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  1. Thanks Dave. My conscious is clear and I've no desire to get involved in the internal affairs of Penzance, the Trelawny League or even St Just! "It's nuffin to do wiv me guv!"
  2. Postponed - with League approval - is a clearer explanation!
  3. It's all to do with life-style choices and changing work patterns. Many players are happy to get their fix of football without devoting most of each Saturday to it.
  4. To repeat something I've highlighted before; to keep unemployment figures down, governments over recent times have massively increased the number of university places and a far greater number of Cornish youngsters now benefit from this. Not having a university in Cornwall - apart from Exeter out-posts - means a fair proportion of these youngsters leave Cornwall, never to return! This, added to changing work patterns and general social habits, has left a much smaller pool of available players in the County. I agree with Kevin in as much as there is really no point in creating new clubs if the net result of that sees the demise of an existing, estabished Club.
  5. Think it's 4 up this year and only the 2 Champion Clubs from then on.
  6. Presently not eligible because of the level they play at.
  7. In my opinion, what all Clubs need is loyalty from their "local" players. Once those players are replaced by others from outside of their "normal" catchment area, they rarely return to "their" club. The only solution then is for the Club to continue to "import" players - if they can. Sad but true!
  8. I assume you've not looked through the FA Ground Grading regulations for promotion to Step 6. It covers many things other than the playing surface!
  9. 3.30pm. After 90 mins af drizzle, the heavy rain has just arrived! Game is off.
  10. I've been championing a merger for a long time Dave. I convened a joint meeting of Fal/Helston, Mining Division and West Penwith Leagues to suggest they merged as the first step of eventually having just one League covering west Cornwall. The Trelawny League grew from the seeds sown at that meeting - mainly thanks to Bruce. My own view is that a merger between Combo and Trelawny in the west, plus ECLP and Duchy in the east is by far the best way forward. As committee members get older, finding replacements who are both willing and able to take on essential roles within the Leagues gets harder and harder. To me, it all makes complete sense as far as both Leagues and Clubs are concerned. Can't speak for the east of course but the feeling is they might not be as keen.
  11. Slightly mistaken I'm afraid Dave! I attended the joint meetings and the suggestion was that the Step 7 League might have been run by committee formed between Combo and ECPL. That proposal didn't carry favour with either side! There was never a formal "offer" for the Combo to become the Step 7 League. If there had been, I would not have supported that idea - but not for reasons which might be obvious!
  12. In defence of the Combo League, they were not responsible for the situation they found themselves in at the end of last season; it was just a case of survival when the proposed Step 7 League became 2 divisions at the 11th hour. There was no time then to hold potential merger talks! However, CCFA had previously held a joint meeting with all Cornish Leagues about the FA restructure and the subject of a possible merger between Combo and Trelawny Leagues was discussed - with positive reactions from both Leagues. Unfortunately, further talks were put on hold because it was still unclear at that time exactly how the FA restructure would pan out. I believe both Leagues would be open to further discussion in order to create a better "structure" for Clubs in the west of our County.
  13. Because there is no longer a player registration specifically for County Cups, CCFA have to check with respective Leagues that all players listed on the teamsheets are eligible. Hence, it always takes a few days for the details to be checked. Clubs are already aware of the dates of all rounds, so there really is no urgency for the draw to be made.
  14. In all disciplinary charges, the clubs have to be given the right to reply to it before any punishment is decided. In addition, all fines have to be listed as maximum amounts in the Fines Tariff. Advice from the FA is that each case must be treated on it's own merits, thus giving the committee the ability to assess any mitigating circumstances which may be present. The Combo Committee don't feel that decision should rest on just one person's shoulders, hence decisions are made at a committee meeting.
  15. Each postponement for a game not being played results in a charge of failing to fulfill a fixture. Clubs have a chance to respond to the charge and then the situation is discussed at a committee meeting before ANY decisions are made! It's a process which is mandatory in the FA Standard Code of Rules.
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