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  1. Bude Town. 1-3 Mousehole Holsworthy 3-2 Plymstock United (3.00pm) Ludgvan 1-6 Bere Alston United Penzance 3-1 St.Blazey  Plymouth Marjon 2-2 Wendron United (3.00pm) Porthleven 1-3 Liskeard Athletic (3.00pm)  St Dennis 3-1 Dobwalls
  2. Callington Town 3-1. Godolphin Atlantic Exmouth Town 2 -1 St Austell (2.15pm) Falmouth Town 3-2 Cullompton Rangers Ivybridge Town 1-4 Tavistock  Launceston 1-2. Torpoint Athletic (2.15pm)  Millbrook 1-3 Bodmin Town Saltash United 4-1 Elburton Villa 
  3. That’s.a shame, although still possible the way you guys are playing this season!?! 👍👌⚽️
  4. Had 92 goals in 24 games in the old West Cornwall Sunday League.bout 30 years ago!! Reckon Chris could beat that with half a season still to go! Be great if he got 100!!! ⚽️😃👍
  5. Appreciate the vote Dave! Hope you’re well mate. Roy is spot on, started playing for Malabar at 13 and remember those games against Pool SC and other good really tough teams!! But as Ralph correctly said I only played two and a half seasons in the mining league, went Combo at 16 and SWL at 18 until I was 35 apart from being reinstated a few times to help old mates out at the end of their seasons. Enjoyed a few seasons in the Trelawny league at the end before the knees packed in as well but there’s much more worthy players out there that have graced the mining and FHL more than me!! Some cracking players and characters in junior football over the years 👍⚽️
  6. Good start anyway Owain!!! Falmouth’s ground Bickland Park is the best in Cornwall!! 👍👌🖤💛⚽️
  7. DIVISION ONE WEST (2.15pm) Liskeard Athletic v Ludgvan (3.00pm) 7-0 Mousehole v Bere Alston United 5-1 Plymouth Marjon v Wadebridge Town (3.00pm) 2-3 Plymstock United v Penzance 2-4 Porthleven v Bude Town (3.00pm) 5-1  Wendron United v St Dennis. 2-2
  8. Perranwell 1 St Austell 6 Cullompton Rangers 3 Callington Town 1 Elburton Villa 2 Helston Athletic 2 Godolphin Atlantic 1 Exmouth Town 3 Millbrook 2 Ivybridge Town 1 Saltash United 4 Newquay 1  Sticker 0 Falmouth Town 5  Tavistock 5 Launceston 1
  9. RAPPO


