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  1. Transferred from Penzance. A quick, direct player, with two good feet. Should do well at Premier level.
  2. John Mead

    ludgvan deducted points?

    Think it was more to do with the inability to find a manager willing to work with younger players - rather than a lack of desire to continue running a Reserve team.
  3. That's good defending Leeds! The result was in doubt until the 117th minute and both sides had chances to win! I call that a close game, even allowing for the missed chances by both sides.
  4. Think I must have watched a different match! All credit to both teams for providing excellent entertainment over the 120 minutes. Both sides lacked the finishing touch throughout the game but it was certainly not as one-sided as suggested above!
  5. Or 15 if they are academy players!
  6. I don't know where that information came from Tom but there is no such rule in the Combo League. Away Clubs only have to change to alternative colours if there's a clash with the home Club!
  7. You can still do it with the other Club's agreement!
  8. John Mead


    If there was no Step 7 League, no clubs could be promoted to Step 6!
  9. John Mead


    Indeed, that's the way they would like it to be BUT they have been made fully aware of the unique geographic situation of Clubs in Cornwall - particularly the far west - and are willing to make concessions if a good case is made.
  10. John Mead


    Promotion to Step 5 is mandatory! However, the National Leagues Committee will listen to the reasons that a Club, which is the Champion of a Step 6 League, feels it would be unable to take the promotion. The ultimate penalty for failing to accept promotion is relegation to Step 7. There will be no compulsion for Clubs finishing 2nd, 3rd, or possibly lower, to take the place of the Champion Club but they would still be able to apply for promotion.
  11. If you're relocating anywhere near Penzance, I'm looking to retire!
  12. CCFA might have different figures, as posting red & yellow cards on Full-time is not obligatory. Still, it looks like Div 4 is doing well!
  13. Well said, Older. My thoughts entirely!