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  1. What's the Academy all about please 100% Cornish, how are they formed, is their a criteria, as to me an Academy sounds very proffesional !
  2. Easy to duck Mousehole & pump the youngsters, heard Mousehole made contact but Newquay declined..
  3. Mega mega mega bucks at Blaise Park this season. Phi£ has gone all out to get the trophy. With Helston /Mousehole going on to pastures new I can see Blazey Champions by January. Blazeys to lose.
  4. Phi££ La££s throwing mega bucks to accumilate all these players, with what he's spent they need some silverware to repay him ( pardon the pun!) Blazey will do well in the current state of the league this season, would of struggled to of challenged Saltash, Helston, Mousehole though hadn't they been promoted. The league standard has dropped every season, but will be its lowest ever. Can see Blazey winning the league, supporters deserve abit of success after the crap they've endured off the pitch in the last 12 months
  5. Absoule cringe!! Callington are going to have a long bumpy road ahead I feel. Sunday league, pub football mentality, I hope all the lads that have helped keep Callington a float over the years, who gave blood sweat & tears week in week out, club together, & stop these fools making a mockery of another Cornish Club or all move on in numbers & make a stand. I know Wadebridge will be extremely relieved!!!
  6. Western League will be decent standard, the Swpl West & East be no different than the St. Austell Sunday league back in the early 90s
  7. Phi£ La££erty spending huge amounts of cash at St. Blazey. I can see them being the favourites this season with the reported sums of money, hearing Goldie is next in line, with an offer to good to refuse. Then it's the search for a keeper, & didn't have to look to many miles away... 😂 Good luck to Blazey, they acted with integrity through the whole episode here not so long back & supporters 9/clubman deserve a bit of success after many years in the doldrums. Good luck.
  8. Reality is guys like it or not, it's mickey mouse football down here. The standard has dropped dramatically over the years, look at the calibre of players here in the 80s & 90s, & even better before then. Football was football, clubs had support, respect & no Pre-Madonnas, (well maybe one or two!) but nothing like it is now. Just except that the standard of football down here doesn't warrant the risks of passing on the disease, as clubs don't have the infrastructure to carry out everything required to make sure it doesn't spread again. Let's wait a few months, & go again in the summer, it's only 3 months before Pre-Season starts 😀
  9. Yawn Bruegel. I think what St. Blazey have done should be highly commended, brought in someone who can bring back the good name of the football club, & take it away from the 'pub' set up where 'anything goes' in previous years. Obviously with Phi£s resources they will be very very competitive but I'm sure if you were to ask any 'local' football follower that question they would all agree. Good luck to the man, & St. Blazey 👍
  10. Very Shrewd appointment by Phi£ getting Lee Phillips on board. With Lees Connections with the Saltash players, plus Phi£ being able to tap in to Glyn Hooper for promising youngsters, with an competitive budget I can see St. Blazey favourites to win the title next season.
  11. I think the pull is the money Matt! 😂😂 Regardless if Phil can get them top of the tree & set the standard which I'm sure he will then its down to the rest to aspire to that level or source a better commercial department. Either way it's down to whoever is top for the rest to catch
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