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  1. Have any clubs applied for the step up to ECPL? Maybe I've missed an older thread on the subject.
  2. My predictions for today's games. GSM vs Foxhole. Away win for me. GSM solid at home, but I imagine Foxhole will be relentless enough to encourage mistakes and create chances to get the 3pts. Looe vs Padstow. I don't know much about Padstow yet as haven't seen them yet this season. 8pts vs 8pts in the table but on differing games played, I imagine Looe's home advantage on their windswept slope will see them triumphant. St Cleer vs MG.Tie of the weekend. St Cleer in 8th position isn't a true judge of quality for me, with little games played so far, and having beaten MG once already this season. However, I think MG will be out for revenge and come out winners. Gary Cornish will have his work cut out there today. St Minver vs Roche. Home win. St Teath vs North Peth. I've praised St Teath before on this forum for what they're trying to achieve with such a young team. But I can't see anything but an away win for Wayne and his North Peth side. Good luck to all and hope the games go ahead. Considering there's a lot of fixtures still to play, there's a lot of sides not scheduled to play today. No games for St Dom, Marjons, Newquay, Veryan, St Stephen. Surely some of these have yet to play eachother?
  3. Too many pessimists on the forum on this subject. If it were your club, you'd be all for it. Good luck to all who have the plans to take the plummet and gamble on challenging themselves. Once a club is in the Western League, don't forget clubs have the opportunity to network with other SWL sides and have dual registered players. Parkway have a good solid squad and most weeks it looks like the same group, but when needed they supplement with SWL players. Their registered list includes the likes of James Lorenz of Liskeard, Landricombe brothers of Tiverton, and a few from both Torpoint & Mount Gould. Hopefully Saltash are aiming to go up too because from what I've seen, and read on here, they too are a solid squad and all very familiar with eachother. Cusack clearly knows what he's doing. I imagine he'll have the network to register additional help too. Plus the invaluable club depth with 3 teams in competitive leagues where they promote from within. Will be interesting to see how this pans out over the next few seasons.
  4. Good to read so many reports of games this week. And glad to see Cal Thomas scoring on his debut for Marjons.
  5. Godolphin unable to raise a side again. Sympathies to the club but how many times has this happened now this season? How long can it continue before action is taken? Too many sides/clubs in the area now in my opinion.
  6. My predictions GSM v North Peth to be a real close contest. GSM to edge it or draw. Godolphin to lose to Roche, by forfeit or match. Padstow to really struggle vs Foxhole. Heavy defeat. St Minver to beat Looe St Stephen vs St Dom is tie of the weekend. 5 high scoring forwards on show and depends on how many they all score if they’re on it. St Teath v Marjons is probably the two youngest squads in the league. Marjons to edge it but huge respect to both of them for what they’re trying to do. Veryan v St Cleer. Lengthy trip for St Cleer. I’d have to vote for Veryan at home. Unless Cleer travel with a strong squad. Some results could depend on other games in the county being off. Who knows.
  7. I agree Adlestrop. I’m sure every follower of this league wishes Ken good health and a swift recovery. My point wasn’t aimed at the league or it’s committee. Mike Murray has been very welcoming of the new method and with huge generousity of his time Dave Bartlam helped us to move the league to the new process. My point was aimed at the clubs. They all received the email a while back now. I was merely trying to gauge why it hasn’t fully been adapted. If it’s further guidance then it is available. I do appreciate that the older method is still acceptable. However, this more modern process takes less time from all involved, clubs and committee. The committee and people who run our teams are all volunteers and I’m sure an easier, swifter method is best for all in the long run.
  8. From 7 fixtures played this weekend only 7 of 14 sides have submitted their lineups, subs, scorers, etc. Is this because they don't know how or can't be bothered? Other leagues insist on this method of submitting their teams within 48hrs. For those who don't know how and/or this is new to them, there was an email sent out to club secretaries before Xmas with a How To guide.
  9. Have MG applied for promotion to the Devon League? The ECPL sides that have applied for St Piran has been publicised.
  10. My predictions for this week: Foxhole vs St Minver will be a tough battle and a battle for promotion with both having applied for St Piran. If Foxhole have Cheshire and Bould I imagine they will outscore a good footballing Minver side. North Petherwin to beat Looe by 2+ goals with home advantage. Marjons v Godolphin to be a home win, whether that be 90mins or a no show. Roche v St Stephen I imagine Coad & Courtney to outscore Roche. St Blazey to receive a battering from MG, some of who played for Blazey 1sts in their past. St Cleer to beat Newquay comfortably. St Dom to beat Padstow by 3+ St Teath vs Torpoint Athletic. Hopefully a Point away win.
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