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  1. On the night the five remaining clubs voted plus the League committee members.
  2. I voted for Lanner to join as they are a well established club and finished higher than Marazion in the league.
  3. Carharrack AFC are pleased to announce the managerial appointments of Glen Patterson and Matt Mcilroy for the forthcoming Combination League 2019/20 season. We wish them both the best of luck! Glen and Matt were involved in Carharrack previous winning sides and look forward to supporting them throughout.
  4. I believe the rules are a top 4 finish. This happened to Holmans a couple of seasons ago.
  5. I try not to get involved. I wish people would give Harry and the lads a break. We were lucky I approached Harry when he was managing family members of mine at under 18 level, he rejected and wanted to manage his home club understandable. I had everything in place and knew the club could go further, what happen was parabolic, we had a team that had played together at their peak and it was a privilege to watch each week winning all the trophies. Teams change thats football. If I was told that the new St P league had grants we would be in a totally different position than we are now, the fact St P league are giving two years grace Harry would of stayed no doubt. Personally I think Harry is a superb motivator, wouldn't surprise me like a big club like St Austell in SWPL P where he played approaches him in the very near future.
  6. Paul, what happen at Carharrack this season was nobody's fault but mine. I'm the chairman and I have to take responsibility for it. I made a serious massive error of judgement at the start of the season with an managerial appointment and its a simple as that. A lesson learned. However, I'm not a quitter and I knew I had to make sure the club survive. The players knew what we had to do and we got there, job done. We had 5 great years and don't regret any of it, sometimes you have to take the rough with the smooth as they say, it can happen to any club, thats football. We are just in a crazy situation now with the restructuring, if we knew about the grants now being given out in the St Pirans league last season we certainly wouldn't of been in this position now. Best of luck to everyone for the rest of the season.
  7. Winston, that’s bullshit and you know it. We didn’t have a squad tonight, simple as that, for us the season is over.
  8. Youth Football, firms forcing Saturday Working, University, multiplayer computer games, village life dying. The dynamics are changing. This doesn't include the critical situation CCFA are going to have in 10 years time when there are no volunteers to run clubs anymore. This is just isn't grassroots adult football it is happening in Rugby and Cricket not helped by the national associations not understanding the effect of top down changes make.
  9. How's carharrick pitch looking pal ?

  10. Jollys Cornwall Combination League FULL TIME Link http://full-time.thefa.com/Index.do?league=2469969 Cornwall Combo Website http://www.cornwallcomboleague.co.uk/nindex.html ECPL Website http://www.football.mitoo.co.uk/News.cfm?LeagueCode=ECRNW2013&NB=0 Mortgage Advice Bureau East Cornwall Premier League http://fulltime-league.thefa.com/Index.do?league=580067127
  11. Just upgraded the forum. Fingers crossed!

  12. Currently Upgrading Forum

  13. Testing for all those that use Twitter at matches!

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