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  1. Penwith Nomads walking football are looking for a goalkeeper/ keepers the only criteria is you are over 50s ladies or gents we are mixed group, we train at Penzance astro park on mondays 7pm til 8.30 we have a festival this month on the 31st October and a tournament the month after , with hopefully a league next year . It's a fun game and harder than it looks on you tube . Either look up our Facebook page Penwith Nomads or PM me . Thanks for reading Steve Bailey chair/ sec Penwith Nomads walking football ⚽️⚽️⚽️👍
  2. The yank owner is the problem, went for an inexperienced cheap manager, Arsenal is part of a sports franchise, like all their teams wins very little makes money, doesn't understand football, likes owning a soccer club , owns the whole club , no AGM,, no shareholders, no fans to answer to . The Lie of moving from Highbury to Ashburton grove to help to compete with England and Europe's finest , . My worry buying, tying up young players on long term deals to sell on for profit , 17 years since a last title the FA cup has been a saviour for the club , fans . Could write an essay on silent satan and Arsenal, formerly The Arsenal . 🤬🤬🤬
  3. Older I am afraid, I have joined the darkness of FB , but sometimes its nuts ....... especially the post tag your mate if they are a cnut ....... bloody hell a few years back you called someone that It was fisticuffs no messing now it's an every day phrase . I have occasionally fell into the odd political debate lol .😃👍 Good luck Keith 👍 Footballers look like they are dying after a tackle today 😃............ I miss players only staying down if they were really hurt , if back in the day showing you were hurt was a sign of weakness, if a player stayed down the ball was immediately kicked out of play because you know they were hurt ........there I go again being the old codger again 😃😃😃
  4. No problem Keith , gabapentin prescribed by the Doctor, 9 tablets a day lol rattle now I do , sorry about the rheumatoid arthritis Keith , the wet ,cold dont help with this or fybro , . Football Keith the mistress you can never forget , it loves you , you love it back , gives you joy , happiness, lows , tears , tantrums , heartache , but its always there . Stay safe Keith 🍻👍
  5. Fingers crossed Keith B , I can remember so called older generation telling me how it was back in the day , i used to think silly old sod lol , now i am the silly old sod , be it at work or at football 😃😥 , its strange we have 3 at work that have no intrest in men as they say kicking a bag of wind about , but rave about formula one and , pit stops , tyre change ect ect , moan about football wages , but dont think of the riches in formula one , strange but true .
  6. Fenman,, another good post , , many moons ago when a manager/ sec of a club I hadn't registered a player for junior cup , oversight on my behalf we won the game , were kicked out of competition, fined , I had the joy of letting the team know of my **** up , a few moans , Michael taking for a while after, that was in house , no forum, social media back then , Football has evolved probably not in a good way for some of a certain age lol , everything was left on the pitch , a drink after the game , kicked lumps out of each other on it laughing, comparing bruises after as well . A couple of years ago a chap came into work , asked did you use to play football for Longrock? I said yes , I did not recognise him , I said joking did I kick you , he replied yes you did lol. I enjoy the forum for its info , but not the attacks on those involved, be it refs , committee members, volunteers ect , I have done lots of various roles at clubs and enjoyed it , but the people involved running clubs do it to put something back not for ego or gain . Health issues forced me to stop being a club lino , the last couple of seasons was a struggle doing it , but being called a cheat , a cnut while soaked through didn't help plus being physically threatened. My passion for the game hasn't dimmed but changed , I have found walking football, it's gone full circle my house has match , balls , kit , bibs , cones , pumps , paper work , I am Chair / sec of Penwith Nomads wf, general dogsbody ect , it's like going back in time good fun , banter , like minded people happy to help set up training ect , take kit home to wash , I dont post as much as I used to , Fybro myalgia is a bugger , you get what is called brain fog , which makes it hard to sometimes communicate or get your words out but hey ho that's the cards you get dealt . Thanks again for the post , And a big shout out to all volunteers involved in the real grassroots football. ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️👏👍🍻😥
  7. Emma Hayes a great manager , she was assistant at Arsenal , future England ladies manager
  8. Congratulations to Penryn on the promotion , great set up and brilliant pitch ( I wonder how does the pitch mmmm older) , well done to all involved 🍻👍⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️🥅 Should read who not how ,bloody fybro lol , sorry older .
  9. Been confirmed on the combo Facebook page Marazion and Ruan both withdrawn from the league , no reason given ,
  10. Hi Keith , I'm ok , see my post on main discussion recently , I gave up running or walking lol the line , father time , arthritis, and abuse caught up with me , the aches and pains were not just the arthritis, I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia so trying to adjust to this lovely condition, I'm still involved with football but my focus is on walking football , I play when the body fybro let's me , took the Walking football refs course, am secretary, Chairman , dogs body lol for Penwith Nomads WF club , also on steering group for setting up a league , . I have had to take my pension early and go semi retired due to fybro will still follow Hayle when allowed , and of course the Arsenal even though on a bad patch at the moment , hope you are well Keith I do browse the posts occasionally , and see yourself, older still keeping the flag flying , cheers stay safe Stevie b Steve Bailey .⚽️⚽️⚽️👍
  11. Walking football is for over 50s ladies and gents are welcome , if you are over 50 it's a great way to kick a ball again , non contact , ball to feet , it's great fun , Its growing in Cornwall , there are several clubs around Cornwall Look up on CCFA website for your nearest team , there are competitions, festivals , and hopefully in the near future a league .Dont be fooled by the different you tube videos, it's much more than what you see on there . Oh and there is no running lol , My club Penwith Nomads trains at Penzance astro park Monday nights 7 til 8.30 £3 PER session , we also have our own Facebook page Penwith Nomads . Even if you haven't played football before give it a go , you can meet new and old friends .if you have any questions you can email me at stevenbailey624@gmail.com Cheers Steve Bailey
  12. Condolences to Shaun's, family and friends , as Greg posted earlier a driving force to the changing facilities at Hayle AFC after the fire , gave time , money and manpower to help get it rebuilt RIP Shaun
  13. On a post many moons ago , I said PPV for your favourite team would probably happen , why would you say pay a subscription to sky sports and your favoured team is not featured that month but unless you subscribe to all football networks , BT , prime ect you wont get to see your team , I'm afraid the genie is out of the bottle and he wont be put back in . There will be a European super league it will replace the champions league , maybe not now but it's coming, the rich clubs will become richer smaller clubs will struggle or fold , . This might not be to everyone taste but it happens in our local sports clubs, money invested in players , managers, money dries up players manager moves on, club, teams left to pick up the scraps maybe even pulling teams out . Fair play at the top level was supposed to help clubs be on an even playing field the big hitters even manage to get out of that , football the beautiful game has become tarnished by non footballing owners, consortium seeing the money being generated . .... Long post I know dont do many now , perhaps apathy on my part .
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