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Visiting Teams, leaving Dressing rooms untidy.

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1 hour ago, the leatherhead lip said:

Just read a post on the forum praising a team (St Dennis) for cleaning the dressing room after the game, Nice thing to do and nice to praise them but this has made me think do a lot of visiting teams not bother to do this, i would have thought it was a given ?

Our reserves also clean up after themselves,it takes 2 minutes to push a brush around, it's good manners 

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5 hours ago, Dane said:

Something that was born in the early days at Saltash for us. We have a rota of 2 players at a time on ‘changing room duty’ 

jobs are to pack kit and equipment away, and sweep up! 

It’s the Little things the help make players care 

My team does exactly the same. Change the 2 on housekeeping every game unless they don’t meet the standards and they get to have another next game til they get it right. Kitty fines too if they’re below par. Bit of herd mentality now as more than just the 2 muck in without thinking about it. Simple. 

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It’s all about respect for me. If you have young lads chucking kit on the floor and bags of Rubbish all over the place it should be the manager pulling them up. And making them clean it.  
I do find most younger players now feel they are above all that now as the play in the peninsula league and have someone doing everything for them.  
Learn a lot coming from the lower leagues putting nets up in the rain. Putting flags out keeps you grounded 

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On 05/03/2023 at 11:50, Dave Deacon said:

Unlike this one apparently yesterday in the St Piran League!

Seen a lot worse , and cleaned up a lot worse , after a senior cup game several seasons back st Hayle several ripped envelopes were left all over the changing room by the away team  ££££😉

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