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  1. Just a bit to stop it getting to compact. Could have done with more i think. Might have to add a top dressing and let it push into the soil perhaps.
  2. Managed to get a good cut in before the rain. The grass is really thickning up. Got more soil coming to top up a few little areas around the pitch and get some seed in the ground. The wet weather is really helping at the moment. 13 days since seeding. Coming on nicely.
  3. Weve got a bit lucky. Plenty of rain from the off and today its been a bit warmer with just the odd damp bit of rain. Misty rain now which is ideal. Stopping it drying out but not soaking it. Next week theres a few odd spots to seed a bit more and we should be looking ok. Keep the damp weather with the warm temperatures and we should have a fairly healthy pitch. Its been 10 days since the last cut. Will give it a few more days before taking anything off the pitch at the moment.
  4. Just 8 days after seeding and we have grass coming through. Generally the pitch is looking much better after all the rain weve had. Just a couple burnt areas that are not recovering as quickly.
  5. Heavy rain over night has really helped the pitch. The grass is looking much better. Still a few burnt areas that need some more time to recover. Even after all that heavy rain over night the pitch was bone dry this afternoon. Drainage working well it seems.
  6. Should do it some good having it well washed in would it not?
  7. Its been absolutely pouring down here since about 3ish. This week has seen the pitch coming back to life and looking green again. The forcast is for rain the next two weeks. At what point do we start moaning we need dry weather? 🤪
  8. Intresting to see those figures. For us a couple weeks ago the pitch was fairly good. A bit dry but not to bad. When the temperature reached the mid 20s thats when the burning really kicked in. And pretty much all within a few days. Fortunately the rain has returned. Its been raining here all afternoon. The sprinklers are not needed just yet.
  9. What a difference in 12 months. This time last year the pitch was looking lovely. Last night we had rain and hail can you believe!! Forcast shows a good chance of rain in the next two weeks which will be ideal.
  10. We also applied. Everything really helps clubs at our level. Given the goalmouths a light sprinkling of water tonight. Just enough to keep a bit of moisture in the soil. Walked back indoors and its started pouring down!! 🤣
  11. Luckily weve had some damp weather all day and the occasional shower. Since the seed was put in the ground today weve had a light drizzell for hours so the pitch has had a slow soaking which is better than a soaking and then drying out again. Going to need plenty of water but that can be sorted. Just hoping we get the results we hope for. Thanks for the advice. Any help appreciated. Hopefully the heat wave is behind us for the time being.
  12. There is plenty of sand with in the goal mouth below the surface. It might need a bit more as we gradually top up as it settles over the weeks ahead. Another bit of rain this morning. Nothing much but better than nothing.
  13. I was tempted to turf the area but last season it took ages to blend in and when it did it turned to mud!! ☹ This year i dont think we will be rushing so im giving seed ago. Im hoping its not to late.
  14. Early start tomorrow. The pitch is being over seeded and both goal mouths being well seeded. Then out with the hose pipes. Sprinkler system out at the weekend and then water the pitch well. Weve had a shower of rain in the last hour. Enough to leave it wet for the evening. Would be nice to keep the grass a bit greener going into the summer. The burnt areas are gona need some tlc now.
  15. The heavy rain has arrived this morning. Music to my ears. Hopefully a good soaking today will help the pitch green up a bit.
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