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  1. Presumably because the ref did not have the gumption to do something about it!
  2. Yes there was always this discussion when I use to look after the grass tennis courts. The know all’s in the club would keep demanding that the base line areas needed rollering and when I did and they collected water, I was to blame.
  3. Silly rollering the ground when so wet , will only cause compactation and the drainage will be even worse.
  4. Are clubs afraid to use their lights then ?
  5. Because if one is working and not finishing until after 1pm it makes getting there impossible.
  6. I see no reason for a 2pm ok, the traditional 3pm always was the norm. Perhaps the fa officials li’e an early bedtime!
  7. You really do know everything. You would be surprised if I did go and we met up!
  8. There certainly would be a shake up if I did ?
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