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  1. NLS fixtures will not start until paying spectators are allowed. Not sure about The Feeder leagues now though - more questions than answers!
  2. Latest FA news; Tuesday 4th August 5.30pm. All matches INVOLVING NLS teams and NLS Feeder League (old Step 7) teams must now be held behind closed doors!
  3. Well, this evenings news from the FA NLS at last gives some clarity! Any matches INVOLVING Step1 down to, and now including, NLS Feeder Leagues must be played BEHIND CLOSED DOORS!
  4. I've read all the documents several times and am still confused about the logic and dissimilar advice in them. If no more that 30 people can gather in NLS grounds because that's a government "rule", it must also apply to grassroots clubs - but not mentioned in grassroots advice! Makes no sense at all!
  5. Just about sums it up Rappo. But are all of their players living in Cornwall?
  6. As previously mentioned, 2 sets of FA "rules" cause confusion! If Saltash SWPL team are playing at home it must be behind closed doors. Their enclosed ground is even named a stadium. Both Government and FA NLS regulations forbid spectators in August.
  7. I think the FA have allowed spectators for that very reason - a great number of grassroots teams play on hired, park pitches.
  8. I get that Older but which teams are they permitted to watch?
  9. I cannot find anything in the FA Grassroots "advice" which specifically prevents spectators from attending pre-season matches. IF it's the ground the game is played on which dictates whether spectators are permitted - as mentioned in a previous post - then it would be ok for two Step 6 teams to play against each other, with spectators, by borrowing a "Grassroots" ground and also charge admission! I'm not sure that's what the FA had in mind when stating NLS Clubs must play games in August behind closed doors.
  10. The only guidance from the FA is that friendly matches involving NLS Clubs should be held behind closed doors. It doesn't clarify if it applies to an NLS Club against a Grassroots Club or just between two NLS Clubs.
  11. I meant that I'm not sure that Combo had prior knowledge of higher League fixtures.
  12. I think it took longer than 5 days! Steve had been given sight of SWPL provisional fixtures some time ago and has been working on the fixtures since then. The final SWPL fixtures were tweaked to allow for the later published FA Cup & Vase dates, resulting in a further 5 days work for Steve. Leagues below SWPL & St Piran then have to start fitting their fixtures in around the higher League games; it's not a 5 minute job.
  13. Sending out 2 different sets of Covid-19 regulations for NLS & Grassroots football just causes confusion. I've read both FA publications at least 4 times, referring also to Gov "rules" where appropriate, and I still cannot say, with any confidence, that I know what's meant to be happening!
  14. Not according to the latest FA regulations.
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