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  1. Thanks mate. Maybe May would be the right month to give it a boost. I think the grass has been that wet for so long now its taking a bit of time to recover.
  2. Pitch cut today before the rain comes in again in the week. Although it looks ok its looking a bit yellow and tired in places. It needs something to give it a bit of a boost. Do you suggest using the bits of rubber Older for any diviots or a mixture of top soil and sand good enough?
  3. The goverment have said clubs cant have any fans watching til mid May Unfortunately thats to late. I think its now best to just wait til pre season and hope we can get back to normal. In the mean time use the time to get all those jobs done around the grounds that sometimes there isnt time to get done.
  4. Something different today. One of our summer projects to improve our ground and the addition of a new stand at the far end of the ground. Something ive wanted to do for years. Well today we got the frame work in place. Next step to add additional supports and get the roof on.
  5. Thanks Mark. Definitely worth having one. I shall look into getting one. Good to use if you need to get cutting early on a match day.
  6. I dont normally worry about knocking off the dew. Just leave it to clear. Maybe need to start doing that sometimes. Spent the morning cleaning machinery up and then got a cut in after dinner. Not looking bad but i feel it could be a bit shorter. Maybe im being to fussy. Just nice having the sun out and not having to worry about any rain.
  7. Weve been meaning to take them down for months but its rained and rained. They need a good wash. If football returns then they can go back up. Once any dew has cleared tomorrow ill give it a cut and tidy around. Spectator areas are ready to cut tidy. Light evenings on their way should start to be busy again.
  8. Lovely day today for it. Nets down. Some how i need to get them washed. Anyone got any tips? Machine wash or dump in a bath of boiling hot water? The grass has certainly grown in the last week. That first cut sets it going im convinced. Day off tomorrow. Time to get a few more jobs done.
  9. Since i managed a quick cut on Thursday its not stopped raining. Friday Saturday and Sunday weve had some really heavy rain. Another spell of dry weather needed. Looking like from Thursday onwards were in for a spell of better weather. Got a good chance to dry out and get some grass cut hopefully.
  10. Did they not start in the west division? I dont like seeing reserve teams in the top division in Cornwall personally. They dont hang around long.
  11. They cant eat in straight lines though. 👀
  12. This is alot cheaper. Wondered 8f this would be man enough for the job. Maybe not the whole pitch but large areas that need the extra tlc. Any thoughts?
  13. We had alot of wind which really helped dry the pitch out. Forcast awful for the next few days so pleased to get it done. Yeah the Dennis G860 looks the business. Lovely cut. Be ideal for a day off. Good exercise and would look even better. Alot of money though.
  14. Finally got the chance to get the machine out and cut the pitch. First time since early December!! Now hopefully we can push on a bit. Going to need to tweak the units for a better cut at some point. I think id prefere a Dennis push mower to get that really sharp cut. Just need 6k!!
  15. Came up on facebook memories today that 3 years ago today we cut our pitch for the first time in 3 months!! The rain hasnt stopped here all day so forget this week. Roll on March. 🤣 And your right i dont think we would have seen much football either. Not a chance.
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