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    There’s laws of the game that are delivered differently by referees!! Go work that one out!!!
  2. Were you at the game? I wasn’t, but not every tackle that ends with a serious injury is a foul!
  3. St Darren

    Next up for the County Youth - the holders at Helston!

    Is it only players from SWL clubs that get in this ‘elite’ squad
  4. St Darren

    Managers, what do they know?

    I think you’re talking more on the lines of Health and Safety rather than their credentials to be a manager!! Whether in the premier league or division 10 of The Trelawney league the same thing could happen, ie: a player could clash heads and be knocked unconscious. However in the professional game there are paramedics, doctors on the bench (only at premier league level) therefore the player stands a far greater chance of being ok. With regards to managing at lower level, it’s about knowing the right people or having a couple of quid in your pocket! Hardly anything to do with tactics
  5. St Darren

    Billy Chown RIP

    Sorry to hear the news. Regards to Richard and Jamie
  6. Planet realism!!! the original post does say that there would be a licensed bar open. I was merely stating that I wouldn’t want the first pint out of those pipes!!!
  7. Yes. I would have thought so. Hence my reply of not having the first pint as if they are serving from pumps. I wouldn’t be anywhere near them!!
  8. You sure?? Be cans all over the place up there
  9. Not if it’s been sitting in the pipes for that long!!!
  10. Think that’s a little harsh. Mr Pope may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I doubt that he’s spat at anyone. And I’d be surprised if Ryan did as well
  11. St Darren

    Trelawny League - Saturday 29 Sept 2018

    Correct it’s not in the spirit of the game but that’s about morals. You can’t blame though if you get a 0-0 defeat
  12. St Darren

    Trelawny League - Saturday 29 Sept 2018

    Made the right choice then didn’t they. No minus goal difference
  13. I wouldn’t want to be the first one to have a pint. Sitting in pipes for months
  14. Accidental Handball??? How many hand balls are deliberate? Ridiculous wording for the law. As I also believe that a deliberate handball is a cautionable offence!!
  15. The words “assaults the linesman” was used on Twitter
  16. St Darren

    Who would be a manager

    If you want to be a manager you need to know loads of good players or be mates with. It’s no longer about being a big club, if that were the case sides like Falmouth, Newquay, Porthleven, Penzance would be regularly at the top. There are several clubs out there that rely on one person to do all of it, take them away and they lose a load of players! The amount of phone calls that a manager had to make and even then there’s no guarantee of them turning up. Football has changed massively in the last 15-20 years. A crazy job for anyone to undertake for no gain apart from a loss of hassle.
  17. St Darren

    Truro vacating Treyew Road

    Masters came into a situation where he couldn’t lose following the Heaney debacle but he’s managed to alienate even more! He’s told so many stories and changed them so many times that he’s harder to believe than Heaney was. It’s the end of Truro City. At least 3 years up in Torquay!!!
  18. St Darren

    Truro vacating Treyew Road

    It’s another and the final example of the club no longer being for the community. The owner has taken it on as a business in the hope of earning some money from it (no problem with that) but in doing so has completely alienated any potential fan base