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  1. Reality is guys like it or not, it's mickey mouse football down here. The standard has dropped dramatically over the years, look at the calibre of players here in the 80s & 90s, & even better before then. Football was football, clubs had support, respect & no Pre-Madonnas, (well maybe one or two!) but nothing like it is now. Just except that the standard of football down here doesn't warrant the risks of passing on the disease, as clubs don't have the infrastructure to carry out everything required to make sure it doesn't spread again. Let's wait a few months, &
  2. Yawn Bruegel. I think what St. Blazey have done should be highly commended, brought in someone who can bring back the good name of the football club, & take it away from the 'pub' set up where 'anything goes' in previous years. Obviously with Phi£s resources they will be very very competitive but I'm sure if you were to ask any 'local' football follower that question they would all agree. Good luck to the man, & St. Blazey 👍
  3. Very Shrewd appointment by Phi£ getting Lee Phillips on board. With Lees Connections with the Saltash players, plus Phi£ being able to tap in to Glyn Hooper for promising youngsters, with an competitive budget I can see St. Blazey favourites to win the title next season.
  4. I think the pull is the money Matt! 😂😂 Regardless if Phil can get them top of the tree & set the standard which I'm sure he will then its down to the rest to aspire to that level or source a better commercial department. Either way it's down to whoever is top for the rest to catch
  5. Wait & see... Its hardly High Risk for Phi£, already a raid on two from Helston, two from Saltash, 4 from St. Dennis, & 4 from St. Austell. Heard it here first... big bucks back at Blaise Park. Phi£ will now NOT be taking part in the Cornwall version of I'm a 'Mid Cornwall Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' due to be held in Cardinham Woods. On a different note, well done St. Blazey Fc deserve good fortune after your last escapade. Good luck.
  6. 😂 You wait & see! Interviewed yesterday, at a secluded venue I heard on the High Street this morning. Bringing some financial clout ( you know big Phi££ !) with him in a time money might be difficult for some clubs. Good luck to him, be nice to see him back involved in local football again.
  7. Hearing Phi££ Laffs is to be appointed within the next 48 hours.
  8. Time will tell. I think people have made up their own minds on here, & not at all influenced by myself. I think the plaudits came with the truth that was spoken within the post. I mean let's make this really really simple & break it down for those struggling to understand this, After 3 different 'incidents' of bringing the a once well respected Club in to disrepute, this last occasion during a pandemic where people are losing loved ones, friends, family, some forfeiting the joy at being at births, & some unfortunately being their for support in times of deaths, cer
  9. Im afraid in the last 10 months certain people have really dragged the 'once' proud St.Blazey Football Clubs name right through the mud. Which has been noted by more than just the local footballing community. What happened before Christmas has upset not only local football supporters/youth football clubs, but also the clubs own supporters, members of the public, NHS staff at Cornwalls biggest hospital, who have given up ( like many others) their time, health & sacrificed their own families to fight this deadly deadly disease. With Many people missing birthdays, anniversarys, sadly pas
  10. 19 likes in 5 days, including at least One Swpl Club secretary, many regulars of the Cornish Soccer Forum, & from one of the most respected, successful football men on the local football circuit... tells its own story Safe safe guys, remember football can wait a while, saving lives & preventing unnecessary transmissions/deaths can't wait. **Please follow the rules**
  11. I have washed my hands with it Silly Billy. I'm done from all this from now. Hearing today St. Blazey are keeping their duo in charge, after the committee have bottled out of dismissing them. Frightened. They dismissed Danny Bance a few season back after a poor string of results, yet this leadership take a group of players on a night out, a piss up, a social, breaking rules set out by the Government & Police whilst people are dying alone without families by their side. The Committee are weak of this IF this is correct, & deserve Everything that will come there wa
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