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  1. St Austell comprehensively outplaying Saltash this afternoon, great hat trick from the impressive Kieron Bishop. League title race wide open now!
  2. Could see a few interesting team selections across the county once the evening games kick in and Peninsula season ends in that case
  3. That doesn’t look too bad a spread, geographically
  4. Think the inaugural league officers have already been put in place.
  5. I know a lot don’t like it, but I agree. Lot easier to keep everyone happy, which will be key with the amount of travelling in this league
  6. Totally agree - referees have good games and they have bad games, the same as players and managers. No need to be targeting and, worse still, naming them, if they’ve given things that didn’t go somebody’s way, not seen something or, heaven forbid, made a mistake
  7. Some decent performances from both teams yesterday, but the difference for me yesterday was Luke Dodderidge, whose pace caused us problems all game. That said, we had chances to put the game out of sight at 2-0 and 2-1, didn’t take them, and paid the price against a solid Torpoint. Lots of “what ifs” for both teams, penalties given and not given (for both teams), and a nailed on red card not given. One of those days!
  8. I actually think it could be a very competitive league. We may see some inconsistency due to players not being able to travel early/late on Saturdays but there are some good sides in the list expressing an interest.
  9. Why a dead duck Dave? The clubs applying clearly don’t agree.
  10. For step 7 the ground grading is not much different to Combo or ECPL from what I can see. Wonder how many of those expressing an interest will actually apply?
  11. Polperro v St Austell OFF, sadly, pitch thawed but now waterlogged. Showers frozen up
  12. Polperro v St Austell. Pitch currently frozen. Further inspection 11.30
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