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  1. I I am here! Must admit did not see that coming, wish I went now!
  2. The way things are going, saving for next season! Will be another bad day at the office on Tuesday.
  3. St Austell will win this easily. Falmouth have little to offer in way of attack.
  4. Just for once the Cornwall fa have announced a sensible venue, long may it continue.
  5. Why should one not ring the office? Do the ccfa not reply to members of the public?
  6. Big Al is here, a valuable 3 points in a time of need.
  7. There is no reason why these clubs should not be in the senior cup if just for once, the Cornwall fa think logically, but I doubt if that is possible!
  8. I most certainly will be there, not watched a local game for a long time.
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