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  1. http://www.cornwallfa.com/news/2020/may/29/support-package-announced-for-all-cornwall-fa-clubs-leagues-and-referees As we continue to follow the government guidelines and respect the social distancing regulations in order to protect lives and keep everyone safe, we have been working behind the scenes to put a comprehensive programme of financial support together to assist clubs, leagues and referees to get football started when appropriate to do so.INSURANCEWhilst never the most exciting aspect, insurance is critically important. All club and league ‘Countycover’ Public Liability policies with Bluefin Sport through the NGIS (National Game Insurance Scheme) expire on the 30th June 2020. In order to ensure continuity of cover and to ensure all clubs and leagues remain protected under the conditions of their public liability insurance, even if football does not start, Cornwall FA will renew and cover the cost of renewal for all policies applicable from 1st July 2020 for the new season. When the affiliation window opens this will show as ‘Countycover’ – FREE We would encourage all clubs at time of affiliation to take out the offered top-up to ‘Countycover Plus’ offering the player to player extension shown as ‘Countycover Plus’ (top-up only) of £29. This extension provides valuable ‘Player to Player’ cover for legal defence costs and awards.Bluefin Sport have already been in direct contact with clubs that held policies with them outlining the discount process for personal accident insurance for the new season due to the early termination of the last season. COUNTY CUP COMPETITIONS 2019-2020 As previously reported we have been very keen to hold-off making any final decision regarding the viability for these predominantly semi-final and final games to be played to a conclusion in the hope that a sensible time-frame would emerge. It is still not clear whether this will be possible or not but we do understand the desire from those clubs still competing to have their opportunity to play these games and we will continue to leave this on hold for the time being.COUNTY CUP COMPETITIONS 2020-2021Entry fees for all competitions for the new season will be FREE.The viability of any, and all new season’s county cup competitions will be based on the ability to run the programme of fixtures and will be constantly reviewed. Note: The proposed changes to cup competitions and structures will now not be effective for the 20/21 season and all competitions will remain as in previous years.CLUB AFFILIATIONClub affiliation comes in two parts; the ‘club affiliation fee’ and a ‘team supplement’. For the 20/21 season, all club affiliation fees will be FREE. The team supplement will remain.LEAGUE SANCTIONLeague sanction comes in two parts; ‘league sanction fee’ and a team supplement’. For the 20/21 season all league sanction fees will be FREE. The team supplement will remain.REFEREE REGISTRATIONReferee Registration fee – FREEReferees will be encouraged to take out the personal accident insurance at a minimal cost of £5.BENEVOLENT FUNDAll club contributions for the 2020-2021 season will be suspended.All player benevolent fund claims will continue to be considered and, where appropriate, paid.Dawn Aberdeen, Chief Executive Officer
  2. Thank you to all those that have donated! We have just reached our 25% target
  3. Fenman, its very kind of you to offer but you have already donated. It would be great to see members pitch in to keep us independent non profit community forum.
  4. Thanks feman, all donations help to keep the forum going and independent!
  5. I'll be interested if other people have had soil analysis done on their pitches in the local area. At Carharrack AFC our pitch is manmade not natural so it is possible soil from old mine working was used to fill it in. Our analysis shows a high amount of Copper and Iron. Not including Fe (Iron) in a mix is a easy way not to add to the problem. PH Levels are just right but comes back as Soil Type: Sandy Silt Loam which would explain issues with drainage, clay type soil sticks. You can see the profile by downloading the attachment. Carharrack_AFC_Soil_Analysis.pdf
  6. Sorry to hear this news. Always a good battle with Mariners in the Mining League
  7. CornwallFootballForum.com is a non-profit, independent community football website first created over 10 years ago.Since then technology has changed, users visiting the site has significantly grown to over 1000 unique users a day. This has meant costs associated with running the site has increased as we moved to a dedicated server and 365 day support. In order to keep the site free from costs to the members we tried an advertising model in the past. Unfortunately, this hasn't worked as expected. So, we are asking members if they will please donate to help run the site for another 12 months. The team realised the current situation and delayed the crowdfunding campaign back in April. The campaign will initially be over 30 days but we will continue to keep it open for when people are in a better position to donate. All donations are sent securely through the platform.Thank You Please Donate https://www.gofundme.com/f/cornwall-football-forum-2020
  8. Maybe it’s time for a complete reset on how clubs operate. There is no better time than now. Plymouth nearly got liquidated back in early 2000’s. Now it’s a model club in terms of finances and one of a few clubs with no debt in the black.
  9. That would have been a simple solution and a PR win for all involved.
  10. I very much doubt any club is making a profit in the Premiership or below. Vast amount of accumulated debt or they rely on a benefactor.
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