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  1. Dave, you keep saying this. I can’t see anyone who’s been “suckered”. Clubs have voted with their feet for a variety of reasons; access to funding and chance to develop facilities, playing at the highest level they can and entry into the Senior Cup for some which, presumably, ECPL clubs will no longer have access to, given the numbers at steps 7 and 6. There have also been plenty of rumblings from these clubs as to the potential for more Plymouth clubs entering joining the ECPL, which isn’t popular. There also looks to be far less travelling in St Piran than ECPL for some clubs.
  2. Thanks Steve, does the maximum 50% reserve team rule still apply? If so, is this a combined number across the East and West divisions or is it per division?
  3. I’m sure a lot of clubs will apply. Same travelling as the current ECPL set up but access to FA funding for step 7 clubs. May be a mix of teams applying, as I think the max. 50% reserve team rule will apply still?
  4. Nope, clubs were asked to submit provisional notices of withdrawal, which can’t come into effect until an AGM so can be retracted at any point up until then.
  5. Yes, regrettably, once we received news of the withdrawals of Liskeard, Torpoint and then Saltash, the club felt we were left with no option, as our closest away game would be St Austell or St Dennis. Whilst we are keen to progress as a club, that progress has to be realistic and sustainable and it was felt that 13-14 away trips west of Truro was neither. Hopefully the St Piran league can reinvent itself as a regionalised set up (as per Step 6) which will be more realistic in terms of travel, yet offer the non-reserve sides the opportunity to better themselves as the likes of St Dennis, Godolphin, Dobwalls etc have done in the recent past.
  6. It’s not a “rule”, only an agreement, which has now come to an end.
  7. No decision as yet - we have a committee meeting tomorrow to make a final decision, which won’t be easy given the the recent and forthcoming withdrawals from the East of the county
  8. Launceston 2 Polperro 7. Surprisingly competitive end of season encounter between 2 sides only playing for pride. Launceston great hosts as ever.
  9. Always been a great surface at St Stephen when we’ve been there. Bit of a bogey ground for us mind!
  10. Sorry mate, forgot that clash of the footballing superpowers 🙄😂😉 Congrats on promotion!
  11. Crowd probably hampered by Barcelona Liverpool on tv
  12. Compared to £2500 for winning the SWPL I think? No wonder clubs enjoy a Vase or FA Cup run
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