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  1. Bere Alston United v Plymouth Marjons 1-2 Dobwalls v Plymstock United 3-2 Wendron United v Mousehole 1-4
  2. Falmouth Town v Bodmin Town 3-2  Saltash United v St Austell 2-2
  3. Callington Town v Camelford 2-4Elburton Villa v Cullompton Rangers 2-2Newquay v Sticker  3-1
  4. Haha cheers Steve. Wish it was 30 years ago mate! Well at least 20 anyway! Don’t think Macca would want a 51 year old 18 stone couch potato up front these days! Give Smokie a tickle for me mate 👍
  5. Bere Alston United v Liskeard Athletic 1-3 Bude Town v Dobwalls 2-3 Holsworthy v Plymouth Marjon 2-1 Mousehole v Plymstock United 4-1 Porthleven v Wadebridge Town 3-2  St Dennis v Penzance 3-3
  6. Callington Town v Saltash United 1-5 Cullompton Rangers v Bodmin Town 2-2 Exmouth Town v Torpoint Athletic 3-1 Falmouth Town v Ivybridge Town 6-1  Godolphin Atlantic v Launceston 3-2  Helston Athletic v Millbrook 4-1 Newquay v St Austell 1-4 Sticker v Tavistock 1-3
  7. Plymouth Argyle Reserves 4-0  Elburton Villa
  8. Did Pete ever turn up Dar!?! 😃🤔
  9. Falmouth Town 4-2 Newquay (The two biggest clubs in Cornish football) 👍 i.e - Man Utd & Liverpool St Austell 4-1 Helston Athletic Tavistock 3-1 Exmouth Town
  10. Camelford 2-3 Godolphin Atlantic Cullompton Rangers 2-1 Ivybridge Town Launceston 1-3 Saltash United Millbrook 1-4 Plymouth Argyle Reserves Sticker 1-3 Torpoint Athletic
  11. She does the typing!!! 🤔
  12. Thanks Rob!! Your San Siro photos looked awesome mate!! If everyone was like you bud it would be easy and you've got your own SWL reports to do as well! Ain't got time to chase around this season though so if I ain't got a report by 6.30pm nothing will go in the paper! It's one quick phone call whereas it's 20+ for me sometimes!?! 😤🤔 Catch up soon and safe travels Rob 👍
  13. RAPPO

    Combo prediction

    Be a great season for me if everyone gets their reports in by 6pm on a Saturday before they go on the piss!!! 🙄👍
  14. Cheers Gents, appreciate that, someone got to do it I suppose!?! 🤔 Quite enjoy it some weeks catching up with some old mates but it's usually the same old teams you got to waste time chasing! Becomes hard work and not so enjoyable then to be honest!!?