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  1. The few who moan about paying £5 are normally the ones with £20 pack of fags in their pocket!!
  2. I think a few here have jumped on the band wagon of a couple comments. The truth has been stretched and stretched some more to suit some people agenda. Nothing has been mentioned of the Newquay bench screaming for any reason to get people booked etc. Very easy to blame one lot when it suits. As for calling managers sunday league etc, well where are the next up and coming managers going to come from if their never given a chance? Easy to knock them on here. Maybe have a chat with them and get to know them. Offer advice maybe. But no, that wouldnt suit the agenda. Roll on Saturday.
  3. Not the best of games for any neutral. Both sides hardly hit the target 5 times between the sides. Both sides gave everything though and if Newquay are a side who might break into the top 6 then St Blazey have matched them all night long. Some poor decision making from players and officials during the night. The linesman not flagging for off side when the Newquay lad was 5 yards off side. and then players for St Blazey jumping in and getting sin binned or red cards not helping our cause. Dobwalls and Penzance away coming up. Nothing is easy and if you think it is, you will loose. Re group and go again.
  4. Roll on Tuesday night. Got the makings of a decent match under lights. Hopefully a good crowd. Those board master softies must need something to do.
  5. What ever the case, at least they are trying. To easy to knock them while people dont wish to help or get involved.
  6. No it was not. 😂 Your either being fed nonsence or making it up. St Blazey in the top 6 as predicted. 👍
  7. St Blazey 3v1 Callington Two late first half goals and a goal in the second half left St Blazey looking comfortable before Callington pulled one back. A good 3 points to start the season. 3 points behind St Blazey already Leeds. 👀 Catch up. 😂
  8. If St Blazey arnt pushing top 3 with these bookies after last nights result then they stand to pay out some money. Leeds must be a touch concerned with this progress to send the Bodmin spys out in force once more. 👀
  9. Just wait and see. Tis a long old season.
  10. 🤣 Yeah it has, what was i thinking. No way are finishing outside the top 4. We will be just fine Leeds. Pre season means nothing results wise. Wait and see. Looking forward to our 6 points off Bodmin this season.
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