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  1. Interestingly, Port's pitch is certainly one of the widest but on joining the Peninsula League, they had to move the clubhouse goal because the pitch was too short!
  2. "Few problems" is not the same as "No issues"! From what I read on here, there are a few problems every week - even when appointed refs are in charge. Just used it as an example; I realise there's more to life than football and shopping!
  3. With no disrespect to anyone, I think most players would prefer to have a game of football than go shopping because there's no official referee available. The FA regard every League below Step 7 as "Recreational" and I believe they regard this as an area where the enjoyment of playing out-weighs the necessity of always having an appointed referee! The general consensus from those who have played in games without a qualified referee seems to be that there have been few problems with the refs or the players!
  4. CCFA are merely ensuring that all Leagues are applying the compulsory FA Rules. I would add that it seems a good number of players have more shortcomings than the referees they show little respect towards. I know there has to be passion in the game and players often react in the heat of the moment - but this is where self-control should come into play. If respect can be given to referees in other sports (who also don't get every decision right!), why is it not the same football?
  5. If you watch a group of kids playing a "kick-round" game in a local park, they seem to manage to have a decent, enjoyable game without a ref at all! Self-control and honestly is all that's needed. There's no doubt that the main cause of the referee shortage lies with the actions of players, managers and spectators during and after matches. As everyone accepts what the major problem is, isn't it time that all Clubs take some responsibility for any such unacceptable behaviour within their ranks? The situation with the lack of referees won't change until everyone involved does their utmost to ensure that refereeing is always a pleasant and enjoyable experience for the "men in the middle"!
  6. The Charity Cup has been an "invitation only" competition for many years - limited to a maximum of 16 Clubs. In the last few years, they've needed to invite Clubs from East Cornwall and Combination Leagues to make up the numbers, as SWPL Premier Clubs were excluded. It seems it was a genuine over-sight to not consider Millbrook or Torpoint this season. Pretty sure it won't happen next year! The decision to make it a midweek competition for Cornish Step 6 Clubs was to limit disruption to Saturday Leagues, as most have floodlights.
  7. Penzance 9 - 3 St Dennis. Goal fest at Penlee Park!
  8. Certainly, at this level of Football, all spectators - including "kids" - should stay behind the pitch perimeter "barrier", even if it's just a rope! I'm not sure any spectator inside of the official playing area would be covered by any insurance should they get injured!
  9. Spot-on Pity! Matches my theory about becoming committee members when playing days are over.
  10. Peninsula League have changed to Onesport - but Clubs are permitted to continue to use their "stock" of Macron balls for this season.
  11. Yep, that just about sums it up! Glad you understand some of the difficulties being faced at present - although you're not 100% right about the promotion bit; it's the distance to travel which is the major problem - but I can't think of anyone to blame for that!
  12. Last season is not really relevant, Leeds; as with many Clubs, much has changed since then!
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