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  1. You are fully aware that that is what has subsidised the Premier League as well yeah? Football changed in 1992 when the Premier league took over, clubs are now billion pound businesses
  2. Why pick on Paul Pogba about his wage, it's nothing to do with him. Stop going on about players wages. It's the owners of the clubs that are to blame here, they're looking to increase the value of their business, its not a football thing, it's purely business. They don't care about the fans, it's all about the TV money and the corporate side of the game.
  3. You realise it's the incompetent referees making the decisions on sending off or fouls don't you?? Wait till you see the West Brom goal being disallowed tonight. They e drawn the lines off the wrong player, the incompetent official can see that but chooses not to.
  4. Another awful decision. Also in that game Fernandes kicked out at a Spurs player, ref saw it, no booking. The referees are rubbish with their inconsistencies.
  5. Football changed in 1992. It became an entertainment business rather than a sport. TV deals went through the roof, ticket prices went sky high as the rulers of the game tried to get rid of the working class from the terraces to make it a more family spectacle. I don't like it that much to be honest with you, but I have no problem with footballers earning what they do. Shall we talk about movie stars earning millions for a film?? Or bankers getting millions of pounds in bonuses? Players try to gain the advantage in any way possible, especially knowing they can influence a refe
  6. What's wages got to do with it? The football clubs are private businesses so they can pay what they want and especially as that player may make them more money!! Surely that's what businesses are all about?
  7. I agree. But is this down to the referee as well? The higher you go the more you get away with. Swear at a ref at mining div 3 you get sent off, consistently swear at a referee in the South Western league and you get away with it? Why???
  8. I don't want to be a referee, why do conversations about a referee have to go back to "could you do a better job" Referees choose to be in that position. At the top level of the game, they get paid extremely well, they have the benefit of VAR yet still make ridiculous decisions, and they continue to get a gig every weekend.
  9. Surgeons get paid more for doing the same job when they do it privately! I have no problem with footballers getting paid what they do if the club can afford it, it's obviously working for a lot of them
  10. You've deleted it now. But the poster said about Royals being born into it
  11. You think so??? Is that was the case, how come Mason, Atwell, Moss, Pawlson are still there? I don't think there's many others coming through
  12. He was, due to be 4th official for thr Sheff Utd v Liverpool game this evening, but he's injured!! That's very convenient. Once again, they have no one to answer to and just get away with poor performances
  13. Another week goes, anther farcical decision from a referee No surprise that it was Lee Mason, another who has a catalogue of mistakes, but he continues to referee and doesn't have to answer to anyone
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