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  1. Refused to carry on fulfilling their fixtures basically Nige, saying they couldn’t afford too without crowds. All this seasons results expunged, a £40’000 fine and a 12 point deduction for the start of next season from the National League as far as i know mate
  2. Well done Hereford and Hornchurch beating Notts County on pens! Good to see the two underdogs go through to Wembley! 👍⚽️👏🏼🏆
  3. Bit of T-Cut on that scarf should bring it up lovely Paul!! 👍😀 Hereford been to Wembley many times mate? Remember them in the Vase final on their way back up about 5 years ago? Any other appearances? Good luck 👏🏼⚽️
  4. And Wardy headed in the winner in a Senior Cup Final as well for his CV!! Good luck Jude, great seeing local lads have a fantastic opportunity like that 👍👏🏼⚽️
  5. Yeah Bry, what I was trying to get at is exactly what Dave said really. Maybe a more localised referee to cut the costs down for clubs who are already struggling a bit and one that’s looking to use it as pre season training. Didn’t want to pick on refs specifically! I’m a big fan of our local refs! 😀👍 Also maybe charge us spectators a couple of quid to watch a friendly at any level, just to help the clubs out a bit as well. They’ve spent a lot of time over the last year making no money at all and still with bills to pay no doubt. You sound like you might be quite an aggressive ref so maybe eve
  6. Agree with Deacs and Older, it’s not just a game of football, it’s everything that goes with it. Think any league where you pay to watch a game at certain facilities is certainly off limits. ie) Combo and East Cornwall leagues upwards. You could possibly play Trelawny and Duchy league matches if the players don’t mind changing in cars etc but I think the Junior lads should still be respected and the common sense decision is let’s go for next season when another 4/5 months may make all the difference regards vaccines for the elderly and more vulnerable and clubhouses are open again so the club
  7. WOTP, I was lucky enough to play in the old SWL from the mid eighties to the early noughties mostly give or take a season or three out injured and I would agree the league was exceptionally strong. You’ve only got to look at the old programmes from that era on Deacs Cornish football memories page to see the strength of the squads, even mid table teams were full of quality players. You had realistically 5 or 6 teams that could win the league at the start of every season and always one or two surprise teams thrown into that. Trying to win the Senior Cup was really difficult as well, because like
  8. Godolphin Atlantic 1-2 Launceston Liskeard Athletic 2-2 Dobwalls St Austell 3-2 St Dennis
  9. Camelford 2-1 Wadebridge Saltash 4-1 Liskeard Newquay 5-1 Godolphin Penzance 0-5 Mousehole St Dennis 3-1 Sticker
  11. Christchurch 2-3 Falmouth US Portsmouth 1-2 Millbrook Torpoint 4-1 Torrington
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