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  1. leedsunited

    SWPL Tuesday August 21 2018

    Don't get trophies for getting big crowds Sticker Forever ... 🤣 We got them from winning every week 😉
  2. leedsunited

    SWPL Tuesday August 21 2018

    Don't nibble Dave, it be nice to go to Bickland Park tomorrow night as Underdogs against Big spending Falmouth Town ( in Big Al's own words! ) I have just got home from Newquay Vs Sticker game tonight, I was so very tempted to ask for a refund, an absolute awful game of football, between two sides that will be near the basement of the league. The game could of gone either way, credit to the 140 Newquay fans that turned out to endure it, credit to their continued support. 👍
  3. leedsunited

    Newquay vs St Austell

    Who was the Newquay boy sent off for spitting 100% Cornish ?
  4. Mousehole, Liskeard would hold their own, the rest would be out of their depth by quite a margin.
  5. Mousehole, Liskeard the only two with what I would call quality in their ranks, the rest will take points off each other, in what on paper looks to be weakest the league has been in a very long time.
  6. leedsunited

    SWPL Tuesday August 21 2018

    Early relegation battle at Mt.Wise tonight? Bottom club Vs a Sticker team that can ( & have already ) let the flood gates open & concede a few, bound to be goals here tonight. I am edging with a Newquay win as they are Home.
  7. leedsunited

    Saturday 18th August 2018 - matches

    Exactly, why would they be !?! Not on their radar! Truro City must be losing money hand over fist, making no money on the gate ( most support is from Torquay season ticket holders who can get in for a fiver!) That novelty will soon wear thin in the winter months. Would their Car park attendant, turnstile operator, stewards, catering cabin etc be included in the sum Truro paid to Torquay or do they need to find this revenue on top of their initial sum to rent the pitch?
  8. Don't know to much about the East Division, but the West Division looks very very poor indeed. Credit to ANY side that wins any league but this season I can only see two sides winning the West Division, the sides that fancy their chances, this is your best possible opportunity to get a piece of Silverware, the rest who finish 2nd or below, you have missed a real chance as everybody I have spoken to agrees this has been the weakest league it's Ever been
  9. Ludgvan be relegated by Christmas. Worst side the league has seen. Credit to them for raising a team though 👏
  10. leedsunited

    Newquay vs St Austell

    Long season for Newquay by the looks of the early table ....
  11. Saw this game Mark, Newquay were lucky that Falmouth stopped at 3-0, could of easily been 5 or 6-1 in the end, very fragile defensively, Falmouth looked lively. Do you still do the pitch & ground maintenance Mark? If so congratulations on the work gone in to making Bickland Park like a proper ground again. Looking very smart I thought.
  12. You should maybe go back in to the woodwork with your start to the season 😂😂
  13. Great result bfor Bodmin, a lot more like the standard's we have set in previous seasons. Not many would of fancied Bodmin to of gone last night & been as dominant as we were & got a great victory.