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  1. Truth can sometimes hit a nerve ... 🙄
  2. Nick Milton a class act, not sure Ward would get the nod over Milt's in my team ..
  3. Won't get much at Bideford !
  4. To travel from mid Devon to Mousehole for a game of football, when he could get a game at probably 20 other better sides closer to home .... Yeah ok ! Forget the £180 then! 🤣
  5. Ok. I can't & won't tell you who my sources are from ... However ... Why do you think a striker of this quality would choose to play for St.Blazey who in recent years have struggled ( in comparison to their standards over the last 25 years ) also why would he travel all the way down to Mousehole ( representing Blazey ) for a game of football, when realistically he could of got a game at Saltash, Buckland, Bodmin, Tavistock, possibly Parkway .. ?? Do you think it's because he likes a car trip on the weekends .. ?
  6. Don't forget they were paying Levi £180 a game last season on his rehabilitation process. Funds from the club & supporters private sponsorship.
  7. John, what's your thoughts on all this. We are both in the bracket of 'Risk' ( Dinasoars!) I for one think people are pushing for grassroots sport to quickly & in return could jeopardise health. We have to remember what standard of football we are involved in down here in Cornwall, as you say with no regular testing etc I can't see how this can be done in an safe environment? Putting Tourism/Economy before health it seems to me .. to weak a government to stand up & say no. Money over lives
  8. With Supporters like 'some' clubs have ... I'm afraid letting these sort of people drink alcohol around the perimeter of the pitch could be a very stupid move & make their behaviour even more unexceptional ( if it could get worse than what we have seen this past season )
  9. That wasn't any disrespect to Alfie, more so to the thought of a 'Loan' move at this standard of football .. 🤣
  10. I can't see it as a loan move, it's Swpl standard football, just slightly about Fish & Chip shop league standard
  11. Jude Boyd is a great addition to any club. A stepping stone I feel getting himself in the shop window for a move to another Professional club. Helston accumulate he best of the youngsters locally ( well Hoops does with his County links ) but this boy Boyd is a class above the local boys. Good signing Mousehole.
  12. Yes, have plans to make it to the Southern League ..
  13. Steve is desperate Dave, he would sign up the whole league if he could, if it meant winning it. He is from a very wealthy family & money is no object, without naming names I know someone who signed their recently, asked for their initial 'match fee' to be raised by £30 a game, this was granted without any hesitation, money is no object. Good luck to them.
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