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  1. Not shouting Rob just making a point , glad you do so much for your club , yes there is a few about , but many are getting older , there are also plenty that talk about what the club should do but are not prepared to help in any way , I know what it takes to run a club , but many don't,
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    Older are you allowed to post this or just being loud 😈😈😈
  3. I have to agree sign for one club only , might make some players to play at their correct level gives club players a chance to step up from say a reserve team instead of bringing in a so called borrowed player , transfer window good idea , might stop players moving several times between clubs , . Help to retain refs perhaps have a couple of refs preseason have a meeting with clubs to let them know any rule changes give managers a chance to find out what being a ref is all about and maybe realise they are human and can have off days like all of us do . All of us start to enjoy the game again , get involved with your club be it helping behind the bar for an hour , running the line , raffles making cups of tea , etc , these are my own personal opinion ,
  4. St.Just 1-2 Hayle scrappy game , Hayle were 1 down at half time , St . Just adapted better to the conditions , Hayle used to much long ball at times which played into the tinners hands , a great strike from Rob John's got Hayle level and that seemed to buck Hayle up and they were pressing the home team at this time Hayle would settle for a point , a late strike by Zack William's in stoppage time got the three points . Hayle were a bit out of sorts today but that was more to do with the tinners pressing the visitors , and winning most of the midfield battle , good to see one or two players coming back from injury and Kieron Harris being involved in the warm up after his long injury problems . Away win three points on the travels , well done lads to get a result at Lafrowda even when not playing their best football .
  5. Great win today , Unai Emery makes changes to the team when he thinks it is needed , and isn't afraid to drop players , only one transfer window under his rein but he has improved the team and the fans were behind the team . Early days just hope he can keep up the momentum , at last they play for the team , Unai has been Arsenal best signing for a while
  6. Tom over all fair report , Elliot was the ref today and he managed the game well , especially late on after a carharrack player had been booked earlier , he committed another foul , which on another day would have resulted in another yellow followed by a red , , carharrack did keep going and tried to play football , as a club they are in a bit a pickle at the moment on the pitch , but hats off they put aside out today , even though they had players missing , pluses for Hayle Cam back on the pitch afer missing games through injury , two sixteen years old playing , James Stevens back on the pitch after last season's terrible leg break , Patch turning back the years and playing at right back , , very one sided game today , but three points all the same .
  7. Don't agree about the lino Brendan , how could he get Hayle back in the game from his own half ? Which in the second half they didn't get out much apart from late on ,
  8. Missed you last week , it's a throw for God's sake not a life or death incident, , even if it's wrongly flagged it usually a mistake , don't get it , the C word in my younger day was fighting talk , I didn't like it then and still don't now , I got pulled up for saying bugger the other week in walking football .
  9. Penryn 4- 1 Hayle , watched this one , met older before ko had a chat , he has some good point not just on football , great to meet him again , pity no flag ash and chips , to the game deserved win for Penryn , some great saves from Caleb , who didn't deserve to concede 4 , Penryn took the lead through a mistake with the defender being caught in possession of the ball in the box , Hayle responded quickly from a set piece with Zack being unmarked and scoring with his head , Penryn had more of the ball , but Hayle broke with pace but didnt have anyone up top as an outlet , scond half Penryn were moving the ball around well and regained the lead , a well taken third finished Hayle off , Hayle had a couple of breaks with a good shout for a pen waved away , and then gave one against Hayle , Caleb saved the pen but was beaten by the rebound . Several cards given to both sides , some seemed very harsh , but I wasn't in the middle , one sour incident Ray the Hayle lino gave a throw to Hayle and somebody shouted you f....... cheating c... , I was in the stand funny when I shouted who said that it went very quiet , no need for it .
  10. stevieb

    3rd Rd Cornwall Senior Cup draw 2018-19

    Great home draw form Perranwell , good luck to Andy and the boys difficult to beat at home
  11. Older players going down , not in our day , show no weakness , just got on with it , miss that part of the game Hayle won 2_0 , at Redruth , Hayle played with the wind , and were two up with a fine worked goal by Kane Williams and a stunning strike from Nick barbs Barber , Redruth first attack on the Hayle goal was in the 20 minute , Comfortable first 40 mins for Hayle until they were reduced to 10 with a straight red ,with the ref Graham Tippet deciding that he had foul and abusive language directed at him after a descion went against Hayle , second half Redruth were tails up and pushing to get back in the game , Caleb made a couple of good saves , and the back four and midfield soaked up lots of pressure , and deserved the clean sheet , also great to see Troy Williams coming on to make his combo debut at 16 years , three Williams brothers in the same team , great to see . Redruth play some good football and won't be down the wrong end of the table playing like that , one final point well done to the Redruth background staff the pitch was looking very good yesterday , was informed that a lot of work preseason was put in well done , you wouldn't think it was a council owned pitch .
  12. Now we have lots of serious posts but this morning getting ready for walking football tournament today , I was thinking back to my more youthful playing days and what I would eat before a game , I used to have a sandwich and milk about 11.30 on match day , made the mistake once of eating a Philps past at that time. during the game it felt like I swallowed it whole and seemed to be stuck in my gullet all , I've seen some eating fish and chips on the way to to the game , picking players up from the pub on the way . ,,, any funny ones out there , or even pre match rituals ,
  13. Good summing up Andy , sorry my report was so sparing but it was my lads 21 birthday so we went out , good to see you again , deserved winners good luck in the next round , see you soon , home draw against one of the big boys would be a fair reward .