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  1. Nothing to do with me Pity - but I will pass on the message to the relevant person. Always difficult for Club Secretaries when managers go direct to the players, rather than through the correct channel.
  2. Interestingly, a transfer can no longer be held up because a player is alleged to owe money to the club he is moving from. However, the money can be recouped through the FA Debt Recovery System via CCFA.
  3. ...and your reasons for reaching such an opinion are?
  4. Yes. Match Day team sheets (in triplicate) to be exchanged with opponents 30 mins before kick-off, with ref also given a copy.
  5. It's a Country-wide FA Rule. You cannot approach a registered player of any CLUB without giving 7 days notice.
  6. I'm not in a position within PZ AFC to make any official comment on the "goings-on" there but am obviously concerned that we have all been duped by a very plausible "intruder". I know that as much scrutiny as possible was carried out before the appointment and there was nothing to suggest he was not a genuine, good-intentioned person who was willing and able to help the Club to go forward. I cannot guess what his real intention was but would warn that he is now known to have been "sniffing around" other football, rugby and cricket clubs in Cornwall and possibly in Devon as well! Don't think too many will be laughing but I am sure the Club will continue to pull together to overcome the current, unforeseen situation.
  7. It's nearly impossible to eradicate the occasional rash challenge during a game but dissent is something that could become a thing of the past. 10 minutes in the sin bin is not only an immediate punishment but also a chance for players to reflect upon their behaviour and hopefully learn something!
  8. How? Players just need a modicum of self-control and accept that Referees are there to apply the Laws of the Game to the best of their ability.
  9. The same teams don't necessarily mean the same players!
  10. With no relegations, I'm guessing the teams were ranked from top to bottom relative to their finishing position last season - then divided up into divisions of the chosen numbers. Can't see any fairer way of doing it. Anomalies could have occurred if two teams from the same club ended up in the same division, with the reserve team having to be placed one division lower.
  11. Possibly, Steve but I just cannot think what event prompted them to drop out of the Combo! What I can remember is the AGM when they re-entered the League. I doubt anyone knows where the minutes of that meeting are now! No, I'm sure it was Culdrose who had to drop out due to operational commitments.
  12. No, I'm sure it was Culdrose who had to drop out due to operational commitments.
  13. I've no problem with the way Culdrose are fixtured, Scooby. I was just trying to attach some "history" to the story - the dates of which I've obviously got wrong according to CTB - and explain the knock-on effect. As you know, Trelawny League have a similar situation with CSofM. Both Clubs are being catered for by their respective Leagues - which is the right thing to do, in my opinion. I'm sure that Culdrose had to drop out part-way through a season due to personnel being urgently deployed somewhere!?
  14. My memory isn't as good as it could be, particularly when recalling the exact timing of past events! However, I was at a Combination League meeting when Culdrose were re-admitted into the League, following their enforced break due to the Falklands crisis. I think that "civies" were not permitted prior to 1980/81 season and the Culdrose representative agreed that they would be able to be fixtured normally, following the change in RNFA regulations.
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