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  1. I went to Malta a few years back and ironically they have lots of astro pitches for the opposite reason. They can't water their pitches sufficiently and therefore they go hard and unplayable, so they use there 3Gs.
  2. Two buses left Bickland at noon. If you could still find your way there you could have jumped on board. You could have asked on the forum for a lift, I had a spare seat!
  3. Yes, I played in a few of them. No New Year’s Eve celebrations with a quarter final to play.
  4. I saw him that day too Dave and you're right he was pretty poorly He'll be sadly missed at Falmouth where he still had enough energy to follow his beloved Falmouth Town. We shared a passion for Tottenham and always has a groan when we didn't get the result we hoped for and punched the air when we were winning. God bless him and condolences to his family and friends.
  5. I walked past Bickland around 1.30pm today and was caught up in an epic deluge, water literally streaming down the road. No possible chance of playing when I looked at the pitch.
  6. Eleven a side football has been in decline for years because of the changes in work/life balance. Players are not able to commit in the same way as they did years ago. Numbers of players overall still look good due to midweek football leagues that have sprung up all over the country where players can still have a game with their mates but with far less commitment. If there are less able to commit to Saturday football there will be less of a pool to pick from if you suddenly increase travelling not by the odd mile or two, but by a substantial distance here in Cornwall. It does disappoint me when I hear of players who aren’t prepared to make the effort to travel out of county on the occasional Saturday but going hundreds of miles every other week is a big ask for anyone nowadays. Just an observation.
  7. I remember a few years ago and Falmouth were hoping to move up to the Western League. It was the Easter weekend and Town were at home to Porthleven and it was rammed. I couldn’t help but think if the were home to Pewsey Vale what a difference the gate/income to the club would be? Very sad to hear but people’s work/life balance has changed dramatically over the last decade and it shows how quickly you can go from being a successful club to one that is close to collapse. Let’s not forget it’s even harder if you’re a Cornish club.
  8. My son Jordan is a drummer and plays in a really popular local band. From the age of nine he practiced at home until he went to university to study drumming and got a first in music with the drum kit being his instrument of choice. You eventually tune out but I’ve heard everything a drum can give!
  9. There you go, avoiding the question again. You know Sarah Newton isn’t standing for re-election this time round? You’d make a decent politician and then you could claim entry on your expenses!
  10. If there was an open day with a chauffeur driven Bentley to pick you up and take you there you’d still find an excuse. If it’s £6 to get in then there would be concessions for the older generation and kids. With F-Troop numbers increasing all the time the match day atmosphere is fantastic. I’ve already asked you this question and you failed to answer it so I’ll try again, how much would you pay to go in and watch? You never know how much you might enjoy it and you could be a “supporter “ again.
  11. No Al, you follow them. If you supported them you’d go and watch them !
  12. Like I used to tell them, they think we’re a bunch of cow kickers from Cornwall. As long as they believe that then we’ve got the edge we need. There’s been a downward trend now for years and there’s no magic formula to reverse it except try to make the game more fun and engaging that their computer games. Best of luck this season to you all.
  13. Definitely. There’s a piece written by a guy called John Alpress that you’d love. Just the way we both learned to play!
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