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Cornish Football Radio Programme

We need to know whether worth it or not please!  

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  1. 1. Have you bother listening?

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  2. 2. Do you think there is enough interest to bother with such a programme?

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  3. 3. When did you listen to the programme?

    • Saturday 5-7pm
    • Sunday repeat 5-7pm
    • The download available on this forum?
    • Haven't listened to any of them!

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Hi everyone,

Well by now you will have noticed that for the next two Saturdays, I am fronting a 2 hour Cornish Football programme. The 7th and 14th March.

This will be on a local private radio station known as Radio St Austell Bay (www.rsab.org) which is obviously only available via the radio within a close distance of St Austell, but the programme will also be available via the internet.

It is only for the next two Saturdays as they are pilot programmes to see firstly if the interest is there and secondly because the Radio Station has very generously allowed us this opportunity.

We are hoping to cover a lot of football from the day in question as well as a closer look at the week ahead etc.

It will rely on having the help from everyone out there involved in local football and being prepared to either talk or at least provide information that may be worth knowing about. This can be from the actual game itself, to a fixture midweek to publicise to even the fact that you have band/group/entertainment at your club which you want to plug.

The idea is to promote, help and ensure that our game is given the exposure it concerns. Just think how many people are playing and involved in football on a Saturday afternoon. It's only right that a lot of people want to know as soon as possible what's happened. The forum and various websites do a good job, this is another possible option. And for you guys out of the county - don't worry if you're playing in leagues that involve Cornish clubs you will get a mention!

So, how can you help?

By talking to me about the match you will have been involved in? By talking about something you want to get off your chest? And also if you news from your club - contact me.

The usual will be covered: RESULTS – from all around the county; and CHATS to the people in the know, including managers, players and anyone at all that wants the county (and the world via the internet) to hear about their game

We have 2 hours available to do it! All you have to do is call the station on 01726 65566 or text to 07901832481

In that time we will be hoping to feature all the leagues in the county from Southern League down to the Duchy, Falmouth-Helston and Mining

If you can please help me in any way or want to take part, even if in a small way, let me know by either texting me on 07759 502408 or e-mail me at davedeacon@cornishsoccer.info

And I also ask a big favour - as soon as your game is over could you please text me your result for the next two Saturday games - on the number is the previous paragraph.

For those of you that can't listen on the Saturday, it will be replayed in its entirety 24hrs later, 5-7pm on Sunday.

Additionally, will be available online by the middle of next week. (This feature will be available much quicker if the show goes ahead next season)

There will be no rugby and providing I don't cock up - no music!

Many thanks for your time and any help you can give me.

Dave Deacon

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Been listening from the start and despite the 4 mins.of music, the programme is a treat to listen to.

Good to hear from the Junior leagues and great to listen to pure footie.

Any hitches and glitches can be forgiven in the hopes of more and better to come.

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Guest Black&White

Well done Dave and Rappo - superb effort I thought, with a quality moment thrown in when one of the music tracks, Design for Life, by the Manics I think, was brought to a premature end with what sounded like Deacs scratching the stylus across an old 45rpm vinyl record ... who needs crossfade and dubbing?!

:clapper: :clapper:

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

Couldn't listen in as having a few in the clubhouse, but did text in a comment on the match and phoned through but got Daves ansafone... perhaps next Sat when Newquay travel to St Austell in the Charity Cup I may get on live if it goes to extra time and Pens... 2pm kick off as they don't have lights !

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For anyone who didnt manage to listen in, the show is replayed in its entirety between 5 & 7pm tomorrow.

I got a chance to watch Dave at work today and he is extremely good at what he does.

Mark Rapsey, could there ever be a more prolific studio guest?

Top bloke too.

Jake Ash gave a particularily good interview IMO and hopefully due to extracts from the cross section of football the county offers; it kept everyone interested and looking forward to next week.

RSAB supported us no end today and despite their limitations are great people to work with.

Come Monday we will have an idea of how many online listeners we had, this will give us an indication as to whether the interest is there.

Best bit for me was the minor piece of car crash radio that heard Dale and Simon Tonkin of St Blazey casually making small chat, ha ha.

Glossed over by the ever cool Mr Deacon. :clapper:

Keep the comments coming, feedback will play a large part in the future of the show......................

