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  1. I didn’t even know England were playing!
  2. As if a team can control whether their players stay or not when another club offers money!!
  3. You want the best that you can afford as with all things in life
  4. £90 for a ball??? Wow!! At the standard of football they are playing I doubt whether it makes a massive difference. Yes it feels nice but are players really that good to notice the difference between a £90 ball and a £40 ball
  5. Who’s arsed. It’s not as if there is massive exposure to the make of the ball! Teams should be allowed to use what ball they want as long as it meets the requirements
  6. It wasn’t about the missed penalty. It was about the indecision on who was to take it.
  7. A fantastic player in the wrong team in the wrong league
  8. We’ve heard it all about a dozen times before. I’ve not watched it but does he mention that there were no towels for players in the dressing rooms at Truro?
  9. It’s not ‘the clubs’ paying. It’s individuals!!!
  10. But there have also been a number of times where it has been swept under the carpet. Been in a club that has had it done to them and they’ve done it to others
  11. Unless you’re a higher level club and then you just get away with it
  12. I’ve got no idea what the score was. When producing a match report I think it’s quite important to put the score in!!!
  13. “The club” wouldn’t have paid players. It would have been individuals that paid the players (or gave expenses to). It’s happened at probably 75% of combo clubs
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