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  1. The west of Cornwall has progression from Trelawny to Combination to St Piran West to SWP West - all with agreed promotion/relegation regulations written into each League's rules. I guess it's easier to achieve without any teams from Devon.
  2. I've not done any ground grading at Truro Dave but I have been involved with advisory inspections at 2 alternative venues which Truro have considered in recent years.
  3. Fan segregation, each with access to their own toilets and refreshment areas, two stands, proper turnstiles, pitch-side infill to stop balls etc. etc. Nowhere in Cornwall could easily qualify, by 31st March, for a ground share!
  4. I'm sure Cornwall FA would have taken action if it fell within their powers to do so. The FA at Wembly have a robust Legal Department and if they decide there is no jurisdiction, that's how it is - nothing Cornwall FA can do about it!
  5. All valid suggestions but.... all Leagues have to follow their rules and all have specific rules about how the League Champions are decided, as well as about promotions & relegation! Competition rules cannot be changed once a season has started!
  6. Neither floodlights nor a seated stand are requirements for promotion to Step 6 but any necessary planning, funding applications, business plan and 3 quotes have to be in place by 31st March in the year of application. Vacancies in St Piran League - and those Leagues below - can only be filled by election at an AGM: there are no regulations relating to finishing positions of those applying but achieving the ground grading standard is still applicable.
  7. Yes - and the ground grading criteria has to be met by 31st March 2021. There is no dispensation at this level.
  8. Statistics can be presented or manipulated to favour a particular viewpoint - the saying goes "There are lies, dammed lies and then statistics". To demonstrate their obvious absurdity, I always quote the one that stated the average number of legs per person in the UK is 1.973.
  9. Just because you can, it doesn't mean you should!🤔
  10. I understand that some may question the reasoning behind decisions to suspend fixtures at levels when Tier 3 allows football to be played. The Department of Culture, Media & Sport, together with the National League System have introduced new criteria for the safety of spectators - including reducing the maximum number admitted to 150. Some of the other "rules" would be almost impossible to implement, let alone enforce. Coupled with the lack of income from Clubhouses, Step 6 football is really not viable for many Clubs at present. Teams below Step 6 are not directly compelled to follow
  11. The Combination League has also made the decision to suspend fixtures until further notice.
  12. It's mainly the extra restrictions imposed by DCMS & NLS which render it very difficult for smaller clubs to adhere to. For instance, 2 metre social distancing markings throughout the ground, family groups from same household only, with clubs responsible for monitoring and enforcing. Not sure that's what most signed up for!
  13. If you saw the demands expected within a new Risk Assessment, you would understand why most Clubs, with only a small number of volunteers, would find compliance impossible.
  14. A whole list of additional measures which NLS Clubs have to abide by arrived via email on Christmas Eve, including covered accommodation now being restricted to 30% of maximum number; in inclement weather, who's going to watch a game if there's no room to shelter?
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