    Echo the above from the gents. Was a skinny 13 year left winger when I first got tackled by Johnny. Thought I’d been hit by a train!! A few of the Malabar lads tried looking after me but Johnny said “if he’s playing men’s foootball he gets a men’s tackle!!!” Fair comment really!! Must admit no tackle felt quite as bad after playing in that game!! Carharrack have lost a couple of great men in the last few months. RIP Johnny
  10. Launceston v Liskeard Athletic 2-2 St Day v Porthleven 2-4 Wadebridge Town v Helston Athletic 1-3 Wendron United v St Stephens Borough 4-1 SWPL  DIVISION ONE WEST (2.15pm) Bere Alston United v Holsworthy 1-2 Bude Town v St.Blazey 3-2 St Dennis v Plymouth Marjon. 4-1
  11. Chertsey 3 St Austell 2 Bodmin Town 3 Camelford 1 Falmouth 5 Town Polperro 1 Launceston 2 Liskeard Athletic 2 Saltash United 4 Penryn Athletic 2 Wadebridge Town 1 Helston Athletic 3 Elburton Villa 2 Godolphin Atlantic 1 Exmouth Town 3 Millbrook 1 Plymouth Argyle 5 Newquay 1 Torpoint Athletic 1 Tavistock 3
  12. Dobwalls 3-1 Bude Town Holsworthy 2-2 Wendron United 3.00 pm Liskeard Athletic 4-0 Bere Alston United 3.00 pm Ludgvan 1-6 St.Blazey  Penzance 3-2 St Dennis  Plymstock United 2-3 Mousehole  Wadebridge Town 2-2 Porthleven 3.00 pm
  13. Bodmin Town 5 Sticker 1 Camelford 1 Torpoint Athletic 2 Elburton Villa 1 St Austell 4 Falmouth Town 2 Saltash United 2 Godolphin Atlantic 2 Ivybridge Town 1 Helston Athletic 1 Plymouth Argyle 3  Launceston 2 Millbrook 2 Newquay 2 Exmouth Town 2  Tavistock 3 Cullompton Rangers 1
  14. DIVISION ONE WEST 11.00 Dobwalls v Liskeard Athletic 2-4 Plymstock United v Bere Alston United. 4-1 Wendron United v Porthleven 2-3 12:00 Penzance v Mousehole 3-3 14:00 Holsworthy v Bude Town AFC 3-2 St Dennis v St Blazey 4-1
  15. Camelford 1 Bodmin Town 3 Exmouth Town 3 Cullompton Rangers 0 Helston Athletic 2 Falmouth Town 3 Ivybridge Town 2 Elburton Villa 2 Launceston 2 Callington Town 1 Saltash United 2 Tavistock 2  St Austell 8 Sticker 0 Torpoint Athletic 3 Millbrook 1 Newquay 3 Godolphin Atlantic 2
  16. Haha 😆 to be honest Fanfare i quite enjoyed the dozen or so ‘proper’ games I reffed. Not sure an assessor would have marked me too highly though! I hardly ever blew my whistle! Just went into games thinking no one is here to see a ref, they’re here to play and watch a game of football so used to try and stay in the background until there was a bad foul!!! Never issued a card! Got to be honest I forgot them one Sunday league match I did!! I was no Howard Webb! 👓🎅🏼
  17. Anyone who knows Danny as a great bloke or a footballer who’s had a brilliant career knows he can look after himself on the pitch but also takes it as well without whinging at referees. An old school player if you like. Still loves playing the game and is as dedicated as he ever was. Sounds as if the ref overeated with the two yellows but as we all agree a tough job and fair play to all the men in black. I know rules are rules and laws etc blah blah but the best refs I’ve encountered over the years are the ones who interact with the players, treat them like adults and use a bit of common sense as every match is different regardless of rule A1: 23 bc blah! Anyway merry Xmas everyone 🤶(there’s a song there!)
  18. SATURDAY, 22nd DECEMBER 2018 SWPL DIVISION ONE WEST (2.15pm) Bude Town v Bere Alston United 3-2 Dobwalls v Porthleven 1-3 Ludgvan v Plymstock United 1-6 St Dennis v Mousehole 3-3 Wadebridge Town v Wendron United 3-2
  19. Callington 1 St Austell 5 Cullompton 3 Newquay 2 Elburton 2 Camelford 1 Exmouth 2 Bodmin 2 Falmouth 2 Plymouth Argyle 2  Milbrook 2 Godolphin 1  Sticker 2 Launceston 2  Torpoint 3 Helston 2
  20. Bude Town 1-4 Wadebridge Town Mousehole 3-1 Dobwalls Plymouth Marjon 2-3 Penzance (3.00pm) Plymstock United 3-2 Wendron United St Dennis 2-4 Liskeard Athletic St.Blazey 3-1 Bere Alston United (3.00pm)
  21. Bodmin Town 4-1 Cullompton Rangers Ivybridge Town 1-3 Falmouth Town Launceston 2-1 Godolphin Atlantic (2.15pm) Saltash United 4-1 Callington Town St Austell 4-1 Newquay Tavistock 6-0 Sticker Torpoint Athletic 2-2 Exmouth Town
  22. LEAGUE CUP Liskeard Ath v Ivybridge Town 2-2
  23. RAPPO

    11/11/18 results

    That’s a normal post for Dave to be honest Keith!!! No drink or drugs (I don’t think) just a top bloke mate! Very funny guy 😂. To be fair the club took a fair few beatings over the years and as 5ouse said just a great bunch of blokes win or lose so its lovely to see them doing really well these days. 👍⚽️
  24. FA VASE 3RD ROUND Cadbury Heath 2-3 AFC St Austell Saltash United 1-1 Cribbs SWPL PREMIER DIVISION (3.00pm) Elburton Villa 1-3 Bodmin Town Exmouth Town 4-1 Camelford Falmouth Town 2-2 Tavistock Godolphin Atlantic 1-4 Plymouth Argyle Millbrook 2-3 Helston Athletic Sticker 1-2 Cullompton Rangers WALTER C PARSON CUP, 3rd Round (2.00pm) Launceston 4-1 Dobwalls