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  1. Come up and join us, you might actually enjoy yourself. I’d gladly meet you, I’d even buy you a cup of tea or a beer if you choose?
  2. You’re welcome. See you at the game tomorrow if it’s not 1. Too far to go 2. Too expensive 3. Badly run by the FA 4.Too wet 5.Too cold 6. Kick off too late 7. Kick off too early 8. Supporters too loud 9. supporters too quiet 10. Wrong type of refreshments 11. All of the above
  3. Thank you. Obvious question to all but one I imagine.
  4. No way it could possibly be played with the rain we’ve had over the last 2-3 days.
  5. Well I’m certainly not complaining. Ten very special years and great players and officials. Total privilege.
  6. We couldn’t believe we were losing as we’d played them off the park for most of the game. Once we’d equalised they had no answer for us. Good days Dave!
  7. Is that who we beat aet Dave? We took them to extra time and then ran them off the park.
  8. I remember him marking Chris Slateford at Bodmin. Chris was rapid and knocked the ball past Steve and gave him a run. Steve caught him up, tackled him and ran away with the ball as if he was just a kid. It was one of those moments when the new guard took over. A hell of a player and one you wouldn’t mess with either as he could stick up for himself. Took him and his wife nearly a nano second to agree to come down for this game and celebration.
  9. Had a message from Steve Rogers again today and he’s down for a long weekend and looking forward to seeing all the boys again.
  10. Like I used to tell them, they think we’re a bunch of cow kickers from Cornwall. As long as they believe that then we’ve got the edge we need. There’s been a downward trend now for years and there’s no magic formula to reverse it except try to make the game more fun and engaging that their computer games. Best of luck this season to you all.
  11. Definitely. There’s a piece written by a guy called John Alpress that you’d love. Just the way we both learned to play!
  12. Dave it’s not organised in the sense that you’re talking about. It’s called “Turn up and Play”. Essentially kids can rock up and do a few little ball skills for fun to start with and then they just get randomly split up and just have a game of football. It was designed so that kids who don’t want to be part of a team but want to kick a ball round are able to without any pressure to have to commit to a team. If they then would like to join others then they can be signposted to a local club. Its about enjoying playing the game with no parental controls from the sidelines and making new friends whilst doing something other than computer games. They don’t have to come every week, they can come when they like. I completely get where you’re coming from but this is different.
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