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  1. St Blazey 1v2 Wadebridge. Att.184 A few match highlights if anyone is interested.
  2. Really disappointed to see this news today. Possibly a wake up call that clubs NEED fresh blood to help. Just the odd hour or two when ever is convenient would make a huge difference. From a quick mow of the grass around the ground, litter picking, empty bins, clean machinery, paint railings, power wash a path, wash down advertising boards, cut back over grown bushes. The list is endless. Clubs need help or else Porthleven will only be the first of more to come. One club is one to many!! Let's hope we see Porthleven back very soon.
  3. Good comeback from St Blazey. 2 wins in four days has given them a big boost. St Blazey v Foxhole on Wednesday should be a good watch.
  4. Dobwalls 6v1St Blazey. Att.55est. 25 plus from St Blazey. St Blazey can have no complaints today. Poor from start to finish. Dobwalls had it far to easy this afternoon. Falmouth will win this title with ease. Scoring goals for fun.
  5. Can be one of the better refs and I thought last night he had a good game. Kept control throughout.
  6. The Les Classico put to bed. A big win, all hand shakes after and a packed clubhouse. Good to see our crowds around 200 in the past two games. Even the tea hut still serving near full time. Home again next Wednesday against Penzance.
  7. Man City spent 100 million on a player. Still lost on Sunday.
  8. That match at Blaise Park was filmed with around 1000 supporters watching on. Never seen the video of that match. Hoops dragged down in the dying minutes in the penalty box and not given.
  9. Get it wrapped up by Xmas and then we can enjoy the new year. No point waiting until January. Forget all the 'who should win it' nonsense. Lets just hope for a complete season and a competitive one. Half the league could win it next season.
  10. Wouldnt it be better to drop a friendly and have an even earlier round for clubs who want to enter. 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024 Number of clubs per round needed. So why only 729? Random number for a start.
  11. From a supporters view, i think its a poor decision. As a supporter of St Blazey, the early cup draws against sides you dont play from one year to another like Probus, Illogan etc is part of the charm of cup football. Then you have the Illogan win at St Blazey years ago. A big upset and a great cup tie. Not that i was over the moon with it but surly thats what so called smaller clubs want to do on their big draw days. If i was playing thats surly the draws youd want against the likes of St Blazey, Bodmin, Falmouth, St Austell to name a few. Isnt the new set up just a glorified league cup set up?
  12. I dont think ive known a April/May like this. The grass just isnt growing. Even the rain hasnt made a huge difference. Lots to do over the coming weeks now. Verti draining, seeding, fertiliser etc. Not done alot to it recently as so much else to get done first.
  13. Geoffrey Boycott would have a set of keys in those cracks!! Just shows how dry its been after months of rain. Our pitch was looking better for a good soaking. Hopefully itll green up a bit now and get some fresh grass growing.
  14. Im thinking the same. Let the rain take hold for a bit before we put to much fertiliser down. This afternoon the weather has come in and the pitch is getting a good soaking. Just what it needed. Listening to the radio in the car earlier it mentioned how poor the weather had been for April and the really low temperatures. Might see some change coming hopefully.
  15. Spent today giving everything a good cut including around the ground in the hope that tomorrow we get a bucket full of rain to give everything a good kick. The pitch is so dry and looking tired. Not used any fertiliser yet as we need the rain. These conditions are normally more June/July type conditions. Daisys and Dandilions growing everywhere. They follow the areas we mark the pitch at the far end. God nos why. Must be something in the paint they like. Pitch needs spraying this summer to sort that out. Hope your all well and enjoying the dry weather. Well to a point. 😃
  16. Well done to Mark and the gang. From a club that a while ago sold off the floodlights and looked like anything standing would fall over any time to a well looked after ground and much improved and now Western league football. Well done from me. 👏
  17. Thanks mate. Maybe May would be the right month to give it a boost. I think the grass has been that wet for so long now its taking a bit of time to recover.
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