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  1. Condolences to Mark and the rest of the family from all at Polperro. Ken put a huge amount of work in during our time in the ECPL and was a great supporter of clubs, particularly the smaller ones like ourselves, regularly visiting us all. Ken was also a great advocate of the league representative side. Ken, you’ll be sadly missed.
  2. St Mawgan v Polperro off due to high winds....
  3. Best wishes to Ken from all at Polperro AFC
  4. They had 5 subs last week against us, but did suffer several injuries during the game (not by us I’ll add 😉). Shame to see them struggling, good bunch of lads and management team
  5. Didn't work out that way! Well beaten (5-3) by a determined Borough side today, 3 down in 15 mins and 5 just after half-time, before we got started. Probably dominated the last 40 but left ourselves too much to do. 5 sin bins in a game without a cross word between the sides.
  6. Absolutely mate, nothing less than I’d expect from them TBH, good bunch and good club. Yea the rain is pretty bad up here!
  7. Borough v Polperro a 1.30 ko. Borough saw the forecast early this week and offered to switch the fixture to ensure a game, then were kind enough to offer an early KO as our lads have a Christmas night out planned 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  8. Polperro goals from Matt Barton (no.10) and Dale Hooper (no.17). Disappointed not to have killed the game off at 2-0 but Hayle had their chances as well and we rode our luck at times. Nice set up and good hospitality, good luck to Hayle in the next round 👏🏻
  9. A very honest reply 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  10. I don’t call £27 a ball a decent deal! A Mitre match grade ball can be bought (in bulk) for around half of that.
  11. Watching as a fascinated observer from the East of the county, it baffles (and angers/amuses me) that anyone would pay players to play at this level of football. In the St Piran and ECPL up this way , nobody is paying, or has done (to my knowledge) in the last 10 or more years. In fact, the majority of clubs probably rely on players’ subs to pay their way and, in some cases, keep their clubs solvent. With many clubs struggling to survive these days, the pressure to bring in players is becoming ever greater and things become desperate, with players offered money by teams they probably aren’t good enough for. Money being paid to very average players is one of the causes of the current demise of clubs. Every year we see a shrinking pool of players and clubs, committee people and volunteers. Imagine working all week and all summer on the upkeep of facilities to see a mercenary rock up to your club, get paid, then move on when a fiver more is offered. Insanity.
  12. Spent too much time on the bench at Truro, or playing out of position at right back. Great signing for Parkway where he’ll play centre mid, his favourite position. Joins his other Looe mate, Jack Calver, another top player
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