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  1. Yes poor Stevie .. must be a bitter pill to swallow, but I'm sure even Steve understand's the situation ? All that 'bunce' could of gone to Charity instead now as it was all in Vain. 🙄 Stay safe everyone . 😀
  2. Indeed. Bugger the football. Football has rightfully come second to people's lives & well beings. 😃
  3. Most definitely I would be supporting the closure of the season early, regardless if it were Bodmin or whoever top of league, this is a Pandemic that's taking people's lives ... Have some morality please 'le boss?' Forget the bloody football. If the league's operating at a higher level are 'voiding' everything then so should the Swpl . Surely no manager or club could agree football can continue at present, & argue the decisions made by the FA, if so make themselves known to us all ..
  4. I can't see how any team can lose or be given anything until the season is completed .. which it's not safe to do so ... Pull this season, & blame it on an 'Act of God' .. it just can't be helped.
  5. Does that mean no Champion's or Relegation ?
  6. Does clubs insurance policies stay Valid throughout the season covering players for injury or loss of income ? If not can we expect players to play 'out of season' without the guarantee of insurance ? In other words if clubs insurance players for 9 months of the season, August to May, can we ask clubs to pay out more if the season Carrys on in to June/July to cover the players for those extra two months ?
  7. Void the season, bugger people's feelings or what they have spent. Keep everyone away from each other until July at the very earliest when pre season can hopefully start & hopefully we resume as normal next season. 😉
  8. What if players/supporters are still suffering with symptoms of the Virus in 3 month's time? The pandemic might pass but symptoms could still persist, would Phil Hiscox allow a postponement on the eve or day of a game if someone within a club suffered this ? Not fair to blame or punish the unfortunate Club, they should be praised for putting 'Health' of others first ... I think this season should be Pulled & Void . Stay Safe 😃
  9. Take nothing away from Mass, he was a good Pro, but in comparison to other 'Pros' currently residing in Cornwall Mass wouldn't 'lace the boots' or even fit in the same conversation as the likes of Rioch, Morris, Miller, Flynn, Quinn etc
  10. Why would the CCFA come to the aid of Newquay Bazza?? So you could throw a few more quid at some more G players in hope of finishing them!
  11. Well said Phil, if we have to then bugger the football, more to life than a step whatever league we are in & a 'League table.' If it has to be written Off from the record books so be it. Well done on your continued hard work.
  12. Kevin, with you being a Porthleven man, with how well Helston are going I'm surprised you have suggested this!
  13. But if you were to contract the virus at football from a fellow spectator you would be extremely disappointed .. & un well
  14. Thought Falmouth played with Flair ( pardon the pun Blazey fans ) Possibly should of scored 2/3 more goals & shaded the possession/chances. On a night where there was No Smoke Without Fire ( pardon the pun again Blazey fans) I thought the Referee was poor for both team's. Well done Falmouth. Hearing St.Blazey making an approach for Glynn Hooper in the Summer, their vision of paying big bucks & not achieving anything they are looking to Glynn now he has more time ( travelling to Helston every other weekend as assistant at present) he might be tempted to take on his home town club again.
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