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  1. Time will tell. I think people have made up their own minds on here, & not at all influenced by myself. I think the plaudits came with the truth that was spoken within the post. I mean let's make this really really simple & break it down for those struggling to understand this, After 3 different 'incidents' of bringing the a once well respected Club in to disrepute, this last occasion during a pandemic where people are losing loved ones, friends, family, some forfeiting the joy at being at births, & some unfortunately being their for support in times of deaths, cer
  2. Im afraid in the last 10 months certain people have really dragged the 'once' proud St.Blazey Football Clubs name right through the mud. Which has been noted by more than just the local footballing community. What happened before Christmas has upset not only local football supporters/youth football clubs, but also the clubs own supporters, members of the public, NHS staff at Cornwalls biggest hospital, who have given up ( like many others) their time, health & sacrificed their own families to fight this deadly deadly disease. With Many people missing birthdays, anniversarys, sadly pas
  3. 19 likes in 5 days, including at least One Swpl Club secretary, many regulars of the Cornish Soccer Forum, & from one of the most respected, successful football men on the local football circuit... tells its own story Safe safe guys, remember football can wait a while, saving lives & preventing unnecessary transmissions/deaths can't wait. **Please follow the rules**
  4. I have washed my hands with it Silly Billy. I'm done from all this from now. Hearing today St. Blazey are keeping their duo in charge, after the committee have bottled out of dismissing them. Frightened. They dismissed Danny Bance a few season back after a poor string of results, yet this leadership take a group of players on a night out, a piss up, a social, breaking rules set out by the Government & Police whilst people are dying alone without families by their side. The Committee are weak of this IF this is correct, & deserve Everything that will come there wa
  5. Well said 'We Two'... I hope the Ccfa come down on **Certain Individuals** also that have not tried to help contain this killer virus, & have endangered lives. As you say its a killer, it needs to be contained. A lot of people have endured life changing memories because of this deadly disease, & frontline staff have forfeited so much to be let down by morons who have no respect for the law. Well done Cornwall County Football Association on your decision to postpone fixtures this weekend. Big Al... I'm afraid your wrong on this one.
  6. From the same village. With I'm sure parents, grandparents, uncles & aunts that support (or used to support depending on how seriously they take the Covid19 killer virus) the Villages Senior team. Very very sad state for a Youth team to have to make that statement.
  7. Wow, that's even worse... Local boys team St. Blazey Youth distancing themselves from St. Blazey Seniors just to be sure people don't get them 'tarred with the brush' 🙄 No Youth team shouldn't have to do that, that's the future.
  8. Think you'll find they have used St. Blazey clubhouse for fundraising events & disco in the past also ... 😳 So for the Youth section of the village to have to post on their own social media page to distance themselves is a a crying shame.
  9. Maybe Dave BUT still St. Blazey youth football club have had to post messages on social media to distance themselves from the club... Which, for me, for a Youth football club to have to do this shows how severe an incident this is, after all this is the future of local football after all..
  10. This has not nothing to do with costs!! Potentially a thought that the club don't want certain individuals anywhere near the ground hence the decision to postpone the fixture. I applaud the club for not allowing them back. If your talking of 'capable' football clubs St. Blazey with a great infrastructure would no doubt be able to carry out these fixtures, under these restrictions, but possibly don't want some individuals back at the club where there have caused an awful lot of hurt, & upset to alot of people. Remember the offences committed has even had an effect on t
  11. Which shouldn't take to long to make a judgement if they take in the Video circulating, or witness accounts from the scene. With the FA, CCFA, local Constabulary, & local MP all repordidly in the know of the events that have taken place ( in recent months also ) I think the judgements could be made up by my 6 year old granddaughter. 😳 ( who we haven't seen this Christmas as we follow the Covid restrictions to protect ourselves & others ).
  12. Management should take full responsibility. I can't for the life of me of seen this happening under the watch of Dave Wadd, Dave Ball, Ray Nicholls, Trevor Mewton, Alan Carey, Phil Lafferty, Gilby, etc.. Guys who demand respect, & guys that create proffesional environments. This wasn't an 'altercation' like Spectator incident at Liskeard, or the Smoke grenade at family's at Falmouth, or the distress caused in the grandstand 4 weeks ago against Saltash.. This was endangering lives, a criminal offence, that carry a hefty fine. Can you imagine how many people Les Dennis &am
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