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  1. Ok ok ... I am open to admit I was incorrect about footballing ability, & Hayle are as good as St.Blazey ( sorry Blazey boys but I saw the game & they were more than a match for you, with Blazey keeper MOM! ) But I can't agree Hayle have a better set up than St.Blazey , that is absolutely crazy statement to make .. !? Two Leagues below, in a local Derby thumped like that!? Is the big cheese still playing, what's happening down there at Penzance?
  2. Agreed Rappo, Hayle were the better side by far. Blazey keeper MOM. Wow! What's happened down at Penzance? Losing to Sticker, now heavily at Pendeen ? Are Pendeen in the St.Pirans league, that's a hell of a drubbing for Penzance .. 🙈
  3. Extra time here at Blaise Park !!! I couldn't of been more wrong earlier for the prediction in this game, a very late St.Blazey equaliser, Hayle two leagues below much stronger all over the field in the 90 minutes before extra time sets in
  4. Got to really fear for teams like Hayle at St.Blazey, Mullion at St.Austell today, nice to play 'Away' with better facilities/grounds etc but in reality it could & should be 7/8/9 goals in both games for the Premier Division teams Blazey & Town ...
  5. Great Falmouth side there, Dave Gardner, Chrissy Long, Turbo Torrence !! Bet Rappo was off Glyn Hooper having the Number 10 shirt though !! Great side .
  6. Hat's off to him that night what a saviour stepping in so the game could continue ... Gilby had to buy him a new pair of pumps as his plimsolls got ruined in that mud at Falmouth ... 😉 Gilby was furious having to part with £7.99 to replace them
  7. Went to watch the Sticker game last night, what's going on Paul !!? Two points from a possible 6 against the league's two whipping boys ( Sticker & St.Dennis ) in the last couple weeks .. both very expensive outlays for your return in points & league positioning? Lucky to have Wadebridge & Godolphin both down there also as it could be quite embarrassing for Restormals most decorated club. On to the game, a good battle between two sides both lacking what I would call SWPL footballer's, but full credit to Stickers never say die attitude who kept going back at Blazey each time they scored. Not a good night for both teams defensively both shipping 4 goals. But well done to Sticker who possibly overall be disappointed not to of won the match. Good turnout of people, Blazey lacking leadership, some good players technically but that doesn't win you football matches, no one there including the Management with the leadership skills to drag them over the line in winning position's. Turning out to be a poor season at present at nearly the halfway stage for the Green & Blacks. Hayle at home up next I was told last night by young Ivor ... Even he said they can't lose that game, we can't even work out what league Hayle are in ! 🤣
  8. Great. Glad he enjoying his football again. What was the Score in this game ??
  9. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Not many in general Dave
  10. ' Another point on the board ' a few hardy souls I was talking to Paul looked at it slightly differently, two points dropped against the worst St.Dennis team in many many year's, & they had 10 men 🤣🤣 Well done St.Dennis, on a rare point, hope this is the start of your season. Good luck to you. Good attendance Paul considering the weather.
  11. All this for reaching the quarter finals ... Think Truro just had an open top bus parade, but I suppose they did Win it !!! 😃 Good luck on Saturday.
  12. What's happening at Wadebridge ? Only 2 wins all season. A talented squad on paper, but lost direction by the looks of it ?? Cracking facilities, but looking as if Camelford having the Monopoly up that way at present ..
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