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  1. £200 is the MAXIMUM fine for failing to fulfil a fixture and is there as a deterrent. The actual fine could be anywhere from £0 to £200; the circumstances of each offence are debated and the amount of the fine, some of which can be suspended, is then agreed. However, the League cannot take into consideration whether or not a Club can afford to pay the fine - but all Clubs are aware of the potential penalty they face for not fulfilling a fixture. The League is obliged to apply the rules, which the Clubs have agreed, in a way which is as consistent as possible and is fare to all member Clubs.
  2. To be absolutely clear, the Laws of the Game state "foul OR abusive language". It doesn't have to be both!
  3. Can understand not being too keen to play in a hurricane and the rain forecast for this afternoon but that's two postponements that could & should have been avoided!
  4. A team can only include 2 players who have played in 2 or more games in the current season at a higher level unless 28 days have elapsed since they last played at the higher level.
  5. None of us getting any younger, Paul. It could be that amalgamations are the best way forward to ensure there are enough people to run the Leagues!
  6. Personally, I think there should be a 3rd, "Intermediate" Cup between SC & JC. This would give more teams the chance of winning something and - if structured carefully - would give more 2nd and/or 3rd teams a chance to be part of the Country Cup competitions.
  7. That's exactly the way it should be at sometime in the future. It's already been discussed between CCFA and the Leagues but it's not something which would be forced upon the Leagues or Clubs; they have the final say.
  8. Under this re-organisation, no clubs will have relegation forced upon them and many will have the opportunity to play at a higher level. The only downside could be extra travel for some - but I'm sure Clubs considered that before applying! Change is not always a negative process - just a different one.
  9. I've not got a sextant but I have got an altimeter app on my phone to give accurate GPS readings of the height above sea-level. A little bit of maths will then provide the answer!
  10. Perhaps it's time for any players considering starting a new Club reflect on what has happened in the past and look at alternatives - like staying with/joining an established Club to help/ensure that that Club survives!
  11. It depends who applies! Should be possible to do most Clubs over 2 or 3 days - allowing for the fact that no Reserve teams will need a visit as they'd be playing with Step 6 facilities.
  12. There's certainly a gradual decline in the number of people watching football in Cornwall and bad language has a part to play in that. It's not somewhere that many people would take young children. I know it's a reflection upon today's society - but it's a poor reflection; there is no excuse for screaming obscenities at 90 decibels, it just shows a total lack of respect for everyone!
  13. Can't disagree with that but, in particular, bad language keeps people away from watching football - which is not good for the game.
  14. Dissent is a sin bin offence, swearing is a red card. The former often gets punished, the latter, rarely. Foul OR abusive language is a red card offence at all times - not just when directed at a referee!
  15. While Rappo is indeed a Cornish Legend, I think the post above is not from him!
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