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  1. No wins in 12 for Penzance I believe now I saw ... a great shame to see an old historical club like themselves in the doldrums .
  2. Brilliant ... Clubs not taking promotion . Bodmin bossed the league for years & was slaughtered every year for not taking promotion ... It's not visible down here, travel, work commitments, standards ( teams will be ok through to Western League Premier then Southern League the gulf is huge ) . Just not possible. Wait & see. Clubs can however fail to get ground's up to standard & fail the protocol & then use this as an excuse to not to promotion ..
  3. Bodmin can't afford the wage bill to get all the players from Plymouth ... But when they did, Bodmin were sat a lot higher than mid table .. 🤣🤣
  4. 690 ... Was this was more than Truro City had in their top of the table clash ? If so Truro must & should be quite embarrassed!
  5. Joel said he left St.Blazey Paul because all of the Squad apart from 2 are from Plymouth & his face didn't fit, also the training each week up in Plymouth was a difficult thing to commit to ( although playing for a Cornish club & having to train every week in Plymouth seems crazy ?? ) Thought you did a great job in getting the game on last night, should imagine the pitch wasn't a pretty sight this morning! Well done Paul. As for the game Sticker completely overpowered St.Blazey, & Sticker missed a penalty as well. Sticker wanted to win more it seemed. Joel playing very well as mentioned. An expensive evening with the budget, & more Sticker fans than Home supporters. Management embarrassed in the bar it seemed 🙈 You spoil those players with that surface Paul! Fantastic.
  6. Alan your second quick defensive comment ... You sure your not the management .. 🤣
  7. & Got paid less than he will tonight at St.Blazey Vs Sticker! 🤣🤣 Good luck to the lad 👍
  8. Agenda? It's a forum. Cornish Football is probably at its lowest point ever for interest & standard. Why would I say the lad is getting that sort of incentive if it was incorrect? Like I said if you believe he would nip down to Mousehole when he could get a game Anywhere ( including Parkway! ) for a game of football you need your head testing. Can't blame the player! Funnily enough, 3 very established Swpl players all agree, & one was a player who has won many Championship's & knows him well 🤣
  9. Paul. Plymouth to Mousehole for a game of football ... ?? Where he can get a game anywhere he wishes ... Come on ... It's £170 a game, it's common knowledge mate. He has no connections at Blazey, so certainly wouldn't just decide to nip down to play at Mousehole for a couple P&D managers ... Can't blame Levi at all, people always keen to knock Bodmin about budget & expenditure .. but don't think he went there yesterday 200 mile round trip for just a game of football 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  10. Possibly, but trophies in the Cabinet were won. 🤫😉 What about if Helston don't win it this season with the budget they have, what about Levi playing for Blazey yesterday on £170 a game, or do you think he would just like to nip down to Mousehole for the day for a game ... Many teams in Devon & Cornwall would love to have him & if he were playing for what I would call a 'successful' manager like Cusi, Gilby, Massey etc then could understand, but your telling me he turning out for Blazey yesterday for rehabilitation, & would choose to play for two P&D managers at best ... Come on .... It's for the packet! Money has, & does always rule football. But don't knock Bodmin as they were Successful, try & mock the ones with big budget's, that win bugger all then come on here & go defensive about what they spend ..... They are the ones we like to laugh at 🤣🤣
  11. A good way for the managers of this Rep Squad to 'tap' players they might want for next season also 👍
  12. Looking at Steve's twitter page there is a hint of sarcasm after last night's defeat. Worth a read! Love him or hate him, you can't fault his passion.
  13. Interesting to see Hoops in the dugout with Mass. I was told as Hoops manages a lot of the Helston boys at County level he was brought in so Mass could still play his big hitters & non local guys, Hoops is there will keep the younger 'his' County Youth lads sweet & give them the reassurance even they don't figure. Cunning, but good thinking on Massey's behalf though.
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