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  1. Agenda 🤣🤣🤣 Own supporters agree Paul! Anyway beat Dobwalls today ( let's be honest as a club like St.Blazey should do with ease ) & the cracks & agenda can be papered over for a little while longer 🙄 As for people jumping on the bandwagon, why would they? Everyone saw the management's actions at the match & afterwards on twitter!
  2. Judging by the recent scorelines & the conduct of players/Management their are alot out of their depth it seems ... Poor buggers, must be embarrassing for them deep down.
  3. I fear it's going to be a very very long season for Callington, & most certainly Penzance by the looks of things. St.Austell should of bagged double figures reports suggest. As for Callington, after seeing them last weekend & last night my thoughts are that both Penzance, Cally & St.Blazey are all in for a huge basement battle slug out.
  4. I understand your comments, & appreciate Bodmin are no angels. ... However using social media to abuse match officials is far far more serious, also bringing a football club in to disripute with 3 sending offs, having both managers reverting to Twitter etc is something that never ever happened at Bodmin, Darren Gilbert would of never of condoned that. These kids can only dream of getting the respect & success Darren has had. Anyway this isn't about Bodmin, this is about what happened last night, which many people have witnessed & expressed utter disgrace to . Agreed 100% , just hope last night's experience hasn't & will not put off the young linesman from participating in future matches.
  5. But on the other hand let's also not let perpetrators / thugs get away with this terrible abuse towards officials .. Let's hope discipline from the league & Club are sanctioned
  6. Just a bunch of wannabes trying to blame their result on a PREMIER LEAGUE REFEREE !! Then reverting to social media to threaten, abuse & intimidate the official's after the game. The old guard would be mortified at what levels it's sank to. Must say how good the pitch looked last night at Mt.Wise, well done.
  7. Agreed. Said it time & time again, even the St.Blazey supporters have said the two guys in charge are way out of their depth when it comes to this level of football. Absolute embarrassment, bringing themselves, & more importantly a fine fine Old football club in to disrepute. The linesman has had some awful personal twitter attacks after last night that needs to be addressed by the CCFA, I hope Mr. Long includes it all in his referee report. St.Blazey football club doesn't represent/stand for what their two fool's of management condone & acting in last evening. Take your amateurish habits back to the P&D league.
  8. Good point for Godolphin away at Camelford, always a tricky fixture. Well done G. Wadebridge going to have a very tough season ahead
  9. Agreed!! But if I were to say all that I am shot down for moaning ... But your right 100% Cornish two very very poor sides. No 5 Rundle, I have seen Milk turn quicker than him ..
  10. No fault of the Referee, players have really let their supporters down. At One nil regardless how your playing your one deflection, one worldie, one mistake, ONE Goal away from pinching a draw, but the players & possibly the management showed their inexperience & let the players run riot & gave themselves no chance at all with the sendings off & keeper Sin Bin. Newquay to be honest not much better but probably just shaded it, & like one of their supporters said nice to just get off the mark & get points on the board. Blazey on paper go in to & carry on their run of easier fixtures where they could & should pick up some points, or else potentially could be in trouble.
  11. This is turning out very embarrassing for St.Blazey here now, 2 sending offs in a space of minutes & keeper in the Sin Bin, very very amateurish. No discipline at all ...
  12. Looking forward to this game also 100% Cornish, hoping the rain comes so I can try out my new Karimoor rain jacket I purchased on Sunday from Pool Market. On to the football, I am staying tight lipped as my comments usually upset people. After talking to a few of the old guard at Blaise Park on Saturday, they are very optimistic that the first 6 fixtures Blazey have been give should be looking at least 12 points, with games against ( no disrespect here! ) Wendron, Penzance, Dobwalls & an awful Callington side last weekend are all an easy path to points. Even heard a couple of the young Blazey Cubs predict a 0-3 win tonight for themselves, ( love the confidence ! ) but time will tell. Rain falling steadily now here in Lanhydrock
  13. Maybe Penzance could tempt Mark ' Ravenous ' Rapsey & Tommy ' Macho' Matthews in to a return to Penlee Park in a Capacity to help move them forward .. ? Dream Team ...
  14. Afew like that around Raymond . ... Anyway how is the Taxis business 🤣
  15. Just make sure the bugger is on his best behaviour! You might very well see me Tomorrow evening if I can get down, missus usually has the car to take 'Rover' to his dog agility training session ... I agree 100% Cornish, I can see Newquay exploiting St.Blazey in behind down the channels if they continue to play a back 3 with the wingbacks, fit boys but no quality ... Let's see
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