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  1. Take it as a compliment Roy. Great pitch and facilities at Sticker. See you on the 20th in Torpoint.
  2. Fanfare is right, IMO Veryan's pitch and facilities are better than at least four in the league. They will pass their grading inspection.
  3. Yes Dave, Veryan are subject to ground approval. But imo they will pass that comfortably.
  4. I can understand the commitment and yes clubs apply, etc. But the distance thing does matter to some Dave. Having the same drivers from a team every week, paying subs, paying for fuel, driving 120miles+ in a day, does take its toll.
  5. Not as far as I'm aware. I was also recently told a Duchy side were invited to apply to ECPL despite there already being the 16 applicants required to fill the league. So if the constitution was known why would they be seeking more applicants? I’m referring to ECPL not knowing to clarify. I’ve seen the new St Pirans teams have been announced.
  6. Not in this case Dave. Numerous teams not knowing what league they will be in? You've got teams from ECPL, ECL1, Duchy & P&D with unconfirmed applications to different leagues. Hopefully this week's AGMs for St Pirans and ECPL will clear everything up. I've had a number of replies to friendly requests being along the lines of "we can't confirm because we don't know when we start league fixtures" or "would prefer not to play against same league opposition, but we could be in one of two, which discounts A LOT of possible friendly opposition"
  7. Sizing I can understand. Thanks for the response.
  8. Any particular reason the AGM is at St Dennis Paul? All the other league AGMs seem to be at CCFA in Bodmin?
  9. Well you wouldn't play friendlies against teams in your own league would you We Two? As someone mentioned above, pre-season can be a good opportunity to go to new grounds and make a day of it. It's summer, get a minibus and you've got some game time and bonding for new and existing squad.
  10. Whatever you do don’t slag off St Stephens’ “pitch” they get touchy about that.
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