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  1. Justin let your team do the business on the pitch , Dirty Dozen good film lol , Mr. Green , I think you will find several people involved with Hayle behind the scenes would like you to make yourself known to them , if you have concerns you can always speak to the Chairman about how teams are being run . Very unusual for Hayle supporters to voice their criticism on the forum , hopefully another win for both teams today , will be there watching , supporting , you can always chat with me I will be on the half way line between both pitches , most know me around the club . Steve Bailey .⚽️🏐👍😎 enjoy your football everyone
  2. Things going well at the moment , early doors , what I have seen both teams playing good football , lots behind the scenes helping this to happen , club going in the right direction well done to everyone involved .
  3. If it was needs to apologise or retract if not , come and speak to me at our next home game ., I love a good discussion especially on putting working people down 😡 Who do you follow then Paul c ?
  4. Not a great comment on a forum , council estates , bloody hell thought this was a football forum not a political forum , I take bloody personally this comment , I live on a council estate , make yourself known or retract this comment . 😡🤬🤬🤬 Funny isn't it that Hayle pick up some good wins , and the sniping starts , , funny officials hate coming to Hayle lol , I wasnt there so don't know what happened last night , but if anything untoward happened it would be dealt with by the Hayle committee and relevant bodies .
  5. I think some players have stayed at Hayle and are giving it a go to play for the new combo team ,
  6. John Mead is a top bloke and clubman , has done lots for local football on various committee's , In my playing days most top players in the Penwith area wanted to play for Penzance , but also there were lots more clubs back then in junior football , so the better players could move up and wanted to . Penzance had three sides the first team , the combo team and the 3rd team , I played the last season of the 3rd team , John came out of retirement to play in goal , that was one of favourite memories being able to play on Penlee under lights , good crowds banter you felt part of something . That was the club of the area , shame football has moved on less teams , less supporters , smaller group of players to pick from , volunteers getting less or more put on . More money to pay before a ball is kicked , less sponsors around , weekend work , ground rents goining up . There is no magic trick to change things . Good luck to Penzance and all clubs and just remember instead of putting the boot in or coming up with they should do this get involved and try to help to change things , when teams ,clubs fold they don't come back . I know from personal experience .
  7. Al you are entitled to an opinion as we all are , hypothetically if you were fit enough and age permitted would you ref for alleged £ 40 per game ? Wow £40 so several adults can play football , most refs have family , full time jobs so have to get to games as fuel isn't cheap £ 15 quid doesn't get you far maybe a couple of gallons , kit , meetings ect ect , then to get abuse and confrontation during a match . When you hear of silly money being paid to local players allegedly , Personally I have run the line for several years but have stopped this season health partly but the abuse I've had last season especially in one game when I had 45 mins by the home management being called a c... threatened with being knocked out and a player after the game telling me he Hope's i drop dead . It has to stop Al before somebody gets hurt . Refs are like us some are ex players , some cant play because of injury but they do it for the game . The match fee is what they deserve , and how many ref for free in preseason, most go into the club house buy a couple of drinks and support the clubs . No refs no games .
  8. Why doesn't Cornwall as a county bring in you sign for one club only , instead of being able to sign for multiple teams over different leagues . Surely would make registration easier for clubs , leagues ?
  9. Easy one to sort change the rules one player one club only , would make registration easier , players would sign for a club and have to transfer properly , eg any fines owing , ect would have to paid before moving , and everyone could see what club they are signed for. I think Cornwall maybe the only county you can sign for multiple clubs , but I stand to be corrected on that . Would probably stop the Ringers discussions we have every season .
  10. Good luck to Steve on his stepping down , will be a big hole to fill ,, one of a kind , good manager , good player in his day , and a wealth of local football knowledge , top man enjoy your retirement from St,Just , and good luck to St.Just for their future without Steve at the helm ⚽️⚽️⚽️🥅👍
  11. From a conversation I had at the walking football meeting this week argyle did even know Troon walking football existed , so hadn't done their homework , Chris and co do a great job , we played them twice now in friendlies , have a good relationship with Troon , bit naughty of argyle
  12. Will be great to play Ludgvan and mousehole games again Maybe not but it has been forced on the clubs as an FA initiative , they make the laws of the game ☹
  13. Surely if you win the St.Piran league you will go up , as the new pyramid system
  14. What about ground grading , surely that will play a part as well ,
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