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  1. Remember if your losing you can play your free hit card & turn your floodlights off! 😂 Some teams have played there's twice already!!
  2. Well said Baldy. Utter shambles, all the good foundations built over the years have gone in 2 seasons. However the committee hands are tied as they have said before no-one wants the job. Poor buggers hands are tied.
  3. What a farce. What has the club turned in to, supporters invading the field of play to protect siblings after a tackle, hooliganism at Falmouth on the terraces last season, & now two evening games postponed during play in the last week. What the hell is going on at St. Blazey? Points could be docked here or else other clubs will follow suit & pull their floodlight card when they are losing. Losing both games comfortably as well with the lighting issues saving them. Very poor decision to jepordise health if there was any doubt the lights wouldn't work. How supporter's social
  4. Heard this morning at my dog agility class from a St. Blazey supporter that Levi is joining Blazey permanently on a whooping £180 a match... Watch this space? I thought he was at Tiverton.
  5. Newquay playing at the town's main clubs ground ... ? Will Tania & the gang charge extra on the gate. .. sting their big spending neighbours!?
  6. Huge result for Saltash, congratulations to Dane & the gang. Very embarrassing evening for Hobbo, Cusi & the Parkway lads, to go out at the first hurdle must be a huge body blow for them.
  7. With that budget they should win it ... However the most definitely won't! Infact, they won't in the top 3 of what is going to be possibly the weakest league in memory
  8. To come mid table again ... The old guard would be distraught ... They won League Championship's on less .
  9. I heard he has now taken up Snooker & enjoying his Saturdays on the baize ..
  10. Some clubs will use this money towards their playing budget ... Without doubt
  11. Well said. I completely agree. Just remember the standard of Football that's actually played down here ... It's Swpl league standard ..... Yes it's fun for players to earn a few quid, & for some managers to try to copy their idols in MOTD but let's be realistic ... This is football at the lowest level, no one should be at risk, for this.
  12. How does this work John, St.Blazey is in Cornwall ..
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