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  1. That’s nail on the head. If he doesn’t see something he’ll say he hasn’t seen it and you’ve got no answer then. He also doesn’t moan about dissent because he lets it happen.
  2. Blimey. You had Reeksy refereeing!! You should know that you are able to get away with saying anything when Reeksy is in charge.
  3. It’s all very well having a decent team now but is it sustainable long term? Remember that last night was a one off game. I think they’ve made the right decision
  4. I said a few years ago that Carharrack would be a junior club by 2018/19! So I’m a little out. But you could see it coming a mile off i hope they get themselves sorted out to be a junior club so they continue to provide football for the local community
  5. Fair play then. I thought it would be harsh to have a player banned during an appeal process
  6. What happens if you appeal the sending off? I very much doubt the County FA get all that sorted within 5 working days
  7. I did mate. A while ago. I think the rolling subs has worked all in all
  8. Glen and Liam. Any chance on moving beck to TMS at any stage? If that could happen it would be great and would see the club move on further I reckon. Especially if changing rooms can be put up. Best of luck and hope the club sticks together and gets back home
  9. Forget slow motion. Slow motion doesn’t happen! It was an obvious foul on the keeper that the Lino should have been watching. It was a soft foul on Lacezette but it was John Moss reffing! The Lino has given the correct decision on the Sterling thing bug the ref has overruled him. The sissoko one, the ref has seen and given him a yellow!!! So tell me I’m wrong. Im not an advocate of VAR on certain things as I think they are about perception on them but the referees need to get things more right than what they are.
  10. Recruit new officials and get rid of the rubbish they they have at the moment. You only have to look at the premier league this weekend and see the amount of errors made or laws not applied Sissoko not sent off Sterling offside decision Arsenal Penalty Foul on Allison And I’ve not watched half of MOTD yet!
  11. St Agnes branch reporting for duty!! If the Pirates taking over Truro City makes it a community club then I’m all for it.
  12. Until the law is changed there will always be arguments. Just say that anytime the ball hits the arm it’s handball. End of debate then. Mira never a penalty and just more reasons why VAR is not suitable for certain situations.
  13. Consistency would help. If Dave implemented the laws of the game and booked those players for dissent then he’s done the right thing. The problem lies with interpretation of dissent and done referees tolerate more than others.
  14. The ball not having to leave the area is a good one as you can cheat if you’re under pressure. I don’t get why there isn’t a tougher law for keepers handling a back pass, if the ball is heading in, the keeper can save it and it’s just an indirect free kick. No yellow card, no red card. It should be a red card imo
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