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  1. A nice big brown envelope every week!
  2. I would not expect one from any of those !
  3. A promising start would be a smile and thank you from the person accepting the entry charge !
  4. Why Friday and not the traditional Saturday?
  5. Of course it can with simple thought from the persons doing the fixtures!
  6. If the club was more supporter friendly I am sure more people would help out, myself included!
  7. My comments are as I see things, everyone has a different point of view, is that not the purpose of a forum ?
  8. Granted, a bit of a disappointment in the league this season though. Does not mean a lot really though due to the new set up next season. I am quite looking forward to that.
  9. It really would be great to see Penzance back playing in top flight football. The ground is really great.
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