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  1. ECPL hoping to have an online AGM by the end of June.
  2. Interesting. Wonder where they will all end up. And if it was their individual decisions or a club decision? Replacements would be in the pipeline already if the latter. Cusack to bring Richards and anyone else with him from Saltash?
  3. Brett & White confirmed as re-joining Truro from the club twitter account
  4. See Ryan Brett is added to the list now too. I imagine you're right about cutbacks Sportsman, but they'll end up playing somewhere. Parkway and even Tavi if they can lure them to the Western League, or maybe back to Truro. Who knows.
  5. Today Taunton have announced that both Club Captain Matt Wright and Vice Captain Shane White are leaving the club. As well as Tiverton announcing they will no longer have the services of Mike Landricombe and Steve Colwell. All 4 Plymouth based I think. Coincidence? A week after the release of Parkway's documentary, will these four feature in the next installment for 20/21? I know two of the four made brief cameos in the documentary for Parkway with guest appearances. If any of them do join the Plymouth side, it will be key signings with bags of experience!
  6. June 1st for re-registering. Thanks very much Steve, I was close! Do you know what the illegal approach dates are? I'm Sure Bantona wants to know so he can either protect his own players or tap up new ones!
  7. I doubt any St Piran's players are under contract My understanding is the Whole Game System will "release" players in June/July as it does every year, just because that's the way it's set up. Be a case of re-registering players then. Can't imagine it being any different. In terms of "illegal approaches" it will be based on league rules surely? All league rules will stipulate dates that approaches to players can/cannot be made.
  8. Some good points Baldy. Zoom meetings allow certain settings though. Such as the meeting chairman can "force mute" every occupant. This would allow any statements to be made without interruption. If required, you can also unmute one at a time to get responses or feedback.There are also chat room settings built in to allow the responses to be made, still reducing noise interruptions. I've used the same settings for a weekend boozy quiz and it works quite smoothly! 😭
  9. I agree. Maximises attendance. Saves money on fuel. Saves the planet from pollution. Reduction of booking a venue which may have a cost? And saves individuals' time. What's not to like?
  10. To follow the East Cornwall Premier League on Twitter find @ECPLeague for news, updates, results and engaging with the league's members and followers!
  11. Good work Paul C and the rest of the Duchy committee. Makes perfect sense to have a plan in place early and make the leagues larger. Been a few seasons recently where there are far fewer fixtures compared to other leagues as someone else has already stated.
  12. It’s 2020 that’s what emails, group chats, phone calls and even Zoom meetings can conquer!
  13. It's a shame that North Peth have found themselves in this situation but it definitely looks like Mongoose, Wayne and Co are trying to do what's best for the club's future which can't be knocked. Certainly not the last team that will find themselves in this predicament. Very logical points made by both Paul Collings and Adlestrop. Hopefully the committees of both ECPL and Duchy find a best case scenario to progress and move forward to keep local football alive. When better to do it than during a break in play, with no on field distractions?!
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