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  1. Always going to get some mindless idiots. Please don’t tar everyone with the same brush!!
  2. Who knows at the moment!!
  3. Champions Call it tainted title, stick a big asteroid next to it if you want. Champions of England Champions of Europe Champions of the World
  4. I’ll be honest Dave. I stopped listening to them as they became too long. Great content and some would love that length of Pod but for me an hour is about right.
  5. So if a manager maintains a level with various groups of players in your mind doesn’t qualify as a good manager?? Managers like Dave Fisher, Steve Curnow, Kimmo who have been with clubs for years, seen players come and go and then rebuilt again. it will be interesting to see what happens to some of the ‘younger managers’ when the nucleus of their players decide to go down other paths. Will they continue, stick at it, make hundreds of phone calls to players to ask them to come to the club
  6. Managers at this level are all about the players that they can get hold of or pay. What makes a good manager at this level??
  7. I don’t think either pic does the pitch or the ground justice!! Big still good none the less
  8. Did anyone shake hands afterwards?
  9. It was meant to be said in jest to make it easier to read. SAME IF YOU WRITE IN CAPITALS, IT BECOMES REALLY HARD TO READ DUE TO LETTERS ALL BEING THE SAME SIZE You would t need to write anything that long on Liverpool besting Utd!!!
  10. Fair do’s if you’ve got that number at Wendron. But I’d say you’re a unique club by having 3 or 4 sustainable men’s teams.
  11. They use paragraphs in books as well Rappo. Makes it easier to read!!
  12. Can you press the enter/return button every now and then Rappo so your reports are easier to read?? cheers!
  13. The youth sections enable grants for clubs. Roll the clocks back 30 years (when I was a lad) there wasn’t much youth football. Now there’s more youth football then adult football. It’s great for the community but the likelihood of anymore than 2% of a youth section remaining at a club through their adult career is extremely low its not just football. Same as at a golf club as well
  14. It’s totally wrong when people say that the youth section are the future of the club, they’re the future of the game but not the club
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