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  1. It's the same as the men's game with regards to qualifiers that are just non entities, I saw the goals from the ladies game and my dear life, the standard is awful, it's not helping to sell the women's game
  2. With regards to profile.... What benefit has the success of Truro City or the potential success of Helston had on any other club in the area???
  3. There's a reason why someone would react like that, I'm not defending it at all, but what triggered him to be like that??
  4. I think the referee was safe with the players stopping the manager, doesn't excuse it though! But yeah, my initial reaction was, what made the manager go off like thst
  5. My first thoughts were.... Blimey, how bad must the referee have been, what did he do wrong? No defending the actions of the manager though, you can't do that. On another note, games at that level will always have referees and assistants, they get paid, they're not volunteers.
  6. That's what nick tanner put in his biography. There would have obviously been bonuses to that as well
  7. Nick Tanner signed for Liverpool in 1988 and was offered £300 a week.
  8. Let's not forget that the English are as bad
  9. Possibly. But I think it's more to do with what is watched on TV.
  10. I watched a youth game recently. Under 10's. A player was spoken to by the referee for a couple of heavy challenges, not at one stage did the player look or acknowledge the referee, just carried on walking away!!
  11. Was a good game to watch. Falmouth kept penryn at arms length. Penryn played some great football on the floor with the centre midfielder the pick of the bunch. Falmouth keeper made a couple of great saves that looked like certain goals.
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