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  1. Had a quick chat with Den at the weekend and Jordy is having a busy week after impressing at an open trial game at South Shields last week when he scored a hat-trick. He’s currently at Accrington Stanley before going to Bury later in the week before going to Wimbledon next week. I’m sure that Jordy will impress at least one of those clubs and can follow in the footsteps of Cody Cooke who impressed at the Jamie Vardy academy before being offered a two year contract at St.Mirren where he scored in the seasons league cup opener against Dunfermline at the weekend. Good luck Jordy!!! 👍👏🏼👊🏼👌⚽️
  2. PENRYN (0) 4 Jack Rapsey 51’ 61’ 82’ Ryan Reeve 58’(pen) ST.MAWGAN (4) 4 Craig Allen 11’ 14’ 33’ 39’ One of the best games I’ve seen for ages! St.Piran West v East teams for next season which was certainly a game of two halves! Weird one really, Penryn playing the silkier football but the saints high energy pressing game and getting numbers behind the ball and mounting quick breaks certainly paid dividends and shell shocked the hosts! Craig Allen capitalised on a poor back pass and two uncharacteristic mistakes from home keeper Ben Mitchell to score one of the easiest hat-tricks of his career I would have thought along with a well taken low finish. Penryn manager Harry Pope changed the formation at the break and his team came flying out the traps and pulled three goals back just after the hour mark. Two great finishes from young Rappo if I say so myself, and Liam Jarvis was fouled on the corner of the box for Ryan Reeve to make no mistake from the spot. Chances at both ends after that for 20 minutes with Mitchell making a couple of fine saves and Reeve hitting the bar from a spectacular overhead kick before the scores were levelled when Rappo Jnr was on the spot to complete his hat-trick with a nice strikers poachers goal. Penryn even had the best chance to win it to almost complete an even more remarkable turn around when Luke Osborne just shot the wrong side of the post in the 94th and final minute. Lovely to see Bakes, Kenny, Stives and some more old Penryn loyal servants still putting the hours in for the club. Quick chat to the Saints manager Ash Bicknell as well who certainly talks a lot of sense for one so young. Think they’ll cope fine with the step up next season. As for Penryn, some of their football was well worth the three quid I chucked in Kennys collection box halfway through the first half!! Cracking friendly well reffed as always by Nigel Nicholls and which I’m sure both teams will get something out of 👏🏼👍⚽️
  3. Yeah agree Dave, too hot for footy yet ain’t it mate! Did look out for you but know how busy you are when there’s a game on! Thought the pitch was looking lush considering all this dry weather, still working your magic after all these years! 👌👏🏼 Had some lovely memories on that pitch, probably scoring all 5 past Kevin Miller in the Malabar v Mawnan Lockhart cup final when we were both teenagers the top one! Me and Stives scoring against Arsenal legends was nice as well. Always a pleasure to play on your carpet Dave. The wife has cut down me portions and I’m walking around a load of fields looking for my golf ball twice a week these days when the knees allow, still a few stone to shift though mate! Yeah bloody grey as a badger what hair is left Dave! Not a pleasant sight looking in the mirror these days! Catch you at a game soon Dave 👍⚽️👏🏼
  4. PENRYN (0) 1 Jack Rapsey 72’ WENDRON (1) 2 Rory Jarvis 41’ Lucas Potts 87’ Decent competitive friendly in hot conditions for the St.Pirans league hosts Penryn and Peninsula Premier visitors Wendron. Bakes pitch looking lovely as always and those red box nets made my afternoon! 👌. Really even game I thought with the three goals all similar, good low strikes into the bottom corner from the edge of the area. Young Lucas Potts scoring the winner in front of dad Matt who graced that Kernick Road pitch about 600 times in his career! 👍👏🏼 Great for me to see Rappo Jnr scoring on his Penryn debut after being out all last season injured. 👍 Saw two legends as well, both Peters, Young from Penryn and Thorne from Wendron, how many years have those guys put into their clubs!!! Don’t make them like that anymore! Great to hear off Pete that Wendron lights are going up in a couple of weeks, how nice will that look at Underlane! 👊🏼 Spent the 1st half chatting with Mass and Deacs, how lucky we are that those two guys love Cornish football as well!! Nice afternoon, good match, well officiated, glad local footy is back after watching all those young ladies in the summer. Was ok, but you can’t beat the real thing as they say! 😀🤔⚽️
  5. Thanks Pat and good luck for the season, speak to you soon mate. Hi Dave, no just the West Division, basically just carrying on from the Combo with the majority of clubs moved up to the St.Pirans. 8 games instead of 10 as well which should make it a bit more manageable with the new deadline times and having to rush off to night shifts after getting the reports in.
  6. Hi Pat, yeah me mate. Same drill as last season if that’s ok please. A text or call as quick as you can after the final whistle. Much appreciated mate 👍⚽️
  7. Belper!!! How could I forget Dave! Good side, worst stuffing I ever had for Falmouth at Bickland mate! We only lost 1-3 to a full strength Aston Villa 1st team 7 months earlier! They beat Man Utd in the league cup final 3 months before that! Funny old game 🙄😀⚽️
  8. Yeah we got stuffed 5-1 at home in the last 16. Team from Nottingham way I think? Was 3-0 down after about 20 minutes with two own goals!!? Was injured most of that season with a broken 5th metatarsal twice!! But remember coming on in the last 20 of that game and hardly touched the ball, they were pretty slick, not sure if they reached the final?? Like you say WOTP Mike will know for sure. Think Paul Kneebone scored a header in the game against you, came in because of injuries and did us proud I remember 👍⚽️
  9. Haha, I got booked in that one WOTP! Only had 5 yellows and 1 red in my life! Yeah the F Troop were worth a goal to us every game!! Brilliant support, we were lucky to be followed by those lads!! 👍👏🏼👌👊🏼⚽️
  10. Thanks for that WOTP. I’ll look out for it. Best player I’ve ever seen play live. Watching him warm up was worth the entrance fee. Prefer Pele as a bloke but Maradona won the World Cup on his own in 86! As you said what he did at Napoli in his prime was incredible. 👏🏼👍⚽️
  11. Where did you watch it WOTP? Been looking out for it in the local listings but can’t see it? Plymouth I’m guessing? 👍⚽️
  12. Haha bless him Leeds! Tough old gig supporting City and Sheffield Wednesday!! Cmon the Blades!! 😁 Sorry Ray!! Biggest regret not playing for Ricky at Bodmin though Leeds, great bloke, asked me 3 times but I just couldn’t leave Falmouth! Mind you Wadds did alright with Chalky sticking them on a plate!! 👏🏼👌👍
  13. Pretty sure it’s 4 35-40 players, the rest over 40🤔👍 Or over 50 in some of us cases!! 🙄😦😳⛳️
  14. Haha yeah I remember Nige in a few as well Dave!! 😃 Used to enjoy that old Indy pre season pull out going through all the leagues mate 👍⚽️
  15. Eh? Was never in 2 photos pre season Ray!? Always sorted my season out early in the summer!! Wouldn’t piss a manager around like that! 8 seasons at Falmouth, 4 at Newquay, 2 at Truro, 2 at Penzance, 2 at Penryn and a season each at Porthleven and Wadebridge. Don’t think 7 clubs in over 20 seasons in the SWL is overly bad mate!? Might have been in a couple of mates running Combo teams as cover but that’s it! Remember Shaun Cooper being in 3 SWL teams pre season photos in the Indy, that’s the best I’ve seen, Coops was a star mind, think he had a signing on fee for a couple of them as well!! Think one of them was Truro so it might be him you’re thinking of Ray!! 🤔😀
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