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  1. St Austell 1 Polperro 2. Polperro with a smash and grab scoring in the 1st and 89th minutes, but we’ll take it. On another day could have been 7-2
  2. No fine Dave - we agreed at the AGM. This isn’t a money maker
  3. St Austell v Polperro 3.30 ko at hosts request
  4. Always amazed at the magic roundabout of players between clubs in West Cornwall. These mass exodus’ seem to happen every year?
  5. Referee needed due to cancellation for Sat 28th are Polperro,1.30 and 3.30. Please message me on here
  6. MattP

    Goalkeeper looking for new club.

    He has! 😉
  7. Thanks guys, look forward to seeing you on 4th.
  8. Still looking - any Combination sides out there looking for a game?
  9. Polperro AFC have a vacancy for a double header (1pm & 3.30pm) against our ECPL and Duchy sides on August 4th as a result of a cancellation. PM me with any interest please
  10. You said it; “money”. Money for playing football will never go hand in hand with loyalty. Players need to want to play for a club to show loyalty. Only got to look at the transfer merry-go-round that is the Peninsula Premier league to see that.
  11. MattP


    No, only being used for registrations this years
  12. MattP

    ECL AGM propsal

    Unless a team asks to go down for geographical or other reasons?
  13. Roll on roll off will help introduce and youngsters and retain the older players, at a time when many clubs are struggling for numbers. Some will be against it, some will see the benefits. As I see it, if the league doesn’t move with the times it will be on its last legs in 12 months’ time. At the rate we are going there will be one division of 12-14 clubs left
  14. Unfortunately not senior football any more - anything below step 7 is “recreational” football.
  15. Sad news! Mike has done a great job for the Duchy League for many years and will be a tough (hopefully not impossible) act to follow! Thanks Mike