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  1. He is the club secretary . . . . and fingers you should be able to take a wider view than that, whilst in a post that has a number of wider responsibilities. But there you go I guess standards change over the years.
  2. Spot on bald one - that sort of comment should be above club secretary status on public web sites - windmill only writes reports when they win anyway - where is the Saltash v Torpoint match report from him .
  3. If you are suspended from football for on field offences playing in step 5,6,7 a player can play in step 4 and above. If you are suspended whilst playing in step 4 and above the player can play in step 5 and below. If you remember there was a bit of a 'who ha' when argyle took advantage of this and played a suspended player in the SWPL. But like it or not that is the rule - or as close as i am going to get. So if a suspended player is out, say for four matches, he can still maintain his fitness and help others.😂
  4. Thank you very much for a detailed theoretical explanation, be interesting how the bigger boys deal with it !!!!!!!!
  5. The point I am trying to make, not very successfully, is that wasting time becomes more professional the higher up the pyramid you climb. So if its playing time and not ball in play that counts, then some teams at our level are experts at wasting time from the kick off, until a goal is scored against them. With goal kicks and throw ins wasting enormous time. Re more than one player off, don't assume that two players are sent off at the same time, there could be two or more players sent off within that ten minute period, try tracking those times.. The higher up the pyramid you climb, the more professional a club becomes, training, coaching staff,etc who will be busy devising delays during the ten minutes. If the FA are so confident why didn't they start at the top of the pyramid.
  6. Countyman - you don't need rolling subs to do the swop - keeper comes off - sub please ref - among the five named subs is a keeper - take off the centre forward and keeper two goes in goal - when time is up - sinned keeper goes back on in goal - club say sub please ref - take off the sub that went on and replace him with another named sub. At least then the club has kept a 'keeper' on the field, but lost a player they may not have intended to sub during the game, or they may have. I fully accept its the players fault, of course, but that doesn't make the system that is going to punish them an efficient system and easy for match officals to carry out, easy for players left on the field to try and circumnavigate the time gap.
  7. You obviously don't get the point - its only when the ball is in play that time in the bin counts - how will the referee keep the time for each different player that is off - having never been to a match in over half a century without dissent at one point or another, you are very naive Dave, to argue that the system will only work if there's no dissent, is not an argument to say it will work. What if the keeper is sent off - then I presume a remaining outfield player can be substituted by the reserve keeper, then when he is back do a reverse substitution. You havn't answered any of the questions at all really and TOIGTBIW just to say the crowd will let him know is rather silly to say the least.
  8. How is the 'sin bin' going to work, I can see enormous problems for match officals, players, club linesmen etc. It would be nice to see the views of the match officials who seem to be in favour or have not made much objection to it through their association. 1. Who will actually keep the time the player is off the pitch ? 2. Can a player be sent to the bin just before the end - what happens to the remaining minutes, do they carry over ? 3. Does the time in the bin only count when the ball is in play ? ( Has to be otherwise players will be falling over more than now) 4. If so how do you keep a record of the time in the bin, every time that play is stopped ? 5. How on earth would a match official keep the times of several players off the pitch at the same time, plus different stoppage time to be added to those players. 6. You could have match officials with several watches on their arms or use clocks from chess games 7. With all these problems and many more it would be so difficult for match officials to send off more than one at one time, they would not want to do it and unless some form of help with the timing is devised they wont do it. 8. Must have been thought up by these graduate entries that the FA have at Wembly, never kicked a ball in their lives. Dear o dear what has it come to.
  9. nice thought - but we are the away team
  10. only neutral ground is the final . . . .
  11. There were extra spaces created as a result of a restructuring of the Southern League, when a central division was formed, that was why.
  12. I think you will find WOTP that its only the top club that gets promoted, at this level its automatic, no choice . With the new FA system coming in 20/21 the automatic promotion goes down to step 6, maybe 7 not so sure about that one though.
  13. I think the only reply for you Teflon, is that you should know football is one of those sports where the unexpected happens, its part of the game that makes it exciting and impossible to forecast. Ask some other clubs who were expected to win at the weekend, against so called weaker opposition. Sheffield Utd, Leicester City, Westbury, Liverpool, Fulham plus many more up and down the country. Its football.
  14. May be its down to mileage, Newquay - Sidmouth return 195 miles. Plymouth - Evesham (where Gloucester play) return 345 miles.
  15. IF it is because they cant field a team, then presumably Devon FA have awarded the match to Parkway..................?? Its strange that Buckland Ath asked Devon FA to cancel their match with Ivybridge on Wednesday, it was a no no from Devon FA, who even said that if ivybridge agree to a cancellation then both clubs would be expelled from the competition. So Mr Devon FA whats the difference? Torquay used a number of issues to avoid playing, 'we have a new manager' - we have an important FA Cup tie at the weekend - we cannot use the youth team as they are playing tonight and couldn't play on Wednesday - get me the tissues. Get into the real world of local football Gary Johnson, its wrong to seek favours on past performances. For Torquay - we have the most important FA Cup match at the weekend in the clubs history. We have to play at Bitton on tuesday following that match on the Sunday. To use these excuses is totally wrong, especially by a former league club, now a local club. Devon FA should not bend over backwards and deny one club but let the other do what it wants. If a man like Gary Johnson is unable to produce eleven players for Wednesday its a sad indictment. People saying about unfair on the youth team - don't they have any adult players then . dear o dear
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