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  1. Unfortunately we’ve got to learn to live with the risks associated with COVID now, so it’s up to the individual to make their judgement now that football is possible within the guidance. Football without crowds, a pint in the clubhouse, changing-rooms, dare I say it a brown envelope not worthwhile to some. But to young players who’ve had 2 seasons curtailed, just the chance to play is an amazing thing! Let’s get behind those individuals and clubs that choose to play this cup, whilst respecting the decision of those that opted against it 👍🏻
  2. Like most things in life, a matter of perspective. For an older player, with plenty of football behind them and vulnerable family members, then most probably no. For a 16yo, who’s had U15 and U16 seasons cancelled, is physically healthy and desperate to enjoy their sport again in an environment that limits risk by adhering to guidelines, then most probably yes. When there’s less young players progressing into adult football in the next few seasons, let’s try to not just blame them and x-boxes for once...
  3. No worries Josh, hope you’re well mate. I only came in here to stick up for young players, it shouldn’t be controversial to suggest we adapt for their benefit, should it?
  4. Told they are better than they are? Another generalisation. Praise EFFORT over outcome, modern youth coaches go out of their way to create growth mindsets. In my experience it’s adult teams that promise young players the world then sit them on the bench for months at a time stunting their development. Equal game time and trophies for all I agree are an absolute nonsense, BUT the kids haven’t enforced these ideas themselves! If young players have been affected by these daft concepts then we need to be patient with them. Jumpers for goalposts, let the game be the teacher, those days ar
  5. So if we follow that logic, should all clubs have youth sections?
  6. I’m not sure how I’ve promoted myself here, certainly wasn’t my intention anyway. I’m just not a fan of sweeping generalisations about our young players, who in my opinion should be encouraged NOT disparaged. Why shouldn’t talented players aspire to play at a higher level than the St Piran’s league? I didn’t say begin adult football higher. Who mentioned ludgvan, look at the title of the thread/post
  7. I think there’s only a few youth teams left and I’m not sure there’s a link between youth and men’s clubs.
  8. Some of my players I’ve been childcare for without doubt along the years, but that’s been the distinct minority tbh. Funny that despite young players being such a waste of time, my lads played a friendly earlier this season where both the Porthleven and Helston 1st team managers were in attendance, obviously nothing better to do with their time on a Sunday afternoon!
  9. I just don’t see how Ludgvan and all their problems are somehow specifically down to youth footballers, just another chance to complain about young people these days and other such nostalgic nonsense. And in relation to “real football” I hope some of the youth players I’ve coached will have the ability and desire to play at a higher level than the quality of the St Piran games I’ve watched this season. Time will tell I guess, but I imagine you‘ll be happy to make another prediction regarding that... There are plenty of coaches that are well meaning parents with a couple of courses
  10. Well with 5 of our players being Penryn college students I think there was a chance of them at least considering Penryn Athletic, probably for the best if they don’t. Just another club with no ability to reflect and adapt their ways to the changing landscape. You might as well go outside and yell at the clouds tbh, change is inevitable. IMO if we don’t consider youth and adult football as 2 parts of the same development process we’ll always encounter these issues. We’ll see how many of the players I’ve coached make it through to adult football, but your assumption that you’ll be prove
  11. As a coach whose youth players are nearing men’s football, it does dismay me to see these old attitudes blaming young players reeled out yet again. The irony of these opinions coming from blokes linked to clubs with no youth section should not be ignored! Happy to attract young players from other clubs, but should they leave before 15-20 yrs service they’re disloyal! I doubt I’ll be recommending either of your clubs as a starting point for any of the young players I’ve helped. Please can we remember that even in the latter years of youth football, the FA are encouraging minimum game time
  12. Still keen to hear if girls are only welcome if eligible for the u12 age group? And even if they happen turn 11 or 12 during season 19/20, if they can choose to play with the “male” players if they are capable. Thanks.
  13. Out of interest, could a girl only train and play for the one u12 girls team or would they be able to try the other u12 team where you’re advertising for “male” players? And if there are girls interested in playing in other age groups could they play with the boys if they preferred?
  14. Hello there, sorry for the delay responding, I’ve sent you a DM.
  15. Perhaps you could contact the Trelawny league to see if this band of invading Vikings from grim North exceeded the non-Cornish player quota? It’s about time the scourge of Football for All was finally stamped out in the Cornish grassroots football, maybe we could run pre-match scone making tests? Or a Cornish heritage questionnaire prior to kick off??
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