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  1. Op was meant to be today. But no bed. Back again tomorrow.. 6 to 9 months recovery
  2. Just to say after being stretchered of after 40 mins vs st austell yesterday im home and awaiting an op in a couple of days to reattach my ruptured left patella tendon.. I am defo now retired. Mike Andrew.
  3. @RAPPO pretty honest report mate.. The cards were all dished out for trivial or petty infringements And far worse things went unpunished whereas a correctly issued card in the beginning wouldnt have led to any of it. Tbe penalty in the first half for handball probably should have been given but it was one of those that 50% of the time its given and 50% its not. The standard of the league isnt fantastic if truth be told. Having played in the combo and ecpl 20 years ago when both leagues pretty much had 20 teams in them i would have said that standard was better back then. I must say i thoroughly enjoyed the run out but im feeling it today.. Had to move sofas washing machines and fridge freezers as my son moved house today.. Not good on the the thighs...
  4. I have refereed games both of the last two Saturdays. I have always been the type of guy to respect official throughout my career but now I have even more respect. Its tough.
  5. St Agnes thirds 6-3 Fal D.C H/T 2-0 PLENTY OF ACTION
  6. Great away win by Aggie 3rds (bolster vets) who went down to PZ with only a bare 11. And then played the last 18 minutes with only 10 after a player picked up an injury. Great effort all round the big pitch. Plenty of old boys at the back with myself at 37 two other defenders over 40 and a keeper over 40 as well. With plenty of youngsters doing the running in front of us. Thanks for the grub as well guys.
  7. Surprised no one worked out last season how to put him off his game.. took us all of 5 minutes. Lots of potential... too much lip....
  8. Is the number 9 the guy who was top scorer in all of trelawney league last season?
  9. After 6 years of retirement the cat has resurfaced. At the age of almost 37. I realised their was life in the old cat yet and have been doing pre season training First time properly for approximately 14 years I have been training with St Agnes and hope to help out the third team with a game or two or maybe more during the season. Hope to bump into some of you guys as the season goes on. THE cat
  10. Cut my teeth in the duchy premier league and the old cornish guardian ECPL at nanpean. Great club always looked after me and sad to see this on here. Alan craddock always made sure I was sorted out when I played there in my younger and slimmer days.
  11. Hope this went well this year. Maybe next year I may be fit enought to get a run out. Spuddy
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