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  1. Rumour has it jay isbell and Lee whetter r signing on for laffs,waste of money in my opinion 👀👀
  2. Annoying isn't it Craig,we want to try n sort drainage on our pitch but in a minute it'll be too late to start
  3. Isn't there a certain level the ground has to meet to get promotion?
  4. We were watching a different game then mate,Charlie done very well n the only time he was on his ass was down to the sodden pitch
  5. Again in Lee's defence he's pretty good for me when he turns up to play vets football,I do worry tho this recent injury he's had with breaking his ankle makes him slower than Jake hartigan who IV managed to sign,a great signing that'll raise the profile of our team.
  6. Seems like a vendetta against Lee that u hold baldy n tribute??
  7. In Lee's defence baldy he couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag, I've known him a long time and not once has he ever won a punch up,u can ask Aaron greet if u don't believe me!
  8. A decent debut from st Dennis young left back along with a very impressive debut from spb in goal,st Dennis unlucky not to come away with a draw but on another day st Austell could of had a couple more too.
  9. Lee whetter with the fatal turn of the knife in Anton's back no doubt especially after how he had Shaun German removed from office 👀👀👀
  10. Money doesn't necessarily mean success mate especially when we at st Dennis only use beer as a currency
  11. Did u read my comment Hetty? I said it is everywhere not just blazey in the swpl
  12. That's debatable,a few teams definitely get better treatment than others,hence y players lose their rag n get sin binned/ booked/sent off etc,it's everywhere not just swpl.
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