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  1. St Blazey 3v2 Hayle AET. Not a classic in anyway but a cup match that could have gone either way. Surly thats what people want to see rather than clubs turning up getting hammered. St Blazey didnt play well yesterday at all. But remember, bottom 6 last season in the West. This season a chance to finish much higher in the league above. Last season we went out the league cup and senior cup in the first round. This season were in the third round of the league cup and now in the next round of the senior cup. We havnt looked forward to a cup draw after July for sometime!! Anyway, anyone good with a pitch fork? The pitch has taken a battering yesterday. Leeds, ive a fork ready for you. 😀 Onwards and upwards. 💚🖤
  2. Pitch inspection at St Blazey in the morning. Just checked the pitch at 9.30pm and its not bad enough to call off yet. Will give it a chance over night.
  3. St Blazey 0v0 St Dennis. Att. 60+ Hardy souls braved the evening which didnt turn out to bad. The pitch is still in one piece. Credit to St Dennis who defended really well. St Blazey probably had 80% procession but didnt do enough with it. To slow or wrong options. Frustrating but another point on the board. Thanks to everyone for their patience while we sorted the floodlights. One side went bang at 6pm and luckily we had someone on hand to help us out. On to Saturday and a trip to Launceston.
  4. Get rid of it. Absolute nonsense.
  5. Brilliant day out at Axminster Town. St Blazey 1 down at half time turned it around and won 2v3. A cracking cup tie. Lovely set up at Axminster. Worth a visit. St Blazey into the last 16. Possibly for the first time since joining the SWPL.
  6. Any good side will normally have someone banging in goals for fun. Saltash are completely different to say mousehole who look to pass the ball in the net. Saltash are quick from midfield and direct. Ruthless as well. Only side ove not seen this season at the top is St Austell. Boxing day could be a good watch hopefully.
  7. Thank for pointing that out 100%cornish. A simple mistake from our editor. Of all the letters to miss out though. 🙄 Onwards and upwards.
  8. I think tonight's results show how St Blazey have done recently. Despite loosing players to Bodmin we lost 6v0 to Saltash and never gave up right to the end. Then Helston were made to look fairly average on Saturday and needed a responce to see St Blazey off. No hammering there. Work in progress but not as bad as some think. For me.....Saltash are the team to beat.
  9. Saltash 6v0 St Blazey. St Blazey started well enough bit the opening goal was awful to give away. Really poor defending. The 4th and 6th were the same. Saltash ruthless in the first half. St Blazey looked much better in the final 25 minutes and made 5 or 6 good chances but only hit the target once. Saltash are a good side. We will improve. Saltash pitch looking excellent. Good crowd over 200 as well. Bring on Helston.
  10. Just an observation but in the previous round St Blazey played a tough mid week fixture away at Helston before loosing to Falmouth in the Vase. Falmouth didnt play that mid week. Wednesday Helston had a big match with Mousehole before todays Vase match. Falmouth never played in the week. Sometimes you need these little things in your favour. Good luck to Falmouth in the next round.
  11. You knew Bodmin were given a good test when they started wasting time taking the ball to the corner flag. Not a bad effort from a side from the fish and chip league. As for wanting the game off....no chance. With St Austell and Sticker having played it was a chance for a good crowd and the attendance of 155 was good to see. Another defeat by the odd goal. Very frustrating. Were very close to beating several sides. Need to cut out the odd silly mistake and then who nos. Cant fault the effort and fitness. Saltash away Wednesday. Looking forward to that one.
  12. Ive said from the start that the 3 divisions of Prem East and West was working just fine. The West division needed to be a 20 team division. 16 or 15 as it was, was not good. I would have liked some kind of play offs to determine another promotion spot to the prem. For example, both 2nd spots in east and west play off and winners play 3rd bottom of prem. Winner either stays up or theres a promotion. Keeps the leagues competitive longer. Time will tell but at the moment the top 5 or 6 are way ahead of the rest. But that might all change in time.
  13. Porthleven 1v1 St Blazey. Port goal keeper pulled 5 superb saves to earn them a point.
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