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  1. Will be great to play Ludgvan and mousehole games again Maybe not but it has been forced on the clubs as an FA initiative , they make the laws of the game ☹
  2. Surely if you win the St.Piran league you will go up , as the new pyramid system
  3. Combo trelawney prem , call it combo div 1 and2 trelawney div 1and 2 change to 16 team leagues still feeder leagues call it trelawney combo league , merge of both committees under one banner , players could only sign for one team so should stop so called ringers being brought in , will take a couple of years to level out but hopefully less leagues more players to go round
  4. Think everyone will have to wait and see what happens , and what the leagues ccfa think about it , think we will all be watching this space , well makes for an interesting off season.
  5. Instead of washing your dirty linen on here I would think it would be better for all to wait until your agm and make any announcement after that , Steve has done a sterling job at St.Just , with a small catchment areas with Pendeen , St. Buryan and Penzance being close by . Always like my visits To Lafrowda even in my playing days hard team on the pitch to beat great bunch off , old school football . My favourite type .
  6. Why are you shouting , perhaps you want to be considered 😈
  7. No show by carharrack got to their ground told game off , by old boy locking the gates , not good no apology 😡 so we t to watch St.ives instead at least a football fix No squad at all so your prediction was wrong, wouldn't buy a lottery ticket lol
  8. What about ground grading , surely that will play a part as well ,
  9. Probably the way she likes it ????
  10. Thanks for all your hard work , hopefully we can do it again ,
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