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  1. Tribute

    SWPL 3rd Round draw

    Cheers rich , is there not a date reserved or is up to clubs to arrange
  2. Tribute

    SWPL 3rd Round draw

    Ties to be played on ??
  3. Tribute

    Trevor Mewton game posts

    Can’t really see the problem. As suggested , if it’s the same heading but on a different group , it’s the same post so don’t read it ?
  4. So you would of travelled to watch a draw but can’t walk to watch your Home club ????‍♂️??‍♂️??
  5. Tribute

    ludgvan deducted points?

    Used to be a privilege to be involved with a senior team . After watching numerous games , as long as you can lace a pair of boots up your in . Especially what I’ve seen of east Cornwall Div 1 ?
  6. Bit of a shock at coach road , especially with St Austell 2-0 Up . What sort of team did Argyle have out . Kids , under 21s , some pro’s or mixture. Makes Newquays result last week more impressive
  7. Tribute

    St Austell vs Bodmin

    That result makes for better reading ..... 3 of the top 5 played W0 L3. Conceded 14 scored 3 .
  8. No brokes tonight. Will be a tough battle for both sides and I’m looking forward to it . Even missing LFC to watch
  9. God I hope St Austell win tonight. I don’t think I could cope with Leeds on here
  10. I would look good in this Bodmin side ???
  11. If he’s moving he could be in a white strip next weds Vs Bodmin
  12. Think he was already Bodmin chairman when he got caught out ?
  13. You could drop it to a quid and I don’t think he would go
  14. Thanks for correcting me . Hate to do them a injustice ??
  15. Is that two of the top 5 they’ve played and conceded 11 scored 2 ?