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  1. Condolences to Shaun's, family and friends , as Greg posted earlier a driving force to the changing facilities at Hayle AFC after the fire , gave time , money and manpower to help get it rebuilt RIP Shaun
  2. On a post many moons ago , I said PPV for your favourite team would probably happen , why would you say pay a subscription to sky sports and your favoured team is not featured that month but unless you subscribe to all football networks , BT , prime ect you wont get to see your team , I'm afraid the genie is out of the bottle and he wont be put back in . There will be a European super league it will replace the champions league , maybe not now but it's coming, the rich clubs will become richer smaller clubs will struggle or fold , . This might not be to everyone taste but it hap
  3. Allegedly players took a pay cut of 12.5 % to help keep staff , stinks I'm afraid , silent satan dont get me started on him him and his bloody sports franchise 🤬🤬🤬 Now now older play nicely , remind me when did spurs last win a trophy .
  4. No support allowed ⚽️⚽️🥅⚽️⚽️⚽️😷
  5. I will just leave this here 14 .....⚽️⚽️⚽️🥅......🎣
  6. Ask your secretary to check with appropriate people ⚽️⚽️⚽️👍
  7. Good news had the pleasure of meeting 100% and smokie the wonder dog a few seasons back , lovely chap cracking dog , glad you are on the mend , keep up your reports on football when it's all back .
  8. RIP Alan , , good ref back in the day ,
  9. I am involved with walking football for over 50s and the new league will be played through the summer , east and west divisions , at central venues , hopefully better weather , there is a better chance of getting a 3g pitch and hopefully warmer weather for the old joints lol , at present looks like 5 teams in each division with a finals day to get the league winners , any info visit ccfa walking football for clubs in your area .
  10. Andy top man and fair , if you do give up mate just watch , to be honest I enjoy watching now and Chris the youngster who has replaced me does a great job for Hayle , and getting stick tell me about it lol its people like yourself who give up time and effort for free to help your team out , hope tseee you soon either on the line or off , take up walking football mate great fun . Dave Bartlam is what grass roots football is all about gives loads of time to it on and off the pitch , if you private message him he helps with your question , good man , he had a very easy game today
  11. Merry Christmas to all you forum followers , and thanks to all those involved in local football the backbone behind the scenes , without you there would be no Saturday fix of the glorious game
  12. Hayle were down to 10 men after about 15 mins first half , Zac sent off , a crowd of about 10 watching , including older and myself as he said half time we must be mad , played on the 3g two teams playing some good football in trying conditions , credit to both teams Even with 10 men Hayle made chances in the first half , Penryn made advantage of the extra man and moved the ball much better in the second half enjoyable game , bloody soaked, Penryn good footballing side but were pushed today . Hayle are definitely fitter this season and on their day are a match for most teams , patch
  13. Do you mean she was in front of our dugout 😆😆😆 It did look muddy to be fair , well done to you both , don't miss the rain though , you both done a good job in trying conditions hats off to you .
  14. You forgot Cameron Irish Hatrick , Matt Thomas the other scorer for Hayle , good game end to end , good sports Aby and Chris for running the line in those conditions , persistently rain in the first half , got drenched lol, stand second half , good attendance , good win for Hayle , another good write up Tom .
  15. St.Blazey 3-2 Hayle well unlucky to lose , great display from the Hayle team , credit to Patch and the boys , well done to the groundsman for getting the game on , good set up good value for money on food pasty £2 , sausage and chips £2.40 , not a big crowd approx 10 travelling to watch , entertaining game both teams had good chances , but the Blazey keeper probably the busier . Good set up first time I have been there , good luck in the next round , enjoyable game .
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