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  1. Back in 1990 that was I think. Just before the world Cup, Gazza played for about half an hour and was unbelievable
  2. If he doesnt go to ground he doesn't get the foul. He's now stopped going to ground, same as Mane! Harry Kane is far worse but because he's the England captain it doesn't get talked about
  3. Are you having a laugh? "when England do it, its cheating, when others do it, its professionalism" English players get away with it all the time in the Premier league, Harry Kane backs in and then falls over, he puts his leg across people to gain the contact. Either we accept that it's part of the game in trying to gain and advantage or it gets dealt with in a harsher way. As I said, see how softly Maguire goes down when he's in trouble on the ball
  4. Itv are taking a battering on social media about Sam Matterface being commentator. He's taken over from Clive Tyldesley and he's truly awful. I'm looking forward to seeing the figures on Monday on those watching BBC or ITV
  5. I don't think he was booked for dissent. He got booked in the aerial challenge which I presume was interpreted as a challenge with too much force. He showed dissent when Denmark scored the free kick as he didn't think either of the free kicks should have been given. Which is quite ironic when you see how easy he goes to ground to win a free kick.
  6. Sterling, Kane and Maguire all go down fast to easily. But when England players do it, it's, them winning the free kicks, when a foreign player does it they're cheating!! They wonder why the English are disliked!!! The foul on kane though looked a penalty to me.
  7. TAA would only be missed if Southgate would have played to his strengths!! Same as Kane, Kane works great with son at spurs, who does that role for England?
  8. It should change then shouldn't it? Hardly makes, the hair on the back of your neck stand up does it. I struggle to find anything to say thst I'm proud to be English. I'm English but wouldn't say I'm proud to be.
  9. This rivalry with Germany only comes from the English. If you read Didi Hammans book, the germans couldn't really care less about England. England fans still talk about World Wars which were over 70 years ago and a World Cup win 55 years ago. As for the national anthem, its hardly an anthem about making you feel proud is it? A song about saving a family. Not exactly Bread of Heaven or flower of Scotland is it?
  10. Taking for a completely different person for a start. You're talking about Alan Nicholls, my apologies, we were talking about Alan Miller
  11. Hmm. Born 29th March 1970!!! Maths don't quite work out there then. Warnock talking shite
  12. Last game in February 1989 according to GOS and Wiki
  13. Not enough matches?? You are aware that they've fitted the matches in a shorter space of time? We're spoilt in this country by watching players from oversees who are far more technical then an English player. The best technical English players are Grealish, Foden and Sancho, you won't see them playing together under Southgate.
  14. Alan Miller played under Ken Brown, Warnock was years later. Our did Miller have 2 spells on loan at Argyle
  15. Shilton is an absolute tool. Played for 6 years too long for England, played in the 3rd 4th place play of match because he wanted another cap rather than letting Woods go in. Have absolutely zero respect for the man
  16. I thought Rodgers did OK at Liverpool! However, he's let champions league qualification slip the last 2 seasons now. Lampard could do with a job like Palace to get going again. Theres a big difference with mnanagers in the Premier league. There are some good coaches that aren't great with money.
  17. Tuchal has showed how far Lampard was out of his depth! Was a decent game to watch with not many chances. City's tactics didn't work out, big holes in midfield that Fernandinho would have filled. Lesser of two evils with Chelsea winning it!!
  18. Have the league given a reason as to why the group winners are away from home? I'd be interested to hear the reasons for it as it makes absolutely no sense
  19. You are fully aware that that is what has subsidised the Premier League as well yeah? Football changed in 1992 when the Premier league took over, clubs are now billion pound businesses
  20. Why pick on Paul Pogba about his wage, it's nothing to do with him. Stop going on about players wages. It's the owners of the clubs that are to blame here, they're looking to increase the value of their business, its not a football thing, it's purely business. They don't care about the fans, it's all about the TV money and the corporate side of the game.
  21. You realise it's the incompetent referees making the decisions on sending off or fouls don't you?? Wait till you see the West Brom goal being disallowed tonight. They e drawn the lines off the wrong player, the incompetent official can see that but chooses not to.
  22. Another awful decision. Also in that game Fernandes kicked out at a Spurs player, ref saw it, no booking. The referees are rubbish with their inconsistencies.
  23. Football changed in 1992. It became an entertainment business rather than a sport. TV deals went through the roof, ticket prices went sky high as the rulers of the game tried to get rid of the working class from the terraces to make it a more family spectacle. I don't like it that much to be honest with you, but I have no problem with footballers earning what they do. Shall we talk about movie stars earning millions for a film?? Or bankers getting millions of pounds in bonuses? Players try to gain the advantage in any way possible, especially knowing they can influence a referee
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