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  1. You’ve not seen a poor team??? have you watched, Southampton, Everton, West Ham, Norwich..... terrible at that standard
  2. The var reviewed it and didn’t feel it was deliberate handball. Not once has a ref used the pitch side monitor
  3. They were reviewed though!
  4. Wow. Didn’t know that! I wouldn’t advise players to sign on to clubs to help them out in that case
  5. Good luck with collecting money from the players, is that in the constitution of the league or the FA somewhere? If a player owes money for a booking or a red card then fair enough. But if it’s owing money for a team not fielding a side then they can take a running jump as far as I’m concerned
  6. It was a joke. I don’t get why they need to see a replay that many times. in the hand ball one, it’s clearly hit his arm so surely they just go on what the law is. The penalty incident, he’s been clipped but did what Mane did and flipped his legs out but was still tripped. Why on earth they need to see it that many times I don’t know. And I hope Spurs appeal the red card as it’s never a red card no matter how horrific the afters was
  7. Wait till you see the Villa v Liverpool game just to see how flawed it is
  8. And therefore I go back to the fact that England should have walked off. UEFA are all about chances. The protocol is 3 chances then off. That’s a joke
  9. £65k fine and 2 matches behind closed doors with 1 being suspended!! Thats what Bulgaria gets.
  10. It’s a learning disability not difficulty!!! Why should it be a learning curve? If there’s racist behaviour, walk off! The reason why UEFA wouldn’t want that is to save a football match, then they wouldn’t have to reorganise one! The thought that football is bigger then racism is truly astonishing.
  11. I think in Rugby things are more black and white. VAR should only be used in football for black and white decisions such as offside and if ball is over the line. The rest is interpretation. The referees are poor and the people who do the VAR are the same referees so they’re never going to go against ‘their mate’ in the middle.
  12. Walking off is the only way that is going to make society stand up and look. It’s not just a football thing it’s a whole society thing. UEFA give racists 3 chances!!! How does that happen?
  13. Not quite sure how you work out the ‘kick it out’ campaign is working??? There was racist abuse from the terraces so that’s hardly kicking it out is it?? however, walking off the pitch has made a bigger impact as the FA have to act rooerly now in what they do. That is what England should have done rather then giving racists 3 chances!!
  14. Why have a protocol? After last night what happened in the first 20 mins they should have walked off then. That would have made a bigger statement. The FA guys statement/interview was terrible. He basically excused the minor racism in the second half as not punishable. In my opinion England could have made a massive statement last night that would have gone further than the football world. I put some of the blame on the FA who would never stand up to UEFA and encourage them to walk off. This is an FA who fined Millwall £10,000 for racist chanting. An FA who fined a club up north £165 for waking off the pitch after racist abuse towards one of their players and the club who had the fan giving the abuse £160!!! I did find some of the England fans chanting rather ironic though as there is a percentage of those that are probably National Front members and involved in xenophobic chants before, during and after games.
  15. Exactly. So if a ref is allowing some “gobbing off” and not booking the players, how can you have sympathy for them! Its the referees who ref the game with common sense that get the least abuse and deal with it a different way
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