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  1. Helston were miles off the top last season. Bringing in players on big money from clubs who wernt near the top dosnt guarantee sucess. Helston 4th at best.
  2. Not at all. My early predictions, Saltash, Mousehole Falmouth
  3. That looks a healthy league. Decent amount of clubs. 18 is hardly to many. Hopefully St Blazey have a few mid weekers and get a few there to watch them.
  4. I dont think Mousehole will be a surprize package at all. I fully expect them to finish near the top, if not top.
  5. Good luck to Pz. Not a club we want to loose. One of the best trips of the season.
  6. What a shambles this could end up being. Hurry up and forget this stupid idea.
  7. What ever happens, if football is played at Penlee Park then every local football fan and their dog will call them Pz despite any riddiclous name being attached to them. Mousehole will be the club that disappears.
  8. Why on earth would Pz even consider this? If Pz were in trouble, drop down the leagues and rebuild but not sell yourself to another club. Riddiclous.
  9. St Blazey didnt print them. The SWPL did. Todays crowd was a record for the league cup final.
  10. Surly this isnt right. All that money spent at Mousehole for nothing? Pz surly not leaving their ground. Very strange.
  11. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2300866243520877&id=100007925708451 Photos from todays cup final.
  12. Thank you. Great weather, huge crowd and food and drink selling well, its been a brilliant day for the club. Hope everyone enjoyed the day.
  13. South West Peninsula league cup final. Attendance 585.
  14. Should have walked around the ground afterwards. We found a few left behind.
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