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  1. I thought to get into the Rugby Premiership stadiums need to be a minimum of 10,000 capacity
  2. I'm a optimist but also a realist. It is highly unlikely competitive grassroots football will be played anytime before April.
  3. The one thing I would ask all to consider is that clubs are run not by players in most circumstances but by the older generation. No club wants to put their volunteers, those that man the tea hut, the grounds person in harms way when we can regroup and see what the situation is like.
  4. https://www.cornwallfa.com/news/2020/dec/31/county-cups-suspended-with-immediate-effect?fbclid=IwAR1rUJ5saCi2sG5caPz6ZMIYMUoi3OVB1J3j0z_i0If6tsaD6wBZNyYDhxk
  5. Who are these teams looking for friendlies? It’s a bit irresponsible don’t you think.
  6. Very sensible decision by the Trelawny League Committee. In line with other leagues in Cornwall, The Trelawny League Committee have taken the decision to temporary suspend fixtures for the time being. A review of a restart date will be made once a clearer picture of the present situation is clear. This decision has been taken to ensure every effort is made to keep players, officials and club volunteers as safe as possible. At this time it is the leagues intention to complete all division fixtures by the end of the season and at present no decision as been made with reference to the c
  7. So following the tier change to 3 the @DuchyLeague have suspended all fixtures with a start date unknown.
  8. An @ECPLeague announcement. All league fixtures are suspended until the next Government Review of the Tier System.
  9. Is that Lewis Goldsworthy that plays professionally for Somerset Cricket Club?
  10. ££££££ Cost of Hire plus match official fees you are looking at £100 for a match.
  11. Right I will keep this simple: Tier 1: Pints Tier 2: Pints with chips Tier 3: No pints
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