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  1. Good to see you today 100% Cornish. Looking forward to our trip to Godolphin next week. Very enjoyable afternoon of football. Bodmin deserved their half time lead at half time. St Blazey came out and gave it a right go and turned the game around. Bodmin looked off the pace and St Blazey had the chances to win it. Thank you must go to everyone at the club who helped out after and helped take drinks orders and serve food etc to make sure everything went well and rules kept to. A good team effort.
  2. Covid tracking will be done by pen and paper at St Blazey tomorrow as normal in addition to the QR code you can use.
  3. The clubhouse is closed every afternoon and cleaned. Surfaces wiped down etc. Just got to be done Older.
  4. We have done our best at St Blazey to be sensible with the requests so that we can watch football. The clubhouse has a one way system and only the main bar open with screens in place. Hand sanitiser at each entrance and outside each set of toilets. Track and trace in place. Football wise we have track and trace, hand sanitiser at the main gate, advive to follow in the program and tanoy announcements which we increased today to remind people.
  5. Wednesday nights match between St Blazey and Liskeard is ON. St Blazey have hired in 2 portable floodlights with 4 lights on each one to make sure there is enough lights to cover the grandstand side. Last week supporters were given refunds although several left early. See Chris on the gate tomorrow night with any issues and he will sort things out if you are able to make it. Should be a good match. Come and enjoy some good local football.
  6. Nothing wrong with the rivalry between St Blazey and Newquay. Two good Cornish clubs. Shame to see a lack of red and white in the crowd last including the flags!! Miss seeing a good Newquay following.
  7. They were. We knew we had a problem with 1 floodlight but to have more bulbs knocked out on one side is just unfortunate due to a surge of power.
  8. The lights were not working before kick off. In fact a Newquay supporter who installed the lights some 30 years ago tryed to help us get them working. Thank you to him for his efforts. Not even his knowledge could help us on the night unfortunately.
  9. Ill get the exact stuff pictured tomorrow. Im waiting to put it on when i know we will have a good couple days of rain to wash it in. Should look great once thats done. Goal mouths already taking a battering. Think weve had around 14 home friendlies between 1st and 2nds and then training at times. Not enough rain to really help it recover. Now for a couple cuts before Saturday and get it stripped back up again.
  10. Have a look at the effect the decent fertiliser ive got is capable of doing. Used a spreader on a few areas and look at the colour its changed it to. And its growing well to. Left a few tracks but the test worked. Now to do the whole pitch.
  11. Yes. Fixtures were reversed as Newquay were having work on their lights carried out.
  12. Not fixed yet. One side not working properly. Just not good enough to play unfortunately.
  13. Unfortunately our floodlights are very high so having any work done on them isnt that easy. All the electric boxes are over 30 years old and they are knackered. If anything it might get things done even quicker now. Alot of clubs have a full set of lights with 12 bulbs where as we have 24 when fully working. Tonight we had 15 working in the end but not spread out enough. Roll on Saturday....and daylight.
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