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  1. Well unfortunately for you I was never brought up to be a quitter and I was trained to be a fighter. I've seen the quitters now I've got to lead the fighters.
  2. Right just to put the facts straight. I think people are very aware of Carharrack position. Its been a particular tough time for myself and our committee members. We lost my father who was a founding member of the club, a critical committee member with a serious injury and most recently our manager left the club along with a number of players. So do I choice to fold the club or fight on, that was the choice. I'm not a manager but I'm also not a quitter. So I have to step up to the plate as manager, as well as all the other roles in order to save 50 years of history. I asked the league to give me a period of time that I can get a team so not to fold. It was highly likely our games would be off anyway as already a saturated pitch. We were due to play again against West Cornwall but they folded. We have a number of players who are fighters and I want to be able to field a side. The aim is to complete the season. I'm flattered that people are worried they might not be able to score double digits against us but would you rather us field a side or fold a club? I really can't believe what I'm reading above. I don't think you can void any of our points as we haven't got any. We got a point against West Cornwall but that will now be voided.
  3. I think in the interest of the forum this topic should now close. Every club has its up and downs, I know that for sure. People have had their say lets keep at that.
  4. Richard Chown

    Diminishing Media Coverage

    To be honest I didn't even know the Packet was still in circulation. I do however buy the Sunday Independent, it puts the others to shame with its coverage.
  5. Richard Chown

    Diminishing Media Coverage

    I have to refute that claim le boss. This forum was set up over 10 years ago before leagues even had their results or tables online. The reason the site was set up was so that people like myself who were abroad could stay in touch with Cornish Football. Unlike newspapers this site doesn't contain any adverts and we certainly don't pass on your data to any 3rd party. In fact I know a lot of journalists use this site to get information.
  6. Richard Chown

    Diminishing Media Coverage

    My father in law has stopped buying the West Briton as the Sports section has diminished. Basically just reporting on Truro City.
  7. Thanks I made the Chilli. You can say what you want about Carharrack but you will never go hungry after a match.
  8. Richard Chown


    The word legend doesn't come around often John Webster was one.
  9. How's carharrick pitch looking pal ?

  10. Jollys Cornwall Combination League FULL TIME Link http://full-time.thefa.com/Index.do?league=2469969 Cornwall Combo Website http://www.cornwallcomboleague.co.uk/nindex.html ECPL Website http://www.football.mitoo.co.uk/News.cfm?LeagueCode=ECRNW2013&NB=0 Mortgage Advice Bureau East Cornwall Premier League http://fulltime-league.thefa.com/Index.do?league=580067127
  11. Just upgraded the forum. Fingers crossed!

  12. Currently Upgrading Forum

  13. Testing for all those that use Twitter at matches!

  14. Duchy League Trelawny League