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  1. St Blazey 0v5 Mousehole Mousehole the best footballing side weve seen at Blaise Park in many years. St Blazey well in the game and almost took the lead but for a last ditch tackle. But once Mousehole took the lead St Blazey struggled to threaten and Mousehole passed the ball around so well and picked St Blazey off to take all 3 points. St Blazey v Plymouth Marjons next Saturday. Kick off 3.00pm.
  2. Penzance deserved their win yesterday. Despite gifting 3 headers in the first 20 minutes St Blazey came back with a contender for goal of the season and another good strike to make it 3v2. That hard work was undone just before half time from another floated free kick. Despite the best efforts in the second half, St Blazey couldnt score and Penzance wrapped it up late on. We return to Blaize Park for the first time since November 24th on Saturday looking to get the double over Mousehole.
  3. No floodlights at all or are they just being repaired?
  4. Paul

    CORNWALL’s squad v Wiltshire Sat 19 Jan 2019

    I would hope that any Wiltshire player who pulled out is never given the chance to play again. Dont reward them by letting them play a home fixture for example.
  5. Thank you. Several of us said on the day how well the game was referred. Let the game flow. No nonsence. Let the players get on with it.
  6. Ludgvan 0v5 St Blazey http://www.stblazeyafc.co.uk/fixture/ludgvan-v-st-blazey-2/ Match report and highlights from our trip to Ludgvan yesterday.
  7. No one has any real idea of what postion we will need to be in to make sure we are in the league. Right now, third bottom, we are not good enough anyway. As you know, clubs can go from top to bottom in the space of a summer so its hard to tell what could happen right now. I cant see us finishing higher than 5th bottom now. Will that be good enough or will facilities promote us? Time will tell. With clubs struggling, i can see us be accepted purly because of numbers.
  8. A very good listen. Good lad is Averers. Went school with him. What hes achieved at Sticker is unbelievable. The ground is one of the most improved in recent years and looks superb. Intresting to hear the issues with junior and senior football. Certainly not helping Sticker.
  9. St Dennis 4v2 St Blazey Another defeat but you cant knock the St Blazey players for giving it a good go after a mad 20 minutes seen them concede 3 in the first half. But the sad part of it is the lack of commitment from players. Apparently let down by two players in the morning. I cannot understand how players can play one week and not the next and re appear weeks later. Its not like we are playing twice a week. Its a Saturday afternoon and thats it. Theres no thought for some to drop out to go bloody shopping these days!! It would be nice to see a bit more commitment from some to get a few results. A sign of the times or just the fact were having a crap season and its easier to give up and walk away?? At least the management are giving it a bloody good go to try and change things. 2019 cannot come soon enough!!
  10. You are joking! The media have done anything to have Man United on the tele at every opportunity for 20 years. They love nothing more than that. Its only the last few years which have been a circus really since the steady days of Fergie.