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  1. I don't think you would on a bike. There is no limit on the time you're allowed out at the moment. Your cycling and not stopping therfore causing no issues to anyone. Once again the guidance isn't clear, an mp was asked this morning "do you consider 7 miles to be local". His answer was "depends where you are"
  2. Don't get what's wrong with that myself. I've got friends that go on 50 mile bike rides as part of their exercise
  3. Absolutely, and it was great that they did enjoy it. They would have got more out of last night than they would have done in 10 games against their own standard
  4. They did excellently over one game, but as a team theyd be unlikely to win many games in league 2. The difference is massive. All players can raise their level for one game. It was as comfortable as it gets for Liverpool really. But yes, the Villa kids did excellent and did themselves proud. Wouldn't get carried away with many of them making the level. Same as the Liverpool side last year that played against villa, be surprised if any of them make 5 first team appearances in the next 10 years
  5. That's what I thought but apparently as soon as they mentioned football and St Blazey that then brings the game into disrepute
  6. Hi. Yeah I didn't realise that as soon as mention you're from a football club you bring the FA into it. But yeah, just madness to be doing that
  7. Not sure what this has got to do with the Cornwall FA or the league though.
  8. Stokes won it last year didn't he? Cricket has hardly been in the prominent public eye this year. Years ago it used to be something different but the amount of sport on TV now, we've all seen everything they show. The sports persons aren't allowed to be personalities due to the money that they earn.
  9. They're not allowed to be personalities anymore. Name a Sports Personality who's anywhere near the top of their game??
  10. Haha. A typical comment from someone who doesn't watch Liverpool. The man is the best beast of the team. The man who has lead Liverpool to a European Cup and League title.
  11. I presume that's what was meant. Was Sports view the original name? It's rubbish nowadays anyway. Used to be great when there wasn't so much sport on TV you saw stuff that youd not seen. As well as the fact that sports persons are not allowed to be personalities anymore
  12. To be fair or didn't look a penalty but the lino could have had his flag up properly as he could have seen something the referee didn't
  13. Bottle job from the linesman for the potential Helston penalty
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