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  1. CRD

    Wendron Utd FC floodlight appeal

    Cheers mate, every vote is greatly appreciated. You're spot on, every time one club improves it raises the standard of Cornish football as a whole.
  2. CRD

    Wendron Utd FC floodlight appeal

    Thanks for bumping this thread again, it's kind of you to help our request to keep our club moving forward get a few more views. https://www.avivacommunityfund.co.uk/voting/project/view/4-673
  3. CRD

    Wendron Utd FC floodlight appeal

    There’s 2 horses now, we’re all about progress ?
  4. CRD

    Wendron Utd FC floodlight appeal

    Yes mate, but we have to generate it ourselves! I heard rumours of running water too.
  5. Hi guys, please could anyone keen to support development in Cornish Grassroots football take the tiime to register and vote for the Aviva Community Fund application of Wendron Utd FC? The installation of floodlights at Underlane will help Wendron Utd FC continue to provide football for as wide a spectrum of local sports people as possible on a year round basis. All votes will be greatly appreciated thanks! https://www.direct.aviva.co.uk/voting/project/view/4-673 Apologies if posting this link is against forum spam rules. Here's a summary of the application if you are interested: - To provide floodlights on our main football pitch. IMPACT/DIFFERENCE To increase the playing/training time for Wendron and other clubs during Autumn/Winter months (we hire our facilities out to other Community groups). The cricket section of our Club (Wendron CC) was founded in 1949 and has had teams in West Cornwall leagues ever since. Our WENDRON FC began 32 years ago, playing football in a farmers field a mile away from our Clubhouse. We now have 4 football pitches, a cricket pitch and a MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) and 2 club buildings. We host 3 cricket teams, 5 adult football teams, 12 youth football teams, darts/pool teams as well as hiring (sometimes for free) out our facilities to local schools/colleges and community groups. We believe that people should vote for our project because:- 1) It will allow us to provide an all year round sports and fitness facility. 2) Because our Club is at the heart of it's community, it encourages our members to either partake in sport and fitness or to enjoy spectating. 3) Apart from our Club steward and bar staff, all managers, coaches, grounds team and governance team are all volunteers. This includes a 14yr old boy who volunteers every Saturday morning with the groundsmen and a 16yr "qualified" football referee. 4) As a Club we hold an annual Youth Football Tournament which to date has raised £50,000 for Cancer Research UK 5) We are environmentally friendly - solar panels, air source heating and an onsite battery storage facility.