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  1. The use of "Park pitches" has always been a grey area. If it's a public space, no-one can "control" the members of public, unless they break the law or do not comply with other specific restrictions relating to the use of the space. Technically, if dogs are allowed, you could walk your dog across the pitch during a game. Anyone drinking in a private space, has to remain seated and socially distanced, as well as the other government restrictions for hospitality While I've read the full, updated rules on spectators at games, I have yet to find the section which allows spectators to drink b
  2. Specifically states only public land I'm afraid. Agreed - but under ordinary FA rules, Clubs are liable for the behaviour of spectators. Most "private" grounds are enclosed and have entrances which could be locked. It's private Paul!
  3. Latest from Dept of Culture, Media &Sport. Spectators only permitted in public parks (following rule of 6, or 2 households) and NOT at any private grounds!
  4. So, unexpectedly, DCMS have "ruled" that from 12th April to 17th May, spectators, following "Rule of Six or Two Households" CAN ONLY WATCH GAMES IN PUBLIC PARKS and not on private grounds!
  5. Thank you for the compliments Rodney, as well as the well-penned verse; it did bring a smile to my face. Unfortunately, the 3G pitch at Mounts Bay Academy is not part of the Truro & Penwith campus. However, you can see most of the pitch over parts of the hedge - or if you get there early enough, there's a gateway with an even better view. Always happy to clarify things.
  6. Since I indeed have nothing to do with how the Trelawny League is run, I'm not sure if there is any pre-approval of pitches. My guess would be that they have to comply with minimum FA regulations on size. However, teams have been known to use 3G pitches as alternative venues during times of monsoon conditions, when their usual pitch is unable to be used. The important issue is whether or not the pitch at Mounts Bay is on the FA approved register for matches - which it is!
  7. Pitch at Penlee Park re-seeded last weekend to get maximum benefit from the growing season. Unauthorised use during lockdown caused more than the usual wear & tear!
  8. I understand that the referees are not responsible for enforcing anything other than the Laws of the Game. However, they can report Covid safety breaches to the County Association. The Clubs are responsible for enforcing all aspects of the FA guidance, as well as the contents of their own Risk Assessments.
  9. And even the away team must have - and follow - a risk assessment which covers travel, changing, warm ups etc.
  10. It says ".. no earlier than 12th April" which is totally different. In an email from the FA on the same day, they stated " It is our understanding that the government will not allow spectators any earlier than 17th May". Who knows?
  11. The DCM&S and FA are still discussing spectators at games, with a statement expected by 22nd of this month, giving details of what regulations will be in place. Football can start on 29th but it's not yet clear whether spectators will be permitted at grassroots level.
  12. According to the FA, any "friendlies" or competitions not normally run, will need to be individually sanctioned by CCFA in order to be legit!
  13. There shouldn't be any crowds but I get your thoughts on the players who might turn out.
  14. If enough Clubs are willing to play without any income or spectators on match days, then the proposed games could still go ahead.
  15. CCFA virtual meeting with Leagues on Tuesday. I'll raise that point for clarification.
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