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  1. Ambition as a player comes into it as well, a player may not want to wait three seasons to play at a higher level, but to be in the shop window for further advancement as has been demonstrated by many former peninsula league players recently; Landricombe brothers, Rocky Neale, Dan Sullivan, the list is quite extensive. Many young players have ambition to be a professional player, earn money, a career etc,. Therefore the earlier they try to step up the better it could be. Don't wait till you are on the way down.
  2. Just a point -Parkway are HOME this Saturday to Westbury. An exciting encounter with the visitors having won seven out of seven league matches - a good game to take in.
  3. Home Waters


    Can we ignore the child in our midst for the moment - was there anything that you managed to glean from Richard Pallot, that seemed to clarify some of the issues that has dogged some of our minds regarding this subject. I hope that there was some support for you in posting questions. Sometimes it is difficult to reply in these circumstances as there are many things still to be discussed.
  4. Home Waters


    May be its down to mileage, Newquay - Sidmouth return 195 miles. Plymouth - Evesham (where Gloucester play) return 345 miles.
  5. Home Waters


    IF it is because they cant field a team, then presumably Devon FA have awarded the match to Parkway..................?? Its strange that Buckland Ath asked Devon FA to cancel their match with Ivybridge on Wednesday, it was a no no from Devon FA, who even said that if ivybridge agree to a cancellation then both clubs would be expelled from the competition. So Mr Devon FA whats the difference? Torquay used a number of issues to avoid playing, 'we have a new manager' - we have an important FA Cup tie at the weekend - we cannot use the youth team as they are playing tonight and couldn't play on Wednesday - get me the tissues. Get into the real world of local football Gary Johnson, its wrong to seek favours on past performances. For Torquay - we have the most important FA Cup match at the weekend in the clubs history. We have to play at Bitton on tuesday following that match on the Sunday. To use these excuses is totally wrong, especially by a former league club, now a local club. Devon FA should not bend over backwards and deny one club but let the other do what it wants. If a man like Gary Johnson is unable to produce eleven players for Wednesday its a sad indictment. People saying about unfair on the youth team - don't they have any adult players then . dear o dear
  6. Home Waters


    Well - what a load of rubbish. Statements like all clubs must get the ground grading for the step they play in, if not relegation. It is so easy to by pass the system, because the FA are not in the business of destroying clubs. Those that have been to Western league Clubs, step 5, will know that many do not even comply with step 6 ground gradings and yet no movement by the FA has ever demoted people. Don't assume that all leagues are as honest as the SWPL when it comes to gradings. If the FA really implemented this the clubs at step 5 would be drained over night. At the end of the day, if a club finishes top and does not want promotion then a politically correct worded letter to the FA will release the club from the promotion. Or a rather silly situation would take place, a club would get promoted to step 5, not do the work on the ground by the following March 31st, therefor getting placed back in step 6 where they want to be. You could drive a coach and horses through all the recommendations, its all, if's, but's and maybe's. But they will go ahead with it, as was demonstrated at the meeting in June, the FA simply do not understand 'local' football. It was probably all thought up those young, degree entrant people at the FA who have no experience in football at all, but just look at computers.
  7. Home Waters


    The last time we conceded four goals was on 17th March 2017 at St.Austell, we lost 5-0 and finished 7th that season in the SWPL. Most clubs suffer heavy defeats at some point during the season, get it out the way and get going again.
  8. rarely disagree with you bald one - but I thought some of the 30yrd passes from Ben Joyce and Shane Krac really opened up the opposition. True all were not on top of it all the time, but looks good for the forthcoming season.
  9. Home Waters

    F.A.Cup & F.A.Vase Draw

    I believe that they may not be out until at least the 18th of the month - the problem may be that a club in the Western League shares its ground with a club in the Southern league and as they are not publishing till the 18th, then the Western league cannot complete their fixture list - probably
  10. F.A.Cup Hengrove v Parkway 11th Aug - Hengrove are Western League Premier step 5 Winners home to Larkhall Ath Southern league step 4 25th Aug F.A.Vase Parkway v Brislington 1st Sept - Brislington are Weston League step 5 Winners away to either Wincanton/Radstock Western league One - step 6 15th Sept
  11. Home Waters


    Spot on 'tractor boy' - think I will give up reporting after one try - or don't believe everything you read on web sites
  12. Home Waters


    Not a very good reporter - Callington 1 - 3 Parkway. Goals for parkway were from Aaron Bently, Mike Smith and Stewart Yetton. Parkway had at least four missing from the squad, but still managed to bring on three subs. No doubt Callington had players missing, as all clubs will during this 'friendly' season. We were missing Hobbs, Trott, Farkins and Hillson through family,holidays and work. Callington started off at a great pace and went ahead through a deflected shot which left the keeper stranded. The second half was dominated by Parkway who played some really attractive football, quick movement and could have scored another four goals except for some clearances off the line. That's all I can manage.
  13. Home Waters


    Plenty to interest SWPL followers here; Wednesday 4th July Callington away 7.30pm. Saturday 7th July Argyle Home 12:30pm. Wednesday 11th July Newquay away 7.30pm. Saturday 14th July Torpoint away 2.00pm. Wednesday 18th July Tavistock away 7.30pm. Saturday 21st July Bristol Manor Farm away 3.00pm. Wednesday 25th July Launceston Home 7.30pm. Sunday 29th Charity Bowl @StDennis v Falmouth town 3.00pm.
  14. Thank you Dave - a lot of people will enjoy this part of the site as well as the others - very generous offer.
  15. If you want information on Supporters Club etc give me a call


    01752 767059