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  1. Billy Palfrey more than capable of filling that role, but offers even more as a box to box midfielder
  2. Pretty fair summary, congrats to Penryn, better side on the day. We needed to take one of those 3 early chances and didn’t.
  3. We’re not worried, happy to travel anywhere for a game of football under these circumstances. We actually know Wendron well, old friends of ours and always a pleasure to see Pete Thorne and co. Great venue for a cup final!
  4. Thanks to Mandy & St Agnes for being great hosts this afternoon
  5. Yes, the Sticker lawn would be nice! #reluctantlino 😉
  6. Haha not that lucky after losing the Evely Cup there to St Day in 2013, but we’ll go to St Just if it means another game of football!
  7. Thanks to Penryn for their hospitality and use of their pitch.
  8. Actually don’t mind an away day to Penryn, great pitch to play on and get to play our regular pre-season rivals at St Day. I’m hoping it’s still Joff’s round....
  9. Agree with Rappo. Far too soon and too contradictory; the rule of 6 applies outdoors, yet 30 blokes from different households can play football with each other? Nothing to be gained from attempting to finish the season IMO. Knock it on the head and go again in August when hopefully far safer. Many clubs rely on elderly volunteers and many refs at this grassroots level are also in the vulnerable age bracket - why rush it and potentially put them at risk?
  10. Think you’ll probably find players will be turning down more money elsewhere to go to play for Phil Lafferty. I suspect more than a few managers will be worried that a bloke with his reputation and pull is back in the local game.
  11. Very different side these days. A few players left and a few have moved up to the St Piran league side along with the former manager. Pretty much a new side this season, with a number of last year’s U16 side coming through.The players missing aren’t an excuse, more a sad fact of life these days. Hopefully see a more experienced spine in the coming weeks.
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