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  1. If you want to contribute something positive to the club then they’d welcome you with open arms. Just cheering on the lads and getting behind them would be enough and there are concessions on the gate for those that qualify. If you choose not to go I guess you’ve no interest in any kind of positive contribution? Over to you Mr Toy.
  2. It’s a great ground to host a final. Let’s hope you get a team together again soon that’s befitting of the ground. Best of luck from me, things aren’t the same without a good St Blazey team.
  3. Can I please ask who is insuring the players in the event of an injury? If you play for Cornwall the Cornwall FA are insured for players injuries. Presumably the CCFA aren’t involved so how does it work? If this has already been discussed I apologise in advance.
  4. What Big Al should have said. Ok guys I got this one wrong but I’m delighted that I did as the team I’ve supported for years has overturned the odds again and won the prestigious Cornwall Senior Cup. Well done to everyone for making it a great day out and I hope they can do it again in May at St Blazey. I don’t know about you but I don’t think he will. Shame really.
  5. Definitely Rappo. It all went to pot from the start! You couldn’t write it mate! 😫
  6. I remember it clearly and still can’t believe it happened. I think the match referee also did the Wadebridge game and all we were doing was trying to make the game easier for us all and the spectators.
  7. If you’re trying to hold off an opponent and you’re more than playing distance away from the ball you’re penalised for it.
  8. Well done James Miller and Peter Lewis who organised the event which sold out in just a few hours. A number of highly deserving charities have benefited from James’ generosity in sponsoring the event while the club will get its defibrillator. It was a pleasure to see a lot of my old mates on the legends table including Mark Rapsey, Paddy Scrace, Phil Shapcott, Ronnie Barr, John Dent, Glynn Hooper, George Torrance and Nigel Thwaites. It was an outstanding night and the two guest speakers, Tony Cottee and Tony Gayle were a very polished outfit and made us all laugh all night. Thanks again for a fantastic evening. All roads lead to Bickland Park!
  9. Hi Mike

    How many games did Phil Shapcott play for Town please?


  10. A county Youth Team match was scheduled for this season but was rained off.

    Sadly, a few years ago I managed to get a county game at Bickland as it's my home club and was badly let down. When I arrived the pitch was appauling, no work had been done during the week and little effort made to mark it out, the grass hadn't been cut. The changing rooms were filthy dirty as well, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. No committee members there to welcome anybody from the CCFA or Gloucestershire FA, they'd gone to Town's away match somewhere. Only Suzie Williams left to make food for the players after the match which had been agreed beforehand, and she had to go out and buy more as she wasn't told about it.

    To be honest I was embarrassed about it and having agreed everything before the game the "welcome" from the club was anything but welcoming.

    That might have something to do with it. The current committee are trying hard to redress the situation and are back in favour but you'll have to wait your turn I guess.

    Hope that helps.


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