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  1. SGM (face-to-face) at Holman SC this coming Tuesday. I assume all will be revealed after that.
  2. It seems management committees are the only ones who cannot be accused of "ruining village clubs". Part of their responsibility is to ensure full compliance will all rules, none of which are made by them!
  3. I'm sure the management committees of Leagues share your opinions but their hands are tied by FA rules. Any team can apply to join a league if there are vacancies and whether or not they get in is decided by those voting at an AGM. Committee members can vote at such a meeting but so can the member clubs - who are generally in the majority. League management committees have no powers to stop the constitutional process!
  4. Correct but you could play in the new Cup if the 1st or 2nd teams weren't also in it!
  5. In my opinion, it would be a difficult task to find 6 clubs, across all Feeder Leagues, which have the necessary facilities/planning permission/funds to allow promotion. Ambition and a high enough finishing position are not enough on their own.
  6. The last time I researched box nets, they seemed to have far too many holes in them! When we need a new set, I'm sure they will satisfy your wishes, Rappo!
  7. At least the host of Reserve teams in St Piran, Combo and ECPL now have a County Cup to play in!
  8. Yes they will; the system is due to go live on 5th July. It was a deliberate decision not to use it until it became compulsory to do so. Hopefully, the FA tech guys have by now ironed out all the gremlins and the two platforms will work together as intended!
  9. I'm fairly sure the deadline for return of voting papers will be during the week beginning Monday 21st June.
  10. I resemble that remark! I'm aiming to be an even older timer; the alternative is rather terminal! Not something I've heard of in Cornish Leagues. SWPL always give about 12 months advance notice of their AGM but that's because it's always on the Monday after the Presentation Dinner - which itself is booked 12 months or more ahead.
  11. Not everyone would agree with that statement.
  12. Spot on Dave. Nearly all changes affecting NLS Feeder Leagues in the 2021/22 SCOR were highlighted in red - mainly a change from "Step 7" to the new name. The rider that Feeder Leagues have to follow NLS rules when filling vacancies was neither included nor highlighted in any draft of SCOR published so far!
  13. It'll almost certainly be by post again with "results" made public prior to Trelawny League AGM - hopefully!
  14. The FA omitted to include a vital addendum in the latest version of SCOR, which would have highlighted that the protocol stated in the rule about filling vacancies did not apply to Feeder Leagues - who have to follow the same rule as the NLS when it comes to filling vacancies. No-one was aware of this!
  15. I appreciate your opinion but all Leagues have to follow their own - and FA - rules & regulations. There can be no "official" promotion and relegation between Leagues which were both declared null & void. Filling vacancies is the only way to get any upward movement and the protocols to follow are clearly laid down by the FA. The Leagues have no say nor influence over which Clubs apply and voting takes place at the AGM.
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