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  1. Agree with Rappo. Far too soon and too contradictory; the rule of 6 applies outdoors, yet 30 blokes from different households can play football with each other? Nothing to be gained from attempting to finish the season IMO. Knock it on the head and go again in August when hopefully far safer. Many clubs rely on elderly volunteers and many refs at this grassroots level are also in the vulnerable age bracket - why rush it and potentially put them at risk?
  2. Think you’ll probably find players will be turning down more money elsewhere to go to play for Phil Lafferty. I suspect more than a few managers will be worried that a bloke with his reputation and pull is back in the local game.
  3. Very different side these days. A few players left and a few have moved up to the St Piran league side along with the former manager. Pretty much a new side this season, with a number of last year’s U16 side coming through.The players missing aren’t an excuse, more a sad fact of life these days. Hopefully see a more experienced spine in the coming weeks.
  4. Very young Polperro side yesterday with a lot of experienced heads missing, but the young lads will learn a lot from yesterday and their day will come. Exciting youth prospect Owen Unsworth, with 2 goals on his senior football debut, is one to watch
  5. Pretty decent game for a season opener, as said above, Saltash had a sound plan and were very disciplined, just wasn’t Parkway’s night. The visitors certainly didn’t need much of a team talk. Plenty of controversy in the game and, on another night, both keepers might have seen red. For Saltash, Callum O’Brien superb and must be one of the most underrated yet consistent players in the league. For Parkway, I thought Ryan Lane showed why he was their player of the year; looks like he could play several leagues above. Once Parkway add the proven class of Williams, Wright
  6. Best wishes to Brian and keep up the good work Paul, Mike, Derek etc - it really is appreciated
  7. Common sense to reduce the number of divisions - the last couple of seasons haven’t provided sufficient fixtures to keep some players interested or committed (when offers of games come from other leagues). Must also be a challenge to some clubs with only one team - fewer games means far less income at a time when clubs already struggle. Well done to the committee for their suggestions and to clubs for voting positively.
  8. St Austell v Polperro off due to a Polperro player in self-isolation following contact with other players
  9. Game on at Killigarth, Polperro v St Mawgan. Very wet but got to get these games played sometime
  10. Wishing you all the best in your quest for a return to senior football - was really impressed with the passion of the committee and supporters when you visited us at Polperro last year. With players’ lack of loyalty these days, along with the madness of money at this level, this could happen to any club. Ludgvan won’t be the last
  11. Condolences to Mark and the rest of the family from all at Polperro. Ken put a huge amount of work in during our time in the ECPL and was a great supporter of clubs, particularly the smaller ones like ourselves, regularly visiting us all. Ken was also a great advocate of the league representative side. Ken, you’ll be sadly missed.
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