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  1. Not posted on here for a few years, but this ones for you Steve & Smokey 👍
  2. If Parkway had won yesterday, their manager would’ve been chomping to show his face in the clubhouse post match. No doubt about it. Learn to lose to enjoy the win. The PW manager would’ve earned more respect for showing his face & taking the banter following his inexperienced comments to the press in the build up to the match. We’ve all got to take our medicine from time to time. The most successful manager in SWPL history has received a lot of stick on here in recent weeks, but you’ll never see him shy away from a clubhouse following defeat. Credit to a handful of Parkway faithful, G
  3. Yes you're absolutely right to ask why the debt has reached the level it has. No one is obliged to help, yet fully entitled to ask why before deciding to donate or not. Perhaps Dave may be able to get a few answers from a Milbrook official and post on here, there's nothing to gain by not disclosing a few of the unfortunate reasons. But I think we must bear in mind that Daves initial suggestion was pointing towards a squad of 16/20 players & management of each Saturday side in the County contributing £30 between them. As little as £1.50 each maybe in some cases! Is this too much to ho
  4. A very reasonable suggestion Dave and not a lot to ask in my view. This is a great way to show solidarity within our great County. And I for one would be delighted to see all PLAYERS & OFFICIALS of clubs do a little bit each to make a huge impact in the grand scheme of things. Much has been documented recently about the state of today's game at all levels. Especially in terms of what some players are rumoured to get paid and also discipline towards officials (we've all been guilty of creating the issue at some point), so here is the perfect opportunity for EVERYONE (including my
  5. Very sad news and a huge loss. Pete was such a genuine man with a huge passion and love for football and despite his illness he refused to miss watching St Austell last season if he could help it. Sincere condolences to all his family.
  6. Another 3 points for the G and another goal for Carl Rickard. I'm almost tasting that pint JohnPerryman! ;)
  7. Are they unreliable or just not replaced or maintained? On another note, always a pleasure to walk through those gates and be warmly greeted by Brian, Eric, Derek, Martin, Pat and co. Cant imagine a visit to Blaise Park without their presence.
  8. Yes the pitch was in absolute superb condition for mid November, very impressive. But 12 bulbs not working out of 24 and largely all at one end and side is not acceptable for me Paul. In the interest of players safety first and quality of light in last 20 mins to play quality football second, I am surprised it was allowed. Only my thoughts, not criticism.
  9. Blazey 3 Launceston 4. Interesting game with Launceston coming from behind. Don't know what happened in the last 15 mins at the Clubhouse end as it was in complete darkness! 12 lights out on the floodlights and largely at that end. Dangerous or get on with it? I'll leave that for the players to comment/decide.
  10. Sports psychology hey? Great when it works!! You lost this psychological battle. Stick to CommonTating!! Well done AGAIN to Truro. Oh and one for the knockers of 'Cornish talent aint good enough', Ollie Brokes with a goal! ;)
  11. Respecting your opinion Best, but you are practically saying that money has to be spent to provide a good level in SWPL West? And perhaps these players have all stepped up to the Prem league (and above in the case of Cody Cooke from Penryn in West to Truro in Southern Conference last season. Regards Mousehole, Vercesi, Quinn and Pugliese to name a few, are these not recognised Prem league players who could play Prem league currently if they chose? Sticker also have a very, very good squad of players with a mix of youngsters making a name for themselves such as Street, Bowyer, Rogers, and Sp
  12. Ivybridge, Launceston, Torpoint and newcomers Exmouth all kept the pressure on at the top yesterday. And some may say that a couple of those clubs doing it without a favourable sized budget either.
  13. I suggested this previously Mike. Id suggest the powers to be over at Wadebridge may be the best people to ask whether it is best to regroup in West Peninsula or not.
  14. Make that 3 good results in last 3 games mate! I'm just yet to see 1 side that look unbeatable in the Southern league let alone enough to make Truro finish bottom 4. Chesham even commented that Truro were the toughest opponents they have faced this season and they are current league leaders. I realise the travelling down for opponents plays some part but in fact its Truro's home form thats been letting them down. As for Conference football, that will depend on 2 things for me. 1) The chairman/owners own personal resources and ability to successfully seek sponsors to support, fund and subsid
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