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  1. Conifa would need to be recognised as an "approved" football association by FIFA and the FA before any County Association could get involved......and I can't see that ever happening. Despite some views to the contrary, the CCFA employees work extremely hard administering football in the county and certainly do not deserve the derogatory comments above.
  2. John Mead

    3G Falmouth School pitch officially opened

    Mostly funded by the FA's Football Foundation, with the school also contributing. It will be available for hire through the school, who are encouraged by the FA to establish relationships with "Partner Clubs".
  3. John Mead

    3G Falmouth School pitch officially opened

    Latest research conducted by EU has found the cancer risk from rubber crumb is almost negligible. The Netherlands used rubber crumb which included tyres from vehicles used in a petrochemical environment, which resulted in a higher risk; this is not the case in the UK, where the rubber crumb used already complies with the new, recommended levels of contaminants. Google for more info.
  4. John Mead

    2019/20 restructure

    Dave, I think the proposed structure for next season has been fully explained; what happens next depends upon the Clubs, their ambition and their ability to sustain playing at a particular level. All decisions on which applicant Clubs are successful will be made by the National Leagues Committee - hopefully with some local consultation.
  5. Are you a Club Secretary hedgerow?
  6. Unfortunately, I have found from experience, internal communication within clubs is not great and important information is often not passed on by the original recipient. I think SWPL clubs have been well informed by Phil & the FA. The postponed meeting was aimed at clubs currently outside of the NLS, which may be considering applying for Step 7 next season; hopefully, all such clubs did receive notification of the event, as well as the postponement!
  7. John Mead

    Trelawny League - Saturday Oct 20 2018

    2g pitches have sand, 3g pitches have rubber crumb and 4g have just artificial grass with no in-fill. Only 3g are permitted surfaces for football!!
  8. Transferred from Penzance. A quick, direct player, with two good feet. Should do well at Premier level.
  9. John Mead

    ludgvan deducted points?

    Think it was more to do with the inability to find a manager willing to work with younger players - rather than a lack of desire to continue running a Reserve team.