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  1. Completely agree. And when it’s started again, the season needs to be finished at professional level.
  2. Why though? The season can be finished and then the next season adjusted accordingly. Who qualifies for Champions League or does it go back to the start? City, Liverpool, Spurs and Chelsea? Obviously this is just at premier league level but I’m sure the Football League would adjust as well. Although I would caveat that by saying that there does need to be a date out on it at some stage but I believe that currently they shouldn’t be thinking of starting next season yet (at the pro level)
  3. Hi Dave. My wife is the Charity manager at RCHT and they have to co-ordinate where everything goes. I can send you her contact details if you ping me a DM
  4. Neville was brought in to increase the profile of the ladies international team
  5. The cup competitions have no real baring on next season so they’ll be last of the priorities
  6. Did anyone shake hands afterwards?
  7. Remember the criteria of being born in Cornwall or have lived here since 16. I’m not sure more then 2 Truro players would qualify.
  8. It’s the people looking at VAR in this instance which is incompetent referees. That Coote fella got 2 decisions wrong yesterday and has mugged off the referee on the pitch. The Spurs later should have walked and Leicester should have had a penalty. But for some reason he didn’t give them. For years people said a refs decision is based on one view, well now VAR gives them the extra views and sometimes they still get it wrong. Mike Riley and his PGMOL or whatever it’s called need binning off
  9. Shall we discuss VAR and referees again after the incidents today??? In particular the challenge in the Chelsea v Spurs game
  10. Yeah. Referees are never wrong. Remember that.....
  11. He didn’t get sent off for one reason and that’s because he plays for England. The top English players have always got away with more, Rooney, Gerrard, Neville, Ferdinand. The referees are not fit for purpose. How on earth Stuart Atwell is refereeing let alone at premier league level is beyond me. He’s the worst of the lot, and when you include, Taylor, Moss, Paulson, Atkinson in that list then that is some accolade. The referee last night was Anthony Taylor from Greater Manchester, I believe it was Chris Kavanagh as var, guess where he’s from??
  12. Got the offside right. The push probably right. But the Maguire kick out is mad. officials from Manchester though. More incompetence
  13. Where have the other posts on this gone?
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