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  1. I think the likes were for the part you said ‘ Bowing out ‘
  2. Don’t know him that well just seems like a Friday to Saturday player , never makes a Sunday starting line up
  3. Don’t think he meant thug as in hooligan , think he meant Pug as in squat face
  4. Lee whetter only interested cause butlins shut ! Soon as it opens off he will trot leaving Dyes to it
  5. You could be right ? But that’s like Man U and Liverpool having a connection cause they play in red 🤔😉
  6. You are correct Dave , as far as I am aware the only connection is St Blazey being in their name .
  7. If these same players were in queues like seen at primark in Manchester with their missus , would they have had any publicity. The answers NO ! Just jealous your to old to go Herbie 🍺😂😂
  8. I reckon if they get a fine we should all contribute to a go fund me page to help out . Let’s face it , we are all happy to go and congregate at matches to watch these same players who have travelled together, got changed together, played in close proximity to their own and opposition players, shower together ( and we know what goes on in the showers 🤔🤣) . Just gutted they wasn’t invited I suppose 🤷‍♂️
  9. Just playing devil’s advocate but do players and management share the dressing room ? If so , it’s against COVID “rules “ but is it such a big deal
  10. He pays his money so can praise or criticise who he wants . Hasn’t he just criticised the goalie 🤷‍♂️
  11. And because of his great support over the years I’m sure the club would come to an agreement with him
  12. What I will say is there are still loyal players out there . Jason chapman at st Austell pulling off a couple top saves last night , and in my opinion one of , if not the best in the league . What ever Helston offered it should of been double 💴💴
  13. To be fair , watched Bodmin down St Blazey last week and carter didn’t look interested
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