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  1. Excellent stuff to help all the clubs out. Well done Phil Hiscox and all involved.
  2. Look after yourself 100%cornish. 👍
  3. I think the season should be played out and finished. Any club with nothing to play for shouldnt get a vote. To easy for most clubs to just give up because theyve no chance of winning anything and havnt for months. The season should be finished when ever possible and then start the new season. If that means loosing the odd cup competition so be it.
  4. Good game to watch. We gave it a right go. Good cup tie. One big decision changed the game and unfortunately not in our favour. Our players gave everything. You can't ask no more.
  5. Falmouth 3v2 St Blazey. With 10 or so minutes to go Falmouth were running out of ideas. A soft penalty (thats being kind) changed everything. A very good away performance that deserved so much more.
  6. I dont mind it if im honest. Good to see someone with a clear aim of success.
  7. Hesltons to loose now. Helston have no cup football to worry about. Saltash have cup football and have to best Helston. That could be just to much in a short space of time.
  8. Not a bad day for football yesterday. Yet just 67 at Launceston for the visit of promotion chasing Helston. Godolphin had just 43 supporters there. 22 were from St Blazey. Sad to see such poor crowds at either end of the league.
  9. Blaise Park yesterday. We need some dry weather pretty soon. Water is 8 to 10 inches deep.
  10. Totally agree. Especially as there is no play offs in this region. Playing 3 games a week is not ideal for anyone.
  11. It seems the F.A want plenty of time to do everything but the actual playing of football must be squeezed into the tightest of schedules.
  12. Season finishes on April 25th. Dobwalls have to play 10 games in April. St Blazey have 8 games to play in April and weve only had 1 home game called off. Crazy end to the season. The season needs to finish the first week in May to stop this happening.
  13. St Blazey would be more than happy to host a semi final or the final. Why would anyone turn down the opportunity. A great occasion.
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