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  1. It is an unanswered question at the moment, but if I were a senior club with only one, possibly two teams, I'd be volunteering the facilities for the bumper pay day at some point in their diary.
  2. The league plan on staging this game at some point, but for obvious reasons in the current climate, it wouldn't be beneficial to play this game and have far fewer beneficiaries - IE chosen charity getting less donations, neutral host club losing gate/bar £, etc, etc. Wait out...
  3. Yes Dave, it would be beneficial for many reasons to have this game with spectators, so it will be on the back burner for now.
  4. Not to mention the lengthy list of people willing to help educate. Some of my usage of the system was self taught (there are LOTS of FA guidance PDFs on google), but with the likes of Steve Carpenter and Dave Bartlam knocking about it wouldn't take much to implement.
  5. Can't understand why anyone would not want to use the WGS and Full Time to it's full potential. The SWL is the only league in the south west not using is isn't it? Unless you include the Devon Weds League.
  6. GRG, Dave welcomes guests each week & if you want to give your opinion and most importantly time, he'll give you a spot. Only last week, Martin Grigg of St Newlyn East spoke about their successful application to the ECPL. And the week before that, Simon of Newquay Reserves was on. If you so badly want St Dom coverage, get yourself on there, simple! Or the other option was to encourage the St Dom contingent to take part in the votes which were heavily publicised.
  7. The ECPL would like to announce that we will be holding a Charity Match as a season curtain raiser once guidelines allow & grass roots returns, between last season's null & voided cup finalists Mount Gould & St Dominic. Date and venue TBC.
  8. 3 at the back similar to Cusack's setup at Saltash?
  9. The way Steve or someone for St Piran has done it is perfect. Looking back players/fans,etc might want to look at goalscorers or anything they like. For now the ECPL Full Time was decided to be left as it is so you can still see the table standings and so on. Stats aren't fully populated for ECPL for 19/20 anyway, as it was mid-season when we fully enabled it's uses to enable team sheets, scorers, cards, subs etc to be implemented. Team admins can still backdate lineups, scorers etc though. I did my own for my team when it was enabled. It would be beneficial for others to do the same if they have the time and information. I'm sure as mentioned above that for example, St Dom's Ryall will want to see 40+ rather than 26 goals as it currently says. Whenever we restart 20/21 this will be mandatory for ALL teams to enter digitally in this manner so why not learn now.
  10. Interesting. Wonder where they will all end up. And if it was their individual decisions or a club decision? Replacements would be in the pipeline already if the latter. Cusack to bring Richards and anyone else with him from Saltash?
  11. Brett & White confirmed as re-joining Truro from the club twitter account
  12. See Ryan Brett is added to the list now too. I imagine you're right about cutbacks Sportsman, but they'll end up playing somewhere. Parkway and even Tavi if they can lure them to the Western League, or maybe back to Truro. Who knows.
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