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  1. Disagree ! They have had a hard season with players leaving before a ball was kicked, and personal issues as well , cut them some slack hopefully next season they can regroup , it could happen to any of our clubs at any time .we have lost so many clubs from all levels of local football , Did they put on olders signature dish of fag ash and chips 😈Roger ?
  2. Good to meet Andy again top club man . Both teams played the conditions well trying to play the ball on the deck , well reffed today by Liam Mankee , soaking went through lol , very sporting contest , well done to everyone involved Liam Mooney with the Hayle goal , att 17 plus one four legged friend . Entertaining game for the hardy souls who watched today .
  3. At least both sides kept the ball on the floor not like the semi final we watched the other week .😈
  4. Had a great experience last season when invited to a refs meeting at Holmans , good to see how much work goes on behind the scenes , they go through various scenarios on games , refs reports , feedback . I thought it was a good evening , would be great if managers , capts of clubs could attend say a workshop to see what goes on . Refs not just turn up get paid move on . They are ,like us they love football, don't forget out of their match fees they have to travel , buy kit attend training , meeting ect , they are human , they have a sense of humour , they don't go out of their way to **** up a game of football , they want to be involved in a good match with no cards issued , that means players have adhered to the laws of the game , players and managers have also a responsibility to the game , enjoy the game , give your best, support our refs , there is no football without them .
  5. Perhaps admin could set this up ? Would make great reading πŸ‘
  6. Another west penwith team folding, great shame , had good battles against them in my playing days used to like seeing all the old team photos on the wall , brilliant great pane of glass in the changing room over .looking the pitch , ball over in the back gardens , old school but fun times , and back to the King William for food after the game , another one bites the dust , they were a good team back in the day . So many memories of a past when men were men players didn't try to get someone booked players only stayed down when really injured, everything was left on the pitch , no handshakes before but plenty after and every went back for a drink .
  7. I think it maybe time for all the refs to come together and for say a couple of weeks all have other plans for those Saturday and see how the clubs , players cope . No officials no games . Perhaps on the forum we could have a separate part for refs , now that would be an eye opener , then they could have their say behind nicknames , like player B couldn't hit a cows ass with a banjo , player A couldn't trap a bag of cement , now that would be fun , 😈😈😈
  8. Conditions was windy but nothing wrong with the pitch , so I cant see what was wrong with playing the game , neither team got the ball down and passed the ball to feet enough so they didn't play to the conditions , both teams were moaning at the ref , and assistants , seems to be creeping in to local football , the ref can overrule a lino . St.ives looked more likely to win the game , 2-0 up played the better football . The ref didn't have no choice but to issue a red card , did anyone watch the spurs Arsenal game and see a sending off for a lot less . Illogan in normal time didn't use the extra man to their advantage , a couple of other players could have received a second yellow for some Iinfringements , penalties are a lottery the onus is on the pen taker to put it in . It was hard work for the officials on Sunday just let them do their job and players play football and everyone would be happy .
  9. Thought the ref used good game management to keep the cards in his pocket , Cameron to the rescue late on to gain a point after what wasn't a good second half from Hayle , Good first half , second half good for Mullion and took their chances , Hayle just very slow in the build up play in the second half , thank goodness for cams header late on . Good contest overall about 26 watching and a dog . 3-3 final score hope the lad who got a knock on his nose is ok , good luck to Mullion for the rest of the season .
  10. Update training will resume next Tue at 7-8 Mounts bay school in the sports hall , at present this is the most popular choice by the members , myself has become secretary so if you need any info you can message me on here , any body who are involved in walking football and are a member of a club and fancy a friendly , you can contact me on here or PM , we have a change of name as well which we have confirmed with the FA today we are now Known as Penwith Nomads , hopefully we can go from strength to strength . Thanks for reading cheers Steve Bailey .
  11. Take longer than 2 hours πŸ˜‚ Not sure on var , time will tell . Injury or added time is always a minimum , hope this helps
  12. Falmouth 0-2 Hayle , early pen by cam , Craig Wilcox had one saved , same player sent off 22 mins in h/ t 0-1 backs to the wall second half cam second late on , pitch cut up quite a bit approx 30 watching .
  13. Older you get the wiser you get Shame for West Cornwall , and hopefully they can bounce back , Carharrack hope they can sort out their problems and continue , hats of to everyone at both clubs , neither decision would have been taken lightly , there by the grace of God could be your club one day , be it players , manager moving on , or commitee retiring due to age or ill health , let's hope local football can rally around and hopefully plan for the future .
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