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  1. Possibly, Steve but I just cannot think what event prompted them to drop out of the Combo! What I can remember is the AGM when they re-entered the League. I doubt anyone knows where the minutes of that meeting are now! No, I'm sure it was Culdrose who had to drop out due to operational commitments.
  2. No, I'm sure it was Culdrose who had to drop out due to operational commitments.
  3. I've no problem with the way Culdrose are fixtured, Scooby. I was just trying to attach some "history" to the story - the dates of which I've obviously got wrong according to CTB - and explain the knock-on effect. As you know, Trelawny League have a similar situation with CSofM. Both Clubs are being catered for by their respective Leagues - which is the right thing to do, in my opinion. I'm sure that Culdrose had to drop out part-way through a season due to personnel being urgently deployed somewhere!?
  4. My memory isn't as good as it could be, particularly when recalling the exact timing of past events! However, I was at a Combination League meeting when Culdrose were re-admitted into the League, following their enforced break due to the Falklands crisis. I think that "civies" were not permitted prior to 1980/81 season and the Culdrose representative agreed that they would be able to be fixtured normally, following the change in RNFA regulations.
  5. Culdrose playing catch up at the end of the season extends the season for every team they play as well. It also means that teams that play them have blank weeks during the season so that they are not faced with a 3 or 4 week break before playing Culdrose. It was more "acceptable" when all Culdrose players were in the Navy. When they changed that situation to allow "civilians" to play, Culdrose did agree that they would accept fixtures like all other Clubs. However, with the apparent backing of the RNFA, that is no longer the case. It is manageable for the League but not ideal.
  6. From memory, only 1 club voted in favour of Lanner and none in favour of St Ives. Officers and Committee are entitled to cast a vote as well but didn't affect the outcome.
  7. So, where would "one more team" come from? Teams can only be admitted at an AGM. Also, who has the right to "allow it" other than those who voted at the AGM? League rules and democratic processes were followed and the outcome was 15 teams. That's how it is; no-one else's approval is necessary.
  8. Having a "spare" team each week helps with rescheduling fixtures due to cup runs and also slightly helps ref appointments. Not an ideal situation but better than the 5 teams we were left with!
  9. The AGM rejected 2 other applications for differing reasons, so the outcome was a 15 team League. There was no other option once the voting had taken place; rules have to be followed.
  10. Why an extra 16 refs for St Piran League? Currently, at least 2 Clubs have folded in Cornwall, so unless Duchy & Trelawny League have new teams voted in, we have considerably fewer "recreational teams" over-all than last year. The total number of fixtures in the County will remain much the same. Admittedly, SWPL will need more Assistants but that is the only area which creates greater demands on officials; I understand that, to ease that problem, some of them will come from Devon!
  11. No. They didn't attend the Combo AGM, having been voted into ECL the previous evening.
  12. Yes, goals scored for or against West Cornwall are not counted by FT.
  13. If you believe everything posted on here, you'll believe anything!
  14. Newquay informed the Combo some weeks ago that they were staying with ECPL.
  15. Only League Champions have to accept promotion or face relegation. Others can apply for promotion to replace the Champion Club, should they opt not to accept it. To be considered for promotion, a Club has to finish in the top 5.
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