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  1. St.Blazey 3-2 Hayle well unlucky to lose , great display from the Hayle team , credit to Patch and the boys , well done to the groundsman for getting the game on , good set up good value for money on food pasty £2 , sausage and chips £2.40 , not a big crowd approx 10 travelling to watch , entertaining game both teams had good chances , but the Blazey keeper probably the busier . Good set up first time I have been there , good luck in the next round , enjoyable game .
  2. Just a quick update , after last night's meeting a steering committee has been set up to try and sort out a league , there are several teams intrested , but if there are any walking football teams who are just starting up or play but are not registered with the FA please and intrested in joining please contact the ccfa or message me through here. Thanks Steve Bailey
  3. Been called that , I've packed in after one combo game last season , threatened with being knocked out called a **** several times , after the game told hope you drop dead you old **** , had enough and all for free done it for years , postman pat is a top bloke and like several club linos I have come across over the years they try their best don't t always get it right but that's football , to be honest have not come across any cheating , perhaps been lucky , not sure what league you play in , but if as you say Cheating is taking place refs would pick that up very quickly I would have thought .
  4. Martin I wonder why that is ? , perhaps posts like these question why give up your time to get picked apart on social media , don't forget refs are only good as the teams playing , meaning make them welcome , have some banter on and of the pitch , they want to enjoy their football just like the players and supporters .
  5. Not allowed mistakes , even top class officials get it wrong , and they are paid a wage , where as like yourself you do 101 things before a ball is kicked , and suprisingly nobody what's to take over from you . Glad things are looking up Martin for your club , and keep up the good work that goes to all linos and refs , no matter what level
  6. I think refs get enough stick on match day , then to be questioned about fitness , without the refs and there are less and less each season the game as we know it will be finished very soon , with clubs being told games have to be played with out official refs , let's back them not slate them .😈
  7. Well done , and in a nutshell this is why less volunteers are getting involved in club football , if you are worried about cheating , get on a course and pick up the flag and do a far better job , when you have done it for a few years come back on here and let us all know how it's done.
  8. Great report Tom , Greg our 70 something groundsman , entertaining later part of the game , two great saves by both keepers . Good entertainment , well done to both sides .
  9. How would you Know ?? You don't go to football anymore especially Falmouth 😂😂😂😂
  10. Retired now Rappo , walking football taking up my time , hoping to become a ref in this version , Chairman / sec of my club Penwith Nomads find us on Facebook Well done for your apology , there are some great people around our local clubs in all winds and weather and they don't get a lot of recognition for it , Postman Pat Redruth , Jamie Perranporth , Adrian St.Day to name three and all the others who run the line for their clubs , thankless task but without them clubs would get fined great club men and women , who keep our grass roots football going .
  11. I think you brought up about club linesman 😂😂😂
  12. Yeah club linesman terrible , stand up in all weathers get abuse , costs money to get to games , kit ect ect ,and don't get paid , so 22 men can play football , there we have it in a post . And where are the next generation of volunteers coming from with this attitude , you have been able to play at a higher level where most don't get that chance and good for you but , kicking lower league teams and officials is not a great reflection on yourself , Nothing wrong with grass roots football enjoyed by many , and costs time money , people but back into the game not take out , I take my hat off to all volunteers , officials of lower leagues .
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