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  1. John Mead

    Trelawny League - Tuesday Aug 14th 2018

    If both players were properly registered and eligible to play, the only offence would be an incorrect team sheet: no points awarded or lost and the result stands. As the team sheet has now been corrected within the permitted timescale, I cannot see any issue which needs to be addressed!
  2. Yes indeed, for new Clubs but those which were members prior to the promotion/relegation agreement with Fal/Helston League & Mining Division and now the Trelawny League, are not covered by that regulation. This bit was included because it was part of the Senior Cup rules at the time to control where spectators could watch from. The posts don't have to be metal spikes though - but if they are, they should be well away from the playing area.
  3. I'm aware of that Richard but it should be regulated now that teams can have up to 5 subs!
  4. The only change which will affect the Combo League is the reduction of teams from 20 to 16. There are no FA regulations about ground/facilities below Step 7 but Leagues can impose their own minimum standards - as the Combo does for Clubs wishing to join. It is clearly unfair on those Clubs when they comply to gain entry, only to find some long-standing League members do not have all the facilities. There is no League rule which can force current Clubs to match the requirements for new Clubs - and consequently, there can be no penalties imposed for them not doing so! Small dugouts are the most common issue; my personal opinion is that it is unreasonable to offer no protection from the elements for all substitutes, managers/coaches/1st aiders and I suggested at the AGM that it would be good if the issue was addressed asap by Clubs which cannot currently seat 8 persons. This is NOT a Combo rule and there are NO penalties for not doing so!
  5. The penalty could have been relegation! The FA are currently preparing a letter which will be sent to all relevant clubs, giving full details of changes for next season at Steps 6 and 7. Hopefully, this will answer all the questions!
  6. I know of no fines being issued by any Leagues in Devon or Cornwall for failing to meet such deadlines!
  7. John Mead

    Junior Cup Draw

    Please explain!
  8. There must still be a programme but it can be published on-line instead.
  9. The Cornish Weekly's group have no sports reporters and the editor responsible for the sports pages appears to have no interest in - and even less knowledge about - the major sport in Cornwall! After a lifetime of reading the Cornishman, I've now stopped buying it! It's only section of interest is the public notices - and I only ever checked that to make sure I was not in the obituary section!
  10. I don't think there was a change of referee during the game!
  11. John Mead

    Penzance v St Austell

    Perhaps that was the norm in years gone by but Clubs need every pound they can get. The hidden costs are ever increasing - rent, business rates, water, gas, electric, pitch renovation etc rise every year. Every little helps!
  12. There were certainly separate registration forms for Senior and Junior Cups; Charity Cup was covered by Senior Cup forms but you could also register players in Charity Cup who were transferred in after playing for a different club in Senior Cup! Ah - the good old days of John Rider's rigid regime.
  13. I read the small print elsewhere: they're U18 teams apparently. Still be quality players no doubt!
  14. Penzance not paying expenses this season either! Any cash raised is going towards the improvements needed to progress to Step 6 in 2019/20. Great to see so many ex-players returning to the club.