later would be past their bedtimes!
  3. Certainly will Helston must be favourites, Falmouth having the worst start to a season for a long time.
  4. I see Helston at home to Falmouth Town in the next round.
  5. The pressure cooker has exploded and fragmented Falmouth season already. This is a very poor start and I cannot at this time see it getting any better.
  6. Feelings have always run high at matches, it has been goingon ever since I first started watching. Surely this is part of the atmosphere. The silent atmosphere has existed at Bickland for years so a little bit of vocal support I would think will liven the place up.
  7. The last full game I watched there was against Argyle, 2 years ago, and the attendance was 75!
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