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  1. He should be on the stage. It leaves at 7.30!
  2. Just a quick one Dave, how does ryegrass regenerate? I recognise meadow grass when the seeds appear but never seem to see any seeds growing amongst the ryegrass!
  3. I believe the grass on pro pitches is grown in a "man-made, elastic, fibrous root-zone". Not sure what it's laid on other than a mixture of sand and something, with soil below that. There's also 20% artificial grass "sewn" in amongst the real stuff.
  4. So Joe, from Camborne got married to Sharon from Redruth. The reception finished at midnight and the guest left for home, while the happy couple retired to the honeymoon suite. At 2.00am Joe arrived back at his home in Camborne in a desperate state. His parents were still up, having a nightcap. Seeing he was clearly upset, Joe's mother asked whatever's wrong; Joe replied, "It's over! You'll never guess mother - Sharon is a virgin!" His mother's reponse: " You've done the right thing Joe, if she wasn't good enough for those Redruth boys, she's not good enough for you!"
  5. Posh Spice bought Becks a gold plated thermos flask for him to take to training sessions, explaining it would keep hot things hot and cold things cold. He was dead chuffed and couldn't wait to show it off to his team mates. When they had a break in training and he went to open the flask, Wayne asked him what he had in it; Becks replied " Hot chocolate and an ice lolly".
  6. Technically, only the results are null & void; registrations are not, so players do not become "free agents" until 31st May! Could be a few illegal approaches at the moment?
  7. I believe it was a reaction to Falmouth stating that they WOULD be joining the SWL, rather than stating they would be APPLYING to join! So yes, could be regarded as a spiteful act. I can't remember if there was a vacancy at that time or if the decision not to admit Falmouth saved a Club from dropping down.
  8. My old grandad had a really bad cough so nan rubbed goose fat all over his body. Grandad went down hill fast after that.
  9. It is a soil reliever but it could use hollow tines as well. When I asked the same company about using hollow tines their answer was that they found too many stones in Cornish pitches and the cost of replacing the tines was eating up their profits!
  10. With the number of clubs in Cornwall, they'd be lucky to get £20 each!
  11. The details/records which are being expunged are those of the various Leagues and not those of the FA or County FAs. Discipline is not part of a League's responsibility so any suspensions not yet served will carry over to next season - whenever that might be! The number of accumulated yellow cards is not carried over; each season starts from scratch - unless players have already reached a trigger point for automatic suspension which has not been fully served.
  12. His new club register his details on Full Time and the player confirms his wish to play at that club by replying to the email from Full Time.
  13. With most floodlit pitches used for SWPL games, finding available dates to use them for a semi final could pose a problem!
  14. Perhaps the FA should also ban players from spitting and "snotting" on the pitch, which other players could easily come into contact with!
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