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  1. The person who wrote it was naive but I wouldn’t say homophobic. He stated that Jack Marley said he was 4 times during a commentary. He implied there was no need to say it 4 times as it had no relevance to the game. Personally I don’t see anything wrong with that so does that make me homophobic. The bit that could have been taken the wrong way, was when whoever tweeted said along the lines of he won’t be listening again. How has he insulted him?
  2. I’ll stick my neck out and say that I did t really feel that the Tweet was homophobic. But I suppose it also depends how you take it
  3. At some stage quality would overcome physical strength surely. Phil Neville said that Lucy Bronze plays a far higher standard than what he did. Or words to that effect! as for equal pay. Unfortunately at the moment the ladies game doesn’t generate anywhere near what the men’s game does so how could a business justify that. However, the ladies game is growing and participation is growing which can knit be a good thing
  4. From where they are talking about the quality of football and when they are talking about how the ladies game should be more equal with the men’s game
  5. I understood that if the ball hits your arm in the penalty area from next season it is a penalty. I see Riley has come out and said that they will not let VAR over take the referees in the premier league
  6. At what level of football do you think the England ladies team would beat a men’s team?
  7. VAR isn’t wrong. The handball law is crazy although they are ironing it out by saying every ball that hits the hand/arm is a penalty when in the penalty area. The offside law. Having a toe offside is not gaining an advantage but according to the offside law it is now. VAR was meant to be for ‘clear and obvious’ errors. That’s my only issue with it.
  8. It’s more about the laws rather than VAR.
  9. Indeed they have. A good appointment by them. I hope St Just get things sorted out
  10. How many attend AGMs nowadays anyway? I heard the rumour that a Mr Curnow is going to take over at Ludgvan next season
  11. This is great. What is a new manager going to achieve at St Just? What’s the “locals” ambition? St Just, like many other village clubs were created to provide football in the community and they are doing that with local players. Combo or the St Pirans (West) is the highest a club like St Just should be striving for. Like the rest of clubs west of Newquay
  12. If David Beckham looked like Ian Dowie do you think Real Madrid, PSG, LA Galaxy would have signed him?
  13. I agree. However you said “there’s not a player on earth worth that money” however, David Beckham was, because of the money that he brought into Real Madrid. The clubs aren’t just buying a footballer, they’re buying a brand
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