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  1. Over Christmas the rain had drained leaving the pitch like a sponge. Drove past this afternoon and its filling back up. Not stopped raining all day. Back to square one.
  2. Its Christmas day. Give yourselves a day off and enjoy your own Christmas. Its a long wait til the next one.
  3. Weve alot of heavy rain again today so its had a top up again unfortunately. Forcast not great until Thursday. Wont be doing anything between now and xmas. If it drys up i will try and pump the worst out the ground. No point doing anything until such time. Your pitch is looking just fine at Penryn. No issues with xmas games there im sure. 👏
  4. Still no sign of the water draining away today. In fact with the additional rain its even deeper today. Hopefully it drains quickly. Always helps fill a few diviots mind. 😉
  5. The F.A Vase is a fantastic competition and definitely the best off the F.A comps. I just dont get this need to play it over xmas. Crazy situation.
  6. Unfortunately today was just to much. The pitch gradually started to fill up and this was took at 3ish. Its not stopped raining since either. ☹
  7. Unfortunately you could be right. Im off down there to have a look in a bit and see what state were in.
  8. Morning all. I think a few miracles are needed if everyone is to play football this Saturday. No let up today. Need to hope that wind keeps up to help dry out the pitch. Gona be touch and go for many. 😕
  9. Spent an hour putting the worst divots back together. With the rain forecast for today having it rolled and cut will give it chance to bed in a bit. Unfortunately with work at xmas and dark evenings opportunities are limited to do much.
  10. With the forcast looking dreadful all week we took a gamble and cut and rolled the pitch back in straight after todays match. With heavy rain tomorrow it should wash it all in nicely and hopefully we have a chance to play next Saturday. Can only hope.
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