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  1. Crazy isn’t it?! But that’s the cost of the best materials nowadays! If you play with them you’ll know the difference. Especially in our weather when you’ll notice these balls don’t take on any water and get all heavy and stay inflated for weeks. There really has been a lot of development in balls over the last few years. I think £90 is mental too which is why I’m trying to offer this standard ball at a great price for the leagues. The single most important piece of equipment in football is the football. Why wouldn’t you want the best quality available?! Paul
  2. Hi all! I feel i need to come on and explain! The Xcite ball is currently the mandatory ball of choice for the SWPL and will be for the St Pirans league next season also. The St Pirans league have advised that they would prefer the use of this ball or the Nitro ball this season as well but that is up to the clubs. Having played in all these leagues over the last 20 years the quality of match balls was always something that frustrated me as a player. When the SWPL standardised the use of the match balls it made a big difference to the league and as a player made it feel more pr
  3. http://www.onesport.co.uk

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