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  1. Yes, but they are getting paid for what they do!
  2. Speak as I find! You must be one of the lucky few!
  3. Where is that written in the rules?
  4. I assume the Cornwall fa have some objection as it happens every year.
  5. Yes, I know he is a member of the black blazer brigade, oh dear !
  6. I attempted to research this and came up a blank. Surely it is the cornwall fa responsibility to keep football supporters updated.
  7. I watched f almouth v Plymouth argyle and Falmouth won, I believe it was 4-1.
  8. Who do they play for at present?
  9. BIG AL

    3G Falmouth School pitch officially opened

    Hey! We actually agree, I will have to buy you a pint !
  10. It was September 2016 which according to my calculations is the 21st century !
  11. And look at the number of people there watching, some different to these days. The last time I watched there were between 50 - 60 ! Such a shame.
  12. Is this written in the constitution somewhere ?
  13. What I am saying, politely, is that a supporter who is commenting on his clubs performance is not rubbish but a support of his club surely.
  14. How is a comment such as this utter rubbish ? The content is relating is relating to his views of a game of football relating to his club.
  15. As I have said,I give Bodmin a top three finish.
  16. I totally agree with you, I have been watching Falmouth for 55 years, longer than probably any other.
  17. I What difference does that make, I am entitled to express an opinion just as you are or are you the only one whose opinion matters?
  18. I said earlier in the season that Bodmin would still be the team to respect. I still maintain a top three finish.