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

phoned through but got Daves ansafone...

If it happened to be between 5 and 7 this evening - you would have done. I wonder why! :D

Sorry Dave, I thought you wanted folk to call in and contribute ! Is it not an interactive show ?

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Very much want it to be interactive, but not by ringing my personal mobile during the programme. I have it on to read texts, but would never answer a call because of probably talking to someone else.

Best if we ring you anyway, but thanks for the interest.

Next week perhaps :D

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

More than happy for you to call next week Dave, you know the number.

I will text you anyway with the result but hope that you may even attend the match before heading off to Radio HQ.

Will listen online tomorrow, keep up the excellent work of promoting Cornish football.

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Well we got through! :D

We spoke to all levels of football in the County.

There are areas where we could get smarter, but then, isn't there always. There were some amusing gaffs, but nothing we can't sort.

Take a listen today by going to Radio St Austell Bay - it should be on again this evening at the same time as yesterday - 5pm through to 7pm. If you get the chance, please do so and give us some feedback. At the end of the day - the programme is there for everyone interested in Cornish football.

May I also say many, many thanks to all those that responded to my text letting you know about the programme and for everyone that offered to help. And let's not forget Graham Walker of Radio St Austell Bay for giving us the opportunity.

And one day I will get Rappo to say something controversial! :D

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I am a bit disappointed not to see more comments about Dave's Show over the week-end.How many of us made the effort to listen to what we have been asking for for Months?

It was so good I listened to the repeat as well as the first broadcast. It is something good enough to support and show Radio St Austell Bay that it could be worth expanding to enable a larger live audience.

Come on chaps let's get amongst this a bit please. :thumbsup::clapper::drink::drink: :drink:

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It was a great show, Rappo and Dave could be the new Mark and Lard, not sure who would be the lard though!! hey Rappo!! :clapper::clapper:

It was certainly great to hear from all levels of Football, Jake Ash talked like the level headed bloke he seems to be and was more than willing to field questions from Dave.

Loads of results coming in all the time, so hopefully the show will go on for longer than the 2 weeks its initially for. I'll have to catch the first half hour of the show some time though cos I didnt' get back from our game till 5:30

Great work Dave and Rappo, keep it up

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If you haven't listened to any of it yet - don't forget there's a link at the top of the main discussion board :D

Under "Cornish Soccer Radio - Listen now" - just listening to some of it myself at the moment - the initial chit chat with Simon Tonkin of St Blazey is a cracker! :D

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Listen to the Cornish Soccer Radio in brought to you by Dave Deacon and St Austell Bay Radio programme again, i have recorded the programme and hosted it so users can have the chance to listen to it again.

You have 2 options either click on the link and stream the programme or right mouse button and select save as, and download the programme in a mp3 format filesize 26.3mb. Handy so you can put it on your ipod to listen to another time.

Stream or Download Here

Please let us know what you think of the show and whether you have streamed or downloaded the recorded link and if you would like this option to be available more.


Phil Ruberry (Paparazzi)

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thanks for the nice comments,very much appreciated,(except yours daz!!!) :thumbsup: great to see deacs back on air doing what he does best! really enjoyed it and i think daves got a very special guest lined up for next week who wont sit on the fence as much as me!!! i,ll say no more,you,ll have to listen in!!! some really nice people at the station and a nice little set up,and graham is very professional alongside dave.wish darren and deacs all the best with it,a great idea,2 hours of pure local football! and it saves us all falling asleep trying to catch the non existent results service on radio cornwall these days!!!! get in touch with dave whether your in mining 3 or duchy 5,its interesting to hear a wide range of comments from all over the county from anyone involved in cornish football.keep up the good work for all of us dave. :clapper::c: :D

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Hi Dave,

both Mike and I happy to chat anytime, got cut off last Sat when waiting, probably a good job as I was not in the mood to sit on the fence!

We're Holsworthy away this sat will try and remember to text result though, but will prob be driving and out of signal for a call.

Keep up the good work

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I rushed back home from my game last weekend to listen to the show on the Internet.

Thought it was a good show, covered all leagues of Cornish Football, and also had some good inout from various people

Also good to hear the 'Ben Andros' debate.

I will again be making my best efforts to listen this Saturday, I think this show has a future for years to come

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