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  1. I’ve just heard the news from Maggie. He passed away peacefully this morning from vascular dementia. His body was still strong but his brain disease finally took its toll. Tony was a wonderful man with an incredible knowledge of the game which through his coaching was passed on to those of us lucky enough to have met him. RIP Tony and my condolences to Maggie.
  2. I would hope so, if I don’t then I’ll bow to the readers of this post and stop posting.
  3. I’ve said this before on here, I remember Jimmer their vocal supporter. “Come on my Bugle boys!” He loved his team but really didn’t care much for opponents. The football world needs more like him. Sadly gone now I believe.
  4. Come to Bickland Park, Falmouth where there’s covered areas on all four sides of the ground.
  5. They’re all fully booked in the evenings so you wouldn’t get on them. There are still sides in the upper levels using them and that includes some of the Scottish league clubs, but such is their popularity for training and six-a-side leagues, you wouldn’t get a booking.
  6. Sorry to hear this news. My condolences to his family and friends.
  7. Thanks Mike, Arlesley Town, scored one at each end as I now recall! Former Premier League referee Uriah Rennie was referee and was on the spot for every tight decision.
  8. You can afford bodyguards but not the concessionary entrance fee?
  9. Hi Mike. I’m eternally grateful of all your records but unlike Rappo who can tell you about every goal he’s scored plus all the ones others have scored, I don’t have the slightest idea of either goal or team?
  10. Yes Nige, Chertsey was very similar! You couldn’t write it!